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Such a Good Phone Sex Cum Slut


What an eager sissy cumslut I met this week! I was delighted when I was invited to view this crossdressing cumslut on webcam. She knew what she wanted from the beginning and that was to suck cock. As you can see she was entirely serious about it and the show was outstanding! She began in her coquettish schoolgirl uniform, tied up shirt and pleated skirt with her stockings trailing down her thighs. The flirtation in her eyes was simply darling. I could see that naughty school girl walking into the headmistress’s office having been caught sucking cock in the bathroom.

This slut was more than eager to show off her talent of cock swallowing and fucking. She glossed her lips with her clitty juice and ate the creampie of her pocket pussy.  I can’t say enough about how much fun it is to watch a true cumslut in her element. She did such a good job she is worthy of being a star in the sperm suckers hall of fame immortalized here. I look forward to seeing more of what she has to offer. Brava Bella!





Adventures of a phone sex girly-boy

The dress shop adventure was Monday morning, about 10.

I went to the club Sunday night.
I watched the show for a while before
one of the girls walked up to me and just sat in my lap.
She was cute, and she talked me into a private dance.
The private rooms are upstairs. When we got there,
i asked her to guess what i liked to wear. With out any hesitation at all,
she said ‘outfits’. Shoes too i told her.

What are you wearing now she wanted to know. No sissy clothing at all. i told her about the time i went
in wearing a bra, panties and pantyhose under my clothes, and the girl i showed the bra
to told me ‘you should stop’. You should come back when you can this girl told me.

The next day, Monday, the club opened at noon. i walked in at 12:15. i was wearing
pink lace boy short panties, a hot pink bra from VS, a black leather garter belt (8 garters), suntan stockings, a denim miniskirt, and a dark pink (magenta?) tank top with spaghetti straps. Over this i had a chamois shirt and a pair of jeans that normally fit a bit loose on me. i carried my shoes in a duffel bag (my red platform sandals like the black ones in your pics).

I’ll share more with you of his story next posting….




Bubble Gum Barbie Beach Bum Phone Sex

*Giggles* I took my sissy friend to the beach today.  My sister is out of town so I let him borrow one of her bikini’s.  And I must say, he fills it out almost better then my sis does.  We went down to the beach..was so hot here today.  There were tons of people there, lots of hot guys to look at too.  I love eye candy*giggles*

We tanned for a few hours and then went into the water.  My friend had on a blond wig with a scarf tied around it.  I teased him and told him he looked like Beach Bum Barbie.  He laughed and went splashing into the water, catching the eye of a hot young guy. He followed my friend into the water and before I knew it they were splashing and carrying on.

I found my own fun and soon forgot about him but the next time I looked over I could tell he was getting very close to his hotness.  His muscular arms were around my friend and by the look on my friends face they were getting very close if you know what I mean.  Gave a whole new meaning to the term “water sports”  *Giggles*

My friend is a dirty little Bubble Gum Barbie Beach Bum.




The Beauty In The Phone Sex Mirror

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A dear friend of mine who has ever been a bit effeminate was having a particularly hard week.  His girlfriend wanted to “take a break” and work wasn’t going well for him.  I went to his house to cheer him up. As I sat there contemplating how dear he was to me I suddenly saw it.  That beautiful bone structure, his beautiful dark brown eyes and lashes I paid a lot of money to achieve.

I told him I was going to show him just exactly how beautiful he was and I wasn’t going to hear any arguments about it. He resisted me at first saying he was a man he wasn’t beautiful, and on and on but after an hour of skin treatment, shaving, plucking, hair and make-up I myself was stunned at how beautiful he was. I pulled one of my dresses from the closet and bullied him into it.

When I turned him to face the mirror, his stunned look was more than gratifying.  I watched him fall in love with the beauty looking back at him. Gently caressing her face he couldn’t tear his eyes from the stunning vision of his more feminine self. Such beauty was meant to be on display, so we went out and had the most wonderful night.  I daresay he couldn’t even remember the name of his girlfriend after having been the center of attention all night. There is nothing that a little beauty therapy can’t help.





Phone Sex Black Mail

It’s true he’s a little knky little sissy slut.  He calls for the humiliation of it all.  Keeps taunting me to call his wife and fill her in on her hubby’s extra curricular activities so when I actually did call and when he picked up the phone he recognized my voice he freaked out.

Anything he said, I’ll give you anything as long as you don’t tell my wife.  *Giggles*  well of course I’m gonna milk this for all it’s worth.  I told him he had to do exactly as I said and the next day I made him dress up in full drag and go to a bath house and suck cock.  He keeps saying he’s going to do it but never does.  This just persuaded him along a little bit to actually get on his knees and open up his fag mouth to do it.

He thanks me now every day for turning him into a cocksucking little tease.  I laugh at him and threaten that one day and one day soon I’m going to make a certain call to a certain someone if he doesn’t lift his ass up in the air and take it like the little bitch he really is.




Be the sissy you really are phone sex

I’ll help you be who you really are. Everyone knew it in high school way before you would admit it. The way you had with decorations and wanting to be in all the social clubs.  I’ll just help you embrace it. I’ll help you stop being scared.

I have watched you looking at the guys in the club, even heard of you giving some of them a blow job in the bathroom. They do talk you know.

You’ll be sucking cock and getting fucked like the sissy girl you are in no time. Be who you are! With my help you’ll be the best.

Phone’s ringing, is it YOU?





He Phone Sex Surprised Me

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He was so much raw masculine man, we had had many nights of primal visceral passionate sex that when he said he wanted to do something different that night the very last thing I was expecting was him walking from his bedroom in a trashy hooker dress, stockings, heels and garter belt, with a blond wig and garish make up on. I laughed as he walked towards me his hips swaying exaggeratedly on his unsteady heels and asked me if I was looking for a party tonight.  I took in the overstuffed bra and the goatee a clashing contrast but when I saw the bulge in his too tight dress I knew he was having fun so I played along.

He broke character long enough to tell me that my clothes were in his bedroom too. I went in to find a pair of ripped, faded jeans, a white wife beater and an 8” strap on all laid out. I put everything on. It was quite the different sensation walking with a cock pinned down my thigh in the jeans. But the look in his eyes when he saw me made it all worth it. I sat on the couch my legs spread wide my arm thrown up on the back of the seat in my most masculine pose and patted my thigh. He sat on my lap and started giggling and rubbing my “cock” through my pants. He was such a slut!





Housecleaning Phone Sex

I live with my sister and she’s been away for the past month and I’m not the best at house work.  So I had this brilliant idea.  I have a gay friend that I met a while back that loves to dress up and be all prissy so I invited him to come over and clean and I would have a big surprise for him.  I told him to dress up too and bring a feather duster…..*giggles*

He showed up all decked out in a french maid outfit (how cliche) but that’s what he had with heels, stockings and garters, complete with a pink feather duster.  I instructed him on what he had to do and followed him around the house as he went pointing out little things that he missed etc.

For the most part he did a wonderful job and when he was done I asked him to come into the bedroom.  He found me there completely naked with my new strap on fastened tightly around my slender waist.  Already turned on from cleaning and being a good little bitch I told him to bend over my dresser where I quickly lifted that short little skirt……

Wanna know what I did next????  *giggles*




Phone Sex Discovering Macy

Sissy Boy Bisexual Curious

I call him Macy, he came to apprentice with me for the summer as Mitchell. It didn’t take long to realize that he needed a much more feminine name and the first time I called him Macy the brilliant smile he gave me let me know I was right on track. We had just finished picking out the linens for a reception when he looked at me very seriously and asked if I could help him. He is such a darling of course I would do anything to help him.

He said that he was so confused that he needed some help figuring out exactly who he was. He felt drawn to feminine clothes and a girly sense of style but that he wasn’t sure that he was attracted to men as he still found women, then he blushed becomingly and said specifically me very exciting. He wanted to know if I would give him one night of sex to see if it was me or my clothes he was attracted too.

I told him to come over and we would explore together. What he didn’t know was that I also invited my friend Todd over, who is bisexual and we were going to explore all of his options.  It was a fabulous night for all of us, Macy, Todd and I we discovered that sometimes labels just don’t fit everyone, one must do what one enjoys and let the boxes fall where they may.





Dress Up with Me Phone Sex

I love playing with sissies.  They are just soooo much fun.  Some of them want to be just like me.  They want to dress up in the same panties I’m wearing.  Some of them even want to wear my panties.  I like to make them wear exactly what I’m wearing.  One Sissy, her name was Joanne wanted it all.  So I made her put pink panties and a pink lacey bra on.  I then made her put on white silky stockings.  She loved that.  She had a pair of fuck me pumps that she put on and I made her strut her stuff around the room.  It was so awesome….Loved watching the look on “her” face and her little clitty get so hard when I giggled at her.

Wanna know what I did next.  I made her get on her hands and knees, crawl towards me and bury her head………

Guess Where?

Miss Junie


Teen Dream Girl Lives Here