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It Is Called GIRLS Night Out Phonesex


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Jill’s boyfriend decided that he was going to invade the sanctity of our ladies night out.  She didn’t have the nerve to say no to him when he insisted that we could have just as much fun with him there. The other girls and I were not happy about this turn of events and developed our own plan of how to deal with his intrusion.

We made sure that we started our beverage intake much sooner than normal but what he didn’t know was ours was tea while his was something a bit stiffer. When time to leave came he was already shall we say judgmentally compromised. We convinced him that it would be fun to let us dress him for the evening out. His outfit went from a casual polo shirt and jeans to a slutty club dress and stockings enough make up to make a him look like a trashy hooker and a pair of lovely sandals. Continue reading It Is Called GIRLS Night Out Phonesex

Ready For the Phonesex Sissy Scouts

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Ok technically “he” is my uncle but with the right make up and wig and a trip to my closet he passes for my sister in a dark club. Once we get the huge fake boobs put in,  the short tight skirt wrapped around her amazing looking little ass and those 4” heels all the guys can think about of is how are they going to get their dicks into her.

I love to send her under the table to take out random guys cocks and make her suck them right there at the table. On a good night she can get at least 4 loads of cum in her belly before it’s off to the bathroom to whore out her little sissy cunt. Continue reading Ready For the Phonesex Sissy Scouts

That Phonesex Sissy Whore Is My Husband

Something strange was going on, I just couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was though. Just odd things.  I had panties that were missing from my drawer, I had a bra that was missing also. I might misplace a pair of panties but I would never lose a bra. My husband was spending a lot of time at the house of his new friend. One night he came home and it looked as if he had lipstick on his lips. I called his place of work and they told me that he had come home sick that afternoon but I was at home and he wasn’t here. When I asked him how his day was he gave me a full accounting of how busy he had been at work that day. I could only come to one conclusion. He had to be cheating on me.

So I did what any wife would do. I followed him. Continue reading That Phonesex Sissy Whore Is My Husband

I Caught You In Our Daughter’s Room Phonesex

I came home early thinking I would surprise you. Our daughter was gone for the night and the house would be ours. I had stopped on the way home and bought new lingerie wearing it out of the store so I could surprise you with that as well. I was the one that got the surprise though. The house was silent when I entered so I walked down the hallway to our room thinking perhaps you were napping. Imagine how stunned I was when I passed our daughter’s bedroom to see her father, you going through her panty drawer. Continue reading I Caught You In Our Daughter’s Room Phonesex

Phonesex Secret Sissy Tease

I see you with your bros at the bar and smile watching you before you see me.  I can’t help but wonder what all your buddies would say if they knew how excited you were when I said I was going to fuck you like my horny little slut tonight.  It’s kind of funny how none of them have any idea that you are wearing my panties under your jeans or how my boyshorts are pinning my strapon across my tummy under my skirt.  Continue reading Phonesex Secret Sissy Tease

Not In the Mood to Phonesex???

I stopped by his house unexpectedly for a little fuck fun. I knocked on the door and walked just in time to see him run around the corner. He yelled, “Be back in a sec” I was like oookkaaayy. He came back in just his jeans and no shirt looking all yummy. He sat down and asked me what I was doing, acting all weird. I slid my hand up between his legs and gave his cock a nice squeeze and told him I wanted to get naughty. He tried to tell me he wasn’t in the mood. Really? Seriously? Not in the mood? Ok something was going on. Continue reading Not In the Mood to Phonesex???

Fun Phone Sex Sissy Play Time

Come over sweet sissy! It’s been too long since we had a fun long play time! I am going to dress you up so pretty and sexy in silk, satin and lace. Bra, panties, garter belt, thigh highs, and a poofy little skirt.

Continue reading Fun Phone Sex Sissy Play Time

Phonesex Forced to Be My Sissy

My brother and I were flying to meet to a family reunion. We had missed the flight the rest of the family was on which just began a series of unfortunate (for him) events. Our plane was forced to land in a very rural area with only one little Podunk motel and which meant we had to share a room. The airline then informed him that his luggage was already at our destination as it never got removed from the first flight. The coup de grace was when in our first room a pipe burst sending a disgustingly foul black shower of sewage over him ruining everything he had on. Poor thing I have never seen a worse streak of bad luck. Continue reading Phonesex Forced to Be My Sissy

My Sweet Sissy Baby Phone Sex

Come here sissy boy. I know what you need. You need to get out of those big boy clothes. Let me take them off of you so you can relax and just be exactly what you are and have exactly what you’ve been needing all day long.

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Phone Sex Sissy Breeding – Delivery!

We did it! I had a breeding party for my sweet sissy girl. Just her! Ten of the most beautiful black men with the most gigantic cocks I have ever seen. All for her. She was so full of cum by the seventh enormous black cock, and two of the guys couldn’t stop stroking watching her get fucked every which way and blew their loads before their turns. So she got filled up by eight of those amazing thick hard full black cocks. I made her stay holding her knees up to her chest for an hour to make sure that seed made it’s way to that egg!

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