Happy Valentine’s Day Mistress Phone Sex Cheer


I had to share this with you all. My darling little Ashley wrote this for me, and I thought it was just the sweetest things…

Valentine’s Day is totally so sweet!
its such a girly day for girls and really a treat!
i luv Miss Rayne!  and i want to be Her girl!
She’s my favorite valentine in the whole wide world!
i will be a good girl and obey Her in every way!
may i please be Your cheer girl Miss Rayne, on Valentine’s Day!!!

Are you a good little sissy girl who would love to have some wonderful phone sex with a sensual Mistress? Then come see me today. I love playing nice with all you sweet little girlie girls.

Sensual Mistress Rayne




Sissy Phone Sex Advice Line


That’s right all you sweet sissy girls and sissy sluts out there. I am going to start my own little advice line. Here you will be able to call in and ask your  most important questions, questions that you can’t ask just anyone.

Is red the right color of lipstick for me?

Is it normal for a man to wear his wife’s dirty panties?

I have an uncontrollable urge to get ass fucked?

I want to suck a cock…help me!

These are just a few examples of what callers needed answered. If you have a question or concern and need a real woman’s advice please don’t hesitate. Give me a call now. The same charges apply for this service as a normal phone sex call. 🙂

Miss Rayne




What Kind Of Phone Sex Sissy Are You


Do you enjoy playing dress up? Sliding on those satin panties with the lace edging, or those black sexy thigh highs?

Are you a sissy who loves to be humiliated because you dress like a lady or even because you have a small cock?

Maybe you are the type of sissy girl who loves to have the little pussy played with, using a big fat strap on? *giggles*

No matter what kind of sissy you are give me a call because I just love to play with each and every one of you.

Mistress Laylene





Some Phone Sex Tips For My Sissy Girls

Here are some tips from one woman to another. *giggles* I hope they help you sissy girl.

Complimenting vs Matching

DO NOT. match everything directly with your dress.
DO… find colors that compliment that of your dress for your nails and clutch.


DO NOT. go with the lime greens, shocking fuchsias or neon blues. It’s inappropriate

DO. go with pastels or bolds. Pastels are always classy. Bold colors (for example Deep blues, orange or reds) can add some flavor and chicness to a formal outfit.

DO. try French tips and designs with neutrals or pastels allows for a little extra without stepping out of the boundaries of elegant. Simple is better; don’t take away from the dress as the main feature.

DO NOT. put on claws for nails. Too long is a bit scary.


DO NOT. mix jewelry types! Silver and diamond earrings with a gold necklace and pearl bracelet? Definite no-no.

DO. choose jewelry based on the look you’re going for. Dresses in deep or earthy colors are best complimented with gold jewelry. Pearls give a classic look when worn with a solid-colored dress and diamonds can compliment almost anything. Be careful with how you wear other precious stones. Silver is always a good “fall-back”.


DO NOT. go “super-size”. Though enormous bags are “all the rage”, less is best for a formal event

DO. carry a small, yet cute clutch.

DO NOT. try to stuff your makeup case, phone, purse, etc into your clutch. An overstuffed clutch looks tacky.

DO. carry ONLY the essentials.


DO NOT. wear either article if not necessary. Both are a tad bit old-fashioned and out dated.

DO. wear either one that comes with the dress or one in a complimentary color that goes with your other accessories.


These tips are simply the tip of the iceberg in the world of fashion, but should hopefully give you a push in the right direction.  Accessories can make or break you, make you look “fierce” or make you a big flop. So sissies, accessorise responsibly.


For more girlie tips and tricks give me a call.

Miss Laylene





Teaching My Phone Sex Sissy How To Shave His Legs


Little sissy Courtney called me tonight asking me if I can teach her how to shave her legs. She went out and bought a web cam just so I could watch and make sure she was doing it right.

I had sissy Courtney prepare a warm bubble bath, gather up some razors, shaving cream, and lotion for afterwards. I had sissy Courtney then set up the cam and climb in the tub. What a cute little ass she has. *giggles*

Sissy Courtney was instructed to lather one leg up really good with the shaving cream, and leave her leg outside of the tub. Taking the razor sissy Courtney was told to make long, slow strokes following the hair’s natural growth grain. Needless to say sissy Courtney cut her leg on the first stroke. *sigh*

This continued the whole way through the phone call, FINALLY sissy Courtney was finished and it was time to get out and put some lotion on those cut up legs. You should have heard her yelp as she applied the lotion. *giggles*

Are you a sissy who needs help and training? Give me a call and I will be glad to help. *giggles*

Teen Mistress Laylene