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Now say after me…….I’m your panty-sniffing,pussy-licking,cock-sucking,cock-stroking sissy boy.  Hehe, now say it over and over again.  Hehe.  Let’s play it out now.  Sniff those panties, lick pussy, suck cock, and stroke your cock!  Repeating that over and over will help you to remember just what you are.  A trashy pussy-whore slut…..

Dressing up in a hot sexy outfit doesn’t make you classy, it just makes you a well dressed panty sniffing, pussy licking, cock sucking, sissy boy……..

But that’s just how I love ya….. 



Sissies who “think” too much Phonesex


So, you “think” you want to dress up and look like a little sissy slut! And you “think” you want to learn to walk in stillettos. You “think” you want to feel those silky thigh highs against your nicely shaved legs. You “think” you would look good in a frilly little pair of pink panties. You “think” you want to learn how to accent your eyes and those lips with makeup. You “think” you want to learn how to suck a cock! You “think” too much sissy…that is why you need a good Mistress to control you and spur you to action!

So, stop THINKING and start ACTING! Call me now!






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Sissy DeepThroaters Phone Sex

I’m having a deep throating contest for all the dirty sissy boys and girls. I want to hear how far you can put that little sweet dildo you’ve been hiding away down your throat. I know you’ve been wanting to show someone your deep throating skills. I want to hear what you can do with that little mouth of yours.




Eyes wide shut Phone Sex


I will stand before you many, many cocks but you will not see with your eyes.  Your only sense of being is your sense of touch, taste, smell and sound.  You cannot see the look upon their face as you worship each cock.  You must delve into your being and satisfy each of those cocks craving, be it masturbation, oral sex, or using your boy-pussy.  I will assist you only when each cock is sated and the next awaits.  I will guide you to it and put your hands on it and the next test will begin. 

Mistress Sheila






Dirty Minds are so much fun Phonesex

I’ve been told I have SUCH a Dirty Mind. Where ever I go, whatever I do.. I’m always thinking of the dirtiest most perverted things. Like how much I want to fuck the guy who serves my coffee. Or how much I would love to turn that weak minded accountant into my dirty little sissy slut or even how hot I will make all the guys in my black leather corset and thigh high fuck me boots!

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Whore Training Phone Sex

That’s right!  All you lil pantie fluffs beware!  I ain’t talkin whipped cream here!  It’s gonna be this way:  wear My clothes, walk around in My shoes and beg Me for more! 


 There’s one thing I know and that’s sucking cock and behaving like a good whore.  That is what you will learn with Me.  Cock sucking and cum drinking.  All whore’s must be well trained in that! 

I tell you what to wear and how to act and you’ll love it too sissy boy!


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panty boy Phonesex

Hey there sweetie, don’t you look precious in those cute little panties !  Bet they feel really good don’t they ?  Soft, silky and yet the perfect kind of friction against that cock.

Ms. Randi

I know you were just curious, but now you can’t stop yourself can you?  You want to wear them everyday.  You want to wear them to work, or out to play.  Always knowing you have your own little secret !

Well you know the panties are just the beginning… I will introduce you to more and more feminine things as we start to play.  Stockings, slips, different style panties all in preparation !

For what you ask ?  Well call me and I’ll fill you in ! sissy phonesex Mistress Randi style. lol

Ms. Randi



Mommy’s special girly boy Phonesex


Jennifer is Mommy’s special little girl!  She is My little girlie boy and she loves wearing Mommy’s granny panties.  She is 10 years old and can be easily embarrassed.  Sometimes I put her in situations just so I can see her blush!

She has much to learn about being a good girlie and I love spending time with her, going shopping for cute clothes, and teaching her how to walk in high heels.  She is almost old enough for make up but I think we will stick to a nice lip gloss and a little bit of mascara to highlight her lips and eyes. 

Mommy Sheila





Park Slut Phone Sex

I took a walk to the park with my favorite sissy today. I first dressed him in a soft pair of pink panties and a matching bra. I thought that the sissy would look best in a little strappy red number. After dressing up, I took the little sissy on a walk to the park. And there were so many people there after dark. I wondered what they were all doing, but when I looked closer I could see they were all waiting for a naughty slut. I could feel the sissy getting nervous as people started gathering around. Her palms were sweaty but I knew she was excited. Hehe the naughty things I made her do. I know she enjoyed it! All sluts do!