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Sissy Faggot BB More Exposed More Deeply Changed

Sissy faggot bb is progressing well on his journey to full and permanent homosexuality. At one time he may have had dreams of being a man and having women have sex with him but he has begun to accept that he will only be for the rest of his life a cock sucking homosexual. Continue reading Sissy Faggot BB More Exposed More Deeply Changed

Psst… Hey Phonesex Sissy!

You are so fucking funny! You’re still at that wavering point. You think about sucking cock, you fuck yourself with dildos while watching gay porn. But you still flaunt your dick. “Look at my dick, Nicole! I’m no sissy! I have a Continue reading Psst… Hey Phonesex Sissy!

Phonesex Sissy At My Professor’s House

My professor Dr. Kate,( I’ll call her so she doesn’t get in trouble) has totally fallen under the Whitney spell you guys know so well. It’s one of the great things about studying sexual psych you get to have some pretty amazing professors. It started when she invited me to come to her house for a get to know you session. I thought she did it for all her students but turns out not really.

She answered the door in her tight jeans and blouse a little too unbuttoned but whatever, it was her house so I didn’t think about it too much. Then her husband Brock came out of the kitchen. Ohmigod! He was pussy drooling hot and was wearing an apron and a pair of panties. It became super clear what was going on in the house when Dr. Kate and I sat down and he offered to get us drinks and then knelt when he served them. His eyes were on the floor and her smile said it all. Being a professor she felt the need to explain the obvious that they had a D/s thing going on where her husband was her subbie and she thought that I would be able to appreciate it. She wasn’t wrong!

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A Sissy Page All For Phonesex Sissy Faggot Bb

My bbc-loving NOT-so-closeted pantyboy Sissy Faggot Bb has proven his devotion to his Mistress Nicole. Yes, most of you know I do not allow just anyone to address me as Mistress (in fact, they can be counted on one hand). But my GOOD Sissy Faggot Bb has earned it. He has spent months following my every instructionobedient, attentive, eager… and therefore Sissy Bb has not only earned the right to be my very special sissy… he will also have a page all about him on my own personal website. The chronicles of my Sissy Faggot Pantyboy Bb are under construction now! Congratulations, Sissy Bb. I know you will thank me properly.

Earn your place, fucking sissiesxxx

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Tyler Loves Daddy Mark Phonesex

A client of mine, has talked to me about his obsession with his best friend Mark. He wants him to dress him up in sissy baby girl clothes and be spanked over his friend’s lap. Then this sissy wants to call him DADDY out in public wearing pink and holding his hand while his other hand holds a diaper bag embroidered with SISSY on the front of it. He wants Daddy to cuckold him. Mark will be the MAN in the marriage. He has not told his wife or Mark about it, only me.

Tyler wants to come out to all the big strong men in his new office as a baby or a sissy. He wants them to dress him in sissy clothes, put on a fashion show for them, be forced to be subservient to them all in front of the one female attorney in the office who would laugh at him.

He went to a sex shop and bought panties to wear at the office, a necklace that says slave that he is now wearing around his neck with his new hosiery. He dreams of being taken to a bar after work where is manly co-workers would all take turns spanking him. He even wants his wife invited so she can watch the whole thing. Don’t you agree that this sissy is one of the most pathetic you have ever heard of? Maybe I will email his friend Mark and let him know to read this…


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Fiance Wants Sissy Lessons Phone Sex

I have a sweet little sissy who recently got engaged to his girlfriend. She wants him to dress up pretty and wear makeup. Sometimes she has him put on a little sissy maid outfit and clean up the house, often when her friends are over. He said now he can’t get hard unless he’s dressed and made up and wanted me to let him know if that was okay! OF COURSE THAT’S OKAY!! Such a cute little sissy. I asked him if she’d fucked his little boy pussy with a strap on yet. He admitted he wanted it but was afraid to ask her. So, we went shopping! We got him a pretty little jeweled butt plug and three strapons in graduating sizes!! He’s so excited, but still too nervous to ask her for it. So next session, I’m talking to his fiancee!!

Sissy’s BFF <3,
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Show Me Your Phonesex Panties

Ok I have a small confession to make, I love seeing hard fucking dicks in pretty little feminine girly panties. It is just fucking hot! Of course yes I do love using my strap on to fuck some hot boy ass but sometimes it is good to just have a hot naughty man who loves the feel of my panties against his cock before he throws me down and fucks me like a stud.

Now before some of you sissy sluts get excited, I’m talking about real man cock. Not those little pathetic should have been a clit excuses that you like to call your cock. No I mean the kind that actually sticks out of the panties when they get hard. The kind that can wreck my pretty panties but so worth it just to see that satin/lace/mesh/microfiber whatever stretched and distorted by the delicious long lean lines of a hard throbbing pre cum dripping cock. You guys know who you are.

So panty boy’s watch out I’m on the prowl for some hot cock in panty models. I will have my strappy ready but we don’t have to use it. I just want to see you in your silky, stretchy cock hugging best panties. So holler at your girl if you know what I’m talking about!



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Conceited Sissy Faggot Britney Phonesex

This is my conceited little sissy panty boi, Britney. When we first met he was wearing his pink panties and dancing around his room to Britney Spears. Watching himself in the mirror of course… at first… but he knows he’s a hot little slut. We go through sissy magazines and he compares himself to all the panty bois and is absolutely positive he is hotter than all of them!! Well… I really don’t disagree. He IS a hot little minx and hey, he’s got it, he can flaunt it!! AND he is EXTREMELY obedient. So I let him get away with his self-admiration… as I’m making him shoot cum like a broken fire hydrant inside those pretty little panties!


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My Phonesex Lesbian Sissy

She was breathtakingly beautiful. Soft luminous skin, her curves shown to perfection in the tight dress she was wearing that I couldn’t stop watching her. We talked for a bit as the sexual chemistry between us sizzled. I was as eager to be alone with her as she was with me.

From the moment she kissed me I was wet. The feel of her slim body our breasts pressed together and her fingers on my pussy was enchanting. She laid me back on her couch and began licking my pussy. Her tongue sending waves of pleasure pulsing through my body, she ravished my dripping folds until I was screaming in orgasm. I couldn’t wait to taste her in return. I took my turn pushing her back into the corner of the couch. I pushed up her skirt and saw a bulge of rock hard dick snaking out the top of her panties. I looked up at her and she said “surprise, I come with a little extra.” It was more than a little extra but I eagerly licked her ass in her panties, licking up over her balls to the mushroom head of her clit.

I was expecting a night of incredible lesbian sex but instead had a mind bending night of transsexual sex. Feeling her fucking me while I looked into her feminine face, her cock better than any strap on I have ever experienced. It was the best surprise I have ever received.



Silly Phone Sex Sissy! Let’s Put Those Stockings On Right!

Oh my goodness my silly sissy! Watching you try to put your stockings on is unbearable!! Adorable too because you are so clueless! But here… let’s show you how to put those on right! Now, first you take the stocking and bunch it down like this, from the thigh down to the toe. See? So your foot can slip right in! BUT! These are delicate silk. You don’t just jam your pretty little foot in like you’re shoving on a work boot! No. Point your toes. Yes! Arch that foot. Mmhmmm. Now feel me slide the stocking over those toes, up your calf and shin, over your knee… all the way up… Mmmmm. Doesn’t that feel soooo good?

Now you do the other one! 😉

Your BFF <3,
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