Vanessa’s Naughty Sissy Boys Phone Sex


VANESSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 232

I just love a naughty sissy boy. I love seeing him get himself into a predicament and then beg me to bail him out of it. The power surge from that is just addictive, darling.

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Willow’s Catch A Sissy by His Hose Phone Sex

WILLOW 1-844-332-2639, ext. 230

Where was that naughty sissy? I just knew he was out whoring off with those sexy, silky seamed stockings. I enter several clubs searching for my wayward sissy with no trace of him. Then I saw him, sitting on a bar stool with that short skirt and silk stockings. I would know those shapely legs anywhere.

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Vanessa’s Masturbation Control Board Phone Sex


VANESSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 232

Every good sissy needs to be subjected to full cock control. I never want my sissies to give over to those male urges when they orgasm. I never want them to lose the girlishness. In other words, just because your oversized clit is shooting cum everywhere is no reason to forget you are a sissy. Once you realize that you are owned by a superior female we can establish a schedule.

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Vanessa’s Jealous Sissy Royal Wedding Phone Sex


VANESSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 232

My Sissy friend, Bryan is just beside himself. You see he has been obsessed with Prince Harry for years. He has been so upset today. I could barely enjoy all of the Royal Wedding festivities all because of one jealous little sissy slut. He actually dressed all in black today – such an overly dramatic sissy. I mean really Bryan, you had to know that the chances of that Sexy Ginger Prince choosing you over a hot little American Actress were slim to none.

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Vanessa and the Sneaky Little Pervert Phone Sex Pt. 1


VANESSA 1-844-332-2639, ext. 232

I had a weird feeling about Stan when he moved into our neighborhood. Single, in his mid-thirties, never married. I also couldn’t help notice how he seemed to watch me and my teen daughter whenever we were in the front yard or driveway. I had finally had enough of this little pervert, so I decided to do a little spying on my own.

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Miss Darla is going to Vegas! Phone sex

No really, I’m going to be partying and enjoying my time away from the 5th to the 9th.

Are you going to miss me sweetlings? What are you going to do without your Miss to take care of you?

I have so many sexy plans and I’m so excited. One of my favorites is I’m going to a drag show. Those queens are what I aspire my sissies to be. They are so sexy and more beautiful than any woman I physically know…

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Gaining Her Identity With Forced Femme Phone Sex

Forced Femme Phone Sex Vivian

Mommy Vivian loves Forced Femme Phone Sex, but sometimes they just know I am perfect, and all it takes is a smile. Here is yet another story written by my sweet baby girl Pussy-boi Markie

Mommy Vivian You Are Perfect!!!

She saw him sitting on a park bench gazing at all the pretty flowers, and so She picked some especially for him. She took the pink pansies and sat next to him. Her radiance warmed him and he smiled and blushed for Her. “Hello angel,” She said to him so warmly. “This is just for you,” She said, handing him the bouquet. “Oh thank you!” he said with an obvious tone of appreciation and embarrassment. She could see he was not accustomed to getting flowers, and he blushed even more for Her. “I picked pink pansies because I thought they would look good with your pretty face,” She said. 

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On Your Mark, Get Set Ruined Orgasm Phone Sex


You beg. You plead. You tell me you’ll do anything, ANYTHING!! Just please Princess, please let me cum you cry. Hearing you beg and whimper like that does amuse the fuck out of me, and building you up, letting you have a false sense of ‘yes’ she’s going to let it happen amuses the fuck out of me even more.

CONTROL – That’s right I’ve got it and you’re just beginning to learn that no matter how much you beg, plead and cry, I will ONLY give in when I WANT to give in. When I WANT you to experience that rush of orgasm through your pathetic sobbing body. You gave up your choices when you gave yourself to me. I make the decisions. I decide whether or not you’re worthy to experience a treat, or if those balls need to stay bluer than they’ve ever been before.

Cum see if you’ve won the jackpot today, never know maybe I’m feeling generous.

Girls RULE, boys drool and sissies never need to cum!


Princess Amber


Orgasm Denial Palace

Gravel and Beg Bitch

Phone Sex Sissy Chastity Training

sissy fantasy, forced feminization, strapon, mind control, sissy roleplay


Bad little sissy gurl, you have been failing to follow my instructions on your feminization transformation and now it’s time to pay the price.  Pull down your panties and I’ll lock away your favorite tug toy and place the key on a chain hung tantalizingly around my neck.  If you ever expect to be released for a milking you will follow my every wicked demand.  First you will be dressing up in your frilly pink sissy dress so I can show off  your newly caged member to all of my friends.

Everyone knows that the best way to control misbehavior is deny your orgasm and be kept on on a sexual edge for days, weeks or as long as my cruel heart desires.  In time your clitty will shrink down to nearly nothing, all the better to fit in your panties my pet.  Honestly it’s better this way, the truth is even if you had obeyed my every command you would have been forced into chastity training.

Mistress Taryn


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Teaching you how to play with your Girlie Pussy Phone Sex

Wouldn’t you like to learn from one of the BEST??

I just love playing with my sweet little pussy.. and we both know that you wish you had a sexy little pussy like mine.. Well, here’s your chance, i can teach you exactly what to do with that pathetic thing you call a pussy.. during our AMAZING phone sex session!!

Come explore endless pleasures with me, i will take you places you never imagined you would be able to go, making that little slutty pussy feel things you never thought possible!!!