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Late Night Snack For You Phone Sex Sissy

It’s time to wake up sissy, I brought you a surprise.  Seeing you asleep in your lovely red gown the small thin straps askew over your shoulders and the adorably sleepy confused look in your face, I pulled up my skirt and spread my pussy over your face. So well trained you didn’t even ask what I was doing or what I wanted you know when your Mistress’s pussy is put over your face it is your job to lick it. Then when you tasted the first drops of his cum inside me your tongue delved deeper, your lips sucking and pulling on my pussy licking up that warm cream pie pussy.  I watched as your nightgown tented and your hand struggled not to stroke your hardness.

You did so well that after you had licked me clean I introduced you to Bo who was the one who had filled it in the first place. He moved from the shadows and looked down at you as his hands came around to squeeze my big firm tits and laughed saying that I was right you are an eager cumslut.  Now it is time for you to show him that you are also the excellent cock sucker I promised him.





Hungry Phone Sex

I think all the little sissy’s love me because I’m adorable and they can relate to me.  I have a small boy body that little sissy bitches can relate to.  Plus my clothes fit most of them so the ones that I hang with like to raid my closet…..little bitches look better in some of them then I do.

They are all hungry for my stories from here.  They love to hear how I fuck the ones that call me, how I turn them into little bitches, and how they play with their little girly clity’s and make them quiver and squirt.

*Giggles*  They are whores, the ones that I hang with, and I think it makes them horny when I talk about my callers with them.  They usually end up going out and finding a hot manly man to fuck them….whores….the whole lot of them.  Hungry fur sex, hungry for cock and hungry for cum….nasty little bitches that they are….






Phone sex sissy wishes

There; take a good look.  That’s what you are thriving for.  Look at it wish it was yours.  You know you have everything else.  The swagger; the talk, the wardrobe and even the boyfriends.  Close your eyes and visualize that is what the boys are pounding when they have your ass up in the air.  They can reach around and run their hands through the landing strip there.   Tell them out loud to pull your pussy hairs as they fuck you. Tell them to tickle your pussy lips.

You go girl!

Phone’s ringing; is it YOU?





Phonesex Panties for all!


You may know this already, but I’m a sucker for panties! I just love lingerie shopping and buying the sexiest, colourful pieces… Not only do I love wearing sexy, lacy panties, but I love to share!! hehe. I have to admit, pantysluts  make my sweet little pussy soaking wet – all the better for those panties hehe! I love forcing even the most masculine men into sexy little panties, making them prance around like the feminine, girly boi that they truly are. Yes, it’s so wonderful to humiliate the sissy sluts for their little, tiny penis and totally fuckable sissy cunts!

There’s one thing I absolutely -love-, and that’s when my sweet, naughty little sluts beg and beg to wear -my- panties! This little pantyboi couldn’t wait to get his hands on my lovely, wet panties. MMMmmm and he looks absolutely delicious in them, no? The only thing missing here is a nice little clitty cage on that sissy cock!

Wouldn’t you love to get your naughty hands on my sexy panties too?


XxX ~ Zia




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He Didn’t Think I Could Make You Phone Sex

I want you to put this pretty pink lingerie on for me and then meet me in the bedroom for a night of sex you won’t believe.  That was what I said to you, looking into your lustful eyes. I knew at that moment you would do anything I told you to do. Your cock was so hard from the hours of teasing. All through dinner, through the drive home and the time we kissed and played on the couch like teenagers whose parents weren’t home. I could have said anything and you would have done it for the hope of being able to fuck me.

When you came into the bedroom I am sure you didn’t expect to see your friend lying in bed with me.  As soon as he saw you he burst out laughing and paid me the money he had bet me that I couldn’t get you into my bedroom wearing that exact piece of lingerie. Oh didn’t you know that I was his girlfriend?

There is still one way you can get to my pussy if you are willing. You will have to bend over and spread your legs letting him fuck you. If he fucks you and you still haven’t cum by the time he finishes with you then I will let you fuck me. Are you up to that challenge, sissy?





You’re not the only Phone Sex Sissy out there

Sometimes I get a new caller out there who thinks they have a ‘kinky fetish’  They think they are the only ones out there that likes to wear panties…..*giggles*  Guess what?  You aren’t.  LOL….there are a million trillion guys out there that like to dress like women do.

Do you know why?  Cuz deep down all you bitches wanna be like us girlies…..*giggles*  That’s it, I said it and you all know it’s true.  All you little bitches are probably sitting there reading this, squirming in your panties thinking to yourself…yep…it’s true, grinding your little clitty against your chair.

I bet if you go into work tomorrow there is at least 1 guy that wears panties……watch and look for it, give me a call and tell me I’m not right.  I dare ya…..




Phone sex sissy training

It was so funny, seeing that small little penis. Right then I decided you would be my sissy boy. You would be taking classes regularly. I will teach you to be what you really are a usleless excuse of a man.

You’ve already got the sway. Once we get some heels on you, the sway may even be sexy. Next thing we have got to get is your mouth stretched. We’ll do that by practicing with a dildo. I don’t think anyone is going to be shocked when you hit the street as the boy girl you really are.

Phone’s ringing, is it YOU?




Sexy New Stiletto’s for your Phonesex Princess to walk all over you Sissy Bois

sexynewheelsheels pinupoutfit

loving the gifts that spoil me and make me feel like a pin up Princess and a spoiled Goddess…Thank you Professor, I’ve already had fun walking all over some sissy boi’s and teasing Professors like you with these sexy babies! While the costume wasn’t exactly like the picture, its so cute and I love the stockings, it helps that I can do tailoring of my own and it will be purrrfect. What do you think girls? Shall we get you into some sexy costumes? Think you could handle heels like these? They are so incredibly sexy, and make you feel like a Minx on the Prowl just slipping them on your feet. You’d be surprised what just the right pair of lingerie/clothing or even heels can do for your confidence. Don’t be shy, lets go shopping together, I’ll walk all over you as you worship at my feet, and pick out just the right outfits for you to be my sweet sissy boi or my deviant sissy slut I send out to go bring Pimptress Princess home more money to spoil me with!






Phone Sex Sissy Sluts Need Panties



I love a good panty slut, as you probably already know! When I get a call and they announce that they’re wearing a pretty pair of pink panties, or perhaps their wife’s thong, I can’t help but get excited about what’s to cum! Or not cum?

Are you ready to surrender your panties? Or will you trade them for mine and strut around wearing MY panties?

You know what they say, a picture’s worth a thousand words! Check out all these panty sluts!

XxX ~ Goddess Zia

See all my sluts!

Sharing My Old Clothes Phonesex

I was going through the attic and found boxes of my clothes from high school and decided it was time to get rid of them.  I called my nephew to help lug them down the ladder for me. He opened the boxes and saw my old miniskirts and tops then looked to see if I was watching.  I pretended interest in another box and watched him steal a few items sticking them in his pocket.  After all the boxes were moved to the garage I asked him if he wanted a drink. He said he did and when I returned with his glass his pants were stuffed or he had gained 4” around his waist in the 5 minutes I was away.

I lifted his shirt to see the clothes he was smuggling. He apologized so embarrassed to have been caught.  I took him back in the house and told him if he wanted my old clothes I would give them to him, but I had to be certain he knew how to wear them properly. I had him dress for me and seeing him in my old clothes brought a whole new perspective to how I must have looked to others in them. When he giggled and sat in my lap asking me if he looked pretty, I knew why so many boys had asked me out. He was just too adorable to resist.





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