Mistress Vanessa’s Lingerie Shopping Spree Phone Sex


MISTRESS VANESSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 232

My husband gave me a gift card at an exclusive Lingerie Shoppe for our anniversary. He told me he wanted me to pick something up that would be over the top sexy. He then wanted me to surprise him in it and basically seduce him. I thought about this and decided to take it one step further.

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Mistress Vanessa’s Sissy Training Academy Phone Sex

MISTRESS VANESSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 232
You sit there with your frilly little frock, shyly perusing my pictures, wishing you could be me. I know darling – I know you are feeling conflicted and unsure of yourself. You need my guidance. You need my acceptance and my protection. Let me mold you and shape you into the beautiful and gorgeous creature you long to become.

I Want to See You In My Panties Phonesex

panty wearing phone sex


1-844-332-2639 ext. 222

It began with one of those conversations. You know the type. When someone looks at you and says I really want to make one of your fantasies come true. What is your kinkiest fantasy? Those types of conversations. I often wondered how many people really mean it when they make you those offers. Tonight I had either had enough wine or enough of these conversations that I decided to just put it out there. One of the things that turns me on like crazy is to see a big hard manly cock in a pair of women’s panties. There I had said it. Just hearing the words spoken out loud was beginning to excite me.

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Cross Dressing Phone Sex Training Classes With Mistress Alexus

Look at you, you obviously need my help.  You call yourself a cross dresser but you are nowhere near passable. I totally understand that everyone starts out somewhere in their transformation. I mean, look at me! Do you think I morphed into this Hot Transexual Phone Sex Mistress overnight? Of course not. It’s taken years of hormones, mastering the art of mimicry with my voice and a couple surgeries to make all of this happen. Lucky for you, I’ve been there, done that and I make an exceptional trainer for those who are interested in becoming the best sissy they can be! We will get you all dressed up and one thing’s for sure, you’ll need hair and makeup help. One very important sissy rule to live by, never, ever leave the house without your lipgloss!

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Erotic Visions Phone Sex… Your deepest desires fufilled.

Sit Back and Relax… I will take you on an amazing journey through your deepest and darkest desires…

What I will be doing is manipulating your mind into thinking what i am saying is really happening…

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Curing Your Addiction Phone Sex

You have a problem, An Addiction… You need help don’t you? Well. You came to the right place. You know the key to curing an addiction, is getting to the source of the problem, and identifying the cause.

I can help you with this, giving you the tools and training you need to overcome your addiction. You have a problem giving in to sexy young girls don’t you! Maybe you even get a little to ***********, and open your wallet just a little too far.

You are in desperate need of help… Aren’t you?

Well… Sit down, Shut up, and let me take you on a journey through your subconscious, asking questions, manipulating your mind… And making you mine. You will be cured by the end of our time together.

What you’re cured of… Well, that’s your choice.





Good Sissys Swallow.. Home Wrecking Phone Sex

With Dragon in the next room.. there you are with a nice big hard Cock in your mouth. You and I both know that you would do anything I asked of you.. Because you’re a good little sissy girl, and you love making me happy!

I love making you admit secrets with her in hearing distance… Making sure your SUPER submissive. You need this. You know you do.

Phase one of our home wrecking call has been completed… Phase 2 is going to be even MORE intense….

Get Ready Sissy. Its almost time!




Time To Wreck Dragons Home Phone Sex


In the next room over, sits the woman you despise. The one who doesn’t like who you really are. She can’t accept the truth. Doesnt like the real you.


I love the way  you look when your dressed up in your pretty girly clothes. The way your wig looks, and that pretty scarf lays around your head.

Sneaking into your bedroom to get one of the Dragons Dresses, Into the kitchen to get an empty glass. Her toothbrush… Shampoo bottle…. SHOE…  All fabulous memories of the naughty things you enjoy doing for me…

Next.. we will take it one step deeper.. one step further into the unknown..

Just how far will you go for me? Maybe its time we do something even crazier !!!
Deviant Princess Dani



Feminine Products Phone Sex Sissy Class


Have you ever stood in a super market, staring at the never ending wall of feminine products, and simply wondered to yourself where to start, Or what brand to choose.

Let me be your personal guide on everything feminine. I have used these products for many years, and know exactly which ones help sissy girls, and girly boys, just like me.

Stop wondering and standing there lost in your own thoughts. I will take you through a step by step guide, lets get started.





Phone Sex Ménage à Trois

You, Me, and the Man of Your Dreams… Can you even imagine how amazing It would be to have that man.. The one who haunts your dreams, and all of your thoughts. Let me give you what you want. Let me show you how amazing it feels to finally have him.

I will manipulate your mind into feeling, and seeing what I want it to. Theres no help for you now, your mine. Forever. Face it. Your Fucked.

We both know how much you have been aching for his touch. Close your eyes, and let me take you on the journey of a lifetime.