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Take My Cock Sissy Slut ~ Phone Sex


There are alot of hungry men looking for a fresh little sissy slut that they can use and abuse!  Let Me show you how to become a great sissy slut!  I might start you off slow but I’m known to just abuse!  I have rules that are to be followed if you want my “friends” attention:

#1 All Cocks go deep

#2 All toys and cocks must be cleaned up after we’re done with you slut!

#3 All cum must be cleaned up by your tongue or just straight out swallowed.

Follow these simple rules and you will gain favors from Me.  These favors could be a nice big man cock.  One of My many studs who love to assist Me in My sissy training.

Mistress Sheila






My Special Sissy Cam Slut rachel – Phone Sex


I have a special sissy who I love to watch.  Her name is rachel and what a slut she is!  she loves to cum on cam for Me and Mistress L.

OMG!  This call was the best ever!  I got to watch as she strutted her stuff for Me in a little school girl skirt and a fishnet body stocking.  She was sooo cute and slutty!  I just had to see how well she does with a cock.  Mistress L was there to assist this little slut.  Her hands tying up her clitty and pulling her around for Me to see.  I wish you all could have seen what I saw! 

Then that little slut took off her skirt and did a nice wiggle for Me and got on her knees with a grin and gave Our cock a great blowjob!  she did very well, taking it down her throat and humming when told.

I watched as Mistress L teased rachel for Me.  Poor little sissy rachel was begging for a pussy fucking.  Finally We decided it was time to please her.  We had her bending over and taking a big bad butt plug deep in that sissy pussy.  Oh my!!!  Then I instructed Mistress L to play with that sissy clitty till it came all over the place!  A nice big load of cum!

I like playing with rachel and Mistress L.

I can’t wait for the next time she calls.   Wonder what we’ll do to the little slut next?





I’ll show you how to be a great sissy ~ Phonesex


are you a closet sissy boi?  Do you need help gettin outta tha closet and out enjoyin some real cock?  I can show you how!  I’ll help you get dressed up in your finest outfits – an if you have none – we can go shopping for a fab outfit!  Something sexy and stimulating… that’ll turn all the boys heads!
Speakin of head, you have to know how to suck a cock!  I have a few nice strap-ons that will work well.  I can start you off slowly on a nice 6″ and work that throat till you’ve got 12″.  Then there’s that sissy pussy.  That must be stretched properly.  Too fast and you’ll tear.  So, if you want a nice girly to show you all about being girly….call Me.

All calls $2.00/minute  10 minute minimum

Phonesex Contest Winner!

Sultry Danni wants your pussy sissy

Congratulations Kp you won!

Well boy’s guess unless you are Kp you didn’t win the free phonesex call contest from last week!

Oh well there is always this week.  Just remember to enter you have to do is stop by our chatroom and vote for us at phonesexcentral.  Oh and don’t forget to give one of our girls the code so it can be recorded.

If you have no idea what I am talking about or how to vote stop by chat and we will show you how.

Now my advise to all winners and losers you should spent those free and not so free minutes with the hottest girl around….Danni!

Danni will rock your world!

Sultry Danni

Singing Sissy Jingles for Sluts Phone Sex

Dirty dirty sissy slut. All you do all day is fuck. Trying to find the biggest cocks. So that you can eat them up.

I know all the things you need. I’m the one to make you see- That you’re a little sissy slut. And I’m gonna use your little butt. For the biggest cocks you little slut. In your butt til they nut. Deep inside a big ole mess. Clean it up in that little dress. Dirty dirty sissy slut. All night long I’ll make you fuck.

And just for me- you will be the best sissy bitch that you can be. For all the little fun things that I want. All day all night you’re gonna fuck.

Are you ready to sing with Me? I’m wanna hear how pretty your voice can be. It’s gonna be so much fun. And a big mess you clean when we are done.



Gang Bang that sissy cunt! ~ Phonesex


Face it!  you are My cum slut bitch!  I love dressing you up in My white granny panties and forcing you to do what I please. 

I feel like you should be treated as the whore you wish.. so open up and say ahhhhhhh.  I have a huge strap-on with your name on it and I want it deep down your throat.  Take it bitch.  I know you love it and if you perform well I will have help with your other areas. :) 

I call out for My studs and they enter naked.  Stiff cocks in their hands and grins on their faces.  I command them to gang bang your sweet sissy pussy.  I want to watch you writh in sweet bliss.  you have been fantasizing about this and I will make that fantasy cum true today.  I force My cock deep down your throat while “Stu” fucks your sissy cunt.  He and I agree that you could handle more.  We both withdraw our cocks and “Hank” lays down on the bed.  We tell you to lie down on top of “Hank” and “Stu” helps him get that big cock inside your sissy pussy.  Feeling it streach wider than ever, you begin to protest.  Shoving My cock between your lips, forcing you silent, “Stu” eases his throbbing cock between your sissy cunt lips.  You are taking 2 cocks you slut!  whore!  Names spill from Our lips as you please Us.  you are our cum slut bitch, forced to please Us.  Forced to take every drop of cum We give.

Mistress Sheila




Shopping with”D” & The Fashon Show ~ Phone Sex


I love shopping!  Whether its for Me or for someone else!  I took “D” shopping with Me last week and little did he know but I was shopping as much for Me as I was for him!

He knew he was in trouble when I picked out a cute corsette and lacy panty…in his size!  I didn’t want to buy something that wasn’t sexy!  So I sent him into the dressing room to try em all on!  He didn’t want to, so I sent the sales lady in to help him get dressed! (giggles)  He was soon all dressed up and she opened the curtain for us all to see.  He looked so very sexy in it that I had to buy it!  With his credit card of course! 

Then we went and hit the accessory store.  Hair clips and lipstick and some dangly earrings with rhinestones to complete the outfit!  “D” refused to pay for it, so I told the sales lady who this was all for and even showed her the cute outfit we just bought for him!  Boy that credit card came out quick 🙂

Time for home and a quick fashon show.  All My cheer friends were there!  I got “D” all dressed up with sexy black stockings and stilletto heels and Me and the girls helped him onto his feet and showed him how to walk.  He threw a tantrum and I opened the curtains so everyone could see.  The neighbours were watchin and a few even came over!  “D” had no problems from then on! (giggles)  The girlies and ladies from next door all gave “D” their panties and made him suck big strap-ons and punished that tiny sissy pussy.  He was such a good panty slut!





Bad Guy Phonesex in Diapers !


Hello Gents !

I’m Randi the Pimp Queen around here! Or so they let Me believe.

You know how everyone has a pet peeve?  Well one of mine, is guys
that make the rest of you look bad.  There is one in every batch isn’t

Well, I have this fellow, who has done numerous calls with a few of My
ladies, that has decided to decline the charges on his credit card!

Can you imagine?!!!!

Well this behavior is not tolerated here at Thompson, and I go to great odds
to expose these scam artists for who and what they are!

So, today, I am going to tell you a little bit about this particular fellow
and give him the opportunity to contact me in regard to his account.

He likes to act like a baby, playing in diapers, and dressing as a sissy slut!
He gets off on the sheer ecstasy of feeling those girls diapers around his cock!

What’s this you say?  What’s his name? his location? Oh I know what you want is his
telephone number! lol

Well it will all be coming very very soon, unless he contacts Me quickly!

Please don’t think about declining charges, I don’t handle it well.

tsk, tsk, tsk, yep I am the Queen Bitch.



sissy boy it’s time you called Mistress Danni for Phonesex

Danni loves to torment sissy boys

Hey you, yeah you sissy boy it’s time to call your new Mistress!

That’s right pick up the phone and get on your knees pathetic loser sissy boy!  Mistress Danni has a hot nasty treat for you today!

Crawl over to the phone and open that mouth nice and wide then stick out your tongue!  It’s time you worshipped your Mistress!

Lick my hot nasty ass!

Mistress Danni

Phonesex sissy wanna see Barbie’s panties

Sweet Barbie Doll loves to play with sissy boys

Did you see my pretty panties phonesex sissy?


I bet you wish you had a pair of panties just like Barbie’s, Phonesex sissy!


Guess you need to go shopping to the panty store!


Phonesex sissy you want Barbie to take you there?

Sweet Barbie Doll