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Sexy New Stiletto’s for your Phonesex Princess to walk all over you Sissy Bois

sexynewheelsheels pinupoutfit

loving the gifts that spoil me and make me feel like a pin up Princess and a spoiled Goddess…Thank you Professor, I’ve already had fun walking all over some sissy boi’s and teasing Professors like you with these sexy babies! While the costume wasn’t exactly like the picture, its so cute and I love the stockings, it helps that I can do tailoring of my own and it will be purrrfect. What do you think girls? Shall we get you into some sexy costumes? Think you could handle heels like these? They are so incredibly sexy, and make you feel like a Minx on the Prowl just slipping them on your feet. You’d be surprised what just the right pair of lingerie/clothing or even heels can do for your confidence. Don’t be shy, lets go shopping together, I’ll walk all over you as you worship at my feet, and pick out just the right outfits for you to be my sweet sissy boi or my deviant sissy slut I send out to go bring Pimptress Princess home more money to spoil me with!






Phone Sex Sissy Sluts Need Panties



I love a good panty slut, as you probably already know! When I get a call and they announce that they’re wearing a pretty pair of pink panties, or perhaps their wife’s thong, I can’t help but get excited about what’s to cum! Or not cum?

Are you ready to surrender your panties? Or will you trade them for mine and strut around wearing MY panties?

You know what they say, a picture’s worth a thousand words! Check out all these panty sluts!

XxX ~ Goddess Zia

See all my sluts!

Sharing My Old Clothes Phonesex

I was going through the attic and found boxes of my clothes from high school and decided it was time to get rid of them.  I called my nephew to help lug them down the ladder for me. He opened the boxes and saw my old miniskirts and tops then looked to see if I was watching.  I pretended interest in another box and watched him steal a few items sticking them in his pocket.  After all the boxes were moved to the garage I asked him if he wanted a drink. He said he did and when I returned with his glass his pants were stuffed or he had gained 4” around his waist in the 5 minutes I was away.

I lifted his shirt to see the clothes he was smuggling. He apologized so embarrassed to have been caught.  I took him back in the house and told him if he wanted my old clothes I would give them to him, but I had to be certain he knew how to wear them properly. I had him dress for me and seeing him in my old clothes brought a whole new perspective to how I must have looked to others in them. When he giggled and sat in my lap asking me if he looked pretty, I knew why so many boys had asked me out. He was just too adorable to resist.





Behind Door No.1…….Phone Sex PanyBoi

We all have our secrets…mine is ice cream.  I love it, all flavors.  My best friends dad for example has a very naughty secret.  I had to stop in at her place the other day to pick up my favorite bathing suit so she gave me her key and told me to go grab it.  I let myself in, went out to her bedroom and there he was…on his knees sucking the neighbor boys cock…..in my friends bra and panties.

*GASP*Giggles*  The neighbor boy smiled at me but my friends dad didn’t even notice.  Just kept right on sucking as I crept in and sat on the edge of the bed, watching as he was gagging and sputtering until he got a big mouthful of cum and swallowed every last drop.

When he finally got control over himself and noticed me sitting there, he was absolutely horrified and couldn’t believe I found out his secret…..giggles…..we play every week now, and I make him do the naughtiest things ever…..

What’s your secret?




The world of pin-up sissy phonesex with new toys to tease the boys!



I love when this spoiled Princess has gifts like these show up at her door. What girl doesn’t right my sissy girlies? However, this company is exquisite and the real deal for us Pin Up, Rockabilly, Vintage girls. A picture of these gorgeous 6″ stiletto’s will follow, but I must say I’m in love with this company. First, the box, which matches my velvet comforter by the way, inside a bag to put the shoes in case you’re packing them for a trip, each shoe was wrapped individually in soft bags. They are black patent leather with adorable pin up black satin bows, which I can change with the satin ribbon I use on my corsets to suit my mood or outfit.

For those of you who don’t know or haven’t noticed before, I am a student in fashion design, my specific style is vintage, corsets, lingerie and period costumes. I love the luxury and femininity woman of the 50’s and 60’s and before took in themselves. Classy, always sexy, from head to toe. So… if you want a lady who knows how to style and how to make you into that feminine fantasy you’ve been dreaming of, the pearls and stockings with the perfect pair of heels, *wink* Give me a call, I will have you stylish and feeling like a classy lady with that deviant little smile that knows what will follow when those classy clothes reveal the lingerie and the SLUT underneath!

So watch my sissy girls, for an update here to delicious Bordello shoes. I have more on my wishlist and I will definitely be shopping more at this company.

Pin up girl Jordynn





Buttons and bows phone sex

I love dressing up my sissies.  Sometimes I look at books from past designs.

I love when women wear long dresses and tight corsets.  I pulled one of my sissies out to do his make over.  I added one of those dresses.  You know the party one in seven brides for seen brothers.  He did not speak; just watched his image change before him.  As the minutes wor on you could see his excitement.

I started dressing him up  by choosing a really pretty bra with black eyelet and with matching panties.   I strapped his cock down.  I put his make up on and pushed him out of the door.    I told him he could come back after he found my lover for the evening.

Phone’s ringing; is it YOU?





What Are You Doing With My Phone Sex Panties?

You think I didn’t notice that when you said you were going to the bathroom that you actually sneaked into my bedroom. You also think that I didn’t see you creep to my dresser and open the drawers searching for my panties. I watched you pick each pair up, feeling the material, rubbing them against your cheek and holding them up to your hips looking at yourself in the mirror. I also so you put a pair of them in your pocket, and it made me wonder how many pairs of stolen panties do you own? What are you doing with them all?

Perhaps the reason you haven’t tried to go further than kissing on our dates is because you are wearing panties every time we meet. Is that the case? Are you afraid that I will find out that you are a sissy panty wearing boy and then force you to dress more fully in lingerie and then treat you like the slut I begin to believe you are?





Phone Sex White Cotton Panties

They are so pretty, white cotton panties.  They are probably one of my more favorite ones to wear.  So comfy and yet so sexy.  If I give them to you and you slide them on over your legs you will be able to feel my warmth on them.  You will be able to smell my scent on them and you will be able to feel my wetness in them.

Perhaps we can share a pair.  Or get a pair of matching ones.  Dress the same.  *Giggles*  I do like dressing alike with my friends.  Doing things together.  Just think, we could be side by side with our asses up in the air, our cotton panties pulled down and getting fucked at the exact same time.

Wanna do like I do, be like I am, give me a call and I’ll tell you how to be like me *wink*




Smooth, Silky Sissies Phonesex

All my good little sluts know that in order to be the perfect sissy, you have to be smooth as silk, just like all women.

Personally, I love going into the salon and getting waxed. A sweet young woman comes in, asking me to remove my pants…I love watching as she pours the hot wax over my leg, the warmth as it cools and hardens, and her hand pressing the paper over it, running down my leg. It’s so sensual, so sexual…. and then when she pulls the corner up and tells me “brace yourself”, rips the strip off, the hott pain as it pulls each and every hair from my body, leaving a smooth path. But pain is pleasure, no pain no gain! This is, of course, my favourite way to remove all those manly, nasty hairs. But I know many of my sissy sluts are much too scared for that..

Instead, they’d rather I teach them how to shave all their manly pubes, leg, chest and back hair. Of course, I gave in and told them I would give a little demonstration of how to do it. First, of course, you need to be nice and wet. I love my detachable shower head, so I can turn the pressure on high and tease my clit before I shave. I’m sure you’d love the feeling of it against your clitty. Then take that girly pink bubblegum-scented shaving gel, rub it in and see the foamy pink bubbles start to form. Feel how soft it is against your skin?

Now pick up the razor, see the light glinting off the blade? *smiles*

For the rest of this sissy lesson, and more, call me 😉

XxX ~ Sissy Trainer Zia


Catching you in the act of your phonesex sissy fantasy – Part 1

You sneak next door into my home, and into my closet just to have a private fashion show thinking I’d gone with my parents away on a cruise and my sister staying at her boyfriends.

I walked in my room and found all my beautiful vintage and pin up clothes on my bed, you standing there in a pair of new black and red polka dot boy-shorts and matching bra, trying to attach the garters to my Italian made seamed stockings your long legs. You hear me gasp and attempt to cover up by grabbing my bedspread and wrapping it around yourself, like that’s really going to help.

You see me smirking while trying to hide a huge giggle behind a cough. I ask why you’re in my home, and clothes and you turn the same shade as red polka dots on your ass. If you think your getting out of this without a huge amount of fun to be had on my part you’re wrong. I tell you exactly how much its going to take for my silence and you start trying to act like you have authority to make me behave. I hold up a discarded nighty and let it slide silkily over my hands… you watch the way it moves and the way it sounds sliding against just my fingers. I watch your shoulders slump and you drop my quilt in resignation, knowing that i’ve won and you’ll do what I want just so you get to play with all my beautiful things and the chance at being the sissy you soo long to be.

Wanna know just what i’d do to you if I caught you?






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