Mistress Jasmine’s Silky Sheer Pantyhose Phonesex

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I adore to put on a pair of silky, sheer pantyhose and my highest heels, don’t you? There is nothing like the feeling of  pantyhose on my long legs. And, darling, I want you to wear pantyhose and heels too. So many exciting and kinky thoughts run through my mind when I think of putting you into pantyhose.

Imagine your legs caressed by a pair of soft, silky pantyhose.

Next, think of how aroused you become when you run your hand up your leg and feel the tickle of the fabric. Why, the very thought makes you positively tingle, does it not?

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The Feminization of Todd Stanwick Phonesex-Part Two

JASMINE 1-844-332-2639 ext 262

Todd Stanwick awoke and immediately regretted it. He had made plans to go out with his friends on a fishing trip that day so it was an unpleasant surprise when his beautiful mother shook him awake and with a cruel smile upon her crimson lips and said “Today is the day, Todd!” He rubbed the sleep from his eyes groggily. “What do you mean, Mom? Today is what day?” His mother narrowed her eyes as her smile, which did not reach those flint-like eyes  broadened.

“Why today Todd–today is the day you are going to realize–your– dream,” she spat the last word out contemptuously. “Today is the day you are going to find out what it feels like to become a woman!”

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Birth of an Office Sissy Phonesex

Jake had been working for me for about a year now. He was unlike most office assistants. For one, he was male. Most office assistants are women, but somehow Jake was perfect for this position. I didn’t hire him because of his looks. I prefer strapping young studs, and Jake was far from that. He was very short for a man, I towered over him with about 4 inches between the top of my head and his. The thing that made him perfect for the position though, was that there was no sign of defiance or hesitation when I asked him how he felt about taking orders from a woman.

“I would do anything you told me to Miss.” The way he said it woke something up inside of me. It was like a carnal instinct being jolted from a dormant state. He’s spent the last year bringing my coffee to me in the mornings, running out to get me lunch, picking up my dry cleaning. He did anything and everything I asked of him, and each time he fulfilled a request of mine, his life became a little bit better.

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Secret School Girl Sissy Slut Phonesex

Jordynn Jade 866-486-7224

I see you always watching me and my girlfriends in our uniforms, I’ve even overheard you even joke with your buddies that oh what you would do to that teen if given the chance.

If they only knew what you really meant! You may be fantasizing of stripping us naked, but only to get your mits on that sexy girly outfit for yourself! Wearing any skirts, stockings, silky girly nighties even her bra and panties make you shudder and tingle all over thinking of them on your skin!

But don’t you worry, your secret is safe with me, for now anyway, my closet cross dressing, wanna be sissy slut, I’ll help you try on my uniforms, my skirts, panties and all those other girlie frilly things you cant wait to feel against your skin. 

Let the sissy cum out to play…





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A New Adventure In Phone Sex

So, my little Brandy and I have been talking about putting him on birth control pills for about a month or so now. I ordered him a 3 month supply and have shipped them out to him. But this is a little more then just popping them each day to be more feminine. Oh no no you know me, I have to up the stakes.

I made Brandy a bet…I bet that he could not go 3 months taking his pill every day for the entire 3 months. Now, he has to take a picture each day and prove the time and date that he is taking them and he has to email me the picture proof within 30 minutes of taking the pill, NO MATTER WHAT!

If Brandy fails…then he has to go on the pills for 3 more months, wear pantyhose everyday for 6 months, wear panties daily for 6 months, mail me every pair of male undies that he has, pay me $200 cash, and let his hair grow for 6 months. Now, if he would happen to win he gets $100 cash from me, and a break from being a girl for 6 months. I have no doubts that he is going to lose though! Haha

Make sure to keep up to date on the blogs so you can see if he wins or looses.

*Divine Laylene*


More About Sissies

Silky Phone Sex Secret

Cum on over to Maggie’s house and don’t forget your silky hose!  It’s alright I know your little secret! Now cum on don’t be shy I know you want to join me and show me your silky shear pantyhose.  Mistress Maggie is going to show you a new game we are going to play in our silky shear pantyhose.

Do you have your own little silky secret role play in mind too?  It’s time to share it with Maggie your friendly MILF Mistress next door!

Milf Mistress Maggie


Phone Sex Poem for Sissies

Curly wig bouncing

Perfection at its best

Manicured and Painted nails

Definitely no less!

Sissy frills and thrills

Send a tingle up your spine

Your sissy hole begins to quiver

knowing you are mine

pantyhose and petticoats

what a panty slut you are!

lol. it’s not over yet

I’m not done with you by far

finally we top it off  with a pink and frilly dress

Now you serve me and only me

Your goddess,  your queen,  your mistress

Mistress Sherry




Mistress Cory’s Sissy Phonesex Lesson

For your own good. You’ve heard me say that time and time again. Why do I say that?

I tell you it’s for your own good, sissy, because you need to learn what it’s like to be a woman. Here is a lesson I like to make My sissies learn when signing up for Mistress Cory’s sissy training:

Dress yourself in pantyhose and put a run up the back.
Go out in public, to the mall perhaps, and walk around.
Women will be constantly coming up to you to tell you about the run. Suck it up sissy. Thank they politely.
After you’ve had 10 nice women tell you about the run, go to a store where they sell pantyhose.
Ask the saleswoman which size she thinks you might be. Hold them up to you, tucking them in between your legs to ensure they fit.

Embarassing? This is only the beginning…

Mistress Cory


Silky Pantyhose Sissy Phone Sex



When I came home to see you slipping on my pantyhose I couldn’t help but get a little excited. The way the silky material covered your calves and thighs. My eyes wandered up to see how they went over your huge sissy clit, I just wanted to walk right over rub your clitty hard through those silky pantyhose. Then once your cock was all throbbing inside, I’d just have to give it some release and tear a hole in them.

Pull that thick clitty out and suck you right there while you were wearing my lingerie. Your cock looks so sexy sticking out of my pantyhose. You wouldn’t mind if I just pushed you down and jumped on top to ride you a little would you? I want to feel that silky material against my ass as I bounce up and down.

Specialties Include: humiliation, verbal abuse, forced femme, strap-on play, sissy whores, cbt, orgasm denial, Interracial, Smoking and much more!



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Phone Sex Mistress Hosts A Sissy Tea Party


All these little sissies and so little time, we need to hurry sissy boy and get dressed before our guests arrive.  Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you? We are having a little tea party with some friends. *giggles* I want you to put on this super cute pink frilly dress, white pantyhose (make sure everything is tucked in where it should be), and these white mary jane heels.

I hope you saved me some time and shaved those hairy masculine legs before you came over? Good girl, now come on we have so much to do before the guests arrive. Once we get into the living room you see I set up the table already and there is a special spot marked just for you with a beautiful little tiara. *giggles*

I know how much you enjoy feeling girlie so I thought a little sissy princess you shall be today. *giggles* We get all the desserts and tea supplies out and just as we are setting the table the doorbell rings…come find out how our tea party went.

Mistress Laylene