A CEI Phone Sex Lesson For My Cum Slut Sissies

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The last time we went to the glory hole, it seems like you were a little less than excited to be drinking loads of cum my sissy boi. I think that’s because it was your first time and you just weren’t used to it. You know what will fix that? I think a little bit of CEI will fix you right up. 

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Phone Sex With A Glory Hole Sissy Slut

 *LUCY*  844-332-2639 xxx- 221

You’re such a cock sucking sissy. Always browsing dating sites and online ads to find a big fat dick to suck. How much time do you spend on your knees, anyway? You probably have your very own pair of knee pads, don’t you? But as much dick as I know you must suck, it’s not enough. Not for me. I have plans for you, you dirty cock sucker.

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My Size Queen Sissy Takes On A Glory Hole Phone Sex

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My sweet sissy friend, Jade. She’s been working so hard on being a porn star. The world needs to see her! She’s sexy and dirty and kinky as hell. In addition to having the most beautiful dick to offer!

My filmmaker friends had seen the videos I’d taken. And now, they were recording her on a real and professional scale. I had worried just a little about her ability to overcome the “stage fright.” But, when it came right down to it, Jade shined so brightly on camera. It was time to kink her films up even more. It’s time everyone for Jade to take on a Glory Hole.

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My Sissy Loves A Glory Hole! BBC Phone Sex

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My sweet, and VERY naughty, Jade wanted the chance to dress up like a real sexy blonde sissy slut. So, that’s what we did last weekend! Of course, Jade is so beautiful already I didn’t have to do a lot to pull this off. We slipped her into a gorgeous summer dress. Slinky and sheer. Some pretty pink lipstick. And fuck me heels that did not quit!!!

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Blackmailing A Secret Sissy Phone Sex!

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There seems to be no end to the amount of fun I can have with the sweet glory holes I have installed at my house now. I had been using just one for the neighborhood boys who I would catch peeping and me and my lovers (read all about that here). But then, I decided to put one on the outer wall of a large closet I have. That way, it’s accessible from the outside. It was supposed to be a big secret between just my lovers and I. Or, at least I thought it was.

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Sissy Sluts first Glory Hole Taboo Party Phonesex

This weekend I’m headed with a few of my friends to go to another Glory Hole Party. A couple I know have this great room in their finished basement that they installed a glory hole in. They have parties with an endless supply of men and would have girls come in to pleasure those guys through the glory hole. I’m bringing a few of my virgin cock suckers to show them how its done and give them their first taste of a real cock between their eager lips!!

It is incredible to watch, seeing all those guys watching and waiting their turn, being able to watch from both sides depending on what you liked to watch and there are always sooo many guys! Cocks of every size and color, I know I will get so wet watching, seeing all those hard cocks as they thrust themselves into the hole in the wall and into my eager little sissy sluts mouths.

I will definitely let you know how my lil virgin sluts do on their first glory hole party!






Pimping Out Sissy Sluts Phone Sex

Im a very demanding teen sissy mistress!! And you want to make me happy, be just like me, and do anything it takes to make sure that I keep you around…right?? Well its time for me to dress you up as slutty as I can, and toss your little slutty ass out on the streets!!!!

You are going to work the streets, glory holes, parties etc as a WHORE to make me money!!!! The more you make, the happier I become!!!  How much of a little sissy slut do you think you can be for me? You better make me proud, or I will start making you call me while you are out so I can instruct you on each and every little dirty thing you will do to make me money!!

You are my property now!!! No escaping…your lil fuck hole is going to be filled every single night..just like a cheap gutter tramp!! HAHA

~Princess Taylor



Cassandra the Pump Slut Phone Sex

Cassandra the Pump Slut is such a proud little whore.  You see, Cassandra loves Big Black Cock. He would never admit this of course, but I know what he needs and what he craves with every inch of his being.  He always starts off resisting and he puts up such a brave fight at first. But after I dress him his nasty little thongs and a micro mini skirt so tight his little clitty pokes through, the slut in him just takes over! I make him park 3 blocks away from the local glory hole, so he has to make the humiliating walk of shame in his slutty little outfit and 5 inch heels.

By the time he arrives, his nipples are hard from the cool night air and his clitty is drooling precum from the anticipation.  The real men line up waiting to use and abuse that famous boypussy, as their personal cum dumpster.  Cock after cock he sucks and fucks,  gags and chokes. After he is nasty, sweaty,  sticky and covered in so many different loads of cum, he is kicked out back into the streets like the filthy trash that he is. The walk back to his car is slow and embarrassing as all the cum from his used sissy hole runs down his legs onto his heels. He tries to think of ways to back out next week’s assignment at the adult movie theater, but he can never say no to me!





Phonesex jack off boy’s field trip!

Little jack off boy was so excited yet terribly anxious; today Goddess Eve was taking him on his first field trip!  It was going to be his cock sucking test in a real time situation on real live cocks.  

They drove to the testing center a seedy sex store located on the side of town were cheap sex was for sale. Now go inside and make Goddess proud and remember the basic formula for successful cock sucking: Lick and Suck = Tease and Please!

Poor little jack off boy was so scared he was shaking all over but he knew he must pass the test to please Goddess.  He told the ugly fat man behind the counter Goddess Eve had sent him to take his test.  Without a word the he pointed to the door at the back of the store.

Behind the door was an utterly gross smelly dark room. The stench of cheap sex hung in the air, sticky pools of left over cum had collected on the floor saturating little jack off boy’s feet.  As Goddess instructed he fell to his knees and opened wide and waited.  One last time he reminded himself of Goddesses formula for successful cock sucking: Lick and Suck = Tease and Please!

Stay tuned and find out if little jack off boy received a passing grade!

Goddess Eve

Strap-on Slut Phone Sex

Hey cum slut, I can’t wait to have you on your back , legs spread, with my strapon pounding your ass. That’s right, I want you to look into the eyes of the woman that’s fucking you and making you a complete bitch.   My strap-on has your name on it and I am going fuck you, until you believe you belong to me. It’s 9 inches of hardness attached to my sexy body I am going to make sure you boy pussy tingles with excitement every time you think of me. Maybe I will dress you up and have you passed around like a little whore at the local glory hole or keep you to serve only me.

Mistress Sherry