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Sissy Phonesex w/Princess Jordynn – Once a Sissy girl Always a Sissy girl

Jordynn Jade 866-486-7224

I had a long time sissy call me just the other day that I haven’t heard from since I first started here. He had tried to give up on his sissified ways and go back to being “a real man” HA! Like that could ever happen. Throwing away your panties, and girly clotheslingerie and heels will not throw away that gurlie nature you have storming throughout your entire being!

I’ll bet some of you reading this right now think this sounds so familiar to you. Have you tried to give up on your sissy ways? Take a break from being a sissy slut fag and work hard to become a man again only to fail miserably. You know you’ll find that one last pair of sissy panties you’ve hidden, you’ll have to put them on, just one last time, and then your mine! Back to calling me for that sissy clit release. Being my good little bitch, showing me on cam just how sweet and girly you can be. Begging me to cream in those panties with that lil sissy dicklett !

Talk to you again soon!

Princess Jordynn




Big Businessman to Cute Sissy Girl Phone Sex

Prettythings, new toys, days out and lots of hot eager male flesh to play with. What more could a girl want on a hot summer day.  Went shopping with a girlfriend recently. Had so much fun and spent way too much, but who cares.  It wasn’t me own credit card I was using.  There’s this man I have been casually dated, a well respected man, pillar of the community, who, when alone with me, dresses in the cutest pantiesbras and pretty pink dresses. It’s the little bobby socks and Mary Jane shoes that complete the transformation though. Just a good little sissy girl for me.

She wasn’t sure the first time I dressed her up, But after having a few drinks, getting her all pretty and taking a few pictures has taught her obedience.  So afraid, she is, that I’ll share those pictures with her wife, or business partner.   I won’t though.  Not so long as the shopping trips continue and her boypussy is always available to my strapon.





Explosive Phone Sex

Want to have a pussy like me don’t you?  Giggles…..of course you do.  You dream of it….and I get to dress you up like me.  We can be twins.  Matching outfits, matching hair and makeup.  It will be so much fun when we go to the party together.  All the men will stop and stare.

And we will give ourselves to them.  You first though.  I want to watch you spread your legs for their big cocks first.  I want to watch you suck them and get them ready for your tight little sissy pussy.

I wanna watch you explode as they fuck you like a little bitch..

Giggles….then it will be my turn…




Cream Pie Eating Lessons for Sissy Slave Phone Sex

A tight corset was wrapped around “her” body and her feet were locked into her heels a chastity lock was neatly tucked in her panties as she knelt beside the bed. I was on the phone with my latest big black lover and held the phone out for the slave girl to beg this man to come and fill her Mistress with his BBC cream. I had to laugh at the eagerness with which she has learned to beg. Those hours and hours of training were paying off nicely.

An hour later with the sissy pussy plug strapped into her ass she was once more begging this time it was for the opportunity to show off her fluffing skills. Having been trained with my strap on she was most eager to put her ability to work for her Mistress’ pleasure. The thick 9” cock was plunged into her mouth and she swallowed it down as she was taught. Then she led that gorgeous mocha dick to the pink wetness of her Mistress’s pussy. Obediently she knelt beside the bed her head down except when ordered to watch or lick, I am sure it was difficult for her not to watch her Mistress pleasured but that was far from my mind.

When at last my pussy was filled with cum it was time for the slave to begin her cream pie eating lesson.  She eventually had my pussy and his cock as clean as before we had fucked. Are you such a good girl?





Is It All In Your Mind? Phonesex

Feminization Phone Sex

Could it be that your nipples are becoming more and more sensitive? Your voice even seems higher, more feminine as of late. Your testicles seem to have shrunk and you dick is looking more clit like everyday. Every time you put on those panties, when you prance around in those heels, and when you slick on that lip gloss there seems to be another changed in your body. Without a doubt you are walking differently but are your hips wider too? Maybe it is that lip gloss but your lips look plumper, then those cant be… breasts forming and your ass seems more shapely whenever you catch a glimpse of it in the mirror. How can this be? Then most alarming of all you feel a certain wetness down below around that tight yearning hole whenever you think of a phallic object, naughty sex toys or dare you even think it… a c-c-cock!

Well, sugar in these confusing times where you feel yourself transforming you need someone to guide you… you need someone that understands the changes you are going through and I am here to help. Simply give me a call sissy girl and I will be happy to put your mind at ease.

Temptress Melissa




Walk in the Park Phone Sex

I love playing with sissies*Giggles*  It seems I have a knack for playing with them.  I hooked up with a transgender that was at a party I was at the other night and I brought her back home with me to play with.  I made her put on a pretty little school girl skirt that I had in my closet with a matching blouse and knee socks.

It was so much fun putting make up on the little bitch and that watching her primp and preen in front of the mirror.  When my room mate got home I thought I’d test the waters and introduced “her” as one of my new little friends that I met.  And guess what, she couldn’t tell and told me in the kitchen that she thought “Jessica” was gorgeous.

I’m taking Jessica out on the town next time.  Should be easy to pick up some hottie to fuck my little sissy bitch Jessica.  Stay tuned to find out what happens to her.




A New Phone Sex Recruit is Found

It was a day like most as I sat at my desk sipping my glorious first cup of coffee a sissy maid kneeling beside my chair learning to kneel with her posture collar locked in place. The door opened and my beautiful young assistant Piper hurried in to say she had received a call from a former student about a male who worked in her office. I sat my coffee cup down on the sissy maid’s tray and went with Piper to the car waiting outside, the girlish driver in her padlocked heels and short black dress holding the door open for me.

We walked in the office building and found our target in his cubicle on the 3rd floor. I nodded to Piper and she approached the very corporate looking man and escorted him to our alumni’s office. The elegant woman arose from her desk making a very proper curtsey before me offering the seat behind her desk to me. As I sat the male before me looked nervous. I let the silence stretch before I told him to remove his pants. He hesitated and I repeated myself in a tone that let him know that I was not going to say it again. He fumbled with his pants blushing brightly as he revealed his pink lace panties.

I assured him soon he would fulfill his destiny of becoming an elegant, well trained graceful new sissy of his dreams at Mistress Sadie’s Finishing school for Sissies.





Sissy in Stilletos Phonesex

Hello there!  How’s my little sissy doll? Don’t you look sexy standing there with stilettos and fishnet thigh highs.  I see you’ve tucked yourself back so tightly underneath your pretty panties. Cum closer to me; I want to run my hands up the inside of your curvy thighs.

I hear you moaning softly as I fondle your boy pussy. Are you ready for my cock? Now rest your ankles on my shoulders while I fuck you like a good sissy likes it!





Never Know What you’ll Find at the Opera Phone Sex


A very hot gentlemen friend one I’ve fucked a few times begged me to go to the Opera with him. It was opening night and he didn’t want to go by his lonesome. I agreed but only if he was to purchase me this gorgeous dress I had been spying for the last few weeks. It was long and elegant but so very sexy at the same time. The kind of dress that clings in all the right places, and shows off my beautiful curves, yet makes you want to peel it off of me and play with all my sexy parts.

Looking around at all the beautiful people in their fancy clothes gathered to hear a beautiful Opera, gave way to quite a bit of people watching..This couple sat beside us and I couldn’t help but notice the gentleman had a bit of pink hanging out of his tuxedo. As the night proceeded, the gentleman got up and I decided to spy on him. I had to know what the fuck the pink fabric was…and to my utter pleasure…..found out within a few minutes. I caught him in the small alcove past the bathrooms on his knees pleasuring a very well dressed man in a formal tuxedo. I laughed so loud and startled them both with the flash of my camera. Two new toys to play with for the New Year!

Goddess Molly





Sharing Panties Phone Sex

I know what you want.  Can’t help yourself when you look at this picture, can you? You want me to slide those panties off me long lithe legs and pass them to you.  You want to slide that soft silky material up your own shaved legs, pull the elastic around your own waist and let the still warm damn material of me panties cocoon around your sissygirl clitty.

For me you’ll do that.  Prance around like the sissygirl you are, show off, display yourself and when you show me how good you will be for me, we’ll reach down together and grind our hands against the bulge in those panties until you make them oh so messy for me.

British Mistress Libby





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