To Be The Sissy Queen Phonesex Part 1

womanless pageant sissy phone sex


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As part of the local Fall Festival there was an all male beauty pageant. Local celebrities and politicians along with some of the more well-known business leaders would be participating. Some of these men take it as a joke and will go for the more cartoonish, outlandish, comical side of the pageant. However there has also developed a real competition between a smaller inner circle of competitors. These competitors assemble teams of women to help them prepare. A good friend of mine just happens to be one of these. He asked me to help him kick the competition’s ass.

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Femmey Girl Phonesex

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I know the real reason a girl gets so many admirers when she’s like me is half of you are upset your wife doesn’t have a cock, of course, but as deliciously fun as that is its the other half of my fans I love to tend to in the special way I can. Honey I know what you’re feeling, I felt that too, the difference is I wasn’t too ashamed to drop down on my knee’s and part my lips to wrap them around the prize, and now that you’ve waited so long, you might be behind.

But a little work can go a long way, now, get those hips swishing glamour girl, we’re gonna make you the faggot of your dreams.

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Feminization for His Future Phonesex

1-844-332-2639 Ext. 245

I once knew a lovely young man, a student of mine in fact, who’s father had unfortunately passed to prison life because of his embezzlement, meaning his substantial inheritance would be seized when he came of age. It also meant he wouldn’t be able to attend my school anymore. Two things I didn’t want, but thankfully those lips where so kissable and frame so delicate.

Girls schools may not be a standard in America, but they certainly are in England, and you’d be surprised what a bit of clever work could be done to siphon money to a young, unrelated, lady over sea’s. In fact once I’d prepared her and taught her how to move, sit, speak, talk, look and think? You’d have never known the difference, and what few things I couldn’t quite hammer down, schooling did oh so well for me by the strict British mistresses instilling within my little boi friend all the skills needed for a lady of standing.

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Almost caught phone sex

~~~~Olivia~~~~844-332-2639 x 226~~~~

Lol, got an excited call from sissy cindy this morning.  Seems she was lounging around in her Hello Kitty onesies almost got caught by daughter’s boyfriend!

She was enjoying a smoke out on the patio and heard footsteps coming from upstairs.  She wasn’t aware anyone was home.  She hurried up and lay down on the couch and covered as if she was napping. So funny!  I told her what may have happened………..

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Being girlie Phone Sex


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I really like sissy boys.  the sissyer the better.  I like full-blown sissies.  The kind that will call you up and tell you about the hangy down dick they sucked the night before.  Or the time they were gangbanged at the glory hole.

I think everyone should be who they are; whoever that may be, and I think they should be the best they can be.  No half ass sissy for me.

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Sexy legs sissy phone sex

~~~~Olivia~~~~844-332-2639 x 226~~~~

Not a bad set of legs huh?  Big Hello Kitty fan.  So submissive and cute. And barefoot.  

I’ve introduced her to Nair to get her legs the smoothest.  She was shaving them earlier.  Complaining about the stubble.  I’ve had her apply liquid tanning products til she gets the tan she wants.  She’s been laying out on the deck but has really pale skin.  

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What The Fuck Are You Wearing Phonesex

fucking sissy mouth phone sex

Tom          1-844-332-2639 ext. 342

What the fuck are you doing? I caught my sister’s boyfriend wearing her lingerie. My sister asks me to go by her house to take a look at the bathroom faucet. There wasn’t supposed to be anyone at home but when I open the door there laying on the couch with a fucking dildo in his mouth is Christopher. He jumps up and tries to hide the dildo but it’s too fucking late now. So he knows that he is busted big time.

He tells me it’s not what it looks like. Come on dude, what else could it be? He’s not a faggot he says he just likes to wear my sister’s underwear and suck on her sex toys. I don’t give a fuck what anyone does in their own lives but damn he’s living with my sister. I think she needs to know about this.

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Forced Crossdressing Phonesex – The Birth of Candy

Forced Sissy Phonesex

Not all men want to cross dress. Some must be forced into it, but I don’t mind a challenge. One such occasion presented itself to me one afternoon after happy hour when I found myself in my room with a coworker of mine. His name was…well, I don’t even remember what his name was before I got a hold of him. I had a brand new pair of red panties that I convinced him to try on.

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Bitch Please, Phone Sex

You called me wearing panties and you want me to fuck you?

I bet you wanted me to slide my thick and juicy cock inside you when I snatched your panties to the side.

Bitch Please!

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Do You Want A Phonesex Girlfriend or Not?

forced feminization manipulation phone sex


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Aaron is such a sweet, pretty, young boy. So eager for his first girlfriend that he is quite literally willing to do anything to be able to claim the coveted trophy of an older girl as his. One would never describe him as bold, but certainly eager. He was flushed with excitement when I picked him up for our date. We came back to my home after a little dinner, at which, I had decided his fate. A fate that would forever change how Aaron would go about his life.

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