Phone Sex Steal My Panties?

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Sadie                   1-844-332-2639 ext. 222

Tonight was the perfect night to let my neighbor know that I knew he had been sneaking into my panty drawer for the last few months. Halloween, provided the perfect theme. With the help of a tech savvy friend I sat in my control room and waited.

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Sissy Education Phonesex

844-332-2639 ext, 346

Hey honey, remember all those days you’ve wasted wanting to be like me? You have your collection of little girly things, all secreted away, you jerk off with lipstick in the bathroom after a shower before someone can catch you, you fantasize about running off and renting a hotel room and…Mm. Well baby, I did too, and I gave in. Look at me girly, this your future.

It’s time we  moved you forward. Don’t worry sister, you’re going to love this.

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Serinda Loves Her Sissies in Panties Phone Sex


Sinful Serinda 844-33-CANDY (844-332-2639), ext. 394

There is nothing like a nice pair of panties, is there ladies? There’s just something about the silkiness rubbing against your skin – it feels smooth, snug, seductive and secretive. Wearing those panties under your boy clothes maybe, it makes you feel secure and safe, or it just feels good. Hmmm, I have an idea….

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Serinda’s Favorite Sissy Shopping Spree Phone Sex

sissy panties

Sinful Serinda 844-33-CANDY (844-332-2639), ext. 394

In celebration of me finally posting some naughty sissy blogs on this site, I’m going to share with you some naughty sissy fun I had this past weekend. I was so happy to finally be here and I had to share my excitement with someone, so I took my favorite sissy girl shopping!

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Panty Fetish Phone Sex For My Naughty Sissies

*LUCY*  844-332-2639 xxx- 221

I LOVE sexy panties and I think a lot of you sissies do too because I can’t even tell you how many calls I get from panty bois. I know you love seeing me all dressed up in pretty panties and I love wearing them for you. No matter what I’m doing, if I’m wearing a sexy pair of panties I just walk a little taller and it makes me feel more confident. And I tell you, the hotter my lingerie is, the better I’m going to fuck. Take notes my sissies.

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You’re a Phone Sex Bimbo

1-844-332-2639 Ext. 245

Hello there, you little sissy. Get comfortable. Relax. Listen to me, and only to me. Focus your thoughts on my words, relax, let the world melt away sweetie. I know your biggest fantasy, to be the sissy slut you where always meant to be. To be the perfect limp wristed bimbo. Its all you’ve ever wanted. Its all I want

You want to just throw away or burn all those ugly disgusting boy clothes, you want nothing more then to quit your job and devote your entire life to being a pathetic bottom bitch bimbo slut, sucking huge cocks and wiggling your ass hoping for big strong men to fuck you. Its all you want. You need it. Think of the cocks, you want them in your mouth. I know this. You want this. You want to put those panties on for me.

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Imitation is the Sincerest form of Flattery – Sissy Phonesex with Ilene

Sissy Phonesex with Ilene

You want to be me, look like me, act like me, fuck like me. Your whole world revolves around me. You study me, try and walk like me. You beg me to dress you in the same clothes I wear, to do your hair like I do mine.

You want to be me.

You sneak into my dirty clothes and pull out my panties. You put them on, hoping my smell becomes yours. You slide on my stockings, hoping your legs look half as good in them as mine do. You try to fix your makeup as I do mine.

You want to be me.

You watch how I fuck, you watch how I suck, you study the rock of my hips, the moans of my enjoyment, the movement of my tongue. You practice, you bend over, you beg my Alpha males to fuck you like they fuck me.

You want to be me.


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She’s Just Adorable In Her Panties – Sissy Phone Sex with Ilene

Sissy Phone Sex with Ilene

The number one item that sissies love is panties. Not just any panties, cute, frilly panties. A Sissy would never be caught wear plain ole granny panties, and never enjoy wearing men’s underwear, nope, cute panties are the choice for sissies.

I had a sissy I was playing and training and she loved her panties. She had over 100 pairs and always bought new ones each week. Every time she bought a new pair she would call me up and model them on Skype for me. Of course, I would take screenshots, and we would even test them. By testing them I mean how durable they are.

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Edging A Panty Bitch Sissy Phone Sex

*LUCY*  844-332-2639 xxx- 221

One of my sissies is so into panties. He’s such a little panty bitch. He puts them on and watches panty porn, but I always make him wait before I would let him cum. This sometimes goes on for hours. Sometimes days. It depends on how I feel that day. Recently, I decided to push him to the limit.

First, I told him he had to wear the panties 24/7. Even at work, under his business suit. It seems that this really turned him on, knowing he had panties on in secret all day. I’m pretty sure he had a hard cock 24/7, too. Then I started telling him he could not cum, no matter how many days passed by. He became so excited, he could hardly contain himself. He asked me to cage him and really control the times he was allowed to cum. I LOVE caging “men” so this was something I happily agreed to.

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