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Undressing to Dress you Phone Sex

Standing before you, hands on my hips you watch my displeased face as I look down upon you. I have come home early to find you laying in our bed with my favorite dildo nestled between your cheeks.

This is not what a real man does.

So… I have something in store for you. Click below to find out more.

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Pretty Sissy, Walking Down The Street Phone Sex


After sending you shopping, I had you prance around in your new attire. The laced-trimmed satin panties and bra set that you wore under your slutty red and black mini skirt. Your blouse that covered your potbelly was smothered by the fur coat you sported. Your torned fishnet stockings peeked from the cheap leather boots you worned. HaHa.

♫ Pretty woman, walking down the street ♫  Now it is time for you to call me and get stretched out with my delicious and outstanding cock. Let’s see what you are made of! Let’s see if you will drool for dick!

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Sharing Dirty Panties Phonesex

I might share my panties with you if you are very very good.

But I know you’ll be good for me. Won’t you?

You sink to your knees and crawl up between my thighs just to sniff at my pussy.

I know you can smell the real man who just fucked me.

I know, because I didn’t wash after. I saved that for you.

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Sissies Can Win Free Phone Sex To!




Game Night Tuesday Night!!!!
Join me in the chat room at 9pm est for the chance to win a free 15 min phone call! I would love to let you compete with other secret holders for the chance to win some sexy phone time with me! Wondering what the game is going to be about?! Thanksgiving trivia!! So study up and lets have some fun!

Don’t be late, we will start the game promptly at 9pm est!

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Homewrecking Princess Phone Sex Mind Fuck

Do you look at that pretty wife of yours sitting there on the couch being lazy, or maybe she’s running around crazy cleaning your house? Is there something missing?
What If I told you I know what’s missing? What will put the pep back in your step?

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Phonesex Sissy Whore is Caught

“What in the world?” I said out loud in my car as I approached my house. From down the block I could see my neighbor wearing the most outrageously bright and garish lingerie walking stiltedly high heels down his driveway. I slowed down to take a closer look but he must have seen me as he quickly hurried back up the drive and into his house. I sat in my car for a few moments watching his front door then I saw him peek out the window and could tell by his flushed panicked expression that yes I wasn’t seeing things it was indeed my neighbor’s husband that was wearing that eye catching lingerie.

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❤❤ Playing With Sissy BB Phone Sex!! ❤❤


Sissy BB and I have been having some fun lately, I just love knowing that she likes getting all dressed up for me.. and the extent of her bbc obsession drives me nuts!

I’m sure you all are aching to know about my new little cock whore… well, Her name is BB.. Blow Job Buttqueen :) She love BBC, and cant get her clitty hard without it!! She has had so many cocks up her little pussy that her cunt is all stretched and worn out.. Over 75 cocks is a lot for a little sissy girl…

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Many Uses for Marilyn’s Panties Phonesex

Oh you naughty little sissygirl. I’ve seen you staring at my panties. Think of the wetness, my scent, but it that all you have been thinking about? Are you jealous? Want to try them on? Well, little bitch, I think it’s time you learned that sliding my dirty wet panties up your thighs to wrap around your little clit is the least of your worries.

Perhaps I’ll pull them over your head and make you sit in the corner, the wet pussy scented crotch over your nose and mouth. Maybe I’ll wrap them around your pathetic clit so tight and hand weights on them, see how much you can take before your are crying like the sissygirl we both know you are. Some days you’ll wear them for me, underneath your man costume, wear them all day at work and feel the crusty cum that I made you deposit in them before you even left.

***See more dirty details below***

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Pretty Sissy Phone Sex

My favorite calls are always accompanied by a Web Cam Session. I love to watch! Nothing pleases me more than seeing all the new silky lingerie and frilly dresses my sissies have collected during the week.

Sometimes my sissies are a little challenged by the make-up and hair process that goes along with dressing pretty. It’s okay though because I do offer sissy training lessons.

We can do tutorials on dressing slutty yet sophisticated, walking in high heels, trashy to classy make-up application, hair styling, finger and toenail painting plus so much more!

The best part is, all calls with me from October 7th-13th, 2015 are only $2.25 a minute!

Mistress Francie

1-844-332-2639 ext 208