What Step Mommy Doesn’t Know… Phone Sex. Part 4!

She might not even notice, in the reflection or the window or mirror, how your eyes gravitate towards her ass every time she turns around as you try to guess which panty she is wearing. She probably won’t even notice that little bulge in your pants every time she slips on her yoga pants to go the gym, or how you seem absent-minded and stuttering when she wears those boy shorts and tank top before going to bed. It’s all ok because you focus all your frustrated energy into your college studies; proudly getting good grades. Soon you’ll have a high paying job where you’ll work furiously hard; you will earn a lot of money though you won’t have much spare time to spend it; but that’s ok, step-mom will know how to manage your finances for you.

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Do you believe in magic phone sex

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Yes, the magic of YOU!  You can be the girl you’ve always known you are.  

I’ll teach you how to pick out outfits that brings the fantasy of YOU out. Today a cutie pie girl; tomorrow a sultry woman to attract a different kind of man. 

We’ll shop together online and can choose specialty shops for you to shop at.  Hair is always fun to play with.  Wigs can transform your personality quickly.  

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What Step Mommy Doesn’t Know… Phone Sex. Part 3!

Looking at yourself in the mirror you bit your lower lip, spread your legs wide and stroke your penis above the silk panties as your other hand begins to pound your ass. Before long you lose control and cum all over you step-mommy’s panties; with instant shame you remove her panties, rinsing them and rubbing the dildo clean with a towel.

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What Step Mommy Doesn’t Know… Phone Sex. Part 2!

Searching deeper in the panty drawer you find her narrow and long pink vibrator. Taking it with you, you go to the bathroom. Looking at yourself in the mirror, you slowly let her dildo glide between your silk covered ass. You open the Vaseline jar and generously rub a handful over her dildo. Tucking the back of your panties to the side, you softly penetrate yourself with the head of her dildo. The first few time it hurts, but it once the shaft begins to glide inside you it feels strangely pleasing. Every time you shove it deep, your penis seems to involuntarily jump in reaction…

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What Step Mommy Doesn’t Know… Phone Sex. Part 1!

I know who you are; a naughty little closet sissy college student. Your heart rushing as soon as your step-mom tells you she’s going out for a few hours, leaving you home alone. As soon as she leaves you to lock the door and rush to the master bedroom; slowly pulling open her drawer to find a treasure chest.

Your heart pounding with excitement as your eyes jump across all her different panties. White frilly panties, dark pantyhose, red mesh back side, pink thong; your little penis flickers with excitement doesn’t it???

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Sissy belle of the phonesex ball

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Here’s the problem honey, you know that little get together I was talking about taking you too? It seems like its something just for girls, I must have somehow neglected to check. But don’t worry darling, I’ve already picked out this really pretty dress for you to wear but that’s simply not going to cut it.

We’re going to need to just give you a total makeover sweetie, that suit is going to have to go, and we’re going to need to work a lil magic on you to make sure you fit in with all the other ladies. I’ve got the breast forms and wig ready but you need to get your little girly ass in the shower and shave off all the hair. All of it, head to toe, I’ll be using glue to make sure everything sticks in place.

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Boyfriend Busted Sneaking Into My House Phonesex

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I received an alert from my security system that there was movement in my house. I clicked the view button and to my surprise I saw my boyfriend walking through my living room, moving straight to my bedroom. I felt guilty for a moment, thinking that surely he must be setting up a romantic surprise for me and just nearly closed the app so as not to ruin it. But curiosity kept me watching for a moment longer, and I was surprised by what happened next.

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Be My Sissy Slut Phone Sex

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Well, well, well look at you in those panties! They’re pink and frilly and just the thing a sissy slut would wear! Where have you been hiding those pretty panties? Did you wear them to work under your suit and rub your girly clit through your clothes all day?

Maybe you even went to the bathroom and pulled them down and rubbed your clit until the cum just started to drizzle out. And of course, you ate it because what kind of sissy would let a load of cum go to waste? That’s pretty much the biggest sissy sin of all!

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The Price of Cheating Phonesex

feminization, revenge, chastity forced femme phone sex

Sadie           1-844-332-2639 ext. 222

I laid it all out on the table. Literally and figuratively. On the table in front of my husband I had first set the pictures and the email that his side girlfriend had sent me to inform me that she was going to take my husband away from me. Pictures of them having sex, and a detailed email about their affair over the last year. Then beside it I sat a beautifully wrapped pink box with a black bow on top of it. I told him that he had a choice to make. Either I kick him out of our house, ruin his reputation and take everything he has worked so hard for away from him or he can remain my husband and take what was in the box.

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Home Wrecking Phone Sex With Dani: Time To Embrace Your Sissy Side.

What are you doing with your life?

I know that you’re miserable, I can tell every time we talk. The way your voice changes when we begin to speak. The way you say hello after hearing my voice for the first time in a deal of time. You need me. You crave me. I know this, you know this.

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