A sissy comes in all shapes and sizes phone sex


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A sissy is a sissy; nothing can come between that feeling and reality.  A sissy doesn’t become a sissy overnight.  He doesn’t become a sissy because a Mistress commands it.  He is a born sissy and can be looking for leadership.  That’s where I come in.  I want to have some time to evaluate you.  There are questions that will put your true soul out there for me to see.

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Sissy Lingerie Contest Phone Sex


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I decided to hold a Sissy Lingerie Contest. I would round up some of my favorite clients and hold the contest at my home. I called Mark first to see if he would emcee. Mark is 6’2, blonde and gorgeous as a male but even better when he’s in full drag. He is without a doubt the most precious when dressed as a female. He was very excited and when I told him that all proceeds would go to my favorite charity for the LGBT Community in Miami, he was even more on board.

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Phone sex Inception

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How fallible is a memory? How much of what you’re thinking now and what you really remember is the truth? Your own creation? How much of it is influenced?

This has been on my mind lately. I played a game about going into a man’s memory to grant his last wish and they did this by using a machine to go through his memories. They watched, witnessed, and lived through his life in reverse. It made me think though, what if someone didn’t use this machine for good and kind reasons… What if they used it to create a perfect sissy.

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Miss with the T-Girl phonesex

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The drag show was so much fun! I got to go up on stage and sing and dance with the queens and I made a lot of new friends.

Even a sexy t-girl. I had the opportunity to fuck her and she had a nice cock too.

You would have been so jealous. She had the most amazing tits with such suckable nipples.

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Profess Your Love for Mommy, Sissy Phonesex

Sissy Phonesex
This Mommy takes control of EVERYTHING…

I recently wrote an expose piece on my darling Sissy Michell. She loved it so much that she felt  she had no choice but to respond with a heartfelt love letter. Michell is very devoted to our training, and she has handed control of everything to me. I’d like to share some of her most intimate thoughts about me with you…

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Sissy Fuck Slut Phone Sex

Sissy Phone Sex Mila

One of my callers last night made me laugh so hard, I was nearly crying and he was crying too, but from embarrassment, not cause he thought it was funny. His penis is so tiny it doesn’t stick out. It’s like a tiny button, smaller than some clits!

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I love a good Sissy Phone Sex Faggot

Sissy Phone Sex Vivian

Hey there all you Sissy’s! I know your looking for that wild Sissy Phone Sex woman to talk to and dress you up. I am your sissy dream girl Mistress here to take you thru the ruffles and the lace and all the pretty little things to make you feel like a real woman. The touch of satin on you is more than you could ever dream of. I will match your eyes with that pretty little skirt and curl your hair for you. You will look like the best woman on the block all the guys will be flying to you wanting you and needing you. Then when they know the truth they will laugh at you.

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Pussy Boi Markie Phone Sex

Pussy boy Phone Sex Vivian

I do love when I gain this much control over a boy-pussy. So much control they will do whatever is asked by me, no forcing necessary! All this Goddess has to do is ask very sweetly. I love reading the stories my pets write for me! It is the true form of adoration I desire! Thank you Pussy-boi Markie for making me a happy Mommy! Here is his next story! Enjoy!

She was glancing in the store windows as She walked through the mall, and he couldn’t help but notice Her as he sipped on his coffee from a stool at the coffee kiosk. She was radiantly lovely, with dark tresses and a glowing, smooth complexion. To his relief, he realized it wasn’t just him who watched Her.

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You Wish You Were This Hot Phonesex

I know that you’ve been looking at me from across the room, and it’s not the same way that everyone else has been. It’s that jealous way that all the other girls look at me when I walk in.

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