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Jasmine Prepares For Her Phone Sex Mistress’ Return

I read the note …… it was true, I was her sissy now and my Mistress went out for the evening of fun and would be returning from a night of sex with a man who had a very large cock. I knew my place, but this confirmed it. I was to have the house prepared for her return and be ready to host them both for a long night of submission. My outfit was prepared for me with instructions to be sure I was hairless, perfectly smooth with glitter and perfume from head to toe.

A long straight blond wig with the make-up that I had practiced with earlier in the week was on the night stand. The locking heels and thigh high white stockings matched the silky white corset, all neatly presented on the bed. I was also to try the new breast forms which means my “nipples” would be pushed up and over the top of the corset, very slutty, again matching perfectly the white silk crotchless panties that where paired up with a new plug that actually had a puffball tail on the end of it. Upon their arrival I was to present myself on all fours, wiggling my “tail” with my Mistress’s strapon in my mouth. How cute, how submissive, how incredibly embarrassing,,, how incredibly appropriate for me, I am so so lucky to have Mistress Sadie.-her cuck sissyslut


See why I adore her! She is a darling obedient and eager sissy slut! You make me so proud my sweet peacock!

Mistress Sadie




Sissy – Little CockCumSlut Phonesex

I’ve always enjoyed watching a good lil cum slut take cock for her Princess. Such a turn on for me when my sissies come to me begging to watch them take a cock or three for me. Pleading to help them find some real life action, cocks, glory holes or set up a gang bang for the first time. To plan everything down to the last detail of what they will wear, how they will act. Of course I get wet watching that big thick rod I picked for you take your gurlie pussy on webcam. Giving you instructions if while I watch I see you need to make sure not to ignore that alpha males cum filled balls. I make sure my wishes are known on exactly how my sissy gurl is to please the cock/s I have made available just as she wanted and begged for.

Think you could handle a gangbang? Being covered in that hot white jism. Being used like the little cock slut you long desperately to prove to me you can be? You know I will corrupt you to take more and more cock for me, and you do love showing off for me don’t you…. that’s it…take that cock my little wanna be cumguzzler

Princess Jordynn







Just Like a Real Girl Phone Sex

Sissy Girl Phone Sex

Have a little secret you want to share? You don’t need to tell me what it is, sugar. I already know you yearn to be a just like a real girl. Those boy parts feel foreign to you don’t they? Even your own skin doesn’t feel right. We can change that together, transform you into the girl you feel you really are inside. We can start with clothes; slutty, frilly, girly, find what fits that inner girl best. Then start changing your appearance slowly. Growing out your hair, putting on make-up, waxing, and tweezing. Then your behavior until it is second nature to walk, talk and act like a girl when you are all dressed up. But knowing you that wont be enough, no no no, you need hormone treatment. Then you will start to fill out, your skin will soften and those boy parts will begin to shrink. Finally you will start to really be that girl you have always been deep down but still you might crave more… let me guide you every step of the way, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call.

Temptress Melissa




Dare to Compare Phone Sex

So which one of you little bitches wants to be like me? Giggles…..All of you right?  So let me ask you this.  If you were standing up against the counter along side me, who do you think would look better?  Me or you?  Do you dare to compare?  We could try to make you look as cute as me.  In fact, I think it would be fun to dress you up.  Put some make up on you, make you look like me and then get some fucking hot young guy to check us both out and compare our hot little bodies along side each other.

Whoever he likes best, he gets to fuck.  How much fun would that be?  I have a feeling he’d be into fucking your tight little hole.  I wanna see if you squeal like I do when I’m getting it hard from behind.  If you are really like me you will…..giggles…..





Fluffer Training for all Losers Phone Sex

All fucked out.  Exhausted, drained ever every climax possible. A good hard cock, big black and so so fucking incredible can leave me like this.  Sated and so very happy like only BBC can. Would ya like to see me like this? Ya can, luv.   Call me and beg for it.  Beg to be the fluffer for me lovers.  Beg to lick their big cum filled balls and suck their thick dicks.  Beg to kneel and watch as they plow those long hot thick cocks into me wet dripping cunny.  Beg and promise to lick their cum from me pussy and me arse.

So what if they won’t see you as a man. No one else does.  So what I they’ll laugh at your little dicklet.  Everyone else does.  So what if we’ll dress you in panties and bra and make ya bend over to take a ride on their dicks until ya feel split open.  Least you’ll get to see me looking like this.

Mistress Libby




Phone sex flamboyant sissy boys

I love flamboyant sissy boys.  So evident as they walk down the street even.  Although I like boys who are trying to come out of the closest, my favorite are the ones who a closet couldn’t hold.  The ones who could never hide(nor wanted to)the fact that they are a sissy.

There was this such of a boy I grew up with.  He loved to go with me when I went shopping for clothes.  His eyes would like up when I asked him if he would like to pick something out.  He would pick an entire outfit.  He would put his choices on in the dressing room and model it for me.  He would feel of the material, smiling.

Oh and don’t let a handsome man come along.  Hehehehehehe, he would have to flirt.  I felt sorry for him sometimes when he had to face rejection.  He would be hurt, sad.

Times have changed and now my long time friend can embrace his true self.  He finally is totally happy.

Phone’s ringing; is it YOU?






A Well Trained Phone Sex Husband

She told me that her husband was a stay at home sort and that they weren’t the conventional type of couple so I was expecting something different when I came to her house for dinner. I wasn’t expecting her “husband” to answer the door in a sissy maid dress, fishnet stocking, and red fuck me heels to match her lipstick. She invited me in and escorted me to the den where Jennifer was sitting and introduced her husband Jamie. Jamie curtseyed and poured me a glass of wine before asking to be excused to finish dinner. Jennifer excused the sissy maid and said she had warned me that theirs wasn’t the normal house. I told her how marvelous I thought it was that she had such a well-trained sissy around.

After a delicious dinner, finalizing our plans for the next fundraiser the conversation turned to just how well trained her husband was. She asked if I would like to see her tricks and I assured her I would love it. We laughed as she was forced to scurry on her hands and knees fetching things and then at how she squealed when one of those things being a big 5” butt plug was shoved into her sissy ass. Then Jamie was made to dance for us and then she offered me the use of one of her strap-ons to see where the sissy maid’s true talents lie. She was quite adept at being slut kudos to her Mistress.





Fairy Tale Phone Sex

Little femme bots and fairy bois.  That’s who I’m having fun with lately.  I love going to the gay clubs and hanging out with the guys there.  They are so much fun.  I met one of my best friends there.  So flamboyant and girly.  He flaunts his glittery body all over the place and I love it.  I swear, when he dresses up he looks almost as good as I do…..giggles, almost.

Last time we went, he dressed up like a fairy princess.  Complete with a little wand that poured “fairy dust” when he waved it around.  It was such a fun night that I lost track of him so at the end of the night when I went looking for him it was no surprise when I found him in the back room with his dress up around his neck, his legs high in the air squealing like a little slut as the club owner fucked him hard and claimed him as “his princess” 

Giggles……I love watching him take a nice big fat cock.  He’s over the top when he goes out but when he’s getting fucked like a little biotch it’s out of this world crazy.

Wanna be like him.  Call me and we’ll play….




Striping you of Manhood Phonesex

Are you ready to worship? Are you ready to serve your Goddess?  Are you ready to sink to your knees, lick me toes and beg me to teach you to be the little sissybitch you have always ached to be?  Because that’s what I will do to you, whether you like it or not. I’ll strip you of everything, your clothes, your hair, your very manhood. Panties and bras, slips and petticoats, pretty lipstick and false titties for you.  Dress you up and teach you to be the girl you always have been.

And if you think to fight me on this, luv.  No worries.  I’ll bring you down, break you hard, chain up your little clitty, bend you over and ride you like a bitch, MY bitch. Then I’ll dress ya all pretty and lend out your used up pussy to any cock that pleases me, just like ya deserve.

British Mistress Libby




Like Sissy Father Like Sissy Son Phone Sex

Mother-Son Phonesex

It has become apparent recently that my son seems to be taking after his father. My husband is a pitiful push over of a man who has all but lost whatever balls he had when I married him. Not only that but he doesn’t have what it takes to satisfy me sexually with his thin and stubby pencil prick. Essentially the only use my husband has now is to be my sissified cuckold slave. When I noticed my son was taking on many of my husband’s lesser qualities I decide it was time to nip it in the butt. If he is going to be an effeminatepanty loving submissive boy then I might as well turn him into a sissy now. I think helping him embrace what he is surely destined to become is only fitting.

First thing I did to help him make this transition was to give all his boy clothes away to good will and bought him all kinds of feminine frilly things instead. Everything including pantiesstockings/pantyhose, cute heeled shoesfrilly dressesslutty outfits and plenty of bowsruffleslace and satin. He was very surprised when he received his new wardrobe, but he couldn’t lie to me that he didn’t love the panties and sexy things I got for him to wear with that little hard-on of his giving him away.Of course this was just the beginning to his sissy training process that would transform my son into a the perfect sissy girl.

Mommy Melissa




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