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I am back with a dripping wet, cream filled pussy!  All ready for you to lick clean!  What a weekend!  So many studs and so little time.  Too bad your cock is useless and small for my tastes!  If you even knew how to use it…I wouldn’t want it!

I would have let you watch Me fuck My latest stud but I’ve decided that all you really deserve is the clean up!  My ass is filled with all kinds of different cum for you to taste and you better make sure its clean for My next man or I may not let you watch!  Suck that cum out of it and swallow those big loads!  Thats right….now My pussy.  Lick it up and when thats clean and you’ve swallowed every drop…I will let you sit in the corner and wank that little dink. 





Objectifying You PhoneSex

You are nothing but a collection of holes to use and abuse for my amusement. You know it, don’t you? Its what you live for.. its what you thrive on. You live for the sound of my voice demanding that you do anything and everything I say. You’re always ready and waiting in your frilly panties and black bra. You always wear the make-up I want you to wear and the wig I want you to wear. You’re eager to choke on a rubber cock for me and the humiliation you feel when I laugh at you while I torment you makes those tiny balls of yours swell with cum. The sounds of my laughter at your expense makes you that much more eager to please me anyway you can. You reveal your boy-pussy on command and spread it willingly, hoping for the reward of getting fucked by me. I am your Mistress and you are my bitch.









The in’s and out’s of Cock Worshipping ~ Phone Sex


Who better to teach you all about cock worshipping than Me?  I know how to suck a cock and deepthroat it.  I can teach you how to do it too, you lil slut!  Then when that’s down to a science…on to bigger and better things like your lil hole getting stuffed with My big strap-on!  You have to take every inch of My 12 inch strapon!  How else will you learn to be a great sissy slut??  giggles  Then when you have taken it like a good slut…I’ll invite some of My boy toys over and show you what a slut is made of.  Cocks in each hand, deepthroat and in your pussy.  maybe even 2 cocks in your pussy IF you’ve been a good slut!  Followed by a nice hot cum shower!

Come be a slut like Me!

Miss Tiffany



Mistress Danni loves to humiliate pathetic sissyboys

Mistress Danni loves pathetic sissyboys

It’s time for a dose of humiliation from the Sweetest Mistress in town!

Look at you sissy you’re dressed so pretty for Mistress today!

Ooops…you have mud all over your knees! Stop complaining, if you had gotten on your knees I wouldn’t have had to push you pathetic sissy. You’ll move faster next time!

Oh dear you got mud on that pretty girlie blouse…let me get that for you!  Oh no my hand slipped…ah it’s just a few buttons.  Don’t bitch and whine you can sew they back on! Now look you got mud all over your fuck me pumps!  You better bend over and wipe it off.  Darn it all I lost my balance!  Ooops…did I knock you face down in the mud.

Dam you are dirty!  You look like a nasty pathetic sissy cum slut whore who has been out all night sucking cock in the gutter.

Sweet Mistress Danni

Oh my…phonesex sissy that is really small

Sweet Barbie Doll loves to play dress up

Sweet Barbie Doll had such a shock the other day!

A Phonesex sissy called to play and asked if he could show me his new panties!

The sissy was wearing  pretty pink bikini panties
They were to small and way to tight.
What’s that in your panties sissyboy?
Oh that’s my little boy clitty.
Show it to Barbie!

Ewww is that real?  My Ken Doll has a bigger clitty!

Sweet Barbie Doll


Curious?? Phone Sex

I’ve been looking for a little dirty slut juuust like you. A little trembling nervous slut. The little scardy cat slut who just reads these blogs by all us sexy girls, but is too afraid to call. I know you’re reading right now, wondering if you are ready to be used properly for the slut you really are! YES! I am ready to use you. I am ready to make sure you know why it is you’ve been feeling like a slut deep inside. Wondering if it’s just fantasy or not. You keep having those slutty day dreams about whether or not you should get on your knees to please. Today is the day for you little one.
I know we’ll have some fun.




Sissy Slut in a Short Sexy Skirt Phone Sex


I love it when my little sissy sluts dress their cute little butts in cropped tops and saucy little short skirts! Add a pair of thigh high silk stockings, a sexy pair of frilly  thong panties, a lacy little push up bra and you have my attention! However, it is not all about what you wear but how you strut it! I love it when you turn just right to make that little flippy skirt show me your nice little rounded ass. I love to see that little piece of material from your thong disappear between those rosy red cheeks. Makes my strapon want to follow it!

So, come on you little sissy boy cum sluts with those tight little boy pussies….make Mistress Cindy happy….flip that skirt!







**Sissy gets abused by My Neighbours** Phone Sex

I have a couple of nasty neighbours that love to help Me with My sissy sluts.  We love to use and abuse them anyway we like.  Making that lil clitty so hard.  I love when My strap-on is in a sissy pussy and a real cock in each hand and one down their slutty throat!  My neigbours love it so much, they wait by their phones with their cocks in hand.  Hoping I have a sissy slut that needs their boy pussy trained. 

Mistress Sheila




Hardcore Sissy Phone Sex

Lets skip the small talk, shall we? You, me, one of us in a dress and I don’t mean me. All you have to do is sit back, relax and take it like a man because 5 minutes with me and I will have you crying for Mommy like a good little nancy-boy.
Don’t do what I say and I might have to take you over my knee and unleash my fury onto your ass. Awww, sissy wanna cry? You don’t know the half of it.