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Violating That Boy Pussy Phone Sex

My little sissy slut has been so good that he deserved some special attention from his sexy but mean mistress.  I got him a pink, baby doll night gown with matching pink lace panties so he could dress up nice for me. He went all out for me too.  He got his nails done and his hair done and  all he wanted to do was be my little sissy slut and I could have my way with him. The time to violate his cunt hole was way over due.

He whimpered a little when he saw the size of my strap on.

“Suck my cock.” I commanded. He sucked it and took it all in as his eyes got wide. He was so turned on, but scared at the same time. He knew what I was going to want next.

I had him get on all fours.

“Spread those pretty little ass cheeks apart, Bitch.” I said.  He took his manicured hand and pulled his panties to the side, shaking in anticipation. “Time for you to really become my little bitch.”



Phonesex Neighbor Sissy Caught

Mr. M was an older guy who lived on our street. One day my mom sent me over to his house with some mail that had accidentally been put in our box. His curtains were open a little bit and I peeked in before I knocked and there was Mr. M wearing a slutty looking skirt and top with heels on, on his knees with this big black dildo fucking his own mouth. I was like “WTF?” He was like swallowing the whole thing! Well didn’t that just change my whole plan.

I ran back to my house and grabbed my strappy. This time I knocked loudly and heard “Just a minute” followed by a mad scramble. Mr. M came to the door in his robe and was the same sweet grandpa like man I had always known. He invited me in and offered me a glass of tea. I told him I would take it but I wanted the sissy maid to bring it to me. He said “What?” I laughed and opened his robe and sure enough he was still in the slutty clothes. “Put your heels back on and then go get my drink sissy and while you are sucking my dick I will think about if I want to tell everyone what a filthy fuck slut you are.” LOL he was so excited when he saw my strap on pop out from under my skirt and he realized that he was busted.





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Take a seat.. Phone Sex

No one will ever know what were doing, all you have to do is come over here, climb on my lap and sit down

Easy huh. Well, what are you waiting for? You aren’t scared are you????

Its nice n rock hard.. just waiting for you to claim it as your own, and ride it like that slutty little girl you have always wanted to be.

I know you have been checking me out, so now its time to really have some fun and get what you have been wanting.. That rock hard cock that you have been eying ever since you started reading this.

What are you waiting for.. it to get soft?

Call Me





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Sissy Potion Phone Sex.. Warning Side Effects May Be Permanent

So, I was looking online late last night, and I found the perfect thing for you, its this Lotion, and on the bottle it says XXX Caution XXX.. Will transform you into a Sissy Girl.

Well, i thought i needed to read up on this a little more.. It seemed pretty interesting…

So, you take this lotion and you rub it ALL over your body, and then you slowly watch every trace of your manhood disappear... You hair grows longer, you cock turns into a clitty and your balls invert themselves making you the prettiest little tight cunt imaginable… Then your titties begin to grow, now how much lotion you apply results in how long or big things get… keep that in mind.

Now, once you apply this lotion the effects last 24 hours.. UNLESS you have get or let a guy cum inside you.. then you will stay a woman for good.

Sound Fun?? Come Play with me we can try it out!




Rock Hard N Ready 2 Go Phone Sex!!!


Come let me test out your Sissy skills, I will be the one to tell you if you need improvement or not. Do you think you have what it takes to please me? Its time for your Sissy Test. If you think you can handle it.

I don’t think you have what it takes, I don’t think your a really sissy, so come prove me wrong, Come pleasure this nice hard cock. Let me in.

Lets See If You Make The Cut. 





Sissy Maid Cuckold Phone Sex

Mistress Taryn Quinn

Pathetic little thing, not man enough to satisfy a perfect Goddess like me. You keep trying to pretend you are a real man but I know better. Its time to teach you your place in life.

I’ll strip away every scrap of your masculinity and dress you in satin, lace and ribbon covered maid’s uniform. Painting your lips with a slick red lipstick and start you on your daily chores.  My cruel words mocking you as you wiggle your little ruffle covered ass for me. You had better finished quickly because I have some guests coming over. I couple of real men who know how to satisfy me, how to stretch my tight little sugar walls with their long thick cocks.

Perhaps you will learn how good that feels.

Phone Sex Sissy Mistress Taryn


Click to see your cruel Mistress’s Personal Site

Nasty Little Phone Sex Bitch

I went to a sex shop yesterday and bought a strap on.  *Giggles*  I was so excited, it was nice and big and looked outrageous on me but I loved it.  I went to a fetish party last night with some new friends and had it with me because my friend Jasmine told me there would be little bitches there that I could play with and experiment on.

There were too, lots of them.  I saw one that I liked.  A nasty little one that looked like he would beg for it so I flirted with him, whispered in his ear that I wanted to fuck him in front of the group.  He blushed and whispered that he wanted me to do that.  He went into the bathroom, came out in a pretty pink boy short and announced to the group that I was gonna fuck him in front of everyone.

I took out my brand new toy and made him suck it, spit on it and give me a nasty blow job before I got behind him and started to have fun in front of the group.  What a nasty ride it turned out to be.  I got to break in my new toy all night long…..how nasty and naughty can you be little bitch?  Call me and let’s find out.  *giggles*




Sissy Missy’s Phone Sex Escapades

Hey Sexy Dani,
I put on bright red lip stick and slipped into my bra and put on my pink girly shirt. Now it was time to hit the mall. When I got into the mall everybody just started to stare, giggle, and laughing. I heard one girl comment to her friend that she didn’t know if it was a girl or a guy. It was such a turn on seeing all these cute girls laughing at me. I was like let’s see who can suck a dick better. Then I went into a store looking at pussy plugs (butt). This guy came over to help and was really helpful. He bent over by me and I could see his butt crack. I said nice butt. It isn’t nice to bend over in front of a girly boy. He laughed. I offered to give him a blow job after his shift but he said no thanks. But thanks for offering.
It was a lot of fun knowing I was humiliating myself for my Princess Dani.
Sissy Missy

I just love playing with Sissys!! Especially ones who know how to follow directions!! If you think you have what it takes to be a good little sissy,

come play Smile




Petite Pecker Phone Sex

Awe you dirty little cock fuck. I know that you love dick just as much as I do. Hiding your fetish and concealing your desire to be tortured. I can’t even see your teeny peeny. It is a good thing you desire to be a bottom, because your dick is not big enough to even insert in an elastic man pussy. Maybe if you shaved your giant bush, then your mini clitty would seem enticing enough to get a new faggy friend. Not to worry, my little pig in a blanket, I can sissyfy you to encourage a nice big cock to come along and stretch out that tight pucker of yours. It won’t be easy but I am confident in your feminization, especially considering you barely have a dick.



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