My Niece Alice Phonesex Part 1

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My little niece was so adorable today. In her Sunday best, she wore a modest white dress. The no sleeves over the arms and a semi circle over her chest, a cute ribbon belt around her waist, and stockings over her legs into modest mary jane shoes. She sat so patiently, her makeup already done. A light foundation, lip gloss, and eye shadow. All that was left was her hair, I made sure the long sandy blonde wig was pinned securely into place before I brushed the shiny soft locks and curled them.

“We’re going out to lunch today my sweet.” I smiled, meeting her eyes in the mirror. “Your first time in public all dressed up. Exciting isn’t it.”

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The long Transformation phonesex

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How long have you been my maid now? I’ve known you’ve had feminine tendencies since high school and all you’ve ever wanted was to be a woman. Not have to worry about thinking, doing the hard things, just be pretty and take care of another.

So I gave you exactly what you wanted. I began to procure hormones for you years ago. Before it was a trend. Before it was easy.

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Sissies at the Con Phonesex

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I want to take all my pretty sissies to a convention with me. I’d love to put them all into costumes and have an entire cosplay squad started. I just need to know what to dress everyone up as.

THere are so many costumes, cultures, themes to pick from…

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Phone sex Inception

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How fallible is a memory? How much of what you’re thinking now and what you really remember is the truth? Your own creation? How much of it is influenced?

This has been on my mind lately. I played a game about going into a man’s memory to grant his last wish and they did this by using a machine to go through his memories. They watched, witnessed, and lived through his life in reverse. It made me think though, what if someone didn’t use this machine for good and kind reasons… What if they used it to create a perfect sissy.

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Cute toes for sissy phonesex

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Guess who just got a pedicure!?

This girl! My feet feel so nice, they are so smooth and soft. My toenails are just perfect and this beautiful shade of blue-green. The only thing I’m missing is having a nice sissy to worship my toes.

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Sissy kitten phonesex

You’re such a good kitten for me.

I love putting on your kitten ears, putting the inflatable plug tail in your little sissy pussy locking it in place. Now to get my pretty little kitten dressed…

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The Sissy Pimp Phonesex

The year is 1735… Harlots have taken over the streets and give bad names to purity, morality, and the cleanliness of family ideals.

One wouldn’t think this would be a setting for a sweet, feminine, sissy with a tight pussy and a cute little bitch clit.

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Phonesex Sissy needs out of that Closet

I love my sissies.

They are all so sweet and so eager to please. Sometimes though they don’t really know what’s good for them.

They need that little push that only a Mistress can give.

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Be Like Me Phone Sex

Poor little sissy was born with a tiny little clitty and body hair. Forced to wear yucky boys clothes and be so masculine. Look at me the pretty long haired Princess you long to be like. I know how bad you want to be able to wear a pretty skirt and blouse out in public instead of your jeans and plain ole’ t-shirt.

I know how you fantasize about combing your long flowing hair right before bed, pulling it back in a pretty feminine braid your bangs falling around your face making you look so pretty. Oh how you long to be a real girl, just like Pinocchio longed to be a real boy. I am here to make your fantasies come true dear little sissy.

I will dress you up and teach you how to be a real girl. Just give me a call.

*Divine Laylene*


Give In To It Sissy

Playing Dress Up With My Phone Sex Barbie

When I was little I always loved to play dress up with my Barbie dolls. I had all sorts of pretty pink clothes with ruffles and lace. Now as an adult I have been able to dedicate a whole room to playing dress up, although my tastes have changed and I prefer a living, breathing barbie doll to transform. I also enjoy business suits, pencil skirts, silk blouses and still my pinks and ruffles of course. *giggles*

Why don’t you come over and play with me. I am sure you will love standing in front of the 360 degree mirror as I strip you down to nothing, shave you smooth and begin my dress up transformation. I will make you the prettiest little doll ever!

*Divine Laylene*


Enter My Closet