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Turning My Son Into My Daughter Phonesex Makeover

My sissy son makeover

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I had always known that my son was much more like me than his father. I had never said anything to him about it before but I knew there would come a day when he would want to talk about it. I took his laundry hamper to the laundry room and while I was separating out the clothes I found a pair of panties in there. For one moment I thought maybe he had been fucking a girl in his room but then I found another and another pair and I knew that these were no girlfriend’s panties.

I thought it was time to confront him. I walked to his room and found him working on his homework. “Jay, I was wondering, whose panties are these?” I asked him, holding the them up for him to see. He thought about lying for maybe a second and then he said they were his. “Yours? Are you wearing panties now?” I feigned surprise. He shrugged “I just like the way they feel better.” his face reddened and he asked if I was mad. I told him I wasn’t mad at all. I had expected this for some time now and was all prepared. Continue reading Turning My Son Into My Daughter Phonesex Makeover

Sissy Slut BBC Humiliation Phone Sex

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Whether you are a just a panty wearing Sissy Boy or a full blown Sissy Princess I know what you need. You need to prove to me what a good slut you are. The best way to do that is to get down on your knees and do exactly what I tell you to do……

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A Note To Say I Saw You Phonesex Sissy Playing

sissy phone sex

Dear Darling,

I am leaving you this note to let you know that I came home early last week and I saw you. I don’t want you to be afraid or think that I’m angry but what I saw has been playing over and over again in my mind. I saw you in my bra and panties pulling up one of my dresses. At first yes I was a bit upset. I was afraid you were going to stretch out my clothes but then I saw your face when you looked in the mirror. I haven’t seen you smile like that in a very long time.

I know I was invading your privacy, watching you when you didn’t know I was there but I am glad that I did. You know what I saw next don’t you? I saw you walk over to my drawer and take out my dildo. I was shocked I had no idea that you had those sorts of desires. I saw you make love to that cock with your mouth. Continue reading A Note To Say I Saw You Phonesex Sissy Playing

Be my sissy anal fuck slut phone sex gal pal!

Sissy Anal Fuck Slut Mila

I am looking for a new anal fuck slut phone sex gal pal! We can play all day or all night having the best sissy phone sex calls ever! You know you wanna be my sissy whore!

I know you think of the fact you want and need your little whole drilled with something. I know exactly what you need when it comes to that. The want and the need clouding your judgment to be pumped full of juice till you cannot see anymore. The mind blowing orgasm that you feel when you want to feel the cock stretch out your hole. Make it bigger and bigger as you feel the excitement of a real cock pulsing in your tiny little bud the feeling of your cock swinging down low knowing your being used for other purposes. Continue reading Be my sissy anal fuck slut phone sex gal pal!

ABDL Sissy Faggots

Sissy Phone Sex Vivian

Don’t worry sissy, mommy is here to take care of her little angel. I know you have been waiting on me but mommy has so much to do sometimes. But, I am never to busy to be your mommy that is really important to me all the time to make sure you are taken care of 100%. I love the fact you have spent all this time waiting for mommy I am here right now to make your sissy baby dreams to come true! I love the fact that you want me to be here all the time for you. Continue reading ABDL Sissy Faggots

You Stole My Bikini Phonesex

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I knew I had left my bikini out on the deck rail to dry, but when I went to bring it inside it was nowhere to be found. I thought maybe it had blown away and walked out around deck looking for any sign of it in the bushes. Then I thought maybe it had fallen underneath the deck.  I was becoming completely mystified as to how my swimsuit could just disappear when I looked up and happened to see our friend’s son through the upstairs window. He was wearing my bikini!

I could see him posing in the mirror and touching my bikini while watching himself. His hands moved over the cups of my bikini top and then one hand moved down to rub the front of the bathing suit bottoms. He gripped his young erection and began masturbating in earnest.  Continue reading You Stole My Bikini Phonesex

Sissy Nephew Needs A Phone Sex Snack

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Things got a bit out of control with my nephew that I had been feminizing. Normally we only work on feminizing him when we are alone. He spends all his time with his Aunt Sadie dressed in beautiful dresses and fabulous lingerie, with lessons on sucking and fucking my strap on. But my husband had come home unexpectedly before we could finish our session and it left my nephew a bit frustrated. He whined that he wanted to be fucked but I couldn’t, not with my husband at home he wouldn’t understand why his brother’s son was prancing around in pink lingerie.

I placated my nephew with promises that tomorrow we would find time to stretch his boy pussy and he unnerved me with the smile on his face as he said that would be fine. I know that smile and it meant that he had some idea but he wasn’t sharing. I found out what it meant a little later. Continue reading Sissy Nephew Needs A Phone Sex Snack

Pussy Loving Sissy Boy Phonesex

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Believe it or not, not all sissy bois are faggot little cocksuckers.  I know there are a whole ass ton of them out there that are but every rule has an exception and this one does too.

Like there is this one yummy little sissy boi that I love to play with. He loves his pantyhose and panties and super cute skirts and he loves pussy! Not that he really gets any but he still loves it! He is so freaking cute in his sissy clothes though it would be so much fun to go out with him and do some hardcore cock teasing. Continue reading Pussy Loving Sissy Boy Phonesex

Sadie’s Phonesex Sissy School

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His physical modifications were complete. It is very rewarding to see my soon to be sissy maids beginning to blossom. The first time they successfully dress themselves in full maid uniform including make-up, the confidence they begin to show is touching. Soon their mannerisms begin to change; they giggle and gossip with each other just as if they were schoolgirls.

The etiquette classes bring about even more confidence and sass as their former lives fade into oblivion. But it is simply the first stage. Continue reading Sadie’s Phonesex Sissy School

It Is Called GIRLS Night Out Phonesex


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Jill’s boyfriend decided that he was going to invade the sanctity of our ladies night out.  She didn’t have the nerve to say no to him when he insisted that we could have just as much fun with him there. The other girls and I were not happy about this turn of events and developed our own plan of how to deal with his intrusion.

We made sure that we started our beverage intake much sooner than normal but what he didn’t know was ours was tea while his was something a bit stiffer. When time to leave came he was already shall we say judgmentally compromised. We convinced him that it would be fun to let us dress him for the evening out. His outfit went from a casual polo shirt and jeans to a slutty club dress and stockings enough make up to make a him look like a trashy hooker and a pair of lovely sandals. Continue reading It Is Called GIRLS Night Out Phonesex