Faggot shopping phone sex



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I love it when my husband sends me out shopping.  He tells me what he’s in the mood for, how he wants them to look and if he wants them seasoned or new.  Well to break it down, he sends me to one of the local sissy bars and tells me what he has the taste for tonight.  (I’m sure I have told you that we enjoy all kind of kind together as husband and wife)

Tonight he was in the mood for a full blown faggot sissy.  Sometimes they are very hard to find.  I positioned myself where I could keep my eyes on the door and wait.  It wasn’t a long wait, in fact, I just had to weed out what was already there.  There she was.  She was standing near another faggot, hand on one hip and limp-wristed on the other.

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Sissy Slut At A Bachelor Party! Hot Sissy Phone Sex

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All of my sissy friends like to suck cock. But, I have one who lives for it. So, I planned a surprise for her. Some local guys had heard about her appetite for cum and asked if I could arrange to have her as the entertainment at their bachelor party.

As soon as she arrived at my place, I started dressing her in the cutest little cheerleader outfit. After adding the final touch of a tiara, we headed to the party. The only clue I would give her was that she was going to be doing plenty of swallowing. I could see her little clit start to bob under her skirt.

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Sissy Transformation Phone Sex – Part 3

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Mister Big Shot Sissy was ready for his next lesson. This was to be a lunchtime visit, so we wouldn’t have a lot of time to mess around with nervous sissy nonsense. We needed to get down to business.

He arrived and quickly put in on his lovely wear, including his red stilettos. He had also picked up a sexy red top to go with his black garter and stockings. Quite the picture. Then, right on cue, the doorbell rang.

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Sissy Transformation Phone Sex – Part 2

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It was time for another visit from my Big Shot Sissy, the powerful and religious local businessman who wants to be sissified.

He has been enjoying the garter and stockings we picked up and had obtained a super sexy pair of red stilettos but it was time to push him even further into his desires.

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Shopping with the sissy phone sex


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Aren’t these darling?  And if you need those locks to make sure you stay in those heels; they are perfect.  Sometimes locks are needed to make sure the sissy is wearing what they are supposed to.  Just take the key with you or make sure the key is frozen in a bottle of water.  

A cute additive is to have sissy engrave your initials on the lock.  Can you just imagine taking into the store for engraving?  No fair using your own personal engraving tool.  

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Powerful Man By Day, Sissy By Night. Sissy Transformation Phone Sex Part 1

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One of my favorite visitors is a powerful businessman in this town. He’s also a well-respected member of our local religious community. This makes him especially enticing to spend intimate time with.

He loves the kinky side of life. Anything taboo. We play often and when he’s out of town, he calls and I drive him wild with stories. Our most recent play time got a bit kinkier when he shared something with me he never had before.

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Living The Fantasy Phonesex

sissy dress up crossdressing phone sex


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We all know Halloween is the night when every sissy boy gets to fulfill his deepest fantasies. One such sissy I know had the most outrageously wonderful night of his, well on this night, her life. It wasn’t just dressing as a woman, no, it was dressing as a woman, dressing in costume so that she blended right in.

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Sissies and fishnets phone sex


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I showed my sissy housekeeper an outfit left over from my stripper days and I thought she was going to flip out over the fishnets.

I gave her the fishnets and the outfit too.  What I love about her is she is a full blown sissy.  That’s how I like them.  She has the lingo down; the strut; everything.  I had her model for me.  It was like a transformation when she put everything on.  I could almost see a pussy growing.

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Dick Or Treating With My Sissy Slut Phone Sex

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It’s Halloween time lovers and you know what that means! It’s the time of year where you can shed your inhibitions and let your true self come out to play.

I think this is an especially fun time of year for my sissies. All year they secretly wear lingerie, panties and the hottest women’s clothing but on Halloween all bets are off and my sissy boy toys come out in full force!

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My Niece Alice Phonesex Part 1

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My little niece was so adorable today. In her Sunday best, she wore a modest white dress. The no sleeves over the arms and a semi circle over her chest, a cute ribbon belt around her waist, and stockings over her legs into modest mary jane shoes. She sat so patiently, her makeup already done. A light foundation, lip gloss, and eye shadow. All that was left was her hair, I made sure the long sandy blonde wig was pinned securely into place before I brushed the shiny soft locks and curled them.

“We’re going out to lunch today my sweet.” I smiled, meeting her eyes in the mirror. “Your first time in public all dressed up. Exciting isn’t it.”

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