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My Adorable Phone Sex Sissy

My darling girl has returned from her vacation and I have missed her dearly.  The strutting little peacock deserves far more punishment than she gets because she is just so precocious. I adore her she makes me smile and laugh with here antics. She loves to tempt and taunt me knowing full well that it is going to earn her a spanking. Hearing her confess her sissy desires to me makes me wish I could simply take her away from the real world and all its complications and hide her away where she could be my girl forever.  I often think of her as my office assistant.

Imagining that she is at her desk outside my office just waiting to jump and serve me. She always has refreshments and delicious drinks waiting for me upon my return. When she is ready to become my sassy little sissy slut I am so ready to hear her girlish squeals and the shivers that run through her as I get to toy with her body. Yes my darling you will always be special to me. My pretty little peacock.





Toe Sucking Phone Sex

So my pretty little sissy, do you want to go out and about today, prance around and show your pretty little panties to the world?  Giggles…..that’s what I would want to do if I got a new dress and pretty panties…..I would want to show them off but guess what?

This princess wants a foot massage first.  I want you to get down on your knees, that’s right, make sure you little clitty is rubbing against those pretty new panties while you are giving me a most delicious massage.  I’ll even let you taste my sweet little toes.  As you are on your knees, licking, sucking and slurping over my pretty toes, I’ll watch your little clitty quiver in excitement of what’s going to happen next……




Sissy Phonesex Nephew and Auntie Shopping Trip

I was babysitting my nephew, he has always been an appreciator of beautiful things even at such a young age.  He always compliments me on the choice of colors of my dress or blouses and has an eye for fashion. I thought that I would treat us both for a day out shopping. We went to a department store and as we passed the young miss fashions his eyes caught on an adorable orange lace sleeveless dress with a silver belt.  His head literally turned as we passed it and his steps faltered as I saw him reach out to touch the material then catching himself with a stern look of discipline on his face.  I knew what I had to do.

I circled around the dept. and came back to that dress taking it from the rack and taking his hand in mine I took him to the dressing room. The attendant gave us a strange look but I was very insistent that yes I knew it was a girls dress and yes I knew my nephew was a boy but he would be trying it on all the same. I went in with him helping him with the zipper in the back and when he stepped out of that dressing room he beamed. His boyish haircut at odds with the dress didn’t seem to bother him, he twirled and walked his runway walk I have never seen him smile so sincerely. That was the first of many or our Auntie/sissy nephew shopping days.





Party Favor Phone Sex

I went to a fetish house party last night with 2 of my girlfriends.  We had no idea what to expect.  I thought I’d wear a little leather mini skirt and that would be it.  That was certainly there but when we got there, there was the person in the middle of the room blindfolded and tied down to the chair.

When we got closer we knew it was a guy dressed up like a little sissy bitch.  He had fuck me red lipstick on, a wig, a leather outfit with his sissy clit hanging out and as I later found out an hole cut out where his little pink sissy pussy was all exposed.

The owner of the house and our most generous host offered him up as our party favor.  Everyone got to do whatever they wanted to him.  The guys were lining up to fuck his sexy little mouth while the ladies lined up behind him to fuck his sissy pussy senseless with the various sizes of strapons that were provided to us.  *giggles* 

I had the most fun that night.  I got to watch over and over again while we all got to use “her” sexy little mouth and cunt.

Have you enjoyed your party favors lately?




Phone sex sissy girlie works it

She is soooo sweet. After one of her nights out she calls and tells me all about it.

Last night she went to a really nice little club she just learned about. She bought herself a skirt and top like mine, couldn’t find the shoes but some similar.

She said it was very dark and at first felt a bit uncomfortable. As her eyes adjusted she saw couples in cozy little simi circle booths. Not being there with anyone she headed to the bar. She told me she sat on the stool and looked around. It wasn’t long before someone approached her.

She said she and he chatted a bit and then she felt his hands on her leg. (she is such a slut) She said she leaned over and placed her hand on his package. This girl was ready for action.

He took her over to his booth and ordered them a drink. She said it wasn’t but a few minutes until they were all over each other. He gestured for her to get between his legs on the floor and she did. Her voice was full of excitement as she told of his big balls and how much cum he squired down her throat. She’s a good girl, took it all.

I love hearing her stories. Do you have some to share?

Phone’s ringing, is it YOU?





Chores for My Sissy Maid Phonesex

Chastity Phone Sex

The list of chores you must do as my sissy maid is a long one but I will give you a preview  to see if you are up to such tasks.

  1. All laundry must been done twice weekly and properly sorted, washed, dried, ironed, folded and put away
  2. All meals will be prepared and served while dressed in your maid’s uniform on time, not a minute before or after:
    Breakfast at 7:00 am
    Lunch at 12:00 pm
    Dinner at 7:00 pm
  3. Tea service for me and my friends once a week at 3:00 pm, the day varies, once again you will be in your proper maid’s uniform and plugged
  4. Dishes must be completed with the hour following each meal and will be inspected
  5. Dusting is done on Mondays, must pass the white glove test
  6. Windows on Tuesdays, must be spotless
  7. Floors on Wednesdays, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and includes under all furniture
  8. Bathrooms on Thursdays and will be done with a toothbrush
  9. Fridays are for miscellaneous jobs and maintenance of all other house work
  10. Saturday and Sunday you will serve me personally anyway I see fit

Of course the list goes on as well as requirements for uniform and behavior  that accompany your chores. Even the smallest violation will result in punishment. Are you up to the task of serving as my sissy maid? Let’s see if you can follow my orders by calling me now.

Temptress Melissa




Compromising Phone Sex

Before I became legal and was living at home, my parents had tons of family gatherings.  A few summers ago we were having a family reunion type of BBQ.  The whole family was in our backyard and they were having a blast.  It was a hot day, my cousins were all in the pool so I went into the house to put on my bikini.

The house was just as busy as it was outside as we have a huge family.  It was noisy and boisterous in almost every room and I was actually grateful for a minute or two of silence.  However, when I went into my bedroom, one of my uncles was in there wearing a pair of my pink bikini panties admiring himself in the mirror.  I couldn’t believe it, gasping, I asked him what the hell he was not only doing in my bedroom but wearing my dirty pink panties from my hamper.  He didn’t even blush, he simply stood there in front of the mirror stroking his cock through my dirty panties telling me he was a dirty little sissy bitch and deserved to be punished.

I closed and locked my door, stepped up behind him and asked him how long he had been dreaming about wearing my naughty bits.  He giggled, actually giggled and admitted to wearing panties for years.  My other cousins, my auntie’s, he even admitted to shopping for them.

My uncle was a little sissy bitch and he told me he’d teach me everything was to know about sissies, as long as I didn’t tell anyone in the family.  He had kept it a secret for years and wanted to continue to do so.  After catching him in a most compromising position, my uncle taught me all about sissies and what makes them tick.  I still giggle about it all the time, remembering the look on his face.





Phone Sex Escape With Me, Sissy

Escape and step into the world of femininity, perhaps just a toe or complete immersion in all things female. One of the things I find fascinating are the degrees of sissy desires. From the men who simply enjoy the taboo feel of sliding a pair of silken panties or pantyhose up over their cocks to those who long to experience every aspect of being a woman.

Some wish for punishment, others a girlfriend. Whether you are craving a cuckold experience, a strap-on fucking , a hot lesbian fantasy or just a night of erotic dress up with a wild fuck to take full advantage of your lingerie I would love to share your fantasy and my lingerie drawer with you.





Suck and Fuck for me sweet dancing girlie phonesex

Turn on my skype and what do I see. A frisky dressed up sissy dancing for me.

Playing some lady gagasexy dirty rich, poker face, striking all those sexy poses in that sassy little blue dress.

You know just how I want to see you move your girlie ass for me, put on a show for me and make it hot!

Now what game shall we play next? You’ve chosen and made your promises haven’t you honey. Dress you up, sexy as you crave.

You’ll push those limits for me gurlie, if you want to please this honey!

But lil Missy became a bad lil Sissy… and now she owes this Princess so..

Teasing real cock is not what you were taught, and you begged to service them as was said..

I can lay down the law would be such a laugh for me doll to have mom and dad have to perform instead





Little Lost Sissy Lamb Found Phone Sex

Nothing so sad as a lot sissy girl.  You used to know your place, feel the softness of silk and lace, primped your hair so pretty, teetered on your high heels as you showed off those delightful legs so many will want to spread wide when they plunge into you. You would kneel so gracefully, bow your head so demurely, your mouth already salivating for the cock you would rap those pink lipstick stained lips around. Everything was so perfect.

Then it was gone.

Lost little lamb with no one to check the seems of your stocking, no one to cup your chin and guide it to a thick cock, no one to bend you over, part those arse cheeks, and slip inside.  No one to correct you knee, watch your tone, or appreciate what a good sissy you are.   You find yourself in jeans and watching ball games, in drinking beer and playing the role of a man.  How horrendous you feel in his farce, how alone, lost, desperate in the masks you wear.

Come to me, little lost sissylamb.  Let me show you the way home, back to your knees, back to that special place where you can be the best girl you know how.





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