Sissy Student Gets Fucked in the Ass






There is a student in my class his name is Jack but he is one of my boys that is more feminine than masculine. The way he walks, the way he talks, his facial features are more feminine than masculine.

So one afternoon when classes were being dismissed, I stopped Jack and kept him after the rest of the boys had left. I pulled a chair up to my desk for him to sit in, then I went and locked the class room door.

Little did Jack know that under that business skirt was a strapon attached to my body, under my pantyhose. I cut a slit in my panty hose that I could use to pull the dildo and give my new pleasure slave access to worship my sweet pussy.

Jack have a seat, I want to talk to you about being my “special student“  my pet. I have my arms crossed over my chest and I am watching his face. He is such a loner so this is a perfect thing for him, it is making him feel wanted. “Yes Miss Addison, I would love to be your “special student“.” Good Jack you will be my Jackie, my sweet pet, and everything that we do from here on out is our secret.

He is so very eager to please me, he is nodding his head furiously yes. You need to follow all of my instructions Jackie, stand up and lets get you undressed. I want you to take all of your clothes off, so that I can see what your body looks like my “Jackie”.

He removed all of his clothing just like I asked of him, his body is soft, not muscular, but he is not totally lacking with his cock and balls.

I hand him a bag with collar and a leash in it, I told him to put them on. Then I took the leash and I led him to the middle of the room, I pulled my skirt up revealing my strapon with the 8 inch dildo, springing it free.

Get down on your knees “Jackie” and I put my sitletto on his chest and told him to start worshipping my leg and work your way up to my pussy, where you will lick, suck and finger my tight box.

I put my foot up on one of the desks to give him better access to my sweet pussy….would you like to find out what happened next? Well then bitch pick up that phone and call me, make sure you leave Miss Addison a monetary gift. Lol, show me you are worthy of my time.

Mistress Addison