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Sissy Cat Fight Phone Sex


I had this hunk show up at My door yesterday hung like a mule!  And these 2 sissy sluts just couldn’t contain themselves when they saw him.  They were flirting and showing off their bodies to him, trying to get his attention. 

I decided to put them to the up most test… a fashion show.  Whoever made his cock rise won!

These 2 sluts raced around doing hair and makeup; trying on all My clothes till they were ready.  But who should go on first?  Toss of the coin and the first was away.


the second slut didn’t want to be last and wanted to make sure the first didn’t cheat by sitting on the studs lap and went running out to the living room. 

OMG  the fight was on!  I have never seen a sissy cat fight before and these two were going at it!

Hair was flying all over and clothes were being ripped off and that stud was sitting there grinning with his dick in his hand masturbating that cock.  And neither one of them even noticed! 





Mistress Sarena and I played the Rainbow game with a little sissy slut! Phone Sex


I love sissy sluts.  Especially those shy ones who look all sweet and innocent on the outside but are a nasty slut underneith!

There was this little slut who called Mistress Sarena and I who proved to be the very thing I like.  All sweet and cute but a great cock sucker!  First we dressed her up in a cute little outfit and then did her makeup, hair and nails.  Then we made her do a little fashion show!

Next We played the rainbow game seeing who could leave a lipstick mark as deep on a cock as possible.  she gobbled each strap-on like a pro going deeper and deeper. (with a little help from us)  I pushed the back of her head down and Mistress Sarena plugged that cute little nose to open that throat up.  Guess who was the winner!  It wasn’t Me or Mistress Sarena… 🙂

Then she proclaimed in a small voice she wanted Us to both fuck her. So, I lay down on the floor as she straddled Me and Mistress Sarena took her from behind in a sleazy double penetration.  she loved it!  We could tell from the moans and groans comming from her.

Mistress Sarena and I then decided that she should be allowed to cum.  she did do an awesome job on Our strap-ons doing a deep throat blowjob on both of Us and she took Our cocks with barely a squeal.

Mistress Jackie 1-888-858-5127


Bring your sissyphone phonesex to me




I can be kind, gentle, and loving one moment, breastfeeding and diapering you…and the next toss you over my lap and spank your little bottom until it’s blistered. I love twisted roleplay, and I find the pleasure of coddling and dominating you completely to be absolutely *. If you long for a Mommy who can be kind and coddling, or sweetly vicious with a loving, firm hand — if you need a Mommy with no limits who loves you when you’re good and deals out discipline when you’re bad, give me a call!






sissy slut loves cam play Phone Sex

001-face-shot.JPG                                                                      001-face-shot.JPG


001-face-shot.JPG                                                                       001-face-shot.JPG

There is a little cock slut of Mine I must tell you about!  she is always dressed in such sexy outfits and ready to obey.

she loves playing on cam with her Mistresses.  The bitch loves performing for Us.  Sucking on cock and stuffing butt plugs in her cunt.  she even likes it when We put a big red bow around her clitty and lets Us pull her around with it. 

she is getting very good at sucking that big dildo that I think it’s high time she had her lips wrapped around a real cock.  I can’t wait to watch that!  I know she will do so well with it, making it splurt cum all over her lips.

Mistress Sheila




When Santa Cums to Town! Phonesex


Twas the night before Christmas and excitedly you wait

all dressed in your finest not wanting to be late.

Your stockings were tight and your panties were creamy

thoughts in your head, naughty and dreamy.

When suddenly arrouse such a noise and distraction

Down the chimny Santa flew to give you satisfaction.

His eyes a glazed and his cock in his hand

he had heard that you were the best sissy slut in the land.

You bend to your knees your heart a flutter

taking his cock without a mutter.

A groan did arise from that soft hairy chin

an gleam in his eye and a big lofty grin.

Bending you over his hands on your hips

he thrust his big penis between those pussy lips.

With a groan and a shudder he climaxed within

and with a “ho ho ho” and big toothy grin.

With a wink of his eye and a wave of his hand

he say’se you’ve done a good job with this horny man!





Drum roll Please! Phonesex

And the winner of this weeks free phonesex contest issss……………
ROCKY! Woohoo! *throws confetti*

Rocky, you have just won 15 fabulous minutes with the lady of your choice absolutely free, you lucky devil, you!

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All you have to do is stop our phonesex chatroom and ask any of our girls for more details. For less than a minute of your time you could win 15 minutes in heaven, baby!




Phone Sex Dress Up with Mistress Jackie


You need a Mistess who can show you everything about being girlie.  How to choose the correct clothing for your body style to choosing the right colours to complement your coloring.

I insist on My sissy cums sluts to dress provacatively at all times.  Wearing cute corsets and garters to sexy little panties.

And I should let you know…I love bright red lipstick!

Mistress Jackie 1-888-858-5127


Cuckold Boyfriend Phone Sex


 My boyfriend is a cuckold I found out last night. 

He loved watching Me flirt all night with all those yummy men in the bar.  He even went as far as helping Me choose which hunk I should take home and fuck! 

Arroused and very wobbly, I took that huge cocked hunk home.  My boyfriend drooling at the thought of what was about to happen. 

As things progressed at home, the stud and I entered the bedroom and as My boyfriend wandered behind us, he was disappointed as I closed the bedroom door behind us.  Standing there he could only imagine what we were doing by the sounds we were making. 








Trolling Sissy Boys Phonesex


Well, all you sissy boys who have been dreaming about dressing up sexy and trolling the local gay bar definetly need to listen to this success story!

One of my little sissy boy sluts finally did it. Spent the afternoon getting all sexy. Shaved those legs and got rid of all that ugly body hair, took a long bath filled with nice bath salts and then got all dolled up. She chose a sexy little light blue thong and a white mini skirt with matching white thigh highs with lace at the top! Of course, when she moved just right, those little blue panties peeked out from under that skirt! A low cut tight blue blouse, a six inch pair of stilletos, carefully applied makeup and a long curly blonde wig and she was hot!

She entered the bar with her Cosmopolitian in hand. Twisted that little tight ass up to the bar and immediately got a drink sent over to her by Chris! They introduced themselves and chatted for a while. Chris finally gave her an invite out to his car and of course she accepted!

She tells me that she deep throated a beautiful 9 inch cock till she gagged! And swallowed every drop of cum when he blew his load in her mouth. Then she licked and sucked that 9 incher to another big hard on.

Being the little sissy slut she is, she then assumed her favorite position. On her back with her legs in the air! When she got that 9 inch stuffed up her little boy pussy, she could watch it as it slid in and out of that pussy! Needless to say, she was rubbing that little clitty like mad! I don’t guess I have to tell you the rest of the story.

So, quit fantasizing about it and get out there. There is a cock for every little sissy cumsucking slut out there! Go find yours!

 Cindy Rae




Phonesex Pimps

Dress pretty for Me, bitch !  In My world the only use for you is to be made out to be the nasty whore that you will be for Me.

Mistress Randi

Stockings, panties and slut red lipstick will be a requirement !  Learn to walk in those heels, and blow kisses to the boys.  They will be your livelyhood !  I will look after you dear, but you have to look after all My needs too.

Pimping you out will provide for both of U/us !

Friday nite is upon us, and the street corner is where you will be !

Mistress Randi