Vanessa’s Signs That Are You A Real Sissy Phone Sex


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I’m sure you have been struggling with your so-called fetish. I mean what real man would have the type of urges you’ve been having? Here is a list of signs that you have the tendencies of a true sissy:

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Vanessa and the Sneaky Little Pervert Phone Sex Pt. 2


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I stood there staring back at Stan. “I suppose I am. Just what the fuck is the meaning of this?” All of a sudden Stan had crossed the room and began choking me. He seemed to have superhuman strength as he pushed me to the floor. There was a swirling darkness enveloping me and I was losing consciousness.

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Vanessa and the Closet Sissy Boss Phone Sex


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My husband was in a hurry since he was leaving for another business trip. “Sweetie, could you possibly drop these papers off at Dan’s house today? He needs them for the quarterly reports and I don’t have time to get them over to him. I guess I could messenger them…” I looked up at him from the kitchen counter and peered over my cup of coffee. “Darling, I will take it to him. It’s silly to pay for a messenger service when I will be driving right by there anyway.”

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Mistress Vanessa’s Sissy Training Academy Phone Sex

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You sit there with your frilly little frock, shyly perusing my pictures, wishing you could be me. I know darling – I know you are feeling conflicted and unsure of yourself. You need my guidance. You need my acceptance and my protection. Let me mold you and shape you into the beautiful and gorgeous creature you long to become.

Do I Feel Bad Making You My Sissy Phone Sex Slut?

In a word, NO. I consider myself a good person. I basically want the best for everyone. Don’t get me wrong. I am very sexy and sinful and indulge in any and all pleasures of the flesh. I have no limits and if it feels good, I do it. I’ve recently discovered, however, that there is another side to me. It’s quite deviant.

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Phone Sex Sissy Bitch Obedience Training

It’s not as if you have a choice, but once you belong to me, there are certain things I will come to expect from you. Now, depending on which stage you are at in your sissy training, I will provide you with basic instructions that should be followed no matter what. The important thing is to start cultivating your inner girly and to forget you were ever attached to a cock.  That cock is useless! To help you with your transition into feminization I have certain tasks that will ground that female psyche that I know is in there.  For example, you will want to establish a daily shaving and skin care routine to keep your body smooth. You must practice putting on your panties and bra and your silk stockings must glide up your legs easily and effortlessly. (This will take practice but I have faith in you!) You must be able to stand and walk around in your high heels without feeling the least bit awkward. Please don’t be overwhelmed. I’m a strict but patient mistress and the important thing is that we have fun.  Shall we get started? Absolutely.