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Striping you of Manhood Phonesex

Are you ready to worship? Are you ready to serve your Goddess?  Are you ready to sink to your knees, lick me toes and beg me to teach you to be the little sissybitch you have always ached to be?  Because that’s what I will do to you, whether you like it or not. I’ll strip you of everything, your clothes, your hair, your very manhood. Panties and bras, slips and petticoats, pretty lipstick and false titties for you.  Dress you up and teach you to be the girl you always have been.

And if you think to fight me on this, luv.  No worries.  I’ll bring you down, break you hard, chain up your little clitty, bend you over and ride you like a bitch, MY bitch. Then I’ll dress ya all pretty and lend out your used up pussy to any cock that pleases me, just like ya deserve.

British Mistress Libby




Like Sissy Father Like Sissy Son Phone Sex

Mother-Son Phonesex

It has become apparent recently that my son seems to be taking after his father. My husband is a pitiful push over of a man who has all but lost whatever balls he had when I married him. Not only that but he doesn’t have what it takes to satisfy me sexually with his thin and stubby pencil prick. Essentially the only use my husband has now is to be my sissified cuckold slave. When I noticed my son was taking on many of my husband’s lesser qualities I decide it was time to nip it in the butt. If he is going to be an effeminatepanty loving submissive boy then I might as well turn him into a sissy now. I think helping him embrace what he is surely destined to become is only fitting.

First thing I did to help him make this transition was to give all his boy clothes away to good will and bought him all kinds of feminine frilly things instead. Everything including pantiesstockings/pantyhose, cute heeled shoesfrilly dressesslutty outfits and plenty of bowsruffleslace and satin. He was very surprised when he received his new wardrobe, but he couldn’t lie to me that he didn’t love the panties and sexy things I got for him to wear with that little hard-on of his giving him away.Of course this was just the beginning to his sissy training process that would transform my son into a the perfect sissy girl.

Mommy Melissa




You Know You Want to Worship My Stockings, My Socks, My Feet Phonesex

I’ve seen you stare at me when I’m getting ready for my burlesque performances. Watching as my thigh highs get slowly slid up my legs to be hooked to my garters. I’ve seen you while I’m shopping at the store on 5th. You know the one, where I can get the sexiest pairs of thigh highs andpantyhose but your to afraid to buy them for yourself. I saw you yearningfor that pair of black vintage seam stockings. Sounds like you need tostop lurking in the shadowshopelessly longing and help me try on a fewpairs. Let me show you just how to find the perfect pair for you to start with. I’ll have you worshipping my feetlegs and all the fun that goes with them in just one session with me!





Ribbons and Lip Gloss Phone Sex for sweet girls


You adore when I allow you to get out the little girl outfit…the one with the pretty soft pink dress and double petticoats, the sweet ankle strap patent leather pumps and schoolgirl knee hi’s! If you’ve been extra good, I might just let you use the long, thick full blonde wig, so I can string beautiful pink glittery ribbons in your hair…

Once I’ve bathed you, and softened your skin, I’ll dress you up as Mommy’s perfect little school girl, paying extra special attention to call you by your “girly” name as the transformation happens..And as a final step, Mommy will even slide your favorite pink bubble gum gloss across your lips…Now be a good girl for Mommy and go fetch my toy bag!





Rubber Phone Sex Sissy Dolly

Look at her all tightly encased in latex.  Nothing but a toy to be used and teased.  I’m going to invite all the men over so they can experience what it’s like to turn my sissy blow up doll into a cum dumpster while I laugh and take pictures.  Do you think they will care if they see tears behind that mask?  Dollies don’t get to decide how they are played with.  Squirm and whimper all you want but you are simply a thing now.  Unworthy of any consideration, just another toy in my huge box of sex toys!

Mistress Taryn Quinn


My Specialties

That Is Why It Is Called Ladies Night Out Phonesex

Jill’s boyfriend decided one night that he was going to invade the sanctity of our ladies night out.  She didn’t have the nerve to say no to him when he insisted that we could have just as much fun with him with us. The other girls and I were not happy about this turn of events and developed our own plan of how to deal with his intrusion.

We made sure that we started our beverage intake much sooner than normal but what he didn’t know was ours was tea while his was something a bit stiffer. When time to leave came he was already shall we say judgmentally compromised. We convinced him that it would be fun to let us dress him for the evening out. His outfit went from a casual polo shirt and jeans to a slutty club dress and stockings enough make up to make a him look like a trashy hooker and a pair of lovely sandals.

After a few bars we lost him for a bit but found him eventually at a table in the back with a line of men waiting to have their cocks sucked by the “cockslut”. We were entirely shocked to find that the “cockslut” was our friend’s boyfriend. Now every time a boyfriend tries to butt into our girl’s night we just pull out our phones and show them the pictures of the last man to experience our ladies night.





I’m Gonna Tell the World that You’re a Phone Sex Sissy!!!!

I talked to a guy today that is pretty well known out there.  Like if I showed you a pic of him you would know who it was.  If I dropped his name you would definitely know who it is.  *giggles*  One day, if he’s not a good boy I may just have to drop a few hints here and there.  To frighten him.  To show him who’s in charge of My panties….they are my panties after all.  I let him wear them.  I let him dress up and prance around in his wife’s pretty things.  I wonder what his wife in Florida would say if she knew he was dressing up in her things.

I made him go outside this morning, just step out onto his deck in bra and panties, with a sexy bathrobe on.  *giggles*….he ran right back in as soon as he heard a car on the front street.  Little does he know I snapped a few pics when he turned on his cam for a quick minute.  I saw his itty bitty thingy pokin out of his panties….*giggles*…….it’s just so wee

If the world found out what he was into and what he looks like all dressed up he would lose it all.  I love fuckin with him.  I’m learnin how to be a little Blackmail Princess.  He’s gonna be in big trouble one day…Stay tuned for more “secrets” I expose of my newly acquired little bitch.





Our Phone Sex Outting

Such a delicious little girl you make darling, I’m sure the guys at work will never recognize you dressed in that outfit. I know this is the bar that we always go to but I am not going all the way across town at this hour just so you can avoid people you know. In that dress with those heels no one is going to be looking at your face anyway, not with those gorgeous legs and fuckable ass on display. Now sit down and enjoy your pink lady.

Oh isn’t that your boss looking this way wave at him darling. He is coming over here and look at that bulge in his pants I think you might just get lucky. HaHa just remember to keep your voice high and  oh here he is.  Yes, she is beautiful and she loves to have fun.  Look at those lips why they were just made to pleasure a man like you. No I don’t mind at all you two go have fun darling, I will be right here waiting to hear all the juicy details of how much fun you had.





Sissy Son Gets what he Craves Phone Sex


My sweet little boy James has tried so hard to be like all the other little boys but to no avail. When all the other kids are outside playing baseball and football, my little James is outside playing with the girls, wearing aprons and dressing up. He’s such a sweet little sissy, always wanting to please and be mommy’s perfect little girl.

Mommy has been teaching James so many different things, naughty things. Mommy makes him dress up like a little slut and then she uses him and makes him be a bad girl, doing nasty slutty things. Once I get her all dressed up, I make her go by the name of jenny, and I whisper in her ear all the depraved things I’m going to do to her….Are you ready for me to whisper in your ear too?







Putting Sissy Gurls in Panties phone sex

Such a dirty, dirty mind on such a pretty pretty girl.  Men tell me this all the time. So true it is that I will blow your mind with all the dirty things we will share together.  Taking you, the man you are, slipping your into me warm, dirty panties, is a good beginning.  Ever felt the soft slide of silk up your thighs to wrap around your cock?  Can ya already feel the wet cr0tch rubbing against your balls? I’d rub you then, my clever hand brushing over the shaft, squeezing out that precum to make those panties even dirtier, me other tickling the crease of your ass crack. Then it would be the soft cadence of me British accent whispering dirty, dirty images of how I will use you, shag your little pussyhole with me strapon, and maybe, if you are a good girl, let ya fluff me lovers.





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