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Busted by your Phone Sex Mistress

You’re sitting on the couch with your hand down your panties, furiously stroking your clitty until you see me walk around the corner. I’m dressed in my black thigh high leather boots and short body hugging black dress. You know I’m dressed for business and you just got caught flicking your bean without permission from your Mistress.

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The Butler Scene Fantasy Phone Sex

He called almost in a panic. A very horny panic. He can’t get the butler scene from The Wolf Of Wall Street out of his mind. He wants it. He can’t stop fantasizing about leading a man out of his kitchen into the living room and seducing him. He wants to kiss him on the mouth passionately while Continue reading The Butler Scene Fantasy Phone Sex

Psst… Hey Phonesex Sissy!

You are so fucking funny! You’re still at that wavering point. You think about sucking cock, you fuck yourself with dildos while watching gay porn. But you still flaunt your dick. “Look at my dick, Nicole! I’m no sissy! I have a Continue reading Psst… Hey Phonesex Sissy!

Conceited Sissy Faggot Britney Phonesex

This is my conceited little sissy panty boi, Britney. When we first met he was wearing his pink panties and dancing around his room to Britney Spears. Watching himself in the mirror of course… at first… but he knows he’s a hot little slut. We go through sissy magazines and he compares himself to all the panty bois and is absolutely positive he is hotter than all of them!! Well… I really don’t disagree. He IS a hot little minx and hey, he’s got it, he can flaunt it!! AND he is EXTREMELY obedient. So I let him get away with his self-admiration… as I’m making him shoot cum like a broken fire hydrant inside those pretty little panties!


Click It Sissy!

Silly Phone Sex Sissy! Let’s Put Those Stockings On Right!

Oh my goodness my silly sissy! Watching you try to put your stockings on is unbearable!! Adorable too because you are so clueless! But here… let’s show you how to put those on right! Now, first you take the stocking and bunch it down like this, from the thigh down to the toe. See? So your foot can slip right in! BUT! These are delicate silk. You don’t just jam your pretty little foot in like you’re shoving on a work boot! No. Point your toes. Yes! Arch that foot. Mmhmmm. Now feel me slide the stocking over those toes, up your calf and shin, over your knee… all the way up… Mmmmm. Doesn’t that feel soooo good?

Now you do the other one! 😉

Your BFF <3,
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Sissy Slut Secrets Phone Sex

Some of my favorite calls consist of my sissy sluts confessing their secrets to me. I love hearing about their secret adventures to their favorite lingerie store in the next town over so nobody will recognize them.

I love watching them locked in their home office rubbing their hard little clitty in their new silky pink panties while their wife is cooking dinner on the other side of the locked door.

Watching as they pull out a 10″ fat veiny dildo from a locked desk drawer. Watching them suck and gag it down their throats before they ram it in their slutty cunts making themselves cream in their new panties.

Knowing I get to see the true sissy sluts they really are while their significant other carries on with daily life completely unaware of the secret life their sissy husbands have.

Mistress Francie

1-844-332-2639 ext 208

Itsy Bitsy Bikini Phone Sex

It’s summertime sissy sluts and that means it’s time to hit the beach! I want to see my sissy whores dressed in itsy bitsy bikinis at the beach. I want to see that slutty boy pussy wriggling around in the sand and splashing in the waves for me.

So here’s your sissy task this week. I want to see pictures of you dressed to impress in bikinis. You can email them to If I find one that piques my interest you will get a permanent placement on my tumblr page.

The more public your exposure in a bikini is, the better chance you have of me picking you as my Summer Time Sissy!

Mistress Francie

1-844-332-2639 ext 208

Dress You Up Pretty Fuck You Hard Phonesex


Hey sissy bitch! Ready to play? Don’t come to me with your wishy washy unsure bs. Get ready and BE ready. I’m gonna get you dressed up all pretty like the nasty little whore you are. Lacy bra and panties, silk stockings, matching fuck-me pumps. Haha! Don’t fret, pet. You’ll get the hang of walking in them. Put on your favorite wig and we’ll paint your face like a perfect slut. I know how you love that cocklover-red lipstick and the mess you leave all over your huge dildo. And while you’re gagging on that, I’m going to fasten my biggest strap on around my waist and fuck you senseless. Hard and deep. I want to hear you scream like the sissy bitch you are… xxx


Full Blown Sissy Phone Sex

I know you long to be beautiful like me. You want your hair to be perfect, fingers and toes to be perfectly manicured, your make up to look just right and to wear beautiful lingerie like me every single day.

I can help you with that sissy. I can transform you from a wanna be sissy to a full blown Sexy Sissy Slut. Are you ready to dive into this challenge head first? No holding back, let’s strip away any tiny fragment of manhood you were clinging to and transform you into the sexy and beautiful cum guzzling whore you truly long to be.

Mistress Francie

1-844-332-2639 Ext 208

Phonesex Faggot Boi Takes Cum In EVERY Hole

All faggots love cum, that is a fact. But sometimes a faggot boi comes along who just takes that love of the smooth creamy dick juice to another level. This faggot boi was one of those. He began by telling me that he had a big black dildo suction cupped on his mirror and that he had a chunk of frozen cum saved up to be used in whatever manner I desired. Of course he talked and talked about his love of the ejaculate and all the many ways he had swallowed and otherwise ingested the fertile man cream.

I do believe that he may be the most cum hungry faggot I have spoken with. His love of cum led him to tell me how he had been jerking off ready to shoot a load into his own mouth when it went up his nose instead and he inhaled it. As you can see he gets it everywhere so why not up his nose. I listened to him gag and choke on the lines of cum he sniffed up. He did a good job with the first batch but the 2nd will be even more of a challenge.