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We Must Increase That Bust Sissy Slut Phone Sex

sissy slut

If you are going to be MY sissy slut, I want you to wear pretty clothes and I want you to have curves in all the right places. Think you can’t grow your tits just from hypnosis? You are right to be skeptical, but results don’t lie and I would never waste my precious time transforming you into my perfect girly whore unless I was extremely confident in my abilities.

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Phone Sex Secrets

Some of my favorite calls consist of my sissy sluts confessing their secrets to me. I love hearing about their secret adventures to their favorite lingerie store in the next town over so nobody will recognize them.

I love watching them locked in their home office rubbing their hard little clitty in their new silky pink panties while their wife is cooking dinner on the other side of the locked door.

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Full Blown Sissy Phone Sex

I know you long to be beautiful like me. You want your hair to be perfect, fingers and toes to be perfectly manicured, your make up to look just right and to wear beautiful lingerie like me every single day.

I can help you with that sissy. I can transform you from a wanna be sissy to a full blown Sexy Sissy Slut.

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Pretty Prancy Phone Sex Sissy

Pretty, prancy, dancy sissy in her pretty frilly pink dress… She loves dancing around in that favorite frilly pink dress of hers! Twirling, spinning, watching herself in the mirror. “I’m prettier than you, Sherry!” She laughs as she shakes her silicone-filled push-up bra. “Look at me!” She’s so silly. “I’m looking! Yes, you are a pretty pretty little sissy!”   Continue reading Pretty Prancy Phone Sex Sissy

Sissy Phone Sex Contest

I love it when you call me, all dressed up in lingerie like a nasty cum whore so eager to please me. You will do anything your Mistress requests of you because you’re aching to be my #1 Sissy.

Well guess what, you’re in luck. For a limited time I’m holding a contest to see who can be the dirtiest nastiest Sissy Cum Slut. This of course will require an on camera session for me to take screen shots of you.

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Owned By Your Phone Sex Mistress

You dirty little cum sluts know the drill. If you want to be owned then you need to prove it, you need to show me you’re worthy of my attention. How does one achieve that you may ask yourself?

Look up, do you see that pretty bitch up there? He’s mine, he knows he needs to show the world he belongs to me in order to make me happy.

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Showoff Phonesex Sissy Slut

Oh these fucking conceited sissy sluts! Always bragging about how sexy they are in their pretty lingerie… I would LOVE to show you this one in his sexy red g-string, but I just couldn’t get the right angle before he dropped them to his ankles to take that 9″ dildo all the way in to that tight little sissy hole of his.

Oh! It all started with his cock sucking challenge! “I bet I can suck cock better than you!” He told me. “Oh it’s on you fucking cocky sissy!” So we stuck that suction-cupped 9″ dildo to the wall and went for it…

I’m not going to tell you who the winner was and really it’s all subjective isn’t it? But that fucking sissy

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Dick Goes Here And Here Phone Sex Sissy Boy!

Hello there sweet sissy boys!! I want you to come here and let me watch you rub your little boy clitties. Just like this. See how I do it? Do it just like that. I know you wish you had a tiny little clitty like mine.   Continue reading Dick Goes Here And Here Phone Sex Sissy Boy!

Set Up Your Panty Parade Phonesex

It’s been a long day at work, and I need something to keep me entertained. Something to help me relax now that I am home. I’m hoping you got my text for you to be ready and in your ruffled panties by the time I got home. There is a certain punishment for you not being ready, which I am sure you already know.

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I Will Suck Your Cock For Cum PhoneSex


After having you trained properly, stretched out, and your jaw strengthening excecises by sucking many dildos and my dick, I will whore you out to make me money. I will dress you in sexy panties, thigh high pantyhose, heels and the sluttiest dress I can find for a sissy like you!

Just like a slut, I will string a cardboard sign around your neck that will say, ” I will SuckU4Cum” and put you to work. That way, I will get my money and you will get your cum, sissy slut!

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