Are you Unicorn Quality? Sissy Phone Sex.

Do you have what it takes to be different from the rest? TO stand out and be your own Unicorn?

Let me help you! Let’s make you into the best Sissy you can be! You and I both know that’s what you really want! Every sissy dreams of being the prettiest girl she can be!

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Hey Pretty Sissy!! Let me tell you about the chance you’ll have to win a free 15 min phone sex call with one of our naughty operators!! Come join us on the night of the 11th at 9pm est! For your chance to win some naughty time!

Are you ready to have some fun, and show us you’ve got what it takes to be the best Sissy in the land for the night!?

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I have quite the phone sex surprise for you.

Its late, there’s no one around for miles, and you have to stop to stretch your legs. You notice that there are some vending machines inside the building, but there’s something that gives you and eerie feeling about it, maybe it’s the flickering light. Or the feeling that you’re not alone.
Against your better judgment you decide to go inside, not noticing that you have been followed…

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Pimp time phone sex


844 332 2639 x 352

Sometimes the little bit of danger will have the sexiest outcome.  In the seediest part of town, where rent by the hour motels is.  You know where that is; they are in every town.  You’ve wanted to go.  Up until now, you’ve been too scared.  You’re going to do it tonight.  You’ll do it because I tell you to.

I take you to one of the motels, book you for the night.  I watch as you dress in your slutty outfit.  After putting on your make-up and adjusting your wig; I take your boy clothes and head out the door.

Driving away I think of the men who you’ll suck off tonight and take up your boy pussy.  Other than the ones pre-arranged, I will encourage you to seduce more.  It’s not the price of the blow job that’s important; it’s the fact of how cheap it is; showing you just how little you are worth.


844 332 2639 x 352


Phone Sex Sissy Slut: Fucked Like A Little Bitch.

That’s right you dirty fucking slut. I know exactly what that pathetic little sissy clit begs for. How much it craves to be such a dirty little fucking whore. Who are you trying to kid? I know exactly what you need.

Sluts like you only crave one thing… Cock.

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Secret Phone Sex… You Wish

Do you honestly think that you can fool everyone? That I am going to keep your secrets?
You think that begging and pleading is going to keep you safe? That it’s going to change my mind about exposing you??

I don’t think so, I’m a freaking princess and I DO WHAT I WANT!! WHEN I WANT TO DO IT!!! Remember that the next time you’re begging me to do something!

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Sissy panties phonesex

I caught you wearing my panties again.

I don’t know how many times I’ve told you to leave them alone but it’s like you can’t resist the urge of feeling satin on your little cock.

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Burlesque Show Sissy Phonesex

I took my sissy out dancing…

Occasionally, I’ll get invited to be a feature in certain burlesque shows. I invited my sissy to come with me one night (actually, I just told her…it was an invitation that proved impossible for her to refuse). I dressed my sissy in some low rise jeans with her lacy pink thong peeking up over her bubble butt. Her little pink crop top sweater fit her girlish figure, and showcased the huge boobs I paid for. I made her wear very high pink stilettos with little heart shaped locks on the ankles, to which I, of course, held the key. We spent hours at the salon having extensions put in her hair and having her makeup done. She thought it was because she was coming to watch me perform, but she had no idea what I had in store for her on this night.

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His Wife Turned Him Into Her Sissy Bitch Phone Sex

He can’t let go of his life as Little Sissy Bitch Cuckold. She has long since moved on having married a real man with a nice big cock.

He used to be made to get dressed up in her clothes and make-up and watch as she was pleasured by that big beautiful cock…..

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My Sissy Has A Giantess Fetish Phone Sex

You’ve certainly outdone yourself this time, my sissy slut. By submitting to me, you’ve given me super human power to grow into the gigantic goddess that you’ve been fantasizing about. I don’t know how you did it, but I can now dominate you as a huge mistress and carry you around in my designer purse. Ooooh maybe you can hold onto the heels of my spiked stilettos!

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