Sissy Baby and His Special Phone Sex Paci

Sissy Baby Phone Sex

I had a special surprise for Sissy Baby J…he crawled over to me as I held up a pretty little pink paci and waved it in front of his face. “Look what Mommy’s got for you baby. Go ahead and suck on this.” His eyes got wide, and then he smiled. “Thank you Mommy.” What Baby J didn’t know was that his paci was very special, enchanted, even…

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On the First Day of Xmas, my Phonesex Mistress Gave to Me

Merry Xmas Sissy!

On the first day of Christmas, my mistress gave to me a pair of her dirty panties…

“Gather round my pets! It’s my favorite time of year here at Miss Silver’s School for Sissies.” Mistress Silver looked stunning in her black pencil skirt, black button-up silk blouse, black pantyhose, and black strappy heels. Her blond hair was softly curled and cascaded around her face. She wore black framed glasses and red lipstick. She carried a red velvet sack, and the sissies couldn’t wait to see what surprise their sensually devious mistress had for them. Like a flock of lambs, they gathered among their Mistress, and when she was sure she had all pupils in her presence, Miss Silver ordered them to their knees.

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My Son’s Feminizing Phonesex Awakening Ch 2

Come now darling, you were always meant to be my girl

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“But Mommy, I’m not a girl! What are you talking about.”

I don’t know if Chucky was still in denial, or if he really thought that I was crazy. A part of him had to know that he was born into the wrong body. I just had to help him see that mommy always knows best. He needed to say the words. They needed to come from him.

“Remember last Thursday when you came home and said the boys were making fun of you in the locker room?”

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Forced Crossdressing Phonesex – The Birth of Candy

Forced Sissy Phonesex

Not all men want to cross dress. Some must be forced into it, but I don’t mind a challenge. One such occasion presented itself to me one afternoon after happy hour when I found myself in my room with a coworker of mine. His name was…well, I don’t even remember what his name was before I got a hold of him. I had a brand new pair of red panties that I convinced him to try on.

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Becoming Mommy’s Girl Forced Feminization Phone Sex

Stepmommy always gets her girl

I never wanted a boy, but I married your dad, and he already had you. The thing was, that dirty fucker left us, so now you were mine to do with as I pleased. No more daddy to protect you, stepson. You were such a Daddy’s Boy, but no more. From this day on, you will only be known as Mommy’s Girl. I guess I should start by confessing to you how we got here. Not that it matters, but it will be fun to see the expression on your face as you realize that I have been prepping you for forced sissification from the moment we met.

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Bottom Boi Sissification Phonesex

Sissification Phonesex

The first step in Bottom Boi Sissification Phonesex is realizing that thing between your legs is absolutely useless to me in any sort of sexual way. It resembles nothing even close to a real man’s cock, which is why you’ve found yourself here.

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Burlesque Show Sissy Phonesex

I took my sissy out dancing…

Occasionally, I’ll get invited to be a feature in certain burlesque shows. I invited my sissy to come with me one night (actually, I just told her…it was an invitation that proved impossible for her to refuse). I dressed my sissy in some low rise jeans with her lacy pink thong peeking up over her bubble butt. Her little pink crop top sweater fit her girlish figure, and showcased the huge boobs I paid for. I made her wear very high pink stilettos with little heart shaped locks on the ankles, to which I, of course, held the key. We spent hours at the salon having extensions put in her hair and having her makeup done. She thought it was because she was coming to watch me perform, but she had no idea what I had in store for her on this night.

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Profess Your Love for Mommy, Sissy Phonesex

Sissy Phonesex
This Mommy takes control of EVERYTHING…

I recently wrote an expose piece on my darling Sissy Michell. She loved it so much that she felt  she had no choice but to respond with a heartfelt love letter. Michell is very devoted to our training, and she has handed control of everything to me. I’d like to share some of her most intimate thoughts about me with you…

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