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Body Worship Phonesex

Hello all! This is your Goddess Melanie. The one with the perfect body for you to worship. I mean look at me, I know you think so too. You should get the phone in your hand and get on your knees to worship my perfect ass too. Come you know you want to, get on the phone 1-888-822-1443







sissy maid Phonesex

Hello Slut;

Dress pretty for Me, tonite you belong to Me!  Tonite your going to entertainment Me…
but not only Me, bitch, your going to be the highlight of My party!

A pretty sissy maid uniform complete with the stockings, and pretty apron.

It won’t only be cocktails your serving tonite, it will be cocks too! 

Suck them for Me dear, please them. Make sure they want to cum back for more.




Hello to the world of Sissy Phonesex!

Hello all! I am Melanie. I am not new to the world of phonesex, or sissy phonesex as of that matter. I love when little sissies call me up and tell me how much they want my body, and how hard their little bitty dicks are getting just drooling over my pics! The only thing that makes me wanna do, is dress you up like a little slut in my panties and use you just to worship me. I have multiples toys that I can use on you and your precious little ass. If you think you can handle it, just call in and let me use you.



Cum and Moan 4 Melanie



my # is 1*888*822*1443


Brand New Sissy Phonesex

Hiya sissies!!! I am Daphne, one of the new girls on the block! I am that little girl next door that your sissy dick craves. When you see me, your little dick gets soooooooo hard,  you can barely stand it. Just imagining what you want to do to me! But like I would let you touch me with that little winky of yours. Wanna be tease by someone that might be old enough to be your daughter? Call me!





or call 1-888-803-5356


Christmas: Sissy Phone Sex

HO ! HO! HO! 

Santa knows your all Ho’s !

Why is Santa so Jolly year after year?

He knows where all the naughty sissy girls live ! lol

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for a wonderful year, and to wish you a wonderful Christmas !Check out all these great phonesex Christmas links, and have fun !

Bring in the new year with a great phonesex bang with Mistress Randi 888-733-2243

Merry Christmas girlies !





sissy Tasks

Today is all about sissy tasks, I have been very disappointed in the response of some of you sissy bitches, and now your going to earn your right to suck cock, and be the slut you want to be.

Each day I am going to post a new sissy task in here, I expect you to do it, and email Me with the results! They had better be good.

Along with new sissy tasks for the sissy training that you all need, I will also be posting My own sissy slut antidotes.

There is a contest for all you sissy girls, enter now for a chance at 15 minutes of free sissy phonesex time with Me.

The contest running now, is:

Prepare an essay/thesis on how you do the best you can do to be a true sissy girl/slut. The most detailed, thorough essay recieved will be posted here and the winner announced here on December 15/06

Get those entries in girls.

your sissy task for today:

1) Go to the corner store and purchase this months edition of Cosmopolitan, be sure the sales clerk knows it is for you. Rave over how you have been waiting for this edition, it really is too bad it only comes out once a month, etc.

Let Me know the results of your shopping by email to domme_ms_randi@yahoo.com

Don’t forget those essays girls.

Mistress Randi

sissy judiths story

Hello sissy girls;

Today I am going to tell you of sissy judiths story, you lucky bitches.

judith is one of My sissy’s and has been in My stable for a number of months now. Although, she does listen and trys very hard to be a good sissy, she continually gets herself into predicaments.

The last session I had with judith, I’m afraid she was raped repeatedly in both of her holes and was the recipient of some torture.

judith was burned with cigarettes, whipped, tied to the ceiling and completely taken.

Begging did judith no good, pleading did judith no good. she was instructed how to dress, and undress, how to please and of course she was not allowed to cum, but I could tell the nasty bitch no matter how rough My guys were on her, still wanted a release!

Shame on judith, hopefully she has learned her sissy lesson, but I doubt it. I will have to take Master Trevor and Master Curtis, maybe even Master Charles to see her again, just to get My point across.

sissy judith, knows she is only good for sucking and fucking. If she actually figures that she will be made love to she is sadly mistaken.

Call Mistress Randi for more stories on judith, or for your own sissy session.

I love teaching and training My sissy’s to be the best sluts they can be. And I will get My message across. I can do it either the easy way, or the rough way. you decide.

For the best in sissy phonesex call Mistress Randi. 888-733-2243



Hello My lovlies;

Have you been good? Well of course you have! you belong to Me.

I have been training you to be the best sluts you can possibly be, and I know that you will make Me proud.

Just to show the world how I feel about My sissies, I am posting My blog in a special place for all to see Technorati Profile.

Be ready to show off girlies, and don’t get a run in those stockings while your doing it!

Mistress Randi


Hello My lovlies;

The day after halloween, so tell Me, how was your night? How was the
entire weekend? With Halloween falling on the Tuesday, I know that
there were lots of parties on the weekend.

I had one of My sissy’s call Me, this morning with her report.

sissy mary, is a very diligent sissy, she always does whats best for Me.

sissy mary reports that she went to a Halloween party on Saturday night,
completely dressed in a black pair of stockings, black garter belt, with
a short red skirt and cream colored blouse.

sissy mary also wore a name tag that said “sissy mary” lol

Hows that for getting it out there girls?

sissy mary doesn’t report any warm and wonderful activities throughout
her night, but she did say she had a wonderful time going out as the
sissy girl she really is!

I have asked her to send Me a story of how her night progressed, and
then maybe I will share the whole story with you. I am sure the slut had
cock in there somewhere! lol

www.sissyphonefantasy.com is done, the only thing missing is a chatroom,
and that will be coming.

your task for the next few weeks girls is to be sure to vote on the
new site to get it up there in the topsites. The more sluts we have for
the chatroom, the sooner it will be put up.

Now, be good girls, and call for your new sissy training schedule, and
your sissy lessons.

Mistress Randi