Mistress Sheila Awaits Phone Sex


Mistress Sheila awaits you in her dungeon.

I will seduce you…

tease your cock

whip you into shape…


Turn you into a begging beast…

awaiting your final release!

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Goddess Eve’s Sissy Phonesex Fantasy

sissy phonesex with Goddess Eve

Once a upon a time there was a little sissy boy who dreamed of growing up to be a big sissy girl!  Sissy boy spent many hours looking through his Victoria Secret Catalogues and fantasized on how to transform himself into the perfect pretty sissy girl. 

One afternoon there was a knock at sissy boy’s door… to his delight Goddess Eve had come to visit.   Come on sissy boy we are going shopping.  It’s time we made you over and turned you into the perfect sissy girl. So off to Victoria’s Secret they went.

Sissy boy was shaking in his boots as they walked across the threshold into the store.  This was sissy boy’s first experience entering the ultimate in sissy wonderland! 

Ah did you want it hear how of Goddess Eve’s sissy phonesex fantasy ends..hmmm guess you will have to pick up the phone won’t you sissy boy and be transformed into a pretty sissy girl.



Last Weeks Phonesex Contest Winner

Congratulations LGB you are our winner! 

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Using My sissy ~ Phonesex

Hello all My little bitches!

Yes, it is Mistress Randi, back for awhile, and ready to train all you whores the way you should be trained!

sissy training

I heard from one of My loyal, obedient sluts this weekend.  her name is sissy francine, she has belonged to Me for the past 4 years, and knows exactly what is expected of her.

This weekend, I had her serving for a deck party I held at My home. she was dressed as a cute little sissy maid, with that ruffled apron, high heels, short skirt but I demanded she remove those sexy little red panties!  I wanted My guests to see what a begging little slut she really is.

I had her of course serve Us cocktails, and as she was serving each drink, My guests were permitted to have her do anything they so desired!  Some had her take Their cocks in her mouth, while others just couldn’t resist shoving a finger or two in that pussy of hers! lol

The look on poor sissy francine’s face was priceless, but that was only the beginning of the party! 

Want to hear more of sissy francine’s adventures this weekend?  Give Me a call, but be prepared to be turned into My sissy slut and sissy maid.

Ms. Randi



Dress Up Phone Sex

Hi little sissy. It’s time for some fun! I need good sissy sluts to break in today. I going to dress you up in lots of sexy lingeriegarters, stockings, silky panties and sexy lacy bras for the prettiest sissy sluts out there! Let’s get nasty! Are you ready to play? I’m going train you to be the hottest little slut, so that i can take you out and force you to do whatever i want. I like dirty sluts who like to be used, and I know you want to be used like the little slut you are!! I need nasty cum sluts!! Let’s have some fun and get wild.





Hey sissyboy let’s have some phonesex

lol,  look at you….lol  Those frilly panties fit your ass to a “t”.  lol, that pitiful cock all pulled down so no bump.  I really like the way you have done your makeup.  Big boobs, rounded hips, ……doesn’t that just turn the boys on?  We can do one of those circle fucks where they all get a chance at that  little girly pussy. You are my little girl; prettiest little girl on the block……lol




sissy phone sex with Miss Denise~Worship My Breasts!

sissy boys and girls love Miss Denise and her huge natural tits! Want tits like mine?

Hey sissy!  See these tits?  Look at them.  So big and round and pretty.  I know you covet them don’t you.  You dream of having breasts like mine.  Breasts that men stare at in lust and that other women envy.

You wish you had a pussy like mine too but you can’t stop imagining what it would feel like to have real natural huge titties jiggling and bouncing on your chest.  Imagine walking around with a sheer lacy camisole barely covering the nipples, feeling the weight of the fabric rubbing and puckering the little pink tips.  Whose lips will be licking them and making you cream your sissygirl panties and making your sissy clitty throb?

Phonesex with Miss Denise is so real that you will actually be feminine, soft, pretty and sexy.  I know how much you desire that sensation.  Let’s explore how satisfying it is for you to cum like a girl!

Miss Denise

Phonesex feminization, girlie lessons, sissy school, cock sucking lessons and forced strap-on training!

888 822 1443

Miss Denise sissy page  

Phonesex-sissy style!

Cuckold Goddess Eve loves sissysluts

When you cum to play at Eve’s house you better cum prepared sissy boy! 

you must be wondering what do i need to bring when i play with Eve?
Let me make you a list

Number one -  your best manners – know this slut, Eve frowns on rude behavior.  your Cuckold Goddess Eve believes and practices cbt on all pathetic losers.

Number two -  All those favorite pretty things.  Panties are not optional – make sure you are wearing them before you pick up the phone.

Number three -  Have all your favorite toys at hand and be prepared to retrieve all the items  Eve demands needed to torment that pathetic small dick slut!

It’s pretty simple sissyboys be ready when you cum to Cuckold Goddess Eve’s sissy style phonesex session.  Eve’s hot nasty phonesex experience.

Phonesex chat with Eve, sissyslut if you dare!




panty boy’s laundry day is only interrupted by phonesex calls

sissy pantyboy phonesex
On Monday afternoons Eve’s panty boy hurry’s home after work because it’s laundry day.  As well as taking care of the regular laundry he must wash all those pretty panties out by hand and then hang them out to dry. I supplied him with has his own drying rack which he sets up on the patio for all the neighbors to see.  It has become quite a spectacle!  The lady next door is generally on her patio watching him as he hangs each pair up with great care.  I supervise and inspect the entire operation which seems to amuse all my neighbors.

Of course the whole operation is put on hold when a men calls for phonesex. The laundry boy must go and wait in his room until the phonesex call is over and the man cums.  Poor panty boy is even cuckolded by each and every phonesex call! 

The more calls his Goddess receives the longer it will take to complete his chore… so it has been known the laundry boy has worked into the night! 

You too can interrupt panty boy by calling Eve!



Sissy Phonesex

WOW!! I caught you again sissy in my shoes… What do you think Miss Amber should do  about  this?? If you were a  good sissy I might reward you…empty that bag and show me what else you have of mine! Now’s time for you to confess all your dirty lil secrets you’ve been hiding from me – Call me at once!!



Pretty British Phonesex

Hello pet;

I trust you are dressed pretty for Me?!

I prefer My sissy, pansy little girls dressed in something frilly and slutty all wrapped up into one!

you know luv, I have had lots of experience with “your sissy kind”, and really get very wet, and excited at the thought of transforming you, from the good little prissy girl, to the wild, wanton, sissy slut that is waiting inside.

Have you received any training as yet, pet?  Well, it certainly hasn’t been My kind of sissy training I can assure you of that! *chuckle*

Give me a ring luv, and let Me see what I have to work with in you!

Ta for now

Madame Libby