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Phone Sex with Hot Naughty Shemale

 Here I am!!!  You can’t run, you can’t hide,why would you?  We both know your dark side.  I know what you want, its me!  My nice hard cock.  I’ll teach you to suck like you’ve only dreamed about, I’ll make you forget those strapons while I bury myself in you.  I know who you are and what you want and need.  Your secrets safe with me.  Now, theres no where you can’t go.  Who better to share your feminine side with than a shemale.





Closet Case Cuckold Phonesex


There is a caller of mine “F” who loves to cuckold!  Our phone sex chats gets me so hot!   I can think of a few things that I like to do to him…to torment him…to tease & deny him.

I love it when he hides in the closet with the door open just a bit and watches Me as I put whoever I bring home from the bar, fuck me and put on quite the show!

I start by pulling out his big, hard cock and stroking it as he starts to undress me.  When I stand naked, I bend over to suck his cock.  This gives my cuckold husband a show that will cream his jeans!  Then I kneel at the guys feet and deep throat that huge cock.  Gagging….almost ****** as I go deeper and deeper. 

Want to know what I do next?? 





Sissy Shopping Phone Sex

It’s time for more shopping with Peach! I’ve had so much fun with a certain sissy…who loved going shopping online for the sexiest girliest outfits. I get so excited picking out the cutest frilly girl panties and lingerie. It’s so exciting to wait for the items to arrive and imagine how sexy you’ll look once they get there. I know you’ll love finding really pretty outfits with Me! There will be so many cute things for you to buy and model just for me in order to feel like a really sexy sissy!

I can’t wait to find something sexy for you cutie. I love having pretty sissy fashion shows, don’t you? I want you to find three sexy outfits/items before you call Me. Let me know what your sissy style is. Are you a sexy vixen sissy or an innocent cute little thing? Do you like to dress like a little tramp in the hottest tightest clothes or do you like long flowing beautiful gowns? I want to know you’re sexy girl style and share a few hints and tips. I know you want to become just as sexy as I am. So I’m going to guide you toward being beautiful. I want to see you become the prettiest thing out there!




Phonesex sissy boy training!

Okay, all you so called sissy boys out there! We have been talking about how to dress up and strut your stuff. Well, now it is time to prove to me that you have been listening and learning. I spend hours with you telling you what to do and yet you come to me with your hair a mess or worse yet all that nasty body hair all over you, makeup smeared on instead of applied correctly and an outfit that is a disgrace to any true sissy. Now it is your time to prove to me you are really serious about being the best little sissy slut out there. So, go ahead and give it your best shot. Call me and tell me how pretty a little sissy boy you think you are. Then prove it to me. Tell me your routine to look and feel slutty and sexy like the little sissy panty boy you crave to be. It is your 20 minutes of Fame! Strut your stuff and then I will tell you all about the mistakes you made. And because I really want you to learn to please, I will tell you how to fix them! If you don’t get this straight, you may never get that little boy pussy cherry broken! Call me….but be prepared….cause you only have 20 minutes!





Newest “lil” girl model phone sex

Hummm………pink push up bra, garterbelt, stockings now for the panties.  They are french cut.  French cut panites were very popular before the thongs.  They cover up that “lil” clitty.  I don’t like that hair do.  I think it will look better pinned up, yet falling around your face a little.  Now do you remember the poses I suggested?  You’ll look hot with your hands on your knees and bending forward letting your boobs fall forward and your lower stockend legs showing.  I believe your last shot should show all the boys what they want.  Lean over the desk with your round ass showing.  That’s it, show the boys the newest “lil” girl model.


Being Girly with Tiffany ~ Phone Sex

I can help you with all things girly.  Who better to teach you than a barely legal girl!  I so love to shop and will help you pick out cute little outfits for you and if your feeling especially nawty, we can head to the nearest sex shop for a few toys too. (giggles)


I would love to see you all dressed up in some short skirt and a nice tiny top.  Better yet, why don’t you slip into the dressing room and get ready from head to toe and then come out and model for everyone!  If your too shy for that then lets just buy it all and take it all home where you can dress for Me privately. 

Here’s a thought…get all dressed up and do a lil strip-tease for Me!  Shake those lil titties….that cute lil bum with those frilly panties up the crack of your ass and strut your stuff.  Be sure to grind that sissy pussy on My leg…you might get a nice surprise if ya do!  My strap-on!  Grind Me properly and I will show you how to be a total girl by taking my strapon deep in that sissy pussy…..





Sweet Barbie Doll get’s to announce this weeks phonesex call winner

Sweet Barbie Doll loves to dress-up sissys

It’s so cool that Barbie gets the job of telling you who won!

This is so funny….giggles

Sweet Barbie Dolls gets to congratulate this weeks winner of the free phonesex call. 

Giggles….”sissyslutbarbie“…giggles you win!!!

I love your name sissyslutbarbie you are a barbie too just like me! 

Sweet Barbie Doll


Super Sissy Cum Sluts~Phonesex


There’s one thing I know about and that’s how to be a real girl and perform well in tha bedroom!

Wanna be like me?  I can show you all the tricks of being girlie; from your pretty painted toes to the top of your soft and silky head! 

Speaking of head, I can show you how to suck a mean cock and have all the boys come back knocking at your door.  It’s all in the tongue baby!  Talk with me and I will show you how to make a man tremble at your touch! 

You wanna break in that sissy pussy?  Better let Me do it!  A man would be too rough on that tight lil sissy pussy.  I will be gentle the first couple times till that pussy can take both My Strap-on and My Vibrator!  Once you can do that you are ready to be a real cum slut!  I will dress you up and take you out for a night on the town teasing and pleasing all the boys!

Miss Tiffany





Pretty Panty Party Phone Sex!

Panties panties panties! It’s time for a panty party. I’m looking for a pretty sissy girl to play pretty panty party games! We’ll get dressed up together and have a mini fashion show. I’ll may show you My pretty panties if you show Me yours!! I want to see you look so sexy and pretty for me! I can’t wait.

After we get pretty together we can make some calls to some sexy friends of mine who love panty girls. They’ll love coming over and playing with us and I will make you entertain my friends when they get over and you’ll love putting on a sexy show!

Let’s have a party pretty girl! Lots of fun to be had!




Phone sex sissy slut training!

Wake up you sissy girlie girl. Time to get dressed. Hurry now, take your shower and make sure to remove all that hair so that your body is soft and sexy. And fix that hair so it is full and flowing around your face. And put on your best day time makeup. Highlight those eyes and make them flash and of course, you want to use your favorite red lipstick so that those lips look inviting. Who knows when you might need them to do some fluffing on a big cock! And, I think that short little red mini skirt with that little silky white crop top might go together and be so cute. Especially after yu accessorize. And it is just short enough that someone special might just get a glimpse of that hot black frilly panty thong! And of course those high heeled slip on sandals are going to make that ass stick out and wiggle just right to draw attention from that special guy!  Okay now for the final touches….some dangly earrings, a braclet that clinks as you move and a spray of that favorite perfume. Not too much…just the right amount. Okay that cute little matching bag and we are ready. We are going to the mall on a man hunt! (smile) That little boy-pussy cherry just might get broken today! I am going to make you the best little cum slut ever. Oh, and just in case, where is my Strap On!