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Phonesex Goddess Eve’s recipe to encase your sissy for any Halloween Costume Ball!

Goddess Eve loves to torment pathetic little sissy boys

Goddess Eve has a nasty encasement recipe for tormenting your pathetic little sissy boy! This one is perfect for any Halloween Costume Ball!

The ingredients

1 trembling naked pathetic little sissy boy
1 pair of white control top pantyhose two sizes too small
1 pair of white stockings
1 pair of white panties any style
1 roll duct tape
3 yards of pretty pink ribbon
1 refrigerator dolly

Take your trembling pathetic little sissy boy and put the two sizes too small control top pantyhose on his feet.  Now stretch the pantyhose until they reach his chin.  Remember to place his arms by his sides first for the perfect encasement of your sissy. This will take a bit of time and effort because you will find your trembling little sissy will bitch and squirm… not to worry this is normal.

Now take the pair of white panties and shove them in the whining sissy’s mouth. Hold one of the white stockings in your hand placing it over your sissy’s head and stretch it until it joins up with the control top pantyhose. Find the leftover stocking and put it on both of your sissy’s feet and pull it up until you reach the spot where your pantyhose and other stocking meet.

Take the duct tape and wrap as much as you like around the area where the pantyhose and stockings join on your sissy’s pathetic little form…until it’s tight and secure . 

To finish off and to beautify your encased mummified sissy…carefully tie a pretty bow using the pink ribbon placing it around the nasty duct tape so it’s no longer visible.

To transport your sissy to the Halloween Ball carefully place your mummified sissy upright on the refrigerator dolly.  Proceed to the Halloween Ball with your sissy mummy in tow.  You may need to strap your yummy mummy sissy to his transporting device to prevent loss during transit.

Happy Halloween!

Goddess Eve

Calling all sissy sluts for Phonesex fun!


I know you dirty little sluts are always so sad when the time with your favorite Mistress is up. Wouldn’t you like to draw out your time a bit longer and have those few extra minutes to have her dress you up then use and abuse you? Well come check out our Game Night tonight and try for a chance to win free extra minutes or even a free phonesex call with your favorite Mistress. The game starts at around 10 pm eastern time!




Costume Party Phone Sex Confessions

It was great, she couldn’t wait to call me and tell me all about her first time out in public dressed as the true slut she really is.  I wanted all the juicy details, she had practiced sucking cock as well as having her male pussy fucked hard for awhile prior to last night. 

Just as we had hoped, a hot looking guy hit on her, they made small talk as they made their way outside to the back yard where they found a fort that of course was empty.

Once inside the fort, he didn’t waste anytime with my sissy slut, he took off his jeans while kissing her then reached for the back of her head, which he pulled down onto his cock.  My sissy said it was like tasting a piece of Heaven…everything she expected and then some  The highlight she said was when he laid her on her back, pushed her legs up to her chest, ripped her panties off and stuffed his huge cock inside of her. 

The lessons she had received made all the difference, all the tips and tricks she had learned in our sissy phone sex lessons had came in handy.  she did tell me that she needed a little more practice though, she wants an even bigger cock next time! While reliving her first time out with me,she got caught up in the excitement all over again..




Phonesex Girlie

I know you want to be a girlie girl!

I will teach you to suck cock like a pro, deep throat, cream pie eating, clitty playing, pussy fucking and swallowing cum! 

          img_8438.JPG                            img_8438.JPG          


img_8438.JPG                           img_8438.JPG

I’ll turn you into a little slut so fast you won’t know what hit you! 

I’ll have you servicing guys in the boys bathroom at the bar and have them lining up down the hall to My bedroom! 

So many dicks and so little holes and so little time!


So…for a session of being girlie…call Me!

 Miss Tiffany






Phonesex sissy panty party

Sultry Danni's phonesex for sissyboys

There’s going to be a sissy panty party at Danni’s house.

All pantyboys are welcome! 

There’s going to be prizes!

First prize: The best dressed pantyboy
The winner gets a shopping spree at every panty boys favorite store “Victoria’s Secret
you will get to choose your own panties try them on and pay for them while Mistress Danni and all the sales girls and lady shoppers get to watch laughing at the pathetic site.
Oh the humiliation and degradation!

Second prize: The smallest clitty
the winner is the honoured guess at your very own Bukkake Party. 
Imagine the excitement of all those cocks jacking off an your face!
Oh the humiliation and degradation!

Third prize: The best wiggle.
The winner gets the job of cleaning up the nasty mess at by the second prize winners Bukkake Party.
The ultimate humiliation and degradation prize!

So what prize do you want sissyboy?

Miistress Danni


Phonesex Goddess catches pantyboy red-handed

Goddess Eve loves to play with sissy boys

I caught him face down in my panty drawer! 

Hello neighbor… what’s up? What could he say he was caught red-handed!

Well come on and show me how they look.  Mmmm…my favorite red lacy thongs.  Why don’t you put on the matching red lacy push up bra on too.  Now go prance over to the mirror and tell me what you see.  What speak up I didn’t catch that?  Ah you feel so what…come on say it…you feel so feminine all dressed up in my panties and bra.

How special, my neighbor is a sissy panty boy who just found his feminine side!

Do you have a feminine side you need to find too phonesex whore?

Goddess Eve

MILF Maggie’s sissy Phonesex

MILF Maggie loves to tease a sissy boy

This Milf Mistress loves to tease pretty little phonesex sissy boys!

You know who you are and what you’re not!  You’re a femme boy not a manly man! We all know when femme boys get all dressed up slutty they crave a cock to suck!

If you are a pathetic phonesex sissy boy who needs to be teased it’s time you called Milf Mistress Maggie.


Feminization Transformation Phone Sex

We’d known each other for awhile, I could tell there was something he was wanting to say to me.  I’d always had a feeling that the ease of conversation with him was contributed to more than his ability to chit chat.  I took pity on him and started bringing up topics I thought would help him open up.  When I mentioned how I couldn’t decide if a new garter belt with matching panties, bra and stockings looked under my new mini skirt and midi top, to my amazement he jumped at the chance to help.  I explained that I had tried it all on but I just wasn’t getting the view I felt I needed.  He came through just as I hoped he would and volunteered to try them all on so that I could see from a differant perspective, such a sweetie, yes?  I watched as he sat down on the edge of my bed after removing his male clothing, he picked up the stockings, holding them with such care, rolling them with complete expertise, then lovingly placing them over his toes and gently sliding it up his leg.  I sat back watching the transformation totally intrigued.  When he had put on all the items I added a wig I had used once for a Halloween Costume party, and some bright red lipstick and blush.  In front of me now stood someone else, it wasn’t the man who was there earlier, it was a young woman ready to hit the town.  The gleam in her eyes said it all, she was finally standing before me as the sissy she had always longed to be…..This opened up a whole new world for her, so many new possibilities, so many new things to try……… and try them we will 🙂




Tease and Denial Lessons – phone sex


you have done well with your training, so now it’s time to learn how to tease and deny.  Oh yes!  I know you’d rather please that cock but today’s lesson is about teasing and denying – leave them begging for that sweet boy pussy.  Wanting to feel your tongue on their cock as it swirls around the tip….but not today sweetie!  Today you are going to make that stud beg for a peice of that pie!

Mistress Sheila

1-800-382-4192 (dispatch)

1-888-291-1219 (direct dial)





Little Girl Humiliation Phone Sex

Do you like being humiliated? Ever been humiliated by a sweet young girl?  Love being laughed at?  I have the sweetest little giggle – sure to make you cream your jeans!
I love to giggle at the size of your little cock…to cute n tiny and oh so useless!  It’s almost the size of a clit!  That is so small!  I bet it only takes 2 fingers to stroke that thing! (giggles)
Miss Tiffany
1-800-382-4192 (dispatch)
1-800-910-1557 (direct dial)