Do you believe in magic phone sex

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Yes, the magic of YOU!  You can be the girl you’ve always known you are.  

I’ll teach you how to pick out outfits that brings the fantasy of YOU out. Today a cutie pie girl; tomorrow a sultry woman to attract a different kind of man. 

We’ll shop together online and can choose specialty shops for you to shop at.  Hair is always fun to play with.  Wigs can transform your personality quickly.  

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Vanessa and the Sneaky Little Pervert Phone Sex Pt. 2


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I stood there staring back at Stan. “I suppose I am. Just what the fuck is the meaning of this?” All of a sudden Stan had crossed the room and began choking me. He seemed to have superhuman strength as he pushed me to the floor. There was a swirling darkness enveloping me and I was losing consciousness.

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Be My Sissy Slut Phone Sex

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Well, well, well look at you in those panties! They’re pink and frilly and just the thing a sissy slut would wear! Where have you been hiding those pretty panties? Did you wear them to work under your suit and rub your girly clit through your clothes all day?

Maybe you even went to the bathroom and pulled them down and rubbed your clit until the cum just started to drizzle out. And of course, you ate it because what kind of sissy would let a load of cum go to waste? That’s pretty much the biggest sissy sin of all!

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Vanessa and the Closet Sissy Boss Phone Sex


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My husband was in a hurry since he was leaving for another business trip. “Sweetie, could you possibly drop these papers off at Dan’s house today? He needs them for the quarterly reports and I don’t have time to get them over to him. I guess I could messenger them…” I looked up at him from the kitchen counter and peered over my cup of coffee. “Darling, I will take it to him. It’s silly to pay for a messenger service when I will be driving right by there anyway.”

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Sissy Lingerie Contest Phone Sex


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I decided to hold a Sissy Lingerie Contest. I would round up some of my favorite clients and hold the contest at my home. I called Mark first to see if he would emcee. Mark is 6’2, blonde and gorgeous as a male but even better when he’s in full drag. He is without a doubt the most precious when dressed as a female. He was very excited and when I told him that all proceeds would go to my favorite charity for the LGBT Community in Miami, he was even more on board.

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Whatever It Takes to Get Ahead Phonesex

sissy forced femme phone sex


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The decision was made to send Adam and I to the important conference to represent our company. Adam, of all people. The most arrogant, condescending, pain in the ass of a person in all the office. I was not looking forward to the long weekend of dealing with his cocky attitude. That was until I had a brilliant idea of how to keep him in check.

I managed to pull it off, every thing had gone exactly as I had expected. I sat in my hotel room indulging myself by breaking into the mini bar for a congratulatory beverage savoring my coming victory. Then it came. The call. Adam was asking me if we had somehow switched suitcases. No, I had my suitcase. Why was there a problem with his? It was hard to keep the smile out of my voice but I could see it in the mirror as I asked him.

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Being girlie Phone Sex


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I really like sissy boys.  the sissyer the better.  I like full-blown sissies.  The kind that will call you up and tell you about the hangy down dick they sucked the night before.  Or the time they were gangbanged at the glory hole.

I think everyone should be who they are; whoever that may be, and I think they should be the best they can be.  No half ass sissy for me.

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Caught with my pantyhose phone sex

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My sister lives about 20 miles away and I sometimes spend the night when I visit.  This happened about a couple of weeks ago.  I had a meeting in that area and just stayed over and visited.  

The next morning when I started collecting my things I couldn’t find my pantyhose.  I looked for a bit and then just decided I get them another time.  

I was there again last night.  This morning as I was looking for my things, I found my pantyhose from my last visit.

Guess where I “found” them!

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Sissy Slut Extreme Phone Sex Training

I have been giving extreme sissy lessons for a couple weeks now, and I have one particular guy who is completely infatuated with me and being a slutty little sissy boy.

Well, I have something in store for my little Protege tonight. I have determined that it’s finally time for him to get some real cock… So I have invited some of my shemale friends over to teach him a thing or two about what it really takes to please a cock!!

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