I Saw My Sexy Neighbor Wearing His Secret Panties Phone Sex

panty boy cock stroking phonesex

Sadie        1-866-239-2972  or    1-844-332-2639 Ext. 222

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I had gone outside to water my flower bed when I saw my neighbor boy as clear as day dancing in his room in what looked like a pair of bright pink panties. He was looking at himself in the mirror moving his hands over his muscular ass and over his hips and thigh, twisting this way and that, admiring himself. He did look very handsome in them his young swimmers build with those lean lines funneling into a pair of very feminine panties was mouthwatering.

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Hypnosis helps the sissy girl phone sex

~~~~Olivia~~~~844-332-2639 x 226~~~~

Olivia! I got to work this morning and when I went to the bathroom I had on panties!!

Oh, you should have heard her.  She was so excited.  She was rambling on that she would have been so upset had anyone known.  Blah Blah blah.  She’s been wanting to take steps to become the sissy she is.  We’ve been working together to make it happen. 

I suggested hypnosis.

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Becoming Mommy’s Girl Forced Feminization Phone Sex

Stepmommy always gets her girl

I never wanted a boy, but I married your dad, and he already had you. The thing was, that dirty fucker left us, so now you were mine to do with as I pleased. No more daddy to protect you, stepson. You were such a Daddy’s Boy, but no more. From this day on, you will only be known as Mommy’s Girl. I guess I should start by confessing to you how we got here. Not that it matters, but it will be fun to see the expression on your face as you realize that I have been prepping you for forced sissification from the moment we met.

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Cheap Date Loves Ladies Night Phonesex

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1-866-239-2972                                  1-844-332-2639 ext 222

I had no idea just how cheap this guy was. It started when he pulled out the two for one coupon for our dinner and then asked that we share the dinner so he could take the second meal home for his lunch the next day. I was about to graciously make my way home as cheap men are not really my type, when he asked if I wanted to go have drinks at one of my favorite bars. I could really use a cocktail at this point. I decided to give him one more chance, and agreed.

He pulled into a gas station and grabbed a bag out of the backseat and said he would be right back. I was beginning to fear that he was going to bring me a vodka laced slushie when a tall brunette opened the door and got in the car. I was startled and asked her what she thought she was doing and was stunned to hear my date’s voice come out of her mouth.

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Sissies at the Con Phonesex

Mistress Darla 844-332-2639 x 224

I want to take all my pretty sissies to a convention with me. I’d love to put them all into costumes and have an entire cosplay squad started. I just need to know what to dress everyone up as.

THere are so many costumes, cultures, themes to pick from…

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Making use of your clitty Phonesex

844-332-2639 ext, 346

A cock is a terrible thing to waste, but apparently nobody ever told you that, did they honey? Since really as pathetic as that specimen is, it still could of got some love, though clearly it never, ever has. Don’t worry, we can find all kinds of other things to do once we lock that little worm away and keep it no longer an issue…

I’m sure I’ll find something to fill your time you little slut, something much more suited to you. You know what they say, every man, no matter how manly he thinks he might be, is an anal queen deep down. And you’ve got your cock in your hand don’t you? I’m sure you do, and you’re looking at my cock. So once we take yours out of the picture…

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Teaching Bois to be Gurls Phone Sex

1-844-332-2639 Ext. 245

Have you ever wanted to go to a girls party, honey? I know that’s the dream of many a young little boy. Of course, you weren’t ever a young little boy. Boi, maybe. But I think gurl is the more appropriate term for what you were, don’t you agree sweetie?

But don’t you fret. I’d love to take you to the girliest, sissiest, froofiest little sleepover you’ve ever had. All the best makeup. All the undies. All the talking about boys. All the pampering. And of course in your case gurly, all the hazing. Of course there’s hazing silly gurl. the youngest always gets hazed, and we’ve been women a lot longer then you have, haven’t we?

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Wanted: Sissy Phonesex For This Prissy Missy

Must be submissive, a slave, a pet; must want–no, NEED to be a good girl.

Must be willing to go above and beyond to complete tasks. Whether these tasks are related to dressing up or potty play, you MUST be willing.*

Must own, have readily available, or be willing to purchase

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Spy Cam Caught My Husband Taking My Panties Phonesex

caught my husband in panties phone sexSadie

1-866-239-2972           1-844-332-2639 ext. 222

I had noticed that my lingerie kept coming up missing. I suspected the girl who came in twice a week to clean of stealing my things. I ordered one of those sneaky nanny cams that look like ordinary household objects. This one looked like a jewelry box with a camera right in the front of it. I knew I would have all the proof I needed to fire the sticky fingered thief soon. I went and bought some new panties and some sleek little nighties to replenish what had been stolen. Then I just waited.

It didn’t take long before the panty raider took the bait. I noticed that strangely it wasn’t the new things that were stolen but some of my older things. I couldn’t wait to look at the footage from the spy cam. I downloaded it on to my computer and began to play it back. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There right on my screen was my husband. At first I thought he was just going to maybe smell my panties and jerk off. A little strange but OK. Then I watched as he pulled my panties on.

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Sissy Shopping Assignment Phonesex

You were standing in your local department store in the makeup section, looking for foundation. Not too sure what you were doing, and must have looked a little lost as one of the sales girls came up quietly behind you. She was a delightfully pretty teenage girl in her livery; navy blue uniform, crisp white blouse with a name tag, tight navy skirt showing off her perfect ass, black seamed stockings and 5″ black heels with ankle straps. She stands taller than you, around 6′, and looked young, sweet and innocent, although with maybe just a hint of mischief in her eyes.

As I continued to discreetly record you, I saw her select some items from the counters before saying “Oh I know, we have a lovely starter kit here, they are just new in our Pink Princess range. You’d like to be a pink princess wouldn’t you Sissy? I think I’ll call you Sissy from now on; you look like a frilly, pretty, lacy girly Sissy. And I can see by your crotch that you think so too.”

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