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You Naughty Sissy Bitch Phone Sex!!!

1-844-332-2639 Extension 209

Don’t think I don’t know that you keep looking at my profiles, and tumblr!!! Just to see what I have been up to! I am a busy girl, and you envy the amazing times we used to have together! How I used to use your information against you, threatening to expose you for the bitch you really are!
You are now and forever my sissy! You need exactly what I can give you so come get it!!!

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Sucking That First Cock Phone Sex


Now that you serve me on a regular basis, there is no turning back. The tasks I’ve had you complete have been part of my master plan and each task builds from the last one.  First, I got you addicted to our sessions so you would only be able to cum under my direction. (As if your wife cares…..she’s fucking around anyway lol) Then I made you wear panties every time you wanted to masturbate. They started out, pretty but not too feminine.

Now they are always pink with a lot of lace and you have to wear them all the time…..even to work.  Soon, you were wearing a butt plug every time you stroked and I sent you on humiliating shopping sprees to buy penis enlargement devices, tampons, and even some women’s magazines. I got you addicted to the Cosmo sex quizzes!

Long story, short (no, not your cock, lol), I got you addicted to me and now I have you addicted to cock.  You never thought I’d make you cross so many boundaries and today you wanted to know if you could just go back to wearing panties. Well, you tell me. Can you un-ring a bell? Can you un-suck that first cock?


Cute, Tight, Little Ass Phonesex

844-332-2639 ext 257

I’m an ass girl. Always have been. So when you brought your ass in here, in those cute little panties, begging me to use your boy pussy, there was no way I could resist.

I know you haven’t had a lot of training, other than the pathetic stuff you do at home along, so I will do my best to make sure that you get treated right.

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It Is Called GIRLS Night Out Phonesex


1-844-332-2639 ext. 222

Jill’s boyfriend decided that he was going to invade the sanctity of our ladies night out.  She didn’t have the nerve to say no to him when he insisted that we could have just as much fun with him there. The other girls and I were not happy about this turn of events and developed our own plan of how to deal with his intrusion.

We made sure that we started our beverage intake much sooner than normal but what he didn’t know was ours was tea while his was something a bit stiffer. When time to leave came he was already shall we say judgmentally compromised. We convinced him that it would be fun to let us dress him for the evening out. His outfit went from a casual polo shirt and jeans to a slutty club dress and stockings enough make up to make a him look like a trashy hooker and a pair of lovely sandals. Continue reading It Is Called GIRLS Night Out Phonesex

Let Your Inner Sissy Slut Come Out And Play Phone Sex

sissy transformation
866-514-4715 or (844-332-2639) ext 203
You are for all intents and purposes a man. You function at your “important” job every day. You provide for your family. You even do manly type things like fix cars and things. You may even have a strong sex drive for beautiful women. However, that isn’t really who you are inside, is it? Inside is a slutty woman who craves cock.

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Prove You Can Be Like Me Phonesex

844-332-2639 ext 257

You need to prove you can be like me before I even consider you to be a sissy. That means being able to do everything that I can do, and showing how much you love it. 

I have a few examples for you if you’re not sure on what you should be doing.

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I’ll Be Batman You Be Supergirl Phonesex

I have a confession to make to you. One that you might be a little surprised about. I like to dress-up too. Though my dress-up is a bit different than yours.

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The Queen of Phonesex for 2-Girl Tuesday

CBT with Ms. Randi

“Truly a favorite of Mine ! I love to watch and hear you,whimper, moan, squeal and still wish to please Me. It shows Me your dedication to My pleasures.”

For those who don’t know how delicious and dirty Randi can be, come check out the Queen of Phonesex!

1 Night Only!

2 Girl Calls Only!

Tuesday, April 5th starting at 5 PM EST

Come say hi in the chat room and see what all the excitement is about!