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Phone Sex Sissy School For You

Come in, sit down your wife has asked me to undertake the task of draining every last drop of masculinity from you. It seems that you aren’t quite capable of handling it. We will begin with the outward appearance.  You will soon be taken to be waxed, plucked and styled. You will exchange your suit for a schoolgirl uniform which you will be expected to wear at all times. You will then report to back to me for your first class which I see here is to be ball destruction. Don’t look so frightened you won’t need them in your new life they will only be in your way as you will soon find out.

Now hurry along and let’s begin your journey of feminization.

Mistress Sadie




He/She Phone Sex

My boyfriend told me he wanted to have a threesome a few weeks ago with me and another girl.  I thought it would be awesome so I found the perfect girlie to play with us.

She was hot, super sexy with nice big tits, and the most perfect ass I had ever seen.  It looked so yummy, even I wanted to taste it.  She came over on the agreed night. We had some nice relaxing beverages and then got into it.  It was very hot and sexy.  The 2 of us started to kiss and touch each other and took our tops off as we started to play with each others titties..  My boyfriend loved it cuz he had the best of both worlds…my nice little ones and her huge melons…..giggles.

I told him I wanted him to go down on me while she gave him a rim job.  He was all over that and quickly got down on his hands and knees, licking and sucking on my tight little pussy as my new friend rimmed his ass with her nice warm tongue……

He really didn’t see it cumming….didn’t have a clue as “she” slid her thick long cock up my boyfriends ass.  The look of shock on his face as I pulled his head off my pussy….Surprise baby, you wanna fuck another bitch in front of me…..this is what happens…you become my fucking bitch…..funny thing is…..he got harder then he ever got with me…..came harder and “pretended” he didn’t like it…..

Giggles….he fucking loved it..we’ve been with “her” a few times since then…




Sissy training phone sex

There is a small group of businessmen who come to your town yearly for a convention.  Being a rural area, they come for agricultural training.  A few years back I became involved in planning for their stay.

Last year it was brought to my attention that a few of them were looking for sissy slut companionship.  I am very excited about that.  I  know a few locals who are flaming girlie boys (the ones I love best).  I have been holding classes to get them ready for their debut.

I teach them how to walk; talk, dress and to make themselves available to these men.  I’ve had to push a few of them along.  Fucking them with strap ons. 

I have a few openings if you are interested.

Phone’s ringing; is it YOU?




My Neighbor’s Phone Sex Make Over

My neighbor is a darling man, so soft spoken and so sweet. He brought over a jar of strawberry preserves that his wife had made so I invited him in for coffee.  The longer we talked the more cues I began to see in his demeanor.  The feminine way he sat the excitement in his eyes as he spoke about a certain dress of mine he had admired. I suddenly realized that Mr. Patterson was harboring a secret.

I asked him to come back to my bedroom to see a new window treatment I had put up but once in the room I walked to my dresser and pulled out a beautiful pastel pink lace baby doll lingerie set and told him that I wanted him to try that on for me. I wasn’t taking no for an answer and when Mr. Patterson was dressed in the lacey confection I saw the birth of Patsy. His voice slid up an octave and his giggles became more frequent and when I showed him my strap on he became a trampy little slut.

So now we have coffee a few mornings a week and patsy comes over to do a few household chores and as her reward she gets to become the wanton little girl she has always wanted to be.  It adds a new twist to love thy neighbor doesn’t it?





Phone Sex Barbies

*Giggles*  That could be the new Barbie….a blond doll with a headset on in some sexy lingerie…..wouldn’t that be hilarious.  *Giggles*

In all seriousness though, I’m developing quite a following of little sissy bitches that I like to think of as my barbie doll collection.  I have Lipstick Barbie  that just loves to give sloppy blowjobs and get as much lipstick on cock as she possibly can.  There is Sissy Sabrina Barbie that likes to please me and do anything I tell her to do.  She is the submissive little slut that will gag and choke along side me when we are both sucking cock.   Bombshell Belinda Barbie is a bubble gum blonde that has the most amazing ass and she loves to put it up in the air and let all the boys fuck her tight little pussy.  And last but not least I have Bukkake Berry Barbie that begs to suck and fuck like a good little bitch.  She begs all of the guys to blow their loads all over her prettily made up face.

I have quite a collection of Barbies to play with and amuse myself with.  Do you wanna be one?  Call me and we will figure out where you fit in.






Sissy Sluts Need Godde$$ Zia Phonesex


Haha, you *sluts* are so addicted to me. It’s really funny because we both know that you can’t go but a few days before the craving hits again and you’re in my yahoo, or chat room begging for my attention. You love the way I humiliate and use you. From head to toe, I transform you into my *perfect* toy.

You beg to be just like me. You love to $spoil$ me in every way possible. You know just how I enjoy my sissy sluts, smooth soft skin, pretty panties, ready to worship me! <3


Godde$$ Zia




Taking in trainies phone sex

I’ve a new sissy to work with and I am so excited. Adding to my sissy fantasy group means I get to help a promising new girlie become what she wants to be. This one already knows what she needs to do, just needs a bit of a push. I’ve given her instructions as to what she needs to get for herself and a list of products. If you are going to be a “girlie” then be the best you can be. Things that make you smell good and pretty are as important as the things you wrap your body in. You should learn how special it is to be feminine. It’s a big responsibility to represent the female population.

I’m always looking for sissy girls. Come join me.

Phone’s ringing, is it YOU?





Preparing My Little Brother for College

On your knees little sister, your big sister has a surprise for you! I have brought Michael here to teach you how to pleasure his big black cock. You will be going off to college soon and a small weak boy like you is going to need a lot of big strong friends so I have decided to feminize and faggotize you. You are so much prettier as a female. Your lashes are too long, your hair is too beautiful and your body is much too small to try to compete with the men you will find at college.

I have seen you naked and to be honest your cock will never be able to satisfy a woman so darling I am doing you a huge favor.  Now you must learn to love cock, learn to worship and adore it for it may be all that saves you one day. Stop rubbing your panties and pay attention to me! Open your mouth and try to swallow all that long hard cock. Very good, it’s perfectly natural for you to gag at first but your gag reflex will go away with lots of practice. That’s why I have set a date for you every day this week for cock sucking lessons. You will thank me for it eventually.

Big Sister Sadie




MVF in Phone Sex…….Is it You?

You’ve dressed up and prepared.  You have your make up done and your hair done.  You want to impress all the boys and you want to get the looks from everyone in the room.

You want to be that special one.  The one where all the guys are looking at you.  *Giggles*  Why wouldn’t you want to be.  You’ve primped and preened.  You want to be the favorite that everyone wants to play with, the one that everyone wants to fuck.

You want to be judged as the best, the Most Valuable Faggot……..




Silly Sissy Lily Wants the BBC Phonesex


My sissy girl lily thought that she could handle a nice, big, black cock. She begged me and begged me to let her play with one. Finally, when I decided that she was ready for it, I invited my friend Jerome over. Jerome has a huge, 11 inch cock that is thicker than my wrist. I called sissy lily, telling her to come to my house, and said that she had to clean today – wearing her pretty little maid outfit. (If only she knew what she’d be cleaning, and how…) “Now don’t forget the feather duster, sweetheart” I cooed. “Yes Miss Zia…” she whispered shyly.

When she finally arrived, she came into the living-room wearing her cute, black thigh highs and short little maidy dress. She went to the shelf to pick up the duster when she noticed it wasn’t there. “Miss Zia the…” she started, then saw Jerome standing in the bedroom door-way, the feather duster in one hand, handle facing her, and his massive, hard bbc in the other.

“Which do you want, my sweet sissy? The duster, or the big, black cock?” I grinned.

XxX Zia


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