Cruel Intentions Phone Sex

I’ll lick the salty tears off your face… Your pain feeds me…

I know what you did.

I saw the people you pushed past to climb your way to the top.

Now it’s your turn to suffer. For being such a low life pathetic excuse for a man.

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Vanessa’s Sissy Please Phone Sex


VANESSA 1-844-332-2639 extension 232

Sissy loves to please me in so many ways. From dressing up to performing sissy tasks that I have lined up for her. Giving in to my every whim and basically being my assistant in everything. I do love having such a devoted sissy to handle matters that may come up. Sissies are supposed to please their mistress of course.

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Willow’s Sissy’s Day Out Phone Sex


WILLOW 1-844-332-2639, ext. 230

Ok, you have heard about Mother’s Day Out right? Where you can drop off your kids, etc. Well, I have decided to start my own Sissy’s Day Out Program for some of my sissy friends. It will be like a daycare program for sissy men but we will also take field trips like to the local glory hole, to gay bars and out shopping of course.

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I have quite the phone sex surprise for you.

Its late, there’s no one around for miles, and you have to stop to stretch your legs. You notice that there are some vending machines inside the building, but there’s something that gives you and eerie feeling about it, maybe it’s the flickering light. Or the feeling that you’re not alone.
Against your better judgment you decide to go inside, not noticing that you have been followed…

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CYO Phonesex Adventure: Slave In Chastity-Pink Box

create your own adventure phone sex chastity forced bi

Sadie           1-844-332-2639 ext. 222

I reached down and wrapped my warm hand around the soft silicone cage. The little bumps of hard flesh trying to find any escape that it may, rubbed against my thumb. My slave’s eyes rolled back into his head. “Thank you Mistress” he sighed.

I whispered against his ear. “You are my toy aren’t you slave?” A silent nod was my reply. I looked down and could see the precum drops trickling from the oblong slit of his cage. I removed my hand from the compressed little captive and stood up, walking towards the door. “You will obey.” I stated the fact knowing that it was unnecessary but I just liked to be clear. I opened the door and through it walked a gorgeous male specimen.

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Sissy Hypno With Bad Little Bitch Dani!

I know what you need how weak your mind is. How long you been looking at my pictures and wondering if you have the strength to call me it’s almost unbearable isn’t it?

Allow me to show you that I know exactly what you need, but I can help you obtain your deepest darkest desires. with hypnosis phone sex  I can give you everything that you need. I can twist and turn your mind new make your deepest darkest fantasies come true. I know exactly what you need, so what are you waiting for? Are you scared?

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Vanessa’s Full Exposure – One Sissy At A Time Phone Sex


britishmilfMISTRESS VANESSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 232

Are you ready for your close-up darling? Let’s get you all dolled up in your sexiest lingerie, highest heels and sluttiest wig. Twirl around and show it off. You are the best little sissy slut. Always obeying and always striving to please your mistress.

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Dangerously Addicted Like A Good Bitch Phone Sex.

That’s right slut. You know what you need. How hopelessly addicted you are to me. Or how you’re going to be. One call and I will have your world spinning so fast you can’t tell up from down.

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Cinderella Phone Sex!!

Do you really think you could be my Prince Charming?? Well, that’s not really where I was going with this!! I’m going to turn you into Cinderella!! That’s right, Dress, Make-up, Glass Slippers and all!!  I intend on giving you the night that every girl dreams about, making you into the little sissy bitch you have always dreamed of being!! I cant wait to see how pretty you look in you Ball Gown!! Get ready to have the night of your life!!!

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What Step Mommy Doesn’t Know… Phone Sex. Part 4!

She might not even notice, in the reflection or the window or mirror, how your eyes gravitate towards her ass every time she turns around as you try to guess which panty she is wearing. She probably won’t even notice that little bulge in your pants every time she slips on her yoga pants to go the gym, or how you seem absent-minded and stuttering when she wears those boy shorts and tank top before going to bed. It’s all ok because you focus all your frustrated energy into your college studies; proudly getting good grades. Soon you’ll have a high paying job where you’ll work furiously hard; you will earn a lot of money though you won’t have much spare time to spend it; but that’s ok, step-mom will know how to manage your finances for you.

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