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You Look Like You Would Enjoy This Phone Sex

Be my sexy sissy boy

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I had chosen him from an online dating service because I thought that he had that certain something I was looking for. After our first date I was even more sure that he would want to play the game I was interested in playing. We were sitting on the patio having a few drinks when I sat my glass down and told him I had bought him a present and I hoped that he would like it. He said I didn’t have to do it. I told him I wasn’t entirely sure he would like it.

One more drink and I sent him to my bedroom to find the gift wrapped box with the big pink bow on it. On the Tag it said “I hope they are your size”. Inside was a beautiful classic black lace bra and panties wrapped in delicately scented tissue paper. I had put a little note in there that said  “If I’m wrong and you don’t like these just come back to the patio for another drink and we will forget that this ever happened. But if I am right and you do like them, go down the hall to the bathroom more is waiting for you there. Xoxo SadieContinue reading You Look Like You Would Enjoy This Phone Sex

Softer Side of your Phonesex Mistress

Did you pine after the popular girl at school? Did you notice her budding breasts, tight little body, and ability to always get what she wanted? However, instead of wanting to fuck her, you wanted to be her, didn’t you? Continue reading Softer Side of your Phonesex Mistress

His Wife Turned Him Into Her Sissy Bitch Phone Sex

He can’t let go of his life as Little Sissy Bitch Cuckold. She has long since moved on having married a real man with a nice big cock.

He used to be made to get dressed up in her clothes and make-up and watch as she was pleasured by that big beautiful cock…..

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Forced Crossdressing Phonesex – The Birth of Candy

Forced Sissy Phonesex

Not all men want to crossdress. Some must be forced into it, but I don’t mind a challenge. One such occasion presented itself to me one afternoon after happy hour when I found myself in my room with a coworker of mine. His name was….well, I don’t even remember what his name was before I got a hold of him. I had a brand new pair of red panties that I convinced him to try on. Continue reading Forced Crossdressing Phonesex – The Birth of Candy

Forced To Be My Phone Sex Sissy

Forced femme

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It was dark and storming outside when someone was suddenly pounding on my door. I opened it to find a man soaked and shivering on my front porch. “I saw your light was on. I’m sorry to bother you but my car slid off the road and I can’t get any cell reception with this storm.” I couldn’t believe my good fortune.

“Of course, come in, come in let’s get you in out of this rain.” Thunder boomed ominously in the background adding just the perfect touch of drama. I shut and locked the door behind him, slipping the key into my pocket. “My goodness you must be freezing!” I took him by the arm and led him down the hall to the bathroom. “Here, take off your clothes and hand them out. I’ll get them dried while you take a shower. I’ll get you something to put on in the meantime, just a moment.” Continue reading Forced To Be My Phone Sex Sissy

My Naughty Phone Sex Sissy Boy Is So Much Fun

By day he is a highly educated respected man of great reputation. At night he is just a silly diaper wearing Sissy Boy who craves many things  We have hours of naughty fun……

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Let’s See If He Fucks This Secretary Phone Sex

forced femme sissy secretary

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I had caught my husband fucking his secretary. No I wasn’t going to divorce him. I had a better solution. I arrived at the office just after the day had begun. I fired every woman in the office. It was my father’s company after all so I could do that. Gone was every grasping ladder climbing bimbo. However I did realize that the company needed a female for the reception area. I took a look around and saw just what I needed.

“You! You there. Congratulations you are now the new receptionist!” I said to the man sitting at the desk in the corner of the office. His face showed his surprise. “Me?” he asked. Continue reading Let’s See If He Fucks This Secretary Phone Sex

Phone Sex Dani Time!! Lets Play Pretty Sissy!!!



Welcome to my world your pretty sissy girl! Are you ready to have some fun? Maybe you have been looking but need that final push?

Well today is your lucky Day!!! I’m just the girl to give it to you!

Lets get super naughty and play together today in chat!!!

(If you’re really lucky you might even get to win the game and play with me for a WHOLE 15 MINS ((For Free!!))

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My Sissy Sexual Awakening Phonesex (Pt. 2)

Continued from pt 1

I rubbed the fabric of my sister’s new dress in between my fingers, and for the first time in my life, my dick was hard.  I was a little panicked.  What did this mean?  I grabbed it, trying to quell my engorged dick.  I scooted back against the dresser and the dress fell off and landed on top of me.  I wanted to feel it on my skin so bad.  I wanted it more than anything.

I heard the door close on my parents’ bedroom once again and breathed a sigh of relief.  I was so scared of my parents finding me in here.  I didn’t know why I was in there in the first place, but it felt shameful.

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What Step Mommy Doesn’t Know… Phone Sex.

I know who you are; a naughty little closet sissy college student. Your heart rushing as soon as your step-mom tells you she’s going out for a few hours, leaving you home alone. As soon as she leaves you lock the door and rush to the master bedroom; slowly pulling open her drawer to find a treasure chest.

Your heart pounding with excitement as your eyes jump across all her different panties. White frilly panties, dark pantyhose, red mesh backside, pink thong; your little penis flickers with excitement doesn’t it???

You hesitate for a bit, and then finally choose a silky red pair with matching garter and stockings. You delicately step over them, sliding them softly up your legs; they are very tight so you move carefully not to overstretch them. You look down in uncertainty, should you allow your penis to pop past the upper lining or should you tuck it beneath the side of the panties? You decide to tuck it to the side; looking at yourself in the grand mirror, you turn around. As you stick out your bum your proudly see how your soft white creamy buttcheeks shine in the light.

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