Willow’s Turkey Day Gobble Fest Phone Sex


WILLOW 1-844-332-2639, ext 230

It’s almost Turkey TIme and everyone will be feasting on turkey and stuffing, etc. My sissy friends will be feasting on something but it won’t be turkey. They will be feasting on cocks this Thanksgiving Season. These sissies will be gobbling as much cock as they can this week. It won’t matter if the guys are married, etc. All cocks are game for these Sissy Boys.

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Lucy Loves Anal Slut Sissies Phone Sex

*LUCY*  844-332-2639 xxx- 221

Well, well, well my sissy sluts! Are you ready for a sissy phone sex guided masturbation call? I LOVE doing those with you. There are a lot of sissies who haven’t yet fucked themselves with anything more than a finger. If that describes you, then I think it’s time for you to let me help you fuck yourself for the first time with a big fat dildo. I know you’re scared, but you don’t have to be. It’s what you’ve wanted for so long and I’m finally going to help you go all the way. I mean, you kinda need to before you start getting fucked by real dicks.

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Pop, Pop, Pop go the beads Phone Sex


844 332 2639 x 352

I sometimes take my laptop and phone outside when taking calls.  It was a wonderful night and I was enjoying outside.  I’d had a few calls and with each one, a bit more turned on.

When the caller wanted Mutual Masturbation I was all for it.  With my earbuds in and my eyes closed, I listened to every hot thing he described.

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Boyfriend Busted Sneaking Into My House Phonesex

Sadie        1-844-332-2639 ext. 222

I received an alert from my security system that there was movement in my house. I clicked the view button and to my surprise I saw my boyfriend walking through my living room, moving straight to my bedroom. I felt guilty for a moment, thinking that surely he must be setting up a romantic surprise for me and just nearly closed the app so as not to ruin it. But curiosity kept me watching for a moment longer, and I was surprised by what happened next.

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Wanted: Sissy Phonesex For This Prissy Missy

Must be submissive, a slave, a pet; must want–no, NEED to be a good girl.

Must be willing to go above and beyond to complete tasks. Whether these tasks are related to dressing up or potty play, you MUST be willing.*

Must own, have readily available, or be willing to purchase

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Sadie’s Phonesex Sissy School

1-844-332-2639 ext. 222

His physical modifications were complete. It is very rewarding to see my soon to be sissy maids beginning to blossom. The first time they successfully dress themselves in full maid uniform including make-up, the confidence they begin to show is touching. Soon their mannerisms begin to change; they giggle and gossip with each other just as if they were schoolgirls.

The etiquette classes bring about even more confidence and sass as their former lives fade into oblivion. But it is simply the first stage.

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Two Phonesex Girls Tuesday with Randi!!

Two Girl Calls with Randi

That’s right, it’s a special day !!!

Back by popular demand, but only for a special day !

This evening I will be in our chat rooms with our ladies to play with them and YOU !!

It is Two Girl Tuesdays !!! Get two ladies for 20 minutes for the price of 15 minutes ! Or, you can double up with one of the ladies for 40 minutes and the price of 30 minutes !!!

I will only be available for two girl calls. No one on one for Me tonight guys !

Wanna play ? Do you have what it takes ? Are you brave enough ? 🙂

Visit our chat rooms at www.sinfullysexyphonesex.com  and come have some fun !

See you there….


Dick Goes Here And Here Phone Sex Sissy Boy!

Hello there sweet sissy boys!! I want you to come here and let me watch you rub your little boy clitties. Just like this. See how I do it? Do it just like that. I know you wish you had a tiny little clitty like mine.  

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I Knew He Was Hiding Something Phonesex

I looked at him across the table. I could feel the anger building with every bite he took. How could he? How could he hide that from me all this time. He smiled and asked me some question he wasn’t interested in the answer to and I gave him answer I wasn’t thinking about and in my head I began to see a way to deal with the situation.

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Fanasty Exploration Phone Sex

Call me up and tell me your fantasy. I want you to be completely honest and open, no judgment or fear. To hear every intimate detail of how much you enjoy cocks or sucking. How the thought of panties sliding up your shaft makes you hard. I desire to listen to your voice describe how licking your wife’s used up pussy would be the ultimate turn on. I need this from you, I want this from you. Every word from your lips feeds into my masturbation, make me cum from your most sensual fantasy.