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Questionable Phone Sex

What’s between your legsClit or cock?  My guess is if you are reading this then it’s a clit and you wanna get fucked by a cock.  Don’t we all?  *giggles*  It’s so tiny it may as well be a clit right?  You wanna be like me and have that pretty pussy of yours fucked hard.  How much fun would that be?  If I took you out to play and watched as you got fucked for the very first time.  Are you a virgin or a seasoned little slut that loves to take hard up your tight little gurly cunt?

I’ll even let you dress up for your first time, or dress like the whore you and take cock after cock up that tight little fag cunt of yours.





Energizer pantyhose for phone sex girlie

Don’t they feel so good under your” big man at the office” pants?  Wear them under everything.   Feel them energizing your legs; softly caressing them with every step.

Climbing up into your big truck; riding around with the secret that under your jeans…….energizing pantyhose!  Bet that gives you another kind of energy huh?

When you went into the store for your cigarettes it made you so hot thinking about what the clerk may think if he knew the pantyhose was there.  Or better yet thinking how you would love to show him you have them on!

Phone’s ringing; is it YOU?





The Phone Sex Deal Was Made

My friend Beth had asked me to stop by her house on the way to meet her for lunch she had forgotten her purse at home. She said the door was unlocked to just let myself in. I walked in and I heard music coming from their bedroom. I followed it down the hallway and found her husband Jack dressed in a school girl uniform lip syncing to a Britney Spears song, spanking his panty covered bottom looking at himself in the mirror.

I cleared my throat loudly, he spun around to look at me and realized that there was no explanation for what I had seen. Even more damning was his hard cock poking up from the waistband of his plaid skirt. He began to beg me not to tell Beth promising to do anything if I would keep his secret.

I assured him I would under a few conditions, that he join me for a weekend of being my sissy slave and shopping in a nearby city. He would wear only sissy clothes and would be my sissy toy with no exceptions. The first time I heard the word “no” I would call Beth and tell her everything. With mingled fear and excitement he agreed.

Next week I will tell you how it all turned out.





Cuckold Punishment by BBC PhoneSex

Me new boyfriend thought he could leave me waiting at the store while he ran an errand.  Silly twat forgot his place.  He lives to serve me, to cater to his Lady’s needs.  It is he who waits on me, not the other way around.  So I made arrangements  while I waited and sprung his punishment on him that evening.

I’d invited one of me lovers over, a large black man who knows how to use his 11 inch Big Black Cock and make me shiver and scream.  Only tonight it would not be me taking that BBC.  I made me boyfriend strip down, compared their endowments, 11 inches against 4 scrawny useless inches.   Me lover and I had quite the laugh as me boyfriend burned in shame. Then down on all fours like the bitch he is and I plowed into his tight ass with me own large black strapon.  As I pounded into that ripe hole without mercy, me lover fed his large dick between those cocksucking lips.   We took the dirty slut at both ends, reminding him what he was and who he lived for, what his entire purpose in life was.  As me lover let go, fucking deep into me little whore’s choking throat, and I took me own howling pleasure behind him, we never once gave thought to the bitch’s pleasure.  After all, he’s served his purposes serving me.





First Time Cock for Pretty Phone Sex Gurly Boi!!

I had this “virgin” sissy call me the other day.  Very shy, reserved but was wearing a pretty pair of pink lacey panties so I knew I had something to work with.  *Giggles*  I took ‘her’ to an adult book store so ‘she’ could see exactly what was going on there.  “She” was totally shocked as we walked around and she got to see instead of visualize all the naughtiness that happened there.  Finally, at the end of this one hallway there was an empty booth.

I told her to kneel like a good little bitch and wait patiently.  I sat there with her so she wouldn’t get cold feet until this big burly man came in and took his cock out.  I told him it was her first time and I think his cock actually got harder as he stepped forward and told my gurly friend to open her mouth.  She blushed but did as she was told and opened her mouth.

The look of surprise on her face was priceless.  Immediately her eyes started to water and she started to gag but didn’t stop….I wouldn’t let her.  I could see though that she was getting very excited as she started to rub her itty bitty clitty thru the skirt that I made her wear…….she was such a good cock sucker that first time. Swallowed every last drop as he blew that creamy load down my little friends throat.

Very good for a first time cock sucking sissy slut. *Giggles*





Goddess Molly Guides a Sissy Boy Phone Sex


Sweet sissy Erica had such a dilemma this past weekend. She’s recently finished a relationship with a woman that turned her on to everything sissy and girly! She had experienced cross dressing before the relationship but never did realize what a true girl she was! Once she tried a few cocks and saw how her body reacted, she realized what a cocksucking sissy fairy she was.

We talked about so many things, she asked me for tons of advice on how to proceed. After seeing her gorgeous sissy pictures, I expressed the next step for her was getting a lifelike breast form so she can transform each and every day for a week to see if she truly enjoyed the feeling and weight of breasts on her slender feminine form. No more stuffing the bra, no more lumpy ill fitting boobies for my sweet sissy….oh no, it’s time to move forward and get the ball rolling towards a true transformation!

Goddess Molly




Magic Wand Phonesex

Sissy Phone Sex

See here, sugar, this is my magic wand and with it I can make all your fantasies come true. I know it looks like a telephone but it is really the magic wand that will let you realize all those sissy desires. We can explore it all together. Play dress up, give you a make over, force you to be your true feminized self, teach you how to suck cock, train your puckered girlie pussy. All your sissy little wants and needs can come to life with the lilt of voice. All you have to do is pick up that magic wand, now dial my number on the keypad… good girl.

Temptress Melissa




Phonesex of a Clitty Rubbing Slut

Its Hump day Wednesday and I know how horny and wet that makes my panties.

Being that I know you are as HOT and ready to go as I am here is what you are going to do today.

This Princess expects your sissy clitty hard, wet, and ready to be played with.

You are going to sit there, little sissy slut, with your legs spread wide like a good slut should and be

ready to do please me by doing exactly what I tell you to do to your sissy clitty. I am going

to tease you slut making sure all the while I bring you to the edge and back over and over!! No

creamy sissy panties until I say!!! You wouldn’t want to be punished for disappointing your Princess

and making a girly slutty mess before your were told to, now would you?


Find your sluttiestgirliest pair of panties, dress yourself up in those silky sexy nylons… and call me!!


Princess Jordynn




His Phone Sex Surprise Panties

I was sitting at the bar when a man sat down beside me. He was quite handsome and very friendly. He bought me drinks, we danced and sparks ignited. I certainly wasn’t expecting it but he looked into my eyes and I into his and then we kissed. He was a great kisser, however I was getting very mixed signals from him. He would touch me, kiss me, I could feel the evidence of his arousal against my stomach. Whenever I would hint that I was open to going to his hotel room he would order another drink.

Closing time came I was preparing to race home to my trusty vibrator when he asked me to come back to his room with him. I agreed and we couldn’t keep our hands off one another, in the elevator, stopping every five feet down the hallway, kissing and touching each other. We fell into his bed and he began to undress me immediately his hands greedily stripping away my dress. I pulled off his shirt and belt and when I went to unbutton his pants he suddenly wanted to turn off the lights. I insisted he was being silly and pulled down his pants and found the prettiest turquoise and yellow panties hiding a beautiful cock.

He was embarrassed and thought I was going to humiliate him and leave. He couldn’t have been more wrong the night took on a kinky eroticism I hadn’t bargained for but was very glad to have found.





Phone sex sissy training

It was so funny, seeing that small little penis. Right then I decided you would be my sissy boy. You would be taking classes regularly. I will teach you to be what you really are a usleless excuse of a man.

You’ve already got the sway. Once we get some heels on you, the sway may even be sexy. Next thing we have got to get is your mouth stretched. We’ll do that by practicing with a dildo. I don’t think anyone is going to be shocked when you hit the street as the boy girl you really are.

Phone’s ringing, is it YOU?




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