Vanessa’s Sissy Cuck Phone Sex


VANESSA 1-844-332-2639, ext. 232

Every strong, confident woman needs a sissy cuck in her life. He can serve several purposes. Think about it, he can be be a shopping companion, a confidante and even a best friend. He will never be jealous or competitive with you because he really wants to be you.

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Willow’s Sissy Shopping Spree Phone Sex


WILLOW 1-844-332-2639, ext. 230

I love having a shopping spree with my best sissy friend, Derek. He is so fun to shop with. Playing dress up and laughing for hours is such a welcomed escape. Flirting and playing is one of my favorite things. Of course when we get back home and get dressed to go out is the most fun.

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Vanessa’s Masturbation Control Board Phone Sex


VANESSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 232

Every good sissy needs to be subjected to full cock control. I never want my sissies to give over to those male urges when they orgasm. I never want them to lose the girlishness. In other words, just because your oversized clit is shooting cum everywhere is no reason to forget you are a sissy. Once you realize that you are owned by a superior female we can establish a schedule.

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Vanessa and the Super Cuck Phone Sex


VANESSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 232

I met Dave, aka Super Cuck at a Sex Convention in Las Vegas. He was traveling for business and had stumbled across the convention. I was there promoting my latest book on Financial Domination. He brought a copy of the book for me to sign and shyly asked if I knew anything on the subject of cuckolding. Well, of course I did.

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Clean Up Cuck Phone Sex

Little dicked man who doesn’t really deserve my affections. It is obvious how much you want to watch me get fucked by a real man. See the difference in my reaction when a real cock is sliding inside of me. Preferably a huge girthy dick splitting me wide and ramming me from behind. Until I moan and scream and cum all over his cock. If you are lucky he will leave a deposit for your little dicked cuck to clean out.  Make sure you suck every drop.




Sissy Maid Cuckold Phone Sex

Mistress Taryn Quinn

Pathetic little thing, not man enough to satisfy a perfect Goddess like me. You keep trying to pretend you are a real man but I know better. Its time to teach you your place in life.

I’ll strip away every scrap of your masculinity and dress you in satin, lace and ribbon covered maid’s uniform. Painting your lips with a slick red lipstick and start you on your daily chores.  My cruel words mocking you as you wiggle your little ruffle covered ass for me. You had better finished quickly because I have some guests coming over. I couple of real men who know how to satisfy me, how to stretch my tight little sugar walls with their long thick cocks.

Perhaps you will learn how good that feels.

Phone Sex Sissy Mistress Taryn


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Late Night Snack For You Phone Sex Sissy

It’s time to wake up sissy, I brought you a surprise.  Seeing you asleep in your lovely red gown the small thin straps askew over your shoulders and the adorably sleepy confused look in your face, I pulled up my skirt and spread my pussy over your face. So well trained you didn’t even ask what I was doing or what I wanted you know when your Mistress’s pussy is put over your face it is your job to lick it. Then when you tasted the first drops of his cum inside me your tongue delved deeper, your lips sucking and pulling on my pussy licking up that warm cream pie pussy.  I watched as your nightgown tented and your hand struggled not to stroke your hardness.

You did so well that after you had licked me clean I introduced you to Bo who was the one who had filled it in the first place. He moved from the shadows and looked down at you as his hands came around to squeeze my big firm tits and laughed saying that I was right you are an eager cumslut.  Now it is time for you to show him that you are also the excellent cock sucker I promised him.



You’ll Wear Those Panties and Like it! Phone Sex

You know who you are.  You cluck around like an important man, fancy suits, and shiny shoes, barking commands like you have a pair.  But we both know you don’t.  In fact, you don’t even have a dick, do you? Underneath that facade is what none of those scared little peons would never expect.  Underneath is the real you.  Pink taffeta panties and a matching bra.   And that dicklette of yours in locked down in a cock cage so small it barely passes for a clit.  You dress like this, not because you asked for it, but because I commanded it.  You cried so hard those first few days I made you leave the house like that. Little bitch that you are, you ticked me off.  Not good to tick me off, is it?

Still think you can handle disappointing me, luv?  We’ll find out tonight.  You know what’s going to happen.  I’ve told you ever day for a week while you wore that cage and changed panties for pantyhose and a maid’s outfit when home.  Tonight I’m going to bend you over and shove a dick up your arse.  I’m going to finally make you into me dirty desperate clit dripping cunt of a sissy, just as I’ve been threatening all along.

British Mistress Libby


Young Teen Secret Cuckold, Cock Cravings, Confession Phonesex

Torrence 866-230-8732

You have those secret fantasies, you know the ones, where your dreaming of feeling that huge cock become rock hard in your mouth.  Slurping all over that thick slab of meat, and having me force it down your throat until I say its hard enough and ready for me! Watching while he fucks me 6 ways till Sunday leaving my sweet tight pussy filled with a cream pie for you to clean up out of my satisfied honey pot while my lover watches you, laughing at how pathetic you are.

Don’t you think its time you called me so you can share all this secret desires and cock cravings with me? You know your secrets are safe with me. I’ll turn you into a good cuckold boy who gives in to each and every whim just for a taste of that sweet cum filled honeypot.



Stumbling onto a Starving Closet Sissy Phonesex

I was in DC to meet my husband for a lunch date after his morning meetings. Waiting in his outer office is always a trip, watching the gophers scurry about after their bosses. It reminds me of having my lovely pets, slaves, and sissies in mass all clamoring to earn attention and favor. I bent over from where I was leaning against his secretary’s desk to fix my strap on my stiletto’s when out of the corner of my eye I noticed red fishnet nylons peeking out under a mans suit and shiny dress shoes. My sinful wolfish grin spread across my face as my eyes followed his oh so pressed and polished suit to find him staring at my legs when he seemed to shake himself out of a trance and met my eyes. He lit up like those red fishnets all the way to his ears and I couldn’t resist, my wolf caught the scent of a baby sissy and had to hunt.

Stalking over I introduced myself  as he turned an even darker shade of red and shook my hand. Realizing whose wife I was, this extremely high powered man was looking more like prey by the second. I leaned into him pressing my body against him just enough to whisper against his ear, what lovely fishnets you have on Mr. X where did you find such a sexy shade of red? Leaning back but keeping his hand in mine, I watched him gulp hard, his bottom lip quivering so unsure of himself. Smiling even more, I cupped my fingers into his palm, letting my nails dig with just a pinch of pain into his palm. You know you need to let that sissy cross dressing slut out don’t you Mr. X? Now I’ll help make sure we do just that. I knew my prey was on the hook by the scared but longing look in his eyes, he was going to be a delightfully submissive sissy slut to train.  I was getting extremely aroused being bold in the middle of the office floor. His personal assistant started to dart towards us, thinking I might be pestering him for some event or contribution. As the short young brown nose loser full of his own self importance reached us, I didn’t bother to acknowledge him directly. Instead I kept eye contact with Mr. X and told his windbag assistant to set aside 2 hour lunch  meetings once a week for the foreseeable future. Tuesdays are best for me and preferred, I know you’ll make it fit into Mr. X’s schedule. The poor boy fell over himself knowing just how much of his bosses time that would encompass during working hours, but as he started to argue that Mr. X was so very busy it would never be possible I watched that powerhouse man emerge from behind those longing eyes, he turned just his head slowly to his gopher and with a low snarl told him to make it happen.  My husband joined us just as I finished having gopher take my information and Mr. X handed me his business card with personal information included. Feeling just how wet my panties had become, I licked my crimson red lips as my husband and I left for lunch, knowing my wolf would be snacking and slating her hunger soon as well.