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Phone Sex Feminization: Dressing for Suckcess

Do you have what it takes to be a girly boy.. that every guy wants??

Let me teach you a thing or two about how to dress.. to achieve things you never even dreamed possible! I will teach you all the girly tricks to primping and pampering yourself!

Come schedule a feminization lesson with me and learn what it takes to be that girl you have always known is deeep down inside you.. Come surrender yourself to that slut inside you!

Are You Ready??






Your Cock Doesn’t Matter Phonesex


If you’re going to be a perfect feminine sissy gurl, you’re going to have to learn what all real girls know – no one gives a fuck about your pleasure.

So that cock – that clit stick – doesn’t matter to anyone!

All that matters now is that tight little hole made for fucking. That’s right, your virgin asshole gets to be taken just like a wet little pussy. If you’re going to be a little sissy gurl, you’re going to be fucked just like a girl one. On your back, legs in the air, penetrated deep by a big thick manly cock – nothing like that sissy meaningless clitty you have now.

All you are now is a sweet little fuck toy. From now on your job is to look pretty, suck cock, and take it in the ass. Just like a real girl! Well, not quite, but close…

xoxo Miss Stacy


Sinfully Sexy Phonesex – Stacy

Phone Sex Candy – Stacy

Vanity Phone Sex

I know you love to have me watch you on cam. Direct your sexual experience as you suck on dildos and shove a multitude of toys up your man pussy. I love playing with your clitties and making you cum. Really I know you enjoy to take pictures of yourself. Showing me, yourself all dressed up. In sexy panties being an exhibitionist with your tensed ass muscles as you shove that sleek plastic cock down your throat. Your almost envious of your own dick. Such vanity from my sluts.



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MVF in Phone Sex…..Is it You?

You’ve dressed up and prepared.  You have your make up done and your hair done.  You want to impress all the boys and you want to get the looks from everyone in the room.

You want to be that special one.  The one where all the guys are looking at you.  *Giggles*  Why wouldn’t you want to be.  You’ve primped and preened.  You want to be the favorite that everyone wants to play with, the one that everyone wants to fuck.

You want to be judged as the best, the Most Valuable Faggot……..




Forced to Go From Phonesex Brother to Sister

My brother and I were flying to meet to a family reunion. We had missed the flight the rest of the family was on which just began a series of unfortunate (for him) events. Our plane was forced to land in a very rural area with only one little Podunk motel and which meant we had to share a room. The airline then informed him that his luggage was already at our destination as it never got removed from the first flight. The coup de grace was when in our first room a pipe burst sending a disgustingly foul black shower of sewage over him ruining everything he had on. Poor thing I have never seen a worse streak of bad luck.

After his 3rd shower he sat on the end of the bed in only a towel and was yelling at the motel clerk about how he had nothing to wear. He fell back with a string of curse words. I tried to console him that I would let him wear something of mine it was just until we got the airport where his luggage was.

I opened my suitcase and began looking but all I had packed was skirts and blouses, several pairs of pantyhose, some bras and panties and heels and sandals. He whined about how he couldn’t wear a skirt or heels but I tried to remind him he couldn’t stay there naked either. With a resigned sigh he said “alright Sadie you are right make me into your sister.”





Filling your holes… With Chocolate Phone Sex

I just love obedient little fucking pathetic sissy’s that will do anything I Say… Filling your slutty little holes with whatever i tell you too…

Beef Sticks   Cadbury Cream Eggs, Pickles… The list goes on!!

Now its time to see just how far you sluts will go.. Just how well do you listen? I love the long lasting effect Chocolate has on a little faggy hole like yours, the long lasting side effects.. Making you think about me all day!!

Lets see if ur a good sissy slut or not!!




Panties At Work Phonesex


I want my sissy boy to remember his place all the time – especially when you’re at work! You might be the boss at the office, giving orders and delegating tasks. But we don’t want that power going to your head, I want you to always remember you are Miss Stacy’s pretty little sissy.

So to keep you in line I’ll pick out frilly pretty panties to wear under your tailored suit. Somedays I choose the pink lacy ones that rub against your cock in that delicious way, rough and soft at the same time, breezy so you’re reminded constantly that they’re there. If you’re good I’ll let you wear the white satin panties with the little pink bows on the front. The way the smooth and silky panties tease your sensitive areas makes you come home with wet and sticky panties stained with pre-cum. So wet it reveals your hard erect sissy cock straining to tear through that sheer fabric.

No one but me knows your secret. No one but me knows that under that power suit is a pretty girlie boy that does whatever Miss Stacy says.

I want to make sure you’re wearing them today, go to the washroom and take a photo in those panties for me. Better hope you don’t get caught. What would your employees say if they caught you with your pants around your ankles – their manly boss in panties?

xoxo Miss Stacy


Sinfully Sexy Phonesex – Stacy

Phone Sex Candy – Stacy

Sissy Slut Sucks for Her Phone Sex Mistress

I’d like to tell you all about my little pet sissy slut.  Last night I had her take out an advertisement for a willing man to use her while I watched on cam.  She got all dressed up in her pink fishnet dress, panties, wig and full make up.  Her instructions were to suck this strangers cock until he shot hot cum all over my little whore’s face.

I loved hearing her moan while on her knees, this whore was made to suck cock.  I could even see the way her pink lipstick smeared onto the cock as he fucked her mouth as I humiliated and encouraged her.  My sissy slut must be good at what she did because it didn’t take long and soon that hot load was dripping down her face.

Are you ready for me to pimp you out next?

Pimptress Taryn


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Outing My Favorite Faggy Boy Phone Sex!!


I want to let everyone know that your a Faggot!! A dirty Aids Infested Cum Dumpster!!
I want you to get dressed up for me, nice and pretty.. Make sure you put that wig on you know i like!! And those pretty heels you have!! Then its time to do what you have wanted all along.. ITS TIME!!

What are you waiting for?? You have kept me waiting this long,  and all i wanna do is press one simple button, and end it all!! You don’t have to worry anymore, It will be all over soon!!!!

Come ON!!!






Hungry Phone Sex

I think all the little sissy’s love me because I’m adorable and they can relate to me.  I have a small boy body that little sissy bitches can relate to.  Plus my clothes fit most of them so the ones that I hang with like to raid my closet…..little bitches look better in some of them then I do.

They are all hungry for my stories from here.  They love to hear how I fuck the ones that call me, how I turn them into little bitches, and how they play with their little girly clity’s and make them quiver and squirt.

*Giggles*  They are whores, the ones that I hang with, and I think it makes them horny when I talk about my callers with them.  They usually end up going out and finding a hot manly man to fuck them….whores….the whole lot of them.  Hungry fur sex, hungry for cock and hungry for cum….nasty little bitches that they are….