My Sissy Loves A Glory Hole! BBC Phone Sex

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My sweet, and VERY naughty, Jade wanted the chance to dress up like a real sexy blonde sissy slut. So, that’s what we did last weekend! Of course, Jade is so beautiful already I didn’t have to do a lot to pull this off. We slipped her into a gorgeous summer dress. Slinky and sheer. Some pretty pink lipstick. And fuck me heels that did not quit!!!

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Newest sissy slut training Phone Sex

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As you know I have a Darling Charm School where sissies graduate and become Darlings.  

Here they learn they learn the proper way to apply makeup, choose clothing, learn to walk in heels etc.  All the girly things they need to know.

Yesterday a sissy approached me with the request for a different kind of training.

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Silly Sissies, Big Dicks Are For Real Girls Phone Sex!

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Sissy training continues. I’m still sifting them out. They need to be put in their place lately it seems. My sissy friends come over and want huge dicks and all I have to offer them at times are average dicks. They fuss and insult my man friends. That is not appropriate. If I want my man friends to be demeaned, I’ll be the one to do it!

The place of the sissy is to do what I say. If they want to do their thing, they are free to go elsewhere. But when I arrange play at my place, it will be on my terms. Only my best sissies get to play with huge BBC’s and only after they have earned it. So, I had a meeting with these little bitches. I let them have their say and then, I let them have it.

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Blackmailing A Secret Sissy Phone Sex!

*LUCY*   844-332-2639 xxx- 221

There seems to be no end to the amount of fun I can have with the sweet glory holes I have installed at my house now. I had been using just one for the neighborhood boys who I would catch peeping and me and my lovers (read all about that here). But then, I decided to put one on the outer wall of a large closet I have. That way, it’s accessible from the outside. It was supposed to be a big secret between just my lovers and I. Or, at least I thought it was.

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Profess Your Love for Mommy, Sissy Phonesex

Sissy Phonesex
This Mommy takes control of EVERYTHING…

I recently wrote an expose piece on my darling Sissy Michell. She loved it so much that she felt  she had no choice but to respond with a heartfelt love letter. Michell is very devoted to our training, and she has handed control of everything to me. I’d like to share some of her most intimate thoughts about me with you…

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Getting frilly with Olivia Phone Sex

~~~~Olivia~~~~844 332 2639 x 226~~~~

I will teach you to walk;talk and think like a Diva like me. We’ll shop the better places and get all the sexy panties,bras and other undies you need. We will get you a sexy wig. …………… boobs too.

Every eye will be on that sluty body when you walk into the club (or the nasty porn store). With the hypnotic suggestions you will know you are a hot bitch. All the boys will want some of that!

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Be my sissy anal fuck slut phone sex gal pal!

Sissy Anal Fuck Slut Mila

I am looking for a new anal fuck slut phone sex gal pal! We can play all day or all night having the best sissy phone sex calls ever! You know you wanna be my sissy whore!

I know you think of the fact you want and need your little whole drilled with something. I know exactly what you need when it comes to that. The want and the need clouding your judgment to be pumped full of juice till you cannot see anymore. The mind blowing orgasm that you feel when you want to feel the cock stretch out your hole. Make it bigger and bigger as you feel the excitement of a real cock pulsing in your tiny little bud the feeling of your cock swinging down low knowing your being used for other purposes.

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Phone Sex Mistress Training Classes


As soon as you are accepted as one of my sissies the training starts.  Your first step will be to go to the local glory hole.  You are to go in and tell them I sent you.  It’s important that you open up to all the desires you have been hiding.  Sucking cock will be a must even for the first time.  I want to know the full report; how many men and how you satisfied them.

Ask the manager to put you in a room special for sucking cock.  You won’t be seeing the bodies just the hard cocks; one after the other.  As time goes on I’ll take you to the club and shown off your skills.

We are going to have a great time together.


If you can’t walk the walk; don’t talk the talk!

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844 332 2639 ext: 225

















Phonesex Faggot Boi Takes Cum In EVERY Hole

All faggots love cum, that is a fact. But sometimes a faggot boi comes along who just takes that love of the smooth creamy dick juice to another level. This faggot boi was one of those. He began by telling me that he had a big black dildo suction cupped on his mirror and that he had a chunk of frozen cum saved up to be used in whatever manner I desired. Of course he talked and talked about his love of the ejaculate and all the many ways he had swallowed and otherwise ingested the fertile man cream.

I do believe that he may be the most cum hungry faggot I have spoken with. His love of cum led him to tell me how he had been jerking off ready to shoot a load into his own mouth when it went up his nose instead and he inhaled it. As you can see he gets it everywhere so why not up his nose. I listened to him gag and choke on the lines of cum he sniffed up. He did a good job with the first batch but the 2nd will be even more of a challenge.



Forced Faggot Sissy Phone Sex

Mistress Taryn Quinn

Do you really think a simpering little sissy like you has what it takes to please a Goddess like me?  Look at me, you know you aren’t man enough to handle what I’ve got, your tiny little sissy clitty is proof of that.  In fact it’s so pathetic you will never be able to please any woman.

I’ve decided that you are better off as a cum guzzling sissy slut.  We’ll get you some pretty new bitch tits and teach you to please the men to earn your keep.  Before too long you’ll be  a pro at sucking those cocks.  It won’t be much after that and your little boi pussy will be stretched and pounded on a regular basis also.

Get to work cuntie, it’s time to make your Mistress some money!

Pimptress Taryn


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