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What’s This on Your Phone Sex?

Give me that! I yanked his phone out of his hand and I knew by the panic on his face he had something good hidden in there somewhere. He tried to take it back but no way was I letting that happen. I ran over to where my fuck friends were standing knowing that I could use them as a shield. He chased me demanding his phone back and as I expected my boys took my side immediately grabbing the owner of the phone by his arms and asking what was going on. Continue reading What’s This on Your Phone Sex?

The Art Of Fag Busting Phone Sex With Mistress Anna


I’ve been busting sissy faggots for a long time now and we know exactly how you need to be punished. My methods include but are not limited to:

  • Forced Cross dressing
  • Branding/Piercing for humiliation and or restraint
  • Extreme verbal abuse
  • Forced cock sucking
  • Forced cum eating

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You Look Beautiful Tonight Phonesex

The look on his face when he saw you walk out of the kitchen carrying the tray of hors ‘oeuvre’s, dressed in your body con dress and stockings and heels was just the face I had hoped to see. He stretched back against the couch his hips lifting into the air adjusting his cock while his eyes followed your approach. You looked so gorgeous. I could tell he was thinking about fucking you. Continue reading You Look Beautiful Tonight Phonesex

Crazy Teen Domme Phone Sex


You really thought you had me figured out didn’t you? Don’t count your eggs before they hatch naughty boy. I guarantee you have no idea who you’re messing with.  Letting me into your life, allowing me to know dangerous details that could completely fuck your world up.
Yet you just can’t resist me, can’t seem to get away. Let me show you just how mushy my Diamond Clad Voice can make you, sweet, soft and totally wicked!

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Pretty Prancy Phone Sex Sissy

Pretty, prancy, dancy sissy in her pretty frilly pink dress… She loves dancing around in that favorite frilly pink dress of hers! Twirling, spinning, watching herself in the mirror. “I’m prettier than you, Sherry!” She laughs as she shakes her silicone-filled push-up bra. “Look at me!” She’s so silly. “I’m looking! Yes, you are a pretty pretty little sissy!”   Continue reading Pretty Prancy Phone Sex Sissy

Once You Go Willow You Never Go Back Phone Sex

Face it you have been wanting me for some time now dudette! So lets get it on! I want to be the one to conquer your mind and make that little shrimp dick cum!

What a pathetic little shriveled up thing! You didn’t honestly think you could get anywhere here with that did you? No FUCKING way.

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Phonesex Party Deal

The men wanted to have a huge Super Bowl party again this year. For them it is all fun but for us it is a lot of work so we made a deal. We would throw them a super bowl party that their friends would envy if they threw a party for us first. We sent each man a box with his outfit special to the theme for the party. Our theme was “Guys and DollsContinue reading Phonesex Party Deal

Come Chat With US!


You guys have been waiting for it and now it’s here!

You can access it by clicking the chat link at the top of the page and then you will see two options:

Click here to chat using any browser!

Click here for our mobile version!

Click the one corresponding to the device you are on and get ready to have the time of your life!

Several sissy Mistresses are waiting to fulfill your every sissy desire!

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