Accidental Forced Feminization Phonesex

forced crossdressing phone sex


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It was all a crazy misunderstanding. It began with my friend Aaron coming over to the house, and while we were talking I accidentally spilled my coffee all over him. His white shirt and his khaki pants were stained with coffee all over them. I told him to change out of his clothes so that I can wash them and went to my closet to find something for him to put on, I gave him my robe. My short, satin, very pink, robe. He objected of course but it was either that or sit around my house naked which he didn’t want to do.

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My Niece Alice Phonesex Part 1

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My little niece was so adorable today. In her Sunday best, she wore a modest white dress. The no sleeves over the arms and a semi circle over her chest, a cute ribbon belt around her waist, and stockings over her legs into modest mary jane shoes. She sat so patiently, her makeup already done. A light foundation, lip gloss, and eye shadow. All that was left was her hair, I made sure the long sandy blonde wig was pinned securely into place before I brushed the shiny soft locks and curled them.

“We’re going out to lunch today my sweet.” I smiled, meeting her eyes in the mirror. “Your first time in public all dressed up. Exciting isn’t it.”

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His Secret After Closing Time Phonesex

wear panties phone sex


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It was late the stores were beginning to close and I rushed into the lingerie shop. The manager was the only one there, standing at the register. He looked up and started to say that they were closed but I guess he must have changed his mind once he saw me. He asked if I needed some help, and I told him I needed something special for the night I was planning and I was sorry it was so close to closing time for him but I would hurry. He said to take my time but asked if I minded if he locked the chain fence down to close the store. I told him I didn’t mind at all.

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Making use of your clitty Phonesex

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A cock is a terrible thing to waste, but apparently nobody ever told you that, did they honey? Since really as pathetic as that specimen is, it still could of got some love, though clearly it never, ever has. Don’t worry, we can find all kinds of other things to do once we lock that little worm away and keep it no longer an issue…

I’m sure I’ll find something to fill your time you little slut, something much more suited to you. You know what they say, every man, no matter how manly he thinks he might be, is an anal queen deep down. And you’ve got your cock in your hand don’t you? I’m sure you do, and you’re looking at my cock. So once we take yours out of the picture…

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The Transforming Phone Sex Wish

transformed into a woman


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It was my friend’s birthday. As I set the cake in front of him, there was one very special gold candle surrounded by the ordinary small candles. I leaned over his shoulder and whispered in his ear “be very careful what you wish for this year.”

He took a deep breath, closed his eyes for a moment, then blew out all the candles. I saw the little golden spark fly up into the air from the center gold candle and knew that his wish was about to come true. I kissed him on the cheek and wished him a happy birthday, he smiled up at me and asked me why I was acting so strangely. I just smiled back and told him I couldn’t wait to see what he had wished for.

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Cute toes for sissy phonesex

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Guess who just got a pedicure!?

This girl! My feet feel so nice, they are so smooth and soft. My toenails are just perfect and this beautiful shade of blue-green. The only thing I’m missing is having a nice sissy to worship my toes.

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Sissies Sucking Sissies Faggot Phonesex Orgies

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Come on honey, he honest with yourself. You know you’re not good enough for any real woman in the world. There, does that make you feel better to admit it now? I mean look at your dicklette..what grown woman is going to want that…joke? No sweetie, but don’t you worry. I know the perfect thing for a limp wristed faggot like you.

Another sissy! I can’t wait to take you out to meet new sissies. You can swap stories about boys, give each other makeup tips, critique each others blowjobs…it’d be a perfect confidence builder for a new gurl like you!

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Phone Sissy Aversion Therapy Phonesex

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Your status as a male is clearly a case of denial honey. You can argue up and down all you like, I don’t see anything ‘boy‘ about you. I see plenty of girl, but there just doesn’t seem to be the faintest trace of anything man about you.

But don’t worry my sweet little feminine creature, I’m sure with a bit of intensive therapy and attention to every detail there won’t be a hint of masculinity left to you when I’m done fixing all those silly little crossed wires that declare you as anything else but a pliant, ultra feminine, subservient girl.

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A Holiday Phonesex Magic Kiss

Holiday magic

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Holiday magic fills the air this time of year. Some know how to wield it and others are forever changed by it. I found a very old recipe in a very old book and the perfect subject to try this particular recipe on.

I had seen him many times at the office. The way he would look at the women there told me much about him. No he wasn’t looking with lust in his eyes, but more envy. He seemed to be drawn to the more conservative style of dress. Nothing very flashy or revealing but classic and very lady like. I knew he would be the one.

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My Sissy Boy’s Special Snowflake Dance Phone Sex

Sissy snowflake dance

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The Snowball dance was coming up at my son’s high school. My sweet boy. It tore me up inside to watch him try and act like all the other boys. But I knew and have always known my little prince was not like the other boys. He is so soft and delicate. I just couldn’t resist this opportunity to give him a chance to become who I knew he was truly meant to be.

I spent all day shopping finding just the right things. When he arrived home, I was waiting for him in his bedroom. On the bed lay the prettiest icy blue shimmering party dress. Beside it were white stockings and little blue slippers and on top of the dress was a little pink and black striped bag. I could see his confusion on his lovely little face when he looked at the clothes I had laid out for him.

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