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Cock Worshipping Sissy Phone Sex Whore

Cock Worshipping Sissy Vivian

Hey cock worshipping sissy… are you still curious about your extra hole and what you can do with it? I thought so! But your not going to give in just doing whatever and stick that little tight hole for someone to fuck are you? You like to be made to do things that I know you love and enjoy doing over and over. Even though you act like your as straight as a board your NOT. Let me remind you you love to suck and fuck cock. That’s not what straight people do! They are straight they don’t like cock as much as you do. Even though your forced to do what you love to do doesn’t mean that your straight! I just wanted to make that clear on your head because I know exactly what your thinking. Continue reading Cock Worshipping Sissy Phone Sex Whore

Be my sissy anal fuck slut phone sex gal pal!

Sissy Anal Fuck Slut Mila

I am looking for a new anal fuck slut phone sex gal pal! We can play all day or all night having the best sissy phone sex calls ever! You know you wanna be my sissy whore!

I know you think of the fact you want and need your little whole drilled with something. I know exactly what you need when it comes to that. The want and the need clouding your judgment to be pumped full of juice till you cannot see anymore. The mind blowing orgasm that you feel when you want to feel the cock stretch out your hole. Make it bigger and bigger as you feel the excitement of a real cock pulsing in your tiny little bud the feeling of your cock swinging down low knowing your being used for other purposes. Continue reading Be my sissy anal fuck slut phone sex gal pal!

Gang Bang Day For Sissy Slut


I surprised my sissy slut by coming home early. I saw her setting out some clothes and she was very embarrassed to see that I had come home. Little did she know that I had quite the surprise party planned. I poured a drink and waited for it to kick in. Then I helped pick out the sexiest, sluttiest outfit and I even did her make up. I then held her hand and took her downstairs where I had invited a whole bunch of men… (some neighbors, some co-workers, but they all knew my sissy slut in some way) Continue reading Gang Bang Day For Sissy Slut

Cute, Tight, Little Ass Phonesex

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I’m an ass girl. Always have been. So when you brought your ass in here, in those cute little panties, begging me to use your boy pussy, there was no way I could resist.

I know you haven’t had a lot of training, other than the pathetic stuff you do at home along, so I will do my best to make sure that you get treated right.

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Ready For the Phonesex Sissy Scouts

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Ok technically “he” is my uncle but with the right make up and wig and a trip to my closet he passes for my sister in a dark club. Once we get the huge fake boobs put in,  the short tight skirt wrapped around her amazing looking little ass and those 4” heels all the guys can think about of is how are they going to get their dicks into her.

I love to send her under the table to take out random guys cocks and make her suck them right there at the table. On a good night she can get at least 4 loads of cum in her belly before it’s off to the bathroom to whore out her little sissy cunt. Continue reading Ready For the Phonesex Sissy Scouts

I’ll Be Batman You Be Supergirl Phonesex

I have a confession to make to you. One that you might be a little surprised about. I like to dress-up too. Though my dress-up is a bit different than yours.

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Tell Me How Much You Want It Phonesex

I’ve seen the way that you stare at my boyfriend’s cock every time he comes over. I’ve even seen you looking through the crack in the door. So come over here and sit next to your sister so we can have a little talk.

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Do I Feel Bad Making You My Sissy Phone Sex Slut?

In a word, NO. I consider myself a good person. I basically want the best for everyone. Don’t get me wrong. I am very sexy and sinful and indulge in any and all pleasures of the flesh. I have no limits and if it feels good, I do it. I’ve recently discovered, however, that there is another side to me. It’s quite deviant.

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Fun Phone Sex Sissy Play Time

Come over sweet sissy! It’s been too long since we had a fun long play time! I am going to dress you up so pretty and sexy in silk, satin and lace. Bra, panties, garter belt, thigh highs, and a poofy little skirt.

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Phone Sex Sissy Breeding – Delivery!

We did it! I had a breeding party for my sweet sissy girl. Just her! Ten of the most beautiful black men with the most gigantic cocks I have ever seen. All for her. She was so full of cum by the seventh enormous black cock, and two of the guys couldn’t stop stroking watching her get fucked every which way and blew their loads before their turns. So she got filled up by eight of those amazing thick hard full black cocks. I made her stay holding her knees up to her chest for an hour to make sure that seed made it’s way to that egg!

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