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Bimbo Kourtnii is A Phonesex Woman Now


I am just so proud of my beautiful bimbo Kourtnii! The work she has done and is continuing to do on her journey to becoming one of the sexiest, naughtiest sissy bimbo girls ever is really beginning to pay off. We have gone shopping to make sure that she has the most darling clothes. We ordered he very first dildo together and finally after far too long we finally got to bring my sensational sissy slut into the world of ass fucked sissies. Continue reading Bimbo Kourtnii is A Phonesex Woman Now

Pretty Pink Butt Plug Phone Sex

I picked out a pretty butt plug for my TOTAL sissy faggot Bb. Yes, I had to go with pink. I had a very very brief moment where I thought the clear “diamond jewel” would be good. But, fuck, (get it? ha!), he is such a pink-loving sissy (aren’t they all!) I HAD to go with the pink. So he purchased it as instructed. Then waited. He had to go out of town and was absolutely crazy wondering if his butt plug would be delivered by the time he returned. He slept holding his big black dildo that I made him get a few months ago, but he dreamt of that pretty pink-bejeweled butt plug.

AND YES! It was there. He was frantic because I told him NOT to use it until he checked in with me!! Hahahaha! Can you imagine? I know you sissies can imagine sitting there looking at your brand new pretty butt plug and being forbidden from using it!!

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What’s This on Your Phone Sex?

Give me that! I yanked his phone out of his hand and I knew by the panic on his face he had something good hidden in there somewhere. He tried to take it back but no way was I letting that happen. I ran over to where my fuck friends were standing knowing that I could use them as a shield. He chased me demanding his phone back and as I expected my boys took my side immediately grabbing the owner of the phone by his arms and asking what was going on. Continue reading What’s This on Your Phone Sex?

The Sissy Slut Of The Year Phonesex

It’s obvious that it is YOU who is the sissy slut of the year! You don’t remember me do you? I was the one who took you out of that sad life you were living in. The life that you had to pretend to be the man around the house or the executive at the local firm. It was I who you came to when the world was falling apart, or so you thought.

I trained you to be a pretty woman. A woman that you always wanted to be. A woman who loves cock and even preyed upon it. I trained your sweet little virgin ass by stretching it out several times a day with my cock. I trained those lips to be the sweetest cock sucking lips ever! Those legs of yours were trained by me to hold endurance and strength during the gang-bangs I was preparing you for. I trained you to worship cock with honor. I trained you to be the best!

Yes, you are the sissy slut of the year. Go get ’em, sissy!

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Pretty Prancy Phone Sex Sissy

Pretty, prancy, dancy sissy in her pretty frilly pink dress… She loves dancing around in that favorite frilly pink dress of hers! Twirling, spinning, watching herself in the mirror. “I’m prettier than you, Sherry!” She laughs as she shakes her silicone-filled push-up bra. “Look at me!” She’s so silly. “I’m looking! Yes, you are a pretty pretty little sissy!”   Continue reading Pretty Prancy Phone Sex Sissy

He Became She for Me To Phone Sex

You know how sometimes you get a craving for something and nothing else can satisfy it until you get it? I was having one of those days. I was craving some hot slippery wet lesbian sex. It happens sometimes. The only problem was I already had a date. It was a date with this really hot guy too. But when you are craving a muffin even the best sausage won’t do it. Continue reading He Became She for Me To Phone Sex

Sissy Phone Sex Contest

I love it when you call me, all dressed up in lingerie like a nasty cum whore so eager to please me. You will do anything your Mistress requests of you because you’re aching to be my #1 Sissy.

Well guess what, you’re in luck. For a limited time I’m holding a contest to see who can be the dirtiest nastiest Sissy Cum Slut. This of course will require an on camera session for me to take screen shots of you.

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Phonesex Party Deal

The men wanted to have a huge Super Bowl party again this year. For them it is all fun but for us it is a lot of work so we made a deal. We would throw them a super bowl party that their friends would envy if they threw a party for us first. We sent each man a box with his outfit special to the theme for the party. Our theme was “Guys and DollsContinue reading Phonesex Party Deal

Showoff Phonesex Sissy Slut

Oh these fucking conceited sissy sluts! Always bragging about how sexy they are in their pretty lingerie… I would LOVE to show you this one in his sexy red g-string, but I just couldn’t get the right angle before he dropped them to his ankles to take that 9″ dildo all the way in to that tight little sissy hole of his.

Oh! It all started with his cock sucking challenge! “I bet I can suck cock better than you!” He told me. “Oh it’s on you fucking cocky sissy!” So we stuck that suction-cupped 9″ dildo to the wall and went for it…

I’m not going to tell you who the winner was and really it’s all subjective isn’t it? But that fucking sissy

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Dick Goes Here And Here Phone Sex Sissy Boy!

Hello there sweet sissy boys!! I want you to come here and let me watch you rub your little boy clitties. Just like this. See how I do it? Do it just like that. I know you wish you had a tiny little clitty like mine.   Continue reading Dick Goes Here And Here Phone Sex Sissy Boy!