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That Is Why It Is Called Ladies Night Out Phonesex

Jill’s boyfriend decided one night that he was going to invade the sanctity of our ladies night out.  She didn’t have the nerve to say no to him when he insisted that we could have just as much fun with him with us. The other girls and I were not happy about this turn of events and developed our own plan of how to deal with his intrusion.

We made sure that we started our beverage intake much sooner than normal but what he didn’t know was ours was tea while his was something a bit stiffer. When time to leave came he was already shall we say judgmentally compromised. We convinced him that it would be fun to let us dress him for the evening out. His outfit went from a casual polo shirt and jeans to a slutty club dress and stockings enough make up to make a him look like a trashy hooker and a pair of lovely sandals.

After a few bars we lost him for a bit but found him eventually at a table in the back with a line of men waiting to have their cocks sucked by the “cockslut”. We were entirely shocked to find that the “cockslut” was our friend’s boyfriend. Now every time a boyfriend tries to butt into our girl’s night we just pull out our phones and show them the pictures of the last man to experience our ladies night.





Our Phone Sex Outting

Such a delicious little girl you make darling, I’m sure the guys at work will never recognize you dressed in that outfit. I know this is the bar that we always go to but I am not going all the way across town at this hour just so you can avoid people you know. In that dress with those heels no one is going to be looking at your face anyway, not with those gorgeous legs and fuckable ass on display. Now sit down and enjoy your pink lady.

Oh isn’t that your boss looking this way wave at him darling. He is coming over here and look at that bulge in his pants I think you might just get lucky. HaHa just remember to keep your voice high and  oh here he is.  Yes, she is beautiful and she loves to have fun.  Look at those lips why they were just made to pleasure a man like you. No I don’t mind at all you two go have fun darling, I will be right here waiting to hear all the juicy details of how much fun you had.





Sissy Son Gets what he Craves Phone Sex


My sweet little boy James has tried so hard to be like all the other little boys but to no avail. When all the other kids are outside playing baseball and football, my little James is outside playing with the girls, wearing aprons and dressing up. He’s such a sweet little sissy, always wanting to please and be mommy’s perfect little girl.

Mommy has been teaching James so many different things, naughty things. Mommy makes him dress up like a little slut and then she uses him and makes him be a bad girl, doing nasty slutty things. Once I get her all dressed up, I make her go by the name of jenny, and I whisper in her ear all the depraved things I’m going to do to her….Are you ready for me to whisper in your ear too?







Putting Sissy Gurls in Panties phone sex

Such a dirty, dirty mind on such a pretty pretty girl.  Men tell me this all the time. So true it is that I will blow your mind with all the dirty things we will share together.  Taking you, the man you are, slipping your into me warm, dirty panties, is a good beginning.  Ever felt the soft slide of silk up your thighs to wrap around your cock?  Can ya already feel the wet cr0tch rubbing against your balls? I’d rub you then, my clever hand brushing over the shaft, squeezing out that precum to make those panties even dirtier, me other tickling the crease of your ass crack. Then it would be the soft cadence of me British accent whispering dirty, dirty images of how I will use you, shag your little pussyhole with me strapon, and maybe, if you are a good girl, let ya fluff me lovers.





Sissy Sluts first Glory Hole Taboo Party Phonesex

This weekend I’m headed with a few of my friends to go to another Glory Hole Party. A couple I know have this great room in their finished basement that they installed a glory hole in. They have parties with an endless supply of men and would have girls come in to pleasure those guys through the glory hole. I’m bringing a few of my virgin cock suckers to show them how its done and give them their first taste of a real cock between their eager lips!!

It is incredible to watch, seeing all those guys watching and waiting their turn, being able to watch from both sides depending on what you liked to watch and there are always sooo many guysCocks of every size and color, I know I will get so wet watching, seeing all those hard cocks as they thrust themselves into the hole in the wall and into my eager little sissy sluts mouths.

I will definitely let you know how my lil virgin sluts do on their first glory hole party!






Pamper Me Phone Sex

I love going to the salon.  I love getting my hair done, mani’s, pedis and a nice massage.  They are so much fun.  I think I told you all a bit ago that I take one of my good friends with me from time to time.  Sometimes we get naughty, sometimes not.  This weekend was one of those times that we had fun, well he did anyway.

After I dared him to get a pretty pink on his fingers and toes, we went for a couples massage, one that guaranteed a very happy ending.  When I heard him moan I opened my eyes to see his hard cock in the guys mouth, he was getting his dick sucked like it was the last cock on earth….Yayyy for my friend.  He so deserves to get his faggy cock sucked don’t ya think?

All little fairy’s, fags and boi toys derserve to get their dicks sucked, their pussy’s fucked and their toenails painted.

Cum and have fun with me.




Ribbons and Bows Phonesex

Mistress Taryn Quinn


Do you remember when you were young?  That naughty feeling you got when you looked at the little girls?  It wasn’t like other boys was it?  You were far less concerned with what was in their panties than you were about how wonderful it would feel to BE one of them.  To dress in satin and lace, so pretty and innocent.  You wish that you would be the one the boys looked at with desire.

Let me take you back and regress your mind with erotic hypnosis.  You’ll once again feel like the young little sissy you’ve always been but this time you can get your heart’s desires.

Mistress Taryn


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Phonesex April Fools for My Cuckold Husband (p2)

Cuckold Phone Sex

Part One

I knew he was simply waiting for me to get my fill so that he could feel his own release. Tormenting him this way was just too sweet. Having my juicy cunt so close to his pathetic locked dick yet unable to be inside me was pure torture to him but it was time to increase his discomfort. Holding my vibrator to his caged pulsating prick I listened to his groans. His testicles were swollen and I could tell he was aching. Again and again I edged him while still in his cage enjoying his denied agony.

After over an hour of pleading for me to let him out so that he could cum, begging, crying for relief I decided it was time to play the wickedest trick of all. From between my breasts I pulled the key out and finally unlocked his chastity cage. His little dick, now allowed to become fully erect was twitching in time with his heartbeat. Grinning I squirted lube in my hand and began to stroke him. Little did he know the lube was mixed with numbing cream and although he stayed hard the more I stroked the less he could feel. Suddenly his dick gave a jump as he began to cum. He stared at his own little twitching twig in disbelief. Creamy white cum spurted from his dick yet he could feel nothing, no pleasure, no satisfaction. What a perfect April Fools prank for my pathetic cuckold husband.

Temptress Melissa




Show Me Your Gratitude Sissy Nephew Phonesex

We were shopping in the lingerie section and I was trying to hurry because I knew how uncomfortable young men can get in that particular section of the store, but when I looked around for my nephew he was gone. I searched for him and found him staring in the mirror holding a particularly lovely gown up in front of him.  I didn’t say anything but went on about my shopping. As we were leaving I noticed that he kept looking longingly back towards the lingerie department. I gave him the out he needed asking him if he needed to use the restroom before we left as I checked out. He went straight back to the lingerie section and looked around and came back still a bit on edge.

When we got home he went to take his shower and said he would be going to bed early. I quietly snuck in the bathroom after I heard the water start and changed his pj’s for the same silk gown he was admiring at the store.  It took him what seemed like hours to come out of the bathroom in the gown his cheeks pink but an undeniable smile on his face. He thanked me profusely and when he was done I told him that if he really wanted to thank me he could show me how grateful he was by sucking my dick. With a flourish I opened my own robe to reveal my bobbing strap on cock!





Reporting to your phone sex Mistress

Like this? Is this how you spread those ass cheeks for him? I’m sure you bend way over for him. Did you give him a nice blowjob earlier?

I know you have told me many times you love his hangy down balls; and how he loves you to play with them as you suck his cock. I also know you reference is to any man. That’s the only way you can get a man is many one night fucks. Thing is you don’t really care because it is less likely you will bet caught. I want to hear it all. How you feel as he pushes his big cock into your soft pussy ass.

Don’t forget to report to me as soon as you get home from your date as such.

Phone’s ringing; is it YOU?







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