No More Bullying for My Sissy Son Phonesex

Mommy's sissy boy

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Mommy the boys at school are picking on me again and they took lunch money again” my pretty boy said as he looked up at me with tears streaming down his cheeks. As I held him and dried his tears I felt so much anger and frustration. How dare they do that to my beautiful little boy. Then that is when it hit me. That was the answer! He is beautiful, and what is the best weapon against any boy? A beautiful little girl. I told my sweet boy that mommy was going to fix everything. I decided we needed a day at the salon and the mall.

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My Sexy Sissy Slut Put On A Great Show Phone Sex

She looked and felt so sexy all dressed up in her silk and lace bra and panties. She had huge round water balloon filled breasts so pink and full. She was ready for some fun. Such a sexy slutty Sissy she was. I was more than happy to get her what she craved.

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You Look Like You Would Enjoy This Phone Sex

Be my sexy sissy boy

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I had chosen him from an online dating service because I thought that he had that certain something I was looking for. After our first date I was even more sure that he would want to play the game I was interested in playing. We were sitting on the patio having a few drinks when I sat my glass down and told him I had bought him a present and I hoped that he would like it. He said I didn’t have to do it. I told him I wasn’t entirely sure he would like it.

One more drink and I sent him to my bedroom to find the gift wrapped box with the big pink bow on it. On the Tag it said “I hope they are your size”. Inside was a beautiful classic black lace bra and panties wrapped in delicately scented tissue paper. I had put a little note in there that said  “If I’m wrong and you don’t like these just come back to the patio for another drink and we will forget that this ever happened. But if I am right and you do like them, go down the hall to the bathroom more is waiting for you there. Xoxo Sadie

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His Wife Turned Him Into Her Sissy Bitch Phone Sex

He can’t let go of his life as Little Sissy Bitch Cuckold. She has long since moved on having married a real man with a nice big cock.

He used to be made to get dressed up in her clothes and make-up and watch as she was pleasured by that big beautiful cock…..

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My Stoner Sissy Is A BBC Cock Sucking Cuckold Slut

After he has smoked a nice blunt he likes to watch my hot pussy get filled up and stretched out, knowing he could never satisfy me like the real men I play with. I let him lick the cum mixed in with my pussy juices off that Hot Hung BBC‘s cock after I have been fucked really good and hard. I always make him beg for it, lol.

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Sissy Whore Christmas Card Photo Shoot Phone Sex


You thinking of making a special Christmas Card to send out to all your family and friends? No?

Well too bad you cock sucking little bitch, we are going to make one anyway!!….

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My Sissy Boy’s Special Snowflake Dance Phone Sex

Sissy snowflake dance

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The Snowball dance was coming up at my son’s high school. My sweet boy. It tore me up inside to watch him try and act like all the other boys. But I knew and have always known my little prince was not like the other boys. He is so soft and delicate. I just couldn’t resist this opportunity to give him a chance to become who I knew he was truly meant to be.

I spent all day shopping finding just the right things. When he arrived home, I was waiting for him in his bedroom. On the bed lay the prettiest icy blue shimmering party dress. Beside it were white stockings and little blue slippers and on top of the dress was a little pink and black striped bag. I could see his confusion on his lovely little face when he looked at the clothes I had laid out for him.

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Let Me Humiliate Your Sissy Ass Phone Sex


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I get great pleasure when I treat my sissy boys to a Humiliation Sissy  Phone Sex call. There you are dressed in your cute little panties. You really are a Sissy loser and you know it. You have a tiny little clit dick and you know it isn’t good for much. You may think you are sweet and cute but you aren’t, you are a good for only one thing…….

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Phonesex Prepping For The Pretty Boy Pageant

Aunt Sadie's Sissy Nephew

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Halloween was weeks away but it was time to start his training. On Halloween night my friends and I had decided we were going to hold our own Pretty Boy Pageant. We were each to find our contestant and dress and train them to perform by Halloween. I had chosen my sweet young nephew. His lithe body and beautiful eyes were a great foundation to build from. I began by inviting him to lunch.

At lunch I told him that I needed his help. Being my sweet nephew who adores his Aunt he said he would do anything to help me. I took him to my bedroom and laid out a pair of panties, a corset, garter belt and stockings to dress him in. He asked me if it was necessary with a pretty little blush on his face. I told him that this was just the beginning. I knew I had chosen well when he finally stripped away his boxers and I saw his little cock. It was made to be in a pair of panties.

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Mommy’s Special Boy Phonesex

sissy boy mommy boy phonesex

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It’s so hard to sit and wait. Every day I would send my precious boy off to school, his darling little face, his curvier than average body, that sweet fragility of his, and watch him struggle so hard to be one of the boys. He would come home upset that the boys in his gym class tease him and give him such a hard time. He is so precious. He has his little “girlfriend” but I see the way she looks at him. She sees him as a friend not as a boyfriend. My sweet boy has no idea that in fact he is and always has been a precious perfect little sissy boy.

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