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Fucking your Wife turns Me on! Phonesex


You love to watch….don’t you?  As I fuck your wife with My huge dildo!  Pleasing her as no man has EVER pleased her!  Watch as she cums over and over for me…wishing you were as good as I am!  Watch her face as I ram that big cock in her cunt.  See her squirm under My control and beg for more.  Hear her tell you that you are useless to her now.  Hear how she praises Me.  Watch her clean My cock…trying to get every inch of the strap-on deep down her throat.  Wishing you were as good as Me.





Sissy Lessons Phone Sex Training


Now little sissy sluts!  I have some very important lessons you sissy boys and panty sluts that you all need to learn!

Dressing properly for every occasion and acting accordingly is very important.  Proper hygiene and make-up application is crutial to becoming the girl of your dreams. 

We have a lot of information for you sissy boys in our sissy forum for you to use and to update Us on your experiences and transformation into a girl.  We love to see pictures of you in your pretty outfits and make-up. 

Mistress Sheila







Erotic Feminization Phonesex

Is anybody looking for some erotic feminization? Let me tell you a little secret – I’m trained in hypnosis and I would love to do some erotic hypnosis on you.

Is there something you’re afraid of? Have you always wanted to walk into a lingerie store to buy something but always chicken out? I can help you with that under feminization hypnosis.

Have you wanted to use a dildo but can’t bring yourself to actually do it? Again, I can guide you into such a vivid fantasy that you won’t be able to help yourself and you’ll just have to use that dildo because you’ll be craving it.

Whether it’s erotic or feminization hypnosis you’re looking for I can take you on a journey you won’t soon forget!

Feminization phone sex with Lauren

Pretty, Nasty, sissy Phonesex

you are dressed how?  Wearing what? you shameful little hussy you !

I don’t believe you are properly trained yet bitch!  When your ready to at least put on a good show of being a sissy cocksucker, then you may show Me your stuff!  Until then My little wannabe slut, you have a lot to learn.

What is that I see? A run in those stockings?  I know what you have been up to, and a sloppy job you did of it too!  you still have cum dribbling down that chin, and a good sissy would have made sure to lap up every single drop!

Time to come and visit Me, I will whip you into shape and teach, use and abuse you into being the best sissy slut you could possibly be.

While your visiting, check out our phonesex chatroom!  Even a sissy like you is permitted to enter Our contest for a free phonesex call.  This weeks winner is “Sport“,  drop on in and the Mistresses will tell you how to enter!

I will see you soon, on your knees at My door, begging for My attentions.

Mistress Randi



Sissy Scare-ho Part 2 Phone Sex

Creating a little scare-ho was actually more fun than I thought it would be!! Sometimes I get so amazed by how many of you little sissies are out there who love to have fun with Me! I didn’t know so many of you wanted to be little lawn ornaments for me either! I love it! Who will be my next little slut to cum to me ready to please?? I can’t wait to dress up another one of you little sissies.

The very last sissy I had, stayed out on my lawn long enough to attract a large crowd who enjoyed watching him look like a little tramp! After they all laughed at his panties and big bra they could see his little sissy cock getting hard in those panties and began laughing much harder!! I left him up there long enough to make him realize who had the control!

Once I took him down, I invited everyone in for a little piece of the slut at a 5 cents a pop! The he crowd came in and gave that little sissy slut what he needed! And now it’s your turn!




sissy boys surprise Phone Sex


Cum play with Me today and I will treat you like the slut I know you are!  I’ll bend that sexy ass over my desk and rip those pretty panties off of you and take what I want…when I want….and that’s your tight pussy!  My strap-on is ready and wants a tight juicy hole to ram!

Cum sissy boys!  You little panty sluts!  You need My lovin!

I’ll give you a present you’ll never forget!





Cum Depository – Phone Sex


I may be a teen but I do know a thing or two about sissy cum sluts!  Their very much like Me!  A cock in your sissy cunt and a dick down your sissy throat.  Watching the drool drip out your mouth as that cock goes for deep throat.  I love hearing you gag!   It actually makes My pussy wet watching the fun!

What gets Me even wetter is having you stuff My strap-on deep into that sissy pussy.  I love watching it go in and out while holding your hips.  There is something so sensual about it!  Spreading your lips wide so I can see My cock in that tiny hole stretching it wider and wider.  Scratching your back and making you squirm, pulling on your beautiful hair and pulling your head back so that cock that has been fucking your mouth can now go even further in!  Using you as Our cum depository is what you are made for!

Miss Tiffany




Feminization Phone Sex

Come on over to my makeup table and take a seat.  Make yourself nice and comfy because I am going to transform you from a boring man to a stunning sissy.  We are going to start with foundation to even out your skin tone, then move on to some powder so you aren’t shiny.  Blush, eye shadow, eye liner, tons of mascara, and then we can’t forget about the lips.

After makeup comes the hair and the naughty lingerie.  Some silky stockings with some ****** heels and you are ready to go.  Where are we going you ask?  Right here in the bedroom is where we’ll stay the night.

I’ll slip into something sexy, such as my strap on and we’re going to have some fun.  It would be such a shame to waste all that work and not totally and completely take advantage of you.

Feminization phone sex with Lauren

Phonesex Experience in all the ways that count for you!

sexy mommy brenda loves corrupting young and old men sexually

Mommy Brenda understands boys.  I raised my own sons and I know that boys will be boys unless of course they are destined to be girls.

If being girlie is something you think about, crave, fear, wonder about or are drawn to then you need to put your self in Mommy’s capable hands.  A few of My specialities are cross dressing, make up and clothing tips, forced bi and strap on play, forced cock sucking and cum swallowing, lesbian training for those special girlies who are so inclined,  cock ownership and tease and denial.  But my biggest love is to delve deep into the minds of My sissygirls and sissyboys to find their secrets and push them to be the best femme that they can.

I offer full training in everything sissy from panies to ruffles and serving in submission.  Sissy school is always in session at Mommy’s house and you will be given tasks reflective of your level of ability and experience.

If you desire to move beyond the “dress you up and ram a dildo in your holes” type of phone sex encounter and explore your femininity in depth with no limits then let Mommy listen and advise you.

Mommy     Milf     Brenda     888 944 7627

Brenda’s Silky Sexy Webpage

 Mommy Brenda

 MILF Brenda

Nasty Neighbours fuck sissy slut ~ Phonesex


I have a couple of nasty neighbours that love to help me with My sissy boys. “H” found that out on Sunday when he called. I used and abused “H” and made that lil clitty so hard. I didn’t realize how much of a slut he was till I had a couple of neighbours and My own stud show up! It was fantastic! I had My strap-on in his sissy pussy and a cock in each hand and one down his slutty throat! He took him so deep he was gaging and starving for air. My nasty neighbours loved it! Their cocks got so hard and they each wanted a peice of that sissy pussy.

 I have more plans for “H” now that he has proven himself the slut he always wanted to be. Do you have what it takes to be My sissy slut? If you do or you think you do…don’t be afraid to call.

Mistress Sheila



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