The winner is a real Sissyphonefantasy kinda guy

It makes me really happy to announce the winner of the drawing of the week.

He’s a really sassy sissy and a hard working voter.

Come on guys be sure to vote as many times as you can. A winner is picked every Sunday afternoon for a 15 min free call. Get your name in the drawing. You can vote every 3 hours and the more you vote the more chances of winning!

Congrats to Pantysue!



Did you know you can enter our contest for a free 15 minute call?

All you have to do is click right below where you’re typing,

open it, close it, then open it again. Put in the vote code and

let it continue. Bring me back the vote code and position of our

first site, and I will enter you for the contest. You can enter

every 3 hours. Drawing is every Sunday !