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Nasty Little Bitch Phone Sex

I went to a sex shop yesterday and bought a strap on*Giggles*  I was so excited, it was nice and big and looked outrageous on me but I loved it.  I went to a fetish party last night with some new friends and had it with me because my friend Jasmine told me there would be little bitches there that I could play with and experiment on.

There were too, lots of them.  I saw one that I liked.  A nasty little one that looked like he would beg for it so I flirted with him, whispered in his ear that I wanted to fuck him in front of the group.  He blushed and whispered that he wanted me to do that.  He went into the bathroom, came out in a pretty pink boy short and announced to the group that I was gonna fuck him in front of everyone.

I took out my brand new toy and made him suck it, spit on it and give me a nasty blow job before I got behind him and started to have fun in front of the group.  What a nasty ride it turned out to be.  I got to break in my new toy all night long…..how nasty and naughty can you be little bitch?  Call me and let’s find out.  *giggles*




What He Doesn’t Know Phonesex

I spotted her at the party with beautiful lush red hair, big plump tits and a round ass and a stunning red beaded evening gown. Many of the men at the party had noticed her as well. She looked almost like a real Jessica Rabbit. The later the night got and the more drinks my husband had he got bolder in his gazes and finally made the comment that I should see if she wanted to have a threesome. I tried to repress my smile but being the good wife I am I agreed to go talk to her.

I introduced myself to Mykaela and hit it off instantly. We shared a few cocktails and I pointed out my husband to her inviting her come home with us for an evening of sex and fun. She didn’t want to at first but after explaining Paul’s many attributes especially his 8” cock I could see her beginning to crumble. Then I leaned in and whispered in her ear, “don’t worry, darling I know your secret and with the two of us he will never know.” She looked at me a little surprised and when I told her that I knew she was Michael from the print shop we both had a good laugh as she followed me to join my husband.

Yes that night my husband had his first sissy in his bed and with a little creativity he still doesn’t know that the mouth he came in was a technically male.





Phone Sex Sissy Used All Night Long

I met a little femme bot the other day at the spa.  She was sitting next to me while I was getting a candy cane pedicure.  She ended up copying me and I invited her to a party I was going to that night.  She showed up in a little candy cane skirt with a white little fuzzy halter top.

My friends were all over her, giving her things to make her feel good.  Wasn’t long before she was on her knees sucking cock and lifting her sissy ass up in the air for all the boys to play with.  I loved watchin her squeal with pleasure each time another guy put his dick in “her”, stretchin her and turning ‘her’ into a little  slut craving cock sissy cum dumpster!!! Giggles….did I just say all that.




Sissy Slut Begs like a Bitch Phone Sex!


I want you to take a good look at me sissy slut. Look at my long lean legs, soft and kissable…..my beautiful breasts, full and ripe for the taking. My gorgeous face and stare into your soul and rip your heart out eyes…and then I want you to get on your knees and tell me what a sissy slut slave you are…and wish you could be as gorgeous as me!

That’s right, beg bitch. Beg hard. Beg even harder. Hearing you say how sissified and girly you want to be is hilarious. LMAO!!!! Whimper and moan, and tell me how pathetic your little clitty is. Scream it out loud, let everyone know! It’s not like they don’t have a clue. They simply don’t say it to your face like I do. Instead they ignore you, and laugh at you when you’re not looking. At least with me you know from the start how you will be treated, and what to expect!

You’re not worthy of me, or my beauty. Not worthy of my smiles, or love….not worthy for my cunt either….! Now get down on all fours and crawl….lay at my feet with your head bowed, credit card in hand, and presents to keep my attention. Worship a true Goddess, and let me transform you into the perfect sissy slave!

Goddess Molly








Free the True Sissy Slut Inside You Phone Sex

In your heart of hearts you know you aren’t a Real Man.  In your heart of hearts you know you are a spineless little sissy. You’re a bitch. A hole to be used. Two, in fact. You pretend but you know that you deserve all the abuse I could wield over you. You want it. You need it. You crave it like the cock hungry little slut you always are in your fantasies.  But to be your true self, ya need to be broken.  You need the man stripped and ripped. Ya want me to destroy that part of you. You need that useless clit of yours locked away. And the best is that you’re gonna pay me to do it.

You know you won’t ever be happy until the cumslut sissy bitch is free.  So call Ms Libby and let’s get to it

British Mistress Libby





Mrs. Sadie’s Phone Sex Sissy Lessons

Do you want to play dress up sissy? Put on those frilly little ruffle covered panties and your sweetest little dress and come see Mrs. Sadie. I want to see you primp and model I want to see your pouty lips and your baby pink dresses and sweet goldilocks wigs. Then what will happen? I think you know then Mrs. Sadie is going to give you some naughty sissy slut lessons.

We will begin with teaching you the proper way to suck a cock and with luck and hard work you will progress to how to ride a dick with ease and grace. You will learn how to swallow your cum for Mistress’ pleasure. You will come to accept that your place is at my exquisite heels wearing whatever I choose for you to wear. I do believe in corporal punishment so know that if you disobey, the rod will not be spared and your darling little girly bottom will be spanked.  I can be a strict disciplinarian and a gracious generous encourager it all is up to you and your performance. If you would like to become a well-trained dutiful sissy slave, maid or just the best sissy you can be I look forward to seeing you in class soon.





Dress Up with Me Phone Sex

I love playing with sissies.  They are just soooo much fun.  Some of them want to be just like me.  They want to dress up in the same panties I’m wearing.  Some of them even want to wear my panties.  I like to make them wear exactly what I’m wearing.  One Sissy, her name was Joanne wanted it all.  So I made her put pink panties and a pink lacey bra on.  I then made her put on white silky stockings.  She loved that.  She had a pair of fuck me pumps that she put on and I made her strut her stuff around the room.  It was so awesome….Loved watching the look on “her” face and her little clitty get so hard when I giggled at her.

Wanna know what I did next.  I made her get on her hands and knees, crawl towards me and bury her head………

Guess Where?

Miss Junie


Teen Dream Girl Lives Here

Sissys in the mall Phonesex

I love this time of year. The malls are full of people and everyone’s shopping. I often watch and try to see which guys are buying girlie clothes for the ladies in their lives or themselves. It’s fun to try to picture a man wearing this frilly dress or pretty pink sweater I watch them pick out and buy.

Ever man I watched going into the lingerie store I try to decide is it a gift or is this man a secret cross dresser? I know this time of year makes sissy shopping much easier for you sissy cross dressers. Wouldn’t you agree?





A New and Better You Phone Sex

You know you were born to be a girl when your “cock” is that small. I am not just talking about the average small I mean teeny tiny little bitty less than 3 inches small. Nature did not intend for you to be a man if your “penis” is that small. That is just an oversized clit that demands being put into lingerie and panties and used to humiliate its carrier. Have you ever seen a 3 inch dildo? You know why that is because no woman would ever want to fuck it! Yes I know it’s harsh but sometimes the truth is. But the truth shall set you free. Imagine no more having to pretend or apologizing for being such a disappointment of a man. You can begin your new sissy existence and be an amazing plaything for some woman. Doesn’t that sound better than being laughed out of the room and going home with your head hung in shame. Call me darling we will get you on the road to the new and better you!





My Phone Sex Husband’s Humiliation Surprise p.1

I had known about my husband‘s more deviant fantasies for a while but didn’t let on. After all he hadn’t satisfied me sexually for a long time and he had to know that I was being satiated elsewhere with more well-endowed men. Even if he was playing blind I had a wicked plan to make it an undeniable fact in his pitiful existence… “Honey, I have a special guest coming over tonight but I need your help with a few things in the basement.” He followed me like an obedient slave on a leash down the stairs to the basement. “Sit,” I ordered, pointing to a chair I had set up special for him. So very trusting, he didn’t hesitate to oblige.

In the blink of an eye I had the shackles around his wrists while he sat there dumbfounded. Next it was time to strip him naked. His pathetic little nub of a dick started to grow, he was obviously misconstruing my intent, but that quickly changed when I shoved a pink pacifier in his mouth and a diaper under his ass wrapping it around him. My little dick diapered sissy girl quickly got that message.

The story continues Here

Temptress Melissa




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