Sissy slut cindy showing off phone sex

~~~~Olivia~~~~844-332-2639 x 226~~~~

Sissy cindy showing off her new outfit.  She is a shopper.  

She’s dressed for an outing in her neighborhood clubhouse.  I remember when I first started working with her; she was so introverted.  She had all these mixed feelings.   

She loves to follow her instincts when dressing.  She knows she’s a sissy.  She knows how to accent her best features.  Check those pretty legs out.  Loves to wear foundation too; bra and sexy panties.  I had her cut up all her boy undies

There’s only one step left to complete her.

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Swapping Panties Forced Sissy Phonesex

Swapping Panties Forced Sissy Phonesex
Call tu Reina, Petra
844-332-2639 ext. 318

I see you checking me out, staring at my round Cuban ass and how it devours my thong. I slowly lift my thin, short dress to give you a peek. You love the view so much you want to touch–but I swat your outstretched hand away and wag my finger. Not yet, bitch.

Instead I hook my thumbs in my G-string and slide it over my ass and down my legs. bending over at the waist as my thong gets lower. Your small dick is hard as a rock as you lie there, naked and waiting. What you didn’t expect was I would step out of my thong panties, toss them on your lap, and order you to put them on.

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Feminization, by a Shemale? Phonesex Guidence for future Gurls

844-332-2639 ext, 346

Oh look at all my future little sisters out there, aren’t you all feeling so proud to see someone who’s risen up above the desire to actually take the plunge, and for that matter, take a few plunges, generally I find a good man lasts about forty of them, but who’s counting.

I always love to see my fellow girls out there struggling to be born, because I know first hand how hard it is to commit, and also, how wonderful it is to submit when you do. Keeping all those lovely things hidden away, discarding them from time to time, tsk tsk, that’s no way for a lady to conduct herself. Let Momma Macy be your feminization sherpa.

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My Sissy’s Keeper Phone Sex

My Sissy's Keeper Phone Sex
Call Mama Petra!
844-332-2639 ext. 318

It is, in my own personal opinion, very simple to capture a sissy boy, should you desire to do so. And why wouldn’t you? Sissies can range from adorable to gorgeous, and the vast majority of them are the grandest of sweethearts. We love our sissies! We don’t know what we would do without you… Which is why you aren’t allowed to leave.

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Sissy in a Real Man’s World Phonesex

There are so many little sissy boys out there who pretend every day to be men.

Is it difficult?

When you take a leak in a public bathroom and glance over the urinal beside you, seeing a real man’s cock, a real woman pleasing hunk of red hot meat, does it shove home just how tiny your little nub is, how pathetic you are?

When you are in the office standing next to a real man do you have to fight the urge to drop to your knees in front of everyone there to beg forgiveness for being a complete fake? And when you stand before a woman and she looks into your eyes, smirks in disdain, seeing you for the lame excuse you are, does it make that little clitty hard?

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Sissies Sucking Sissies Faggot Phonesex Orgies

1-844-332-2639 Ext. 245

Come on honey, he honest with yourself. You know you’re not good enough for any real woman in the world. There, does that make you feel better to admit it now? I mean look at your dicklette..what grown woman is going to want that…joke? No sweetie, but don’t you worry. I know the perfect thing for a limp wristed faggot like you.

Another sissy! I can’t wait to take you out to meet new sissies. You can swap stories about boys, give each other makeup tips, critique each others blowjobs…it’d be a perfect confidence builder for a new gurl like you!

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Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Phonesex MISSY

Mistress Sadie's School for Sissy's


1-844-332-2639 ext. 222

I am your Head Mistress Sadie and welcome to my school for men yearning to be sissies. In order to become a Missy (our little name for our students) you must be dedicated and committed to following a strict regime of diet, exercise, and rigorous training to become the best little Missy you can possibly become. There are several courses available to bring out the fullest potential in each of our eager students.

This of course is our nursery area. Sissy Babies will receive the finest of care. Our diapering station is equipped for sweet mommy and strict mommy diaper changes. We have many interesting pacifiers and “toys” for our darling little baby sissies to experience. There are bondage beds as well as playpens and a few little inventions of our own devising for the littlest of our special girls to enjoy, or not depending on their behavior.

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Cock Sucking Ass Fucking Sissy Phonesex

You could look as linda as me, chica!

I bet you’ve already tried on women’s clothing, faggot. Panties, stockings, dresses, bras stuffed with toilet paper. I’m sure you’ve waited until your wife went to bed or to work before slipping into her lingerie and waltzing around the house in fuck me heels. You know where she keeps her toys, and while she’s gone you can’t help but pull them out and play for a little bit. You even switch on some porn, watching naughty sluts suck cock.

Do you want to be a naughty slutty cock sucker?

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Burlesque Show Sissy Phonesex

I took my sissy out dancing…

Occasionally, I’ll get invited to be a feature in certain burlesque shows. I invited my sissy to come with me one night (actually, I just told her…it was an invitation that proved impossible for her to refuse). I dressed my sissy in some low rise jeans with her lacy pink thong peeking up over her bubble butt. Her little pink crop top sweater fit her girlish figure, and showcased the huge boobs I paid for. I made her wear very high pink stilettos with little heart shaped locks on the ankles, to which I, of course, held the key. We spent hours at the salon having extensions put in her hair and having her makeup done. She thought it was because she was coming to watch me perform, but she had no idea what I had in store for her on this night.

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