Being A Sissy Slut Phone Sex Bucket

Do you want to be used and degraded? Of course, you do. You want to be treated like the filthy hole you are! I am going to train your hole to not be the useless drain it has always been. I want your swamp mouth to be able to take and drain my golden liquids and Hershey Kisses. You will sit on the cold porcelain floor with a chain wrapped around your neck waiting for me to use you and degrade you like the filth bucket you are. Call me sissy boy, so you can catch my deposits. HaHa!

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Ready For Your Mouth Sissy Boy Phone Sex

love sucking dick

1-844-332-2639 Ext. 342

Hey sissy boys Daddy is home. I know you been waiting a long time for a man to show up and I’m here. You know what I love about doing you sissy boys? You love dick. When you are sucking on my cock I know it’s because you love sucking cock. Girls are great. Don’t get me wrong I love the ladies but some of the best blowjobs I ever got were from sissy boys or curious dudes or gay dudes who love straight men. There is nothing like a blowjob from another male let me tell you.

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Earn Your Place Sissy Whore Phone Sex

Earn My Love Sissy Whore


1-844-332-2639 ext. 222

I’m tired of it. I’m tired of you never getting me anything nice! I want THESE shoes, and I’m not going to let you back into our house, let alone my bed until I have them! Is that clear? I don’t want to hear your excuses about how you are working so hard and there is no extra money. If you really want me you will do WHATEVER it takes to get these shoes on my feet. I am tired of hearing you say how I am perfect, and a Goddess then throwing me these little scraps that wouldn’t even satisfy an average woman. And we both know that I am far above average.

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Sissy Shopping Assignment Phonesex

You were standing in your local department store in the makeup section, looking for foundation. Not too sure what you were doing, and must have looked a little lost as one of the sales girls came up quietly behind you. She was a delightfully pretty teenage girl in her livery; navy blue uniform, crisp white blouse with a name tag, tight navy skirt showing off her perfect ass, black seamed stockings and 5″ black heels with ankle straps. She stands taller than you, around 6′, and looked young, sweet and innocent, although with maybe just a hint of mischief in her eyes.

As I continued to discreetly record you, I saw her select some items from the counters before saying “Oh I know, we have a lovely starter kit here, they are just new in our Pink Princess range. You’d like to be a pink princess wouldn’t you Sissy? I think I’ll call you Sissy from now on; you look like a frilly, pretty, lacy girly Sissy. And I can see by your crotch that you think so too.”

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Phone sex Inception

844-332-2639 x 224

How fallible is a memory? How much of what you’re thinking now and what you really remember is the truth? Your own creation? How much of it is influenced?

This has been on my mind lately. I played a game about going into a man’s memory to grant his last wish and they did this by using a machine to go through his memories. They watched, witnessed, and lived through his life in reverse. It made me think though, what if someone didn’t use this machine for good and kind reasons… What if they used it to create a perfect sissy.

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Swapping Panties Forced Sissy Phonesex, p. 3

Swapping Panties Forced Sissy Phonesex, p. 2

Petra la Reina Phone Sex

I give you a sweet smile. Your response is satisfactory. I kiss you again, savoring your taste as my hand rubs your little cock through my panties. Your head falls back again as you let the pleasure roll over you. Who knew it would actually be hot to throw on women’s underwear and a dress at the request of a smoking hot Latina? You ponder, your cum building up in your smooth nut sack.

It’s about then that you notice I’m no longer standing with you; I’m kneeling in front of you, and I order you to lift your dress and show me your panties like a slut. You oblige, of course. You would be crazy not to!

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Feminization, by a Shemale? Phonesex Guidence for future Gurls

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Oh look at all my future little sisters out there, aren’t you all feeling so proud to see someone who’s risen up above the desire to actually take the plunge, and for that matter, take a few plunges, generally I find a good man lasts about forty of them, but who’s counting.

I always love to see my fellow girls out there struggling to be born, because I know first hand how hard it is to commit, and also, how wonderful it is to submit when you do. Keeping all those lovely things hidden away, discarding them from time to time, tsk tsk, that’s no way for a lady to conduct herself. Let Momma Macy be your feminization sherpa.

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Sissy kitten phonesex

You’re such a good kitten for me.

I love putting on your kitten ears, putting the inflatable plug tail in your little sissy pussy locking it in place. Now to get my pretty little kitten dressed…

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Sissies Sucking Sissies Faggot Phonesex Orgies

1-844-332-2639 Ext. 245

Come on honey, he honest with yourself. You know you’re not good enough for any real woman in the world. There, does that make you feel better to admit it now? I mean look at your dicklette..what grown woman is going to want that…joke? No sweetie, but don’t you worry. I know the perfect thing for a limp wristed faggot like you.

Another sissy! I can’t wait to take you out to meet new sissies. You can swap stories about boys, give each other makeup tips, critique each others blowjobs…it’d be a perfect confidence builder for a new gurl like you!

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The Sissy Pimp Phonesex

The year is 1735… Harlots have taken over the streets and give bad names to purity, morality, and the cleanliness of family ideals.

One wouldn’t think this would be a setting for a sweet, feminine, sissy with a tight pussy and a cute little bitch clit.

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