Slutty Sissy Boys Need To Be Outed! Phone Sex With Princess Dani!

Deviant Phone Sex

Well hello, there you naughty slut.

Look at you, so eager to be turned into perfection. A frilly little lump of sissy pride. Do you look at yourself in the mirror and see the pretty girl you’ve wanted to become for so long?

I can help.

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Nothing But The BEST Phone Sex With Dani ~XOXO~

Tired Of The Normal? Come to the freaky side of things!! I can’t promise you anything… except… you will have the best experience of your phone sex lifetime ???? !!!!!

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Secret Phone Sex… You Wish

Do you honestly think that you can fool everyone? That I am going to keep your secrets?
You think that begging and pleading is going to keep you safe? That it’s going to change my mind about exposing you??

I don’t think so, I’m a freaking princess and I DO WHAT I WANT!! WHEN I WANT TO DO IT!!! Remember that the next time you’re begging me to do something!

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Profess Your Love for Mommy, Sissy Phonesex

Sissy Phonesex
This Mommy takes control of EVERYTHING…

I recently wrote an expose piece on my darling Sissy Michell. She loved it so much that she felt  she had no choice but to respond with a heartfelt love letter. Michell is very devoted to our training, and she has handed control of everything to me. I’d like to share some of her most intimate thoughts about me with you…

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Pimping Out My Little Sissy Slut Phone Sex

844-332-2639 ext 349

He is my special little slut, He is timid, so polite and sweet in his own faggy little way. He always addresses his Mistress in the proper manner. He needs to be controlled and told exactly what to do. Pimping Out My Phone Sex Slut is something I love to do.

Such a naughty boy he is, and like most anal sluts he craves cock. He wants one in his mouth and another all the way inside his sissy boy pussy. He knows no regular girl let alone a sexy Tranny like me would ever want him and his pitiful tiny little pecker….

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Phone Sex Dani Time!! Lets Play Pretty Sissy!!!



Welcome to my world your pretty sissy girl! Are you ready to have some fun? Maybe you have been looking but need that final push?

Well today is your lucky Day!!! I’m just the girl to give it to you!

Lets get super naughty and play together today in chat!!!

(If you’re really lucky you might even get to win the game and play with me for a WHOLE 15 MINS ((For Free!!))

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What Step Mommy Doesn’t Know… Phone Sex.

I know who you are; a naughty little closet sissy college student. Your heart rushing as soon as your step-mom tells you she’s going out for a few hours, leaving you home alone. As soon as she leaves you lock the door and rush to the master bedroom; slowly pulling open her drawer to find a treasure chest.

Your heart pounding with excitement as your eyes jump across all her different panties. White frilly panties, dark pantyhose, red mesh backside, pink thong; your little penis flickers with excitement doesn’t it???

You hesitate for a bit, and then finally choose a silky red pair with matching garter and stockings. You delicately step over them, sliding them softly up your legs; they are very tight so you move carefully not to overstretch them. You look down in uncertainty, should you allow your penis to pop past the upper lining or should you tuck it beneath the side of the panties? You decide to tuck it to the side; looking at yourself in the grand mirror, you turn around. As you stick out your bum your proudly see how your soft white creamy buttcheeks shine in the light.

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Cry Baby Phone Sex

*Wipes your tears*

They call you cry baby
Cry baby
But you don’t fucking care
Cry baby, cry baby
So you laugh through your tears.

(Martinez, Melanie. “Cry Baby”)

                       Image result for Heart transparent backgroundIt’s OK sissy girl I’m here…

Everyone has always been so mean to you haven’t they? Feels like you just don’t fit in huh?

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Sissy Whore Christmas Card Photo Shoot Phone Sex


You thinking of making a special Christmas Card to send out to all your family and friends? No?

Well too bad you cock sucking little bitch, we are going to make one anyway!!….

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