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Those balls wil belong to Me, if cbt phone sex gets you off wait till you’ve tried My version of cbt phonesex.  I will use them, abuse them and if your lucky choose to own them.

Is Domination phone sex what you need?  Do you beg to serve?  I can go from mild to toal extreme, I strongly suggest you make any limits you have known to me. 

Grab all those whips, paddles, and other favs you have and lets see how much of Me you can handle.






So you want to play dress-up? Ive been waiting on you. I love dressing up my little sissy slut and then pimping him out. my favorite part is that I get to do what I want to with you first. Then everyone else can see what a sissy whore you are.
and if you dont want to go along along with the idea at first I will force you to be sissy slut we all know you are.
So if you are ready to be my sissy slut go grab your dress clothes and make up and I am going to grab my strap-on and we will play.
p.s. If you are really good I might let you wear my boots.

Strapon Phone sex and Forced Feminization

OK sissys, its time to feel my strapon being forced in that boy pussy of yours, don’t think you can hide from me, you will suck my strapon and then feel me force it inside of you.

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Phone Sex with a Shemale who has the whole Package

Are you ready for the real thing, a real cock to suck?  After I show you how to dress up like me I’ll show you off to my friends, every hole of your will be filled, no more wondering what it would be like to have a cock inside of you.

If your shy its ok, sometimes forced feminization is required.  Can you feel your head being pulled by your hair, shoved onto a huge cock with veins that bulge nice and big.  Cum sluts can finally have what they’ve been craving, panty boys can learn to look like me

Its time to try the real thing, Me





Sissy Phone Sex Traning with Mistress Sabrina

I’m Mistress Sabrina I’f your looking for long term training and assignments then you have come to the right please. It time for us to get started with training you to be my sissy slut that dose what ever I want you to do. Time to get all Dressed Up in sexy panties and bra get all your make up done. Its time to bring out my bag or toys so I cant teach you to be a real sissy whore. Now that I have my bag of toys and your all dressed up it time to pick up the phone and call me Mistress Sabrina.





Great Time With Phone Sex

hot sissy fun no tabooHey Sissies,

I was just going to tell you sissies a little story. I did a call the other day with this great guy. He was so into wearing my silky stockings and boots. He let me dress him up in panties with lace on them along with stockings that matched. we did the whole deal wig, make up, earings, bra, and of course panties and stockings. I even let him wear my boots. Once I had him all dressed up he was the perfect sissy. 

I had him get on the bed on all fours I pulled out  my 8 inch strap-on and put it on. I softly pulled down his lace panties and oiled up my strap-on. I Put it between his great tight checks and the rest you will have to imagine but what I will say is that you could tell the excitment thru the sound of his voice.

He said he has never felt like a better sissy. So I know he hit his peak. So if you want to hit your peak give me a call. I will let you feel like the best sissy in the town.





I had the best time makeup shopping phonesex


Hey girlies

I recently went to a new department store in my area and I was amazed at the makeup selection. They had all kinds of pretty lipstick and blush, perfect for you sissies. I even got a makeover by a sissy. He made me look great. He sensed my bossy attitude and wanted to go to lunch later on if I was up to it. He confided over soup and salad that the real reason why he wanted to meet is because he wanted to aske me about sissy lessons. He felt that I can really whip him into shape. He was a shy sissy so i would have to push him. He wanted to be forced to dress up like a girl and made to suck cock. I also told him that I would train him in anal when he was ready. I can’t wait to have fun with him, we hava a date set up in a couple of days. He has no idea that I not only plan to make him act like a bonafide sissy but that I am going to record the whole session. That way if he gets out of line I can just show it to his family. Humiliation at its best. I’ll be sure to update you guys. Toodles.



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Lets play dress up phonesex


Hi guys or should I say girls,

I’ve got to tell you about my new sissy a. She called me from home where she was a little lonely. The wife doesn’t know that her husband likes to wear panties, bras, jewlery, and makeup. Its our little secret. She wants to have a booty like mine and I’m going to make sure she gets it. I just love talking about all the girly stuff like the best makeup and wigs. I love sissies. I even like forcing guys to be sissies. I like making them put on the girliest lingerie that I can find. Its a blast. I can’t wait until sissy a and I can have girlie phone sex chat again.




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Sissy Phone sex

sissy funI want to dress you up. I will apply make up and all the extras to make you a pretty sissy girl. And once I get you all done up we are going to go out on the town. I have the perfect place to take you so you can feel like the sissy girl that you have longed to be. They will do as they please to you and any of there fetishes are welcum. So if you are ready for a nite of being all done up and then pimped out then give me a call so we can party. This is going to be one phone sex call you wot forget.



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Me and Rachel have a super hot phonsex session


Hey guys

Let me tell you about me, Rachel, and sissy j and out hot weekend. Sissy j called Rachel for a little sissy training but wanted to have some extra fun so I tagged along. Sissy j had gotten a tattoo on her lower back not too long ago and wanted to show it off. She put on her makeup, hair, and painted her nails. She got dressed in some pretty purple lace panties and matching bra,  a mini skirt and blouse and headed for the park. Of course all the guys thought that she was hot. There were so many guys that we decided to play a little game. We wanted to find out who had the biggest cock and that guy would get to fuck sissy j. A convertible pulled up with 2 hot guys. Rachel and I sat on a nearby bench and sent sissy j over. I figured that the passenger had the biggest cock but Rachel put her money on the driver. Sissy j went over and had them cum over towards us. I pulled out the cock of the passenger and held the base while sissy j licked it like a lollipop. She sucked that cock like it was an ice cream cone. The driver was so hot and turned on that he stroked his cock right there. Rachel took her hand and shoved sissy j’s face deeper into the cock. She loved it. Rachel then took sissy j and made her suck the cock of the driver. That big cock was throbing and waiting. She sucked all around and tongued his balls. The passenger couldn’t take it anymore and he pulled down her panties and shoved his cock right up her pussy. Sissy j cried out but she knows that she loved it. After a few minutes we had the idea to fuck her with both cocks. Next thing we knew sissy j was taking two cocks right up her pussy. SHe loved it too. SHe came so hard all over those cocks. The guys then came all over her tattoo. She then sucked them dry. That was one hell of an experience. I can’t wait to do it again.



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