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Phonesex Contest Winner


Hello boys; 

Imagine meeting your here!  We’ve been having a super, wild time at candy and sissy,
not to mention TLC.

As some of you know we have a contest every week, with a lucky winner being announced
right here, every Saturday! (for the month of February)

Our winner this week is ~~~~ GREG ~~~~!

Congratulations Greg, I know that you will love up your lady ! lol
If you don’t know how our contest works, just step into our phonesex chatroom and one
of the babes will be more than happy to tell you about it.

All of our girls are No Taboo, with a range of exciting sexual pleasures like, oral,
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tease and denial, feminization, submission
.  All you have to do is open the door to our
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Look forward to seeing you all there, and thank you for your great support !



Cuckold slut wife Phone Sex


Yeah that’s right, i’m your wife…the one who fucks everything on the block but your cock!  It’s too bad that lil dick will never be able to ever satisfy this woman.  I might, if your realy good, let you cum on my breasts while my stud is fucking my sweet twat!  Maybe i’ll let you take my studs long hard cock and ease him into my ass…or my mouth!

Give your Mistress a call!



Hey Sissyboy

Hummmm; yeah; be very excited about being able to admire “that”!  Any sissyboy that gets a chance to odolize; feel privileged. 

Now I had a great little pantyboy yesterday that sooo attentive.  …..grrr and then there was “that” one that had to get some corrective direction.  (lol; bet his ass is still red)

I’m willing to take on newbies; but you need to know I can be very demanding!  The good ones get mentioned here; ready to see a blogg directed toward you?

Gimmie a call; I can be as NASTY as you need or as SWEET as you deserve. 

Valentine Phonesex

I love to congratulate all of My sissy’s that have a date tonite !  Good girlies !

Now, you think he brought you roses and chocolate because he is sweet on you?  I think not slut, that is the way he guarantees fucking that sissy pussy of yours!

Little does he know that you would beg and cry just for the opportunity of servicing that cock of his.  you can’t resist the way it feels in your mouth as he gets harder and harder!

With you whimpering and whining, if your a lucky Valentine, you’ll even get that sissy pussy of yours fucked.

Have a good one girlies, Happy Valentines Day!

Mistress Randi

Hot phone sex with Syd

Hello all My sissy sluts and whores. I am Mistress Syd, and you will treat Me with nothing short of utmost respect.

I know what to do with pretty little wannabees like you, but first you will have to show yourself worth My time. Call Me and let your training begin.

CockSucking Phonesex

Hiya, it’s Daphne again. Got a hot call from my boy B this morning. He gets so hard me telling that he is going to be a good cocksucker for me. Me inviting all my friends over so he can service their cocks. He begs me “please Daphne please” and I make him suck more, and get all of them off in his mouth, before he can touch his little prick. You think you can suck cock as good as B? Then call me up for some cocksucking phonesex.







Valentine Wishes! Phonesex


Yes its fast approaching and I already have many many admirers!  I love the presents you have sent to me!  The new lacy panites and the toys!  Oh my am i going to have lots of fun!

To my dear panty boys:  I love dressing you up and making you take my huge, strap on cock in your mouth!  I have new toys to entertain myself and your tight little holes are just the places to put my anal plugs!

If that wife is a slut and has a new stud to entertain her then i am your woman also!  I love it when i come home from visiting my stud (well its his 10″ cock i love) and having you lick my pussy and asshole clean!  I’ve made sure that he has plugged EVERY HOLE in my body and it is your Duty as a Loving Husband to clean me.  On your knees and lick me…my cum tasting pussy…to my dripping asshole.

1-888-291-1219 Lady Sheila

Phone sex with Sexy Shemale

Some of you have been honest enough to want the real thing, my cock…..you can practice all you want but until you have a real cock to swallow and please, its not the same.  I had a lot of naughty fun with a closet sissy, he really got off on sucking my cock, he knew what he wanted and I gave it to him.  No one knows you better than I do, that femine side that has to be fed.  If your scared, thats kewl, I’m totally into forced feminization if thats what it takes.  You will bow down before me and strive to be like me.



Sissy Phonesex with Mistress Syd

Hi guy’s I’m Mistress Syd I offer extreme roleplay sessions.
I can make you Cry,Whine,Whimper and beg for me. I come ready with my thick 9inch strap on. So give Mistress Syd a call.


sissy slut training phonesex

Hello My sluts;

Mistress Randi here, and I am going to share a secret you think you have, but really the whole world knows!  your a slut, a whore, and only good for sucking and fucking! lol

Now that I have that cleared up…

We have our very own phonesex chatroom here, and I have seen quite a few of you come in, trying to strut your sissy girl body. lol Good luck honey, you have some to go!

We have such wonderful Mistress’ here! Some that will be your girlfriend, others that will train you, and ones like Me, that will abuse you. lol

Face it dear, sissy slut lessons are a must, as are all the sissy training tools We provide.

Come on in to our sissy chatroom and enjoy the wonderful Superiority only our Mistresses can supply.

Later girlies.

Mistress Randi