Sissy fluffer boy phone sex

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I walked down to the corner gay bar.  I was on a mission.  A mission of a cuckold fantasy with my “flavor of the week”.  I saw my favorite boy leaning back on the wall hoping to get picked to suck some cock

I walked over and took him by the hand; pulling him toward the door.

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Sissy Slutty Cuck Maid Phonesex, Part 2

You see me, your barely legal wife, bent over your side of the bed. Behind me is your boss, the man who made you wealthy and allowed you the comfort of the home you clean and the wife you never get to fuck. One of his legs is propped up on the bed, so you can see his full monstrous length penetrating me. One of your hands lifts the skirt of your maid outfit, while the other rubs your clitty through your silk panties.

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Sissy Slutty Cuck Maid Phonesex

You strut through the flat, dusting every surface of hard furniture and decor in sight. Well, you’re doing your damnedest to strut–you feel more as if you’re waddling, what with the large barbed butt plug I had you insert before your shift. Your platform heels give you a six inch boost, and it exhilarates you knowing that your shoe height is more than the length of that tiny thing in your silk panties. And to think, you were instructed to have all the curtains open and the blinds drawn, so that passersby can see you, a grown man, wearing a slutty maid outfit with white stockings. Due to the shortness of your frilly skirt, they’ll also see your panties and plug. This adds a healthy blush to your face as handsome men and gorgeous women stroll by and laugh at you.

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Vanessa’s Signs That Are You A Real Sissy Phone Sex


VANESSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 232

I’m sure you have been struggling with your so-called fetish. I mean what real man would have the type of urges you’ve been having? Here is a list of signs that you have the tendencies of a true sissy:

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Vanessa and the Super Cuck Phone Sex


VANESSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 232

I met Dave, aka Super Cuck at a Sex Convention in Las Vegas. He was traveling for business and had stumbled across the convention. I was there promoting my latest book on Financial Domination. He brought a copy of the book for me to sign and shyly asked if I knew anything on the subject of cuckolding. Well, of course I did.

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Hot Wife Is A Waste For Phonesex Sissy Boys

sissy cuckold domination phone sex

Tom                     1-844-332-2639 ext. 342

I don’t know how it happens but the sissiest bitches get the hottest pussy. When she opened the door I about broke my zipper my cock got hard so fast. This chick was everything and then some. I’m talking tits and ass and the looks she was just gorgeous. She invited me in and offered me a drink. Her husband fixed it for me and I thought the faggot was going to spill it all over me trying to get a good look at my dick. She starts to ask him ain’t I good looking, and ain’t my body better than the sissy boy will ever have. He gets a soft voice and lowers his head looking at his feet admitting he will never measure up to me.

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Dr. Sadie’s Sissy Training Therapy Phonesex Session

Sissy Training Therapy


1-844-332-2639 ext 222

The intercom buzzed, “Dr. Cartwright, you’re 3 o’clock is here, Ms. Kate, her lover Steve, and her sissy husband Trina.” My receptionist Kathy informed me. I looked at my schedule and saw it was time for this trio to have their cuck sucking session. Walking to the door I felt the stirrings of excitement as I thought of how much I loved my job being a Sissy Relationship Therapist. Opening the door I invited the triad into my office.

Kate entered first, followed by Steve and I was pleased to see Trina wait to follow behind with a blush on her cheeks dressed in a pink dress and heels, with her make up on. She smiled nervously at me as I patted her bottom when she walked past me. I greeted everyone, the pleasantries were exchanged. I asked Kate to tell me that Trina had been doing in her chastity. She told me that Steve had begun to use Trina when she wasn’t around, as well as when they were together.

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Sharing Dirty Panties Phonesex

I might share my panties with you if you are very very good.

But I know you’ll be good for me. Won’t you?

You sink to your knees and crawl up between my thighs just to sniff at my pussy.

I know you can smell the real man who just fucked me.

I know, because I didn’t wash after. I saved that for you.

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Sissy Fuck Slut Phone Sex

Sissy Phone Sex Mila

One of my callers last night made me laugh so hard, I was nearly crying and he was crying too, but from embarrassment, not cause he thought it was funny. His penis is so tiny it doesn’t stick out. It’s like a tiny button, smaller than some clits!

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What Goes On in a CuckBitch’s Mind Phonesex

What do you think of when you see me stretched out on my plush bed, my nipples hard, my pussy wet and needy for a big, hard, thick cock? You know you could never satisfy me, you are too pathetic, your weak, and we both know that pathetic inchworm between your legs would never satisfy me. You are good for a laugh though, aren’t you? Perhaps that’s why I keep you around. That, and someone to take care of all my other needs.
I know it was hard for you when I first put that cage on you, but, as I explained, I wouldn’t want my real lovers to think you ever got anywhere near my hungry cunt. It’s why I always make you dress so pretty in panties and silk negligees when they are over. Showing then what a weak sissy bitch you are puts them at ease so quickly. I know you get so embarrassed when you have to serve us dinner or drinks, and that curtsy I make you do is just too adorable. You turn so red when my lovers laugh at you. But best of all, you keep my lovers’ cocks hard for me, and you clean both them and me off when we are done fucking while you watch.

Is that what you think of when you see me stretched out on the bed, ready, eager and wanting a real man to fuck me?

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