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Sissys in the mall Phonesex

I love this time of year. The malls are full of people and everyone’s shopping. I often watch and try to see which guys are buying girlie clothes for the ladies in their lives or themselves. It’s fun to try to picture a man wearing this frilly dress or pretty pink sweater I watch them pick out and buy.

Ever man I watched going into the lingerie store I try to decide is it a gift or is this man a secret cross dresser? I know this time of year makes sissy shopping much easier for you sissy cross dressers. Wouldn’t you agree?





A New and Better You Phone Sex

You know you were born to be a girl when your “cock” is that small. I am not just talking about the average small I mean teeny tiny little bitty less than 3 inches small. Nature did not intend for you to be a man if your “penis” is that small. That is just an oversized clit that demands being put into lingerie and panties and used to humiliate its carrier. Have you ever seen a 3 inch dildo? You know why that is because no woman would ever want to fuck it! Yes I know it’s harsh but sometimes the truth is. But the truth shall set you free. Imagine no more having to pretend or apologizing for being such a disappointment of a man. You can begin your new sissy existence and be an amazing plaything for some woman. Doesn’t that sound better than being laughed out of the room and going home with your head hung in shame. Call me darling we will get you on the road to the new and better you!





My Phone Sex Husband’s Humiliation Surprise p.1

I had known about my husband‘s more deviant fantasies for a while but didn’t let on. After all he hadn’t satisfied me sexually for a long time and he had to know that I was being satiated elsewhere with more well-endowed men. Even if he was playing blind I had a wicked plan to make it an undeniable fact in his pitiful existence… “Honey, I have a special guest coming over tonight but I need your help with a few things in the basement.” He followed me like an obedient slave on a leash down the stairs to the basement. “Sit,” I ordered, pointing to a chair I had set up special for him. So very trusting, he didn’t hesitate to oblige.

In the blink of an eye I had the shackles around his wrists while he sat there dumbfounded. Next it was time to strip him naked. His pathetic little nub of a dick started to grow, he was obviously misconstruing my intent, but that quickly changed when I shoved a pink pacifier in his mouth and a diaper under his ass wrapping it around him. My little dick diapered sissy girl quickly got that message.

The story continues Here

Temptress Melissa




Pantyhose or Stockings: The Debate Phonesex

I’ve had this debate often with sissies.  Pantyhose or stockings.  Some love the soft silky slide of full pantyhose over their dicklettes, love the way they slide and pull against the balls, and I understand that.  Lovely feeling, I’m sure.

Then there are stocking, maybe with a garter belt that brackets the lovely treasure of a women. Something that forced all of a real man’s attention to that perfect snatch that declares me a Goddess.

Is that why you sissies prefer pantyhose? Is that the real reason?  To hide that shameful worthless flesh dangling between your legs? No one wants to see it, do they? I don’t. It’s the symbol of your patheticness, of your weakness, of your wrongness.  You aren’t a beautiful woman like me, so you hide it behind the soft silky caress of pantyhose while me own stockings display my perfection.

Call me up, I dare you to tell me I am wrong. And challenge you to admit your failures as both a man and a woman.

British Mistress Libby




Miss Junie’s Phone Sex Transformation

I had my very first sissy call on Friday.  The naughty little panty slut wanted to try on my pink french cut panties.  *Giggles*  That was so much fun.  He put them on and then giggled just like I do.  Blushed like a little girl does, like I do and wanted to know if he could put on my cami that matched.

I let him and then we sat on the bed together and brushed each others hair and I braided his.  He wanted me to pull it by the braid when I fucked him with my dildo.

We got to pop each others cherry so to speak.  I can’t wait for the next one to call me.




Girly Cocksucking Training with Goddess Molly

There is nothing better than a cocksucker who’s well prepared and ready to train with my expert instructions on the art of how he’s going to suck cock! This particular guy was a bit of a size queen and wanted to experience really large cocks, so he had a 14 inch kielbasa and a 12 inch sausage to practice on for me. Let’s get real boys, when a girl sucks your cock she moans and whimpers over it as she slides her tongue up and down that glorious shaft feeling it get nice and hard and throbbing in her mouth…I expect the same from cocksucking faggots! Let’s make it interesting! Slide your panties on, gloss your lips and let’s do it!

I made him take a few inches of the 14 inch kielbasa in his mouth and slurp all over it while he got used to the feeling and then without warning I made him gag and choke on it, reminding him when he went to the adult theatre, and had real cocks expecting to be serviced, they weren’t going to take it slow and easy on him…LMAO, he sounded so scared as he gagged and gurgled on it. I explained to him that if I was there in front of him, he would take that cock deep down until he thought he would never breath again while I stood there laughing at his girly ass down on his knees……

Ready for your lesson?! Give me a call and let me teach you how it’s done!

~Goddess Molly~






Those Phone Sex Stockings Were Hung

I picked up the costume and hurried to the city hall. Behind schedule and scrambling I saw Adam arrive and hurried over to thank him for everything, shoving him towards the “changing room” and told him to hurry. I then get a text saying there is a problem. I have crafters arriving and no one can find the glitter and now Adam was acting up. I rushed to the office and saw the problem. They didn’t give me a Santa suit they gave me a Mrs. Claus suit.

A red velvet dress with white fluff around the hem luckily a high neck line and long sleeves but the skirt was above the knee. The shoes were chunky red heels and a Santa hat. I didn’t know what to do except talk Adam into wearing it. I had to promise him anything he wanted but he did it. When I pulled off my own white pantyhose to put on him he growled and complained but he was very hard as I pulled up the top of the pantyhose and pulled his skirt down to cover him. I did his make-up and he looked like a very passable Mrs. Claus.

After it was over he pulled up his velvet skirt and down my white pantyhose and told me it was time to pay him back. I have to say Mrs. Claus was carrying quite the package. I’ll never forget that Christmas surprise in my stockings.





The christmas parade and my naughty neighbor Phonesex

Last weekend was the home town Christmas parade I went with my parents and their good friend  our neighbors. It was a very busy crown standing out on the side walk watching the floats, ****** and the high school band as they all marched by us with such poise and grace. I stood their smiling because  my daddy’s  best friend  the neighbor guy was groping my ass  as he smiled and waved at his wife and kids riding on the state farm float.

I could feel his hard cock as he hunched against my leg waving like a wild man and cheering on the football team as they threw candy out to the crowd. It was like being violated but no one noticed. I wished my daddy would have caught him rubbing his hard on across my ass. At one point he even had it out of his pants. I was sure he was going to blow his load all over the back of my yoga pants, but he didn’t. When the parade was over he hugged my mom and daddy as commented on what a sweet beautiful young girl I was.





Graigs list sissy boy phone sex


He sent me a copy of the ad he posted on Graigs List. My sissy slut is always thinking of me, wanting to keep me happy. He is making contact to perfect his sluttish ways. He shops all the time for new outfits to show me. He loves pink of course, and has many sexy outfits. He loves to be locked down too. Outfits sometimes have locks on them. Can’t you just think what one could do to her while she is locked? Force her to suck cock til you have had enough. Afterward just leave her ass til the key melts out of the ice so she can go home.

Phone’s ringing, is it YOU?






Phone Sex Firsts

Hi everyone, I can’t believe I’m a nawty phone sex girl now.  I’m brand spankin new so I hope to learn lots of naughty things from all of you.  It’s true, I did play with barbies when I was younger so I know dressing up little sissy’s can’t be all that hard…I’m sure you all have pretty panties, sexy skirts and slutty dresses to prance around in front of the mirror….or me….or……..MEN!!!

I’ve always wanted to see a guy on all fours with his ass up in the air, waiting for a nice big fat dick come up behind him.  I’ll get to see it here I’m sure.  I’m super excited to see and hear my first sissy squeal like a dirty little bitch. 

Wanna be the first one to shock me?  *giggles*

Love Junie


I’m over here too


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