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She Learns Phone Sex Sissy Seduction

I am a sensual woman and I love the feel of silk, satin, velvet, microfiber, the slippery silky feel of pantyhose so my sissy lover is a feast for my senses.  I have left the basics laid out for her on the bed when she comes home.  Pouring myself a glass of wine I sit and wait as she prepares herself. The anticipation is delicious. I wait to hear her voice proclaim she is ready and watch as she rounds the corner from the bedroom walking towards me.  I see her training put into practice. The way she glides in her heels adding that little extra sway.

I see the shyness in the blush on her cheeks as she displays herself in front of me. I know all she is thinking of is her imperfections but all I see is that beautiful obedient darling trying so hard to please me.  How could that not be entrancing? This lesson is in seduction.  The way she moves her body tells me she has paid attention. Setting back I pull the blanket from my lap so she can see the strap on jutting up from my lap showing her I am pleased. I can see the eagerness flash across her face before she remembers … and I smile.  Well done sissy, now come and receive your reward.





Phone Sex Lil “Sis” Wants to be just like Me

Traci is my little sister.  “She” told me she  wants to dress like me, wear make up like me and be slutty……just like me….*giggles*…..and why wouldn’t she.  But I have to teach her first.  I showed her how to dress, let her wear my pretty panties and stockings.  I even let her wear a pretty skirt and blouse, did her make up and put some high heel fuck me pumps on her.

She had a blast of course, looking fucking hot when I was done with her and I just had to take her out and show off my “sis” to everyone.  We went to a dance club and teased and denied all the boys there until it was time to go home.

Brought back 2 very hot guys and had our own party.  I taught her how to suck and slurp on cock with the best of them.  The guys had no clue that night…no clue that Traci had a fair size package in my little panties……not until much later….





Assignments for my Phone Sex Sissy Sluts

Being a woman is not easy! And it’s time you sissies learned that it will take work for it to happen. Your fairy godmother will not wave a magic wand and transform you into the sexy little sissy slut you crave becoming. When you submit to me I will help you by giving you assignments, custom made just for you.

No, I will not give out my secrets here. When you are ready to become mine just pick up the phone or arrange a hot chat session and then you can learn all about my sissy phone sex assignments and the way I make you whimper and moan.

Mistress Taryn


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Plug That Man Coin Slot!!! phone sex

You love those words ..don’t you? You bend over and close your eyes. Wishing it was a real cock, sliding in your man coin slot. Maybe I should put lip stick around your pussy hole. Making them try to see it as a soft wet mouth? I am behind you ready to slide my cock in you. Open wide and take it.


I love to reach under you with your tiny weenie stuffed in those sexy panties.. feeling how hard it is trying to get. Those things dangling between your legs ..is not much bigger. I can play with you, but I doubt you’ll ever find any woman who will want that! Compared to a nice huge full mouth watering balls..and a nice long thick huge Pleasure Tool!

You understand you can never please me right? You don’t have what it takes.. maybe if you get on your knees and do everything I tell you, I might let you look at me naked. But that is it.. pull on your limp nub.. and try to impress me.

-Evil Grin-

-Mistress Paris-




Ashley’s Day In The Phone Sex Park

This week I dressed my adorable sissy Ashley in her sweet pink plaid schoolgirl skirt and her pink leash and collar and took her for a walk in the park. Ashley giggled as I laid her across the picnic table. I had a special treat for her. I raised my skirt and let her see the jutting strap on spring out from under it. I knew that in this section of the park seeing this butt slut sissy getting fucked would draw some very excited interest in her. Horny businessmen in need of a lunchtime blowjob from a hungry cum loving sissy slut prowled up and down these trails frequently.

A crowd that gathered as her excited screams filled the quiet afternoon.  Men walked to the picnic table and my jizz loving sissy was all too eager to take their cocks in her mouth. I kept her pussy full crooning to her to suck those cocks harder and deeper that she wasn’t leaving until every ball had been emptied into her whore throat.  She is such a wonderfully obedient sweetheart she took every inch, every drop of spunk until all that was left was her own clitty shot.  There in front of that circle of men I pushed her legs up and plunged my strap on in one last time driving her own juices into her face. Another wonderful job sweet sissy you always make me so proud to be your Mistress.





Pros and Cons of Being a Phone Sex Sissy

If you are thinking about being my little sissy bitch and joining me for a walk in My World of Femme Art there are certain pros and cons to joining me on this little Journey.  So let’s review…..


You get to be with Me

You get to dress up like Me

You get to wear pretty silky things and feel sexy ALL the time

You get to go out on the town dressed up like the sissy bitch you are

You get to go to the salon with me and get sexified with Me

You get to be on your knees like a slut and suck cock after cock and swallow as much cum as you want

You get to put that sexy ass in the air and offer it to all the men that I bring

You get to be used as the little slut you’ve always dreamed about

You get to be my “girlfriend”, my BFF, my confident….it really doesn’t get much better then that.

Real men get to play with your teeny tiny little clitty whenever I offer you up to them.


Hmmm……..are there any, really?  I can’t think of a single one…….can you?




Tricking You Into A Dress Phonesex

Hey thanks for coming over, you’re such a good friend! Listen, I bought this dress for a wedding online, but they sent me the wrong size. It’s way too big, damn it, I’ll have to return it. Can I ask for a weird favour? I just wanna see how the dress looks in person, and it looks like it’ll fit you! Come on, help me out.

Here I’ll help you strip off your clothes. Can you do me one more favour? Instead of wearing your boxers, can you put this pink thong on? I wanna see the dress without panty-lines. Oh come on it’ll be fun, stop fighting! There, don’t they feel nice? I can tell from how hard you are you love the smooth lacy fabric against your cock.

Let’s get this dress on. It’s a white halter-top with sheer layers of fabric for the skirt, Marilyn Monroe style. I’ll just zip it up in the back. Don’t you look nice in it! Oh, it’s very pretty on you. You’re blushing a lot, is it humiliating to be in a dress like a sissy slut? Don’t bother trying to get it off, I’ve attached a lock to the zipper. I’ve always wanted a sissy slave to play with and dress up!

Don’t bother protesting I know you want be my sissy toy, besides, I’ve been taking photos this whole time and I’ll send them to everyone you know.

We’re gonna have so much fun!

xoxo Miss Stacy


Sinfully Sexy Phonesex – Stacy

Phone Sex Candy – Stacy

Watch Me Fuck Myself..since You Can’t Phone Sex

-Don’t you wish you could fuck me?-

Your such a sorry excuse for a man, since you dress in women’s clothing. Such a loser. My toy can fuck me better then, that thing you have hidden in your panties. Do you like to squeal like a oinker?


Our last call you were such a disappointment. Cumming without touching.. -Tisk Tisk- Loser.. I was naked and had you looking at yourself in front of a mirror and was trying slutty clothes on you .. and ruined my fucking favorite pair of panties!! Cuming all over and it dripping everywhere making a mess!

It is ok.. I humiliated you.. didn’t I? Made you rub cum on your face like make up remover! HA! HA! You begged me NO!! PLEASE!

Remember what I am making you do now? You better! Are you doing it slut??

Using your own cum like body lotion. Cum in that hand  and rub it all over yourself! LOL! Cover your whole body in your own cum.. faggot. So other people will smell you!

So ready for your next task??

-Mistress Paris-




Phone Sex Sissy Fights

Your match is scheduled and your opponent is waiting. You know the stakes sissy. Win and you get to fuck her and use her as you like. However if you lose then you will be force fucked by her strap on as well as any of her friends in the audience she chooses.  We have to hurry so put on your blindfold so I can drive you to the location.

Once in the dressing room you trade your masculine clothes for the beautiful lingerie that will denote you as the sissy slugger for this bout, tight silken panties, soft nylon stockings and a bra to show off your feminine tits. She does look ferocious doesn’t she and see that huge 10” strap on hanging in her corner if you don’t win you will be forced to take every inch of it in front of this big crowd of women.  Humiliated and fucked for all to see as a loser deserves.  Now go out there and fight, the odds are against you she is undefeated but maybe luck is on your side.  Let’s find out how you fare sissy fighter.





Make Up Party Phone Sex

Have you ever been to a make up party?  All your girlfriends get together, go to someone’s house and put make up on each other.  Sometimes there’s a girl there selling it and it’s so much fun.

I took my friend with me, he was bored and wanted to tag along so whatever, I thought it would be fun for him so he came with.  We got there and all the ladies couldn’t believe I brought my friend with me.  They were giggling and carrying on.  LOL…..we all thought it would be fun if the lady got to put make up on him, make his face nice and pretty like a princess…..

He looked very pretty when she was done with him and if you didn’t realize that he was a guy, you would never guess it, he looked so feminine.

We giggled all the way home, had the best time and actually practiced on each other when we got home.  I don’t know who looks sexier with our new looks….him or me…..giggles