Dangerously Addicted Like A Good Bitch Phone Sex.

That’s right slut. You know what you need. How hopelessly addicted you are to me. Or how you’re going to be. One call and I will have your world spinning so fast you can’t tell up from down.

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Let’s Play Dress Up Phone Sex

I loved playing with dolls when I was little, which is why I love sissies today. I love how cute they are and they are so great to play dress up with. I send them shopping, making them pick out cute dresses. I don’t like to put grown-up things on my sissy, I like them cute and girly. So, I can be picky.

Then, I make them go get a manicure and pedicure, pink or basically any pastel color will do. They have to buy pretty panties, makeup, even a razor and some SILK shaving cream. Then it’s home for dress up time.

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Phone Sex Sissy Slut: Fucked Like A Little Bitch.

That’s right you dirty fucking slut. I know exactly what that pathetic little sissy clit begs for. How much it craves to be such a dirty little fucking whore. Who are you trying to kid? I know exactly what you need.

Sluts like you only crave one thing… Cock.

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Nothing But The BEST Phone Sex With Dani ~XOXO~

Tired Of The Normal? Come to the freaky side of things!! I can’t promise you anything… except… you will have the best experience of your phone sex lifetime ???? !!!!!

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I Want to See You In My Panties Phonesex

panty wearing phone sex


1-844-332-2639 ext. 222

It began with one of those conversations. You know the type. When someone looks at you and says I really want to make one of your fantasies come true. What is your kinkiest fantasy? Those types of conversations. I often wondered how many people really mean it when they make you those offers. Tonight I had either had enough wine or enough of these conversations that I decided to just put it out there. One of the things that turns me on like crazy is to see a big hard manly cock in a pair of women’s panties. There I had said it. Just hearing the words spoken out loud was beginning to excite me.

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Erotic Visions Phone Sex… Your deepest desires fufilled.

Sit Back and Relax… I will take you on an amazing journey through your deepest and darkest desires…

What I will be doing is manipulating your mind into thinking what i am saying is really happening…

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The Massive Belly Eats The Cock Phone Sex !!!!! Num Num Num!!!


1-844-332-2639 ex 209

Such a fat fucker!! OMFG! Look at this disgusting belly !!! This is my very own massive fucking loser! Frederick !! He calls me every once in a while so i can tell him how gross he is!

He wants to gain so much weight for me! 800 fucking pounds baby!

I love it when fat losers call me and want to play especially when they are fat sissy losers! I love to see them try to squeeze into things that are obviously to small for them it makes me laugh so fucking bad!!! OMG!

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You Naughty Sissy Bitch Phone Sex!!!

1-844-332-2639 Extension 209

Don’t think I don’t know that you keep looking at my profiles, and tumblr!!! Just to see what I have been up to! I am a busy girl, and you envy the amazing times we used to have together! How I used to use your information against you, threatening to expose you for the bitch you really are!
You are now and forever my sissy! You need exactly what I can give you so come get it!!!

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Cinderella Phone Sex!!


Do you really think you could be my Prince Charming?? Well, that’s not really where i was going with this!! I’m going to turn you into Cinderella!! That’s right, Dress, Make-up, Glass Slippers and all!!  I intend on giving you the night that every girl dreams about, making you into the little sissy bitch you have always dreamed of being!! I cant wait to see how pretty you look in you Ball Gown!! Get ready to have the night of your life!!!

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