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Diaper Play Phonesex

Hi Hi! This is Big Sissy Kimmy. Did you wet in your diapy again? Such as naughty boy!!! Come to big Sissy and let me take care of you. OOOO. Is there something hard in that lil diapy? Even naughtier boy!! I think I might have to go show mommy this hard lil thingy in your diapy. *giggle* Unless you do somethin for big Sissy!!!



Come on lets go show mommy what you got in that diapy.






Pantyboy Phonesex

Hiya guys and girls! It’s me again Daphne. LOL. Got another naughty call this morning from “B”. He gets his little cock so excited looking at my pics of me in my panties. Gets him in the mood for me to put them on him. And I love putting them on him. Hehehehehehe. Seeing his litle pecker get rock hard in my little white panties. And him beggin if he can rub his little pecker while they are on. Hehehehehehehe. I make him do a little something for me first though. LOL. Then he gets the privelage to rub my little panties, he even made a big mess in them today. I got plenty of little panties for all you pantyboys. Might be the tiny red ones, or the pink ones with bows on them. Call me and we will see which ones you little pecker might fit into.









Southern Mommy loves Sissies!

Looking for a sweet southern belle to make your night hot? Look no further.

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I can be your sexy southern mommy, mistress, or perhaps you just want a girlfriend to play dress-up with. I can be all that and more.

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Fetish Phonesex with Ms. Randi

Hi Baby;

I am loving every minute of things here at  sissy phonesex !  The girls are hot, sexy and
loads of fun.  I still have some pussies to taste, lol, but I’ll get there!

The calls are hot, and wow is there a lot of action!  I have had super wonderful, wild calls!

I had a couple of really hot calls, one was with “E”. He can tell the greatest domination
stories! Together him and I can use and abuse slaves and sissy bitches. Making them suck
his cock and gag on that big thick piece of meat. I love it when we cause a bit of pain and
deny that cock of his or hers!  We like to play with men and women doesn’t matter to us!

Another really hot call I have done in the past couple of days, is “S” he is such a naughty
Daddy! He likes to go into his step-daughters room and wank off in her panties! I of course,
push him to the limits and make sure he squirts his big load in her panties!

I love naughty, nasty phonesex! Any kind of roleplay and wild fetishes are great!

Just give me a call, I am here and waiting to cum!



Loser Phonesex

Hello all. This is Melanie again. I thought you might be interested in this call i got yesterday. I got a hot call from this loser named C. C wsa trying to tell me how big of a loser he was while stroking his cock. I told him I didn’t give him permission to stroke it yet. Then he started begging to stroke, but I told him he had to be useful to me first. I made him worship my glorious ass first while begging me so he could stroke his cock. So funny with his tongue deep crying ” Please please can I stroke my little cock? ” I finally let him touch it and he came right off, what a total loser he is cumming at the first touch. LOL LOL   I think you might be a loser like him too, huh? Well then you should take your hand off that little dick and put it on the phone.






Tiny Dick Phonesex

Hiya everyone! Had a naughty call from Peewee the other night. Him and his little bitty cock. hehehehehehehhe. He was watching a dirty movie. A movie with girls with cocks way bigger than his. hehehehehehehe. I told him that he should be the one sucking on the girlies cocks. Sucking them down his throat. And taking anything else they wanna give him. :)  🙂 And he did and LOVED it!!! All that cum in his tiny little mouth!!! You think you could take all that girlie cock for me??????  Call me up and we will see.






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Phonesex at its finest !

Hello sunshine !

So many new things happening here!

We have lots of hot babes for you to choose from!

Check out the new girls!

www.sissyphonefantasy.com/sheila.htm  She’s a hot tammale !  Loving a good game of tease & denial or maybe a cute cuddly roleplay!  She is new to phonesex, but not new to pleasing her man!

www.sissyphonefantasy.com/tiffany.htm Cute and innocent, ya right! She may be cute but she is
no innocent! This girl will make those balls of your hard and that dick even harder, wanna
check out that tight little pussy? Give her a call.

www.sissyphonefantasy.com/daphne.htm  Now this little sweetie is just what Daddy was looking for in a daughter! She knows how to please Daddy dearest, and big brothers too! Bring your family roleplays or any roleplay for that matter. She’ll knock your socks off!

www.sissyphonefantasy.com/melanie.htm  A bit more sophisticated, and just as wild. She’ll tease
you and taunt you until your begging for her!

www.sissyphonefantasy.com/hannah.htm  Our little classroom slut, or that naughty babysitter, she won’t stop at anything until she’s milked you dry !

www.sissyphonefantasy.com/abigail.htm A little southern hospitality, show her you know how to
treat a lady, or she may turn you into one!

Tons of sexy, hot, erotic phonesex fun!  You will find all fetishes welcome and enjoyed!
No Taboos, Cock and Ball Torture, Tease and Denial, Feminization, Roleplays, Daddy/daughter, Teacher/student, Doctor/patient, sissy tasks, sissy lessons, Forced Feminization. Whatever the kink you found your place.

Just give us a call !


sissy slut Phonesex

Hello My sissy bitches

Things have really been taking hold here, My god the changes!

We have some really hot, sexy Gals to take control of all your sissy needs.

Daphne, our cute little buttercup, will be sure to show you all the newest trends
in make-up and teen clothing! Making you up as the cutest sissy !

Melanie, she has a bit of a firmer grip on your training. She will teach you how
to dress, walk, talk and be sissy.

Hannah, our slutty little girl, will delegate sissy tasks and duties for all you whores.
Making sure you keep up the sucking practise for those nice big, swollen cocks.

Abigail, our Southern beauty will be very prim and proper with you, teaching you
etiquette and lady like manners! (as if you will ever be a lady, lol)

Kathy, now she is just a nasty whore, who only wishes to use and abuse you! lol You go Kathy! Making sure to humiliate and degrade that sissy ass of yours!

Me, well you know Me.  I will teach and train you to be the best sissy slut ever. I expect
servitude, worship and obedience!  I am quick to punish with a good hard fucking whether it
is with my strap-on or having you crawl over to the curb and worship every cock that walks

Lots of changes here at sissy Phone Fantasy, keep watching for more! 

We have a great chatroom, come and join us for some nasty, hot talk!

Later bitches

Mistress Randi


Sissified Phonesex

Hiya everyone. Got a hot little call from B yesterday. B is a naughty lil panty boy, that I made him get all dressed up for me. Lil panties and stockings too. hehehehehehehehe. But you know what he got to do, was play with my little pussy while he got harder and harder in those lil panties. And he got those lil panties of his really dirty. hehehehehehehee. You got some lil panties to wear for me too?






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Body Worship Phonesex

Hello all! This is your Goddess Melanie. The one with the perfect body for you to worship. I mean look at me, I know you think so too. You should get the phone in your hand and get on your knees to worship my perfect ass too. Come you know you want to, get on the phone 1-888-822-1443