Whatever It Takes to Get Ahead Phonesex

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The decision was made to send Adam and I to the important conference to represent our company. Adam, of all people. The most arrogant, condescending, pain in the ass of a person in all the office. I was not looking forward to the long weekend of dealing with his cocky attitude. That was until I had a brilliant idea of how to keep him in check.

I managed to pull it off, every thing had gone exactly as I had expected. I sat in my hotel room indulging myself by breaking into the mini bar for a congratulatory beverage savoring my coming victory. Then it came. The call. Adam was asking me if we had somehow switched suitcases. No, I had my suitcase. Why was there a problem with his? It was hard to keep the smile out of my voice but I could see it in the mirror as I asked him.

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Accidental Forced Feminization Phonesex

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It was all a crazy misunderstanding. It began with my friend Aaron coming over to the house, and while we were talking I accidentally spilled my coffee all over him. His white shirt and his khaki pants were stained with coffee all over them. I told him to change out of his clothes so that I can wash them and went to my closet to find something for him to put on, I gave him my robe. My short, satin, very pink, robe. He objected of course but it was either that or sit around my house naked which he didn’t want to do.

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Living The Fantasy Phonesex

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We all know Halloween is the night when every sissy boy gets to fulfill his deepest fantasies. One such sissy I know had the most outrageously wonderful night of his, well on this night, her life. It wasn’t just dressing as a woman, no, it was dressing as a woman, dressing in costume so that she blended right in.

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To Be The Sissy Queen Phonesex Part 1

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As part of the local Fall Festival there was an all male beauty pageant. Local celebrities and politicians along with some of the more well-known business leaders would be participating. Some of these men take it as a joke and will go for the more cartoonish, outlandish, comical side of the pageant. However there has also developed a real competition between a smaller inner circle of competitors. These competitors assemble teams of women to help them prepare. A good friend of mine just happens to be one of these. He asked me to help him kick the competition’s ass.

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I Found Out About His Secret Club Phonesex

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At lunch with a friend, when he opens his wallet to pay the bill, and this eye-catching pink and blue card with big letters DSB club falls out on to the table. I, of course, pick it up and look at it and it says nothing more than that. He finishes handing his credit card to the waitress and takes the colorful card from my fingers. “What is that?” I asked. He only smiled as he placed it back into his wallet.

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Do You Want A Phonesex Girlfriend or Not?

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Aaron is such a sweet, pretty, young boy. So eager for his first girlfriend that he is quite literally willing to do anything to be able to claim the coveted trophy of an older girl as his. One would never describe him as bold, but certainly eager. He was flushed with excitement when I picked him up for our date. We came back to my home after a little dinner, at which, I had decided his fate. A fate that would forever change how Aaron would go about his life.

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His Secret After Closing Time Phonesex

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It was late the stores were beginning to close and I rushed into the lingerie shop. The manager was the only one there, standing at the register. He looked up and started to say that they were closed but I guess he must have changed his mind once he saw me. He asked if I needed some help, and I told him I needed something special for the night I was planning and I was sorry it was so close to closing time for him but I would hurry. He said to take my time but asked if I minded if he locked the chain fence down to close the store. I told him I didn’t mind at all.

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I Saw My Sexy Neighbor Wearing His Secret Panties Phone Sex

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I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I had gone outside to water my flower bed when I saw my neighbor boy as clear as day dancing in his room in what looked like a pair of bright pink panties. He was looking at himself in the mirror moving his hands over his muscular ass and over his hips and thigh, twisting this way and that, admiring himself. He did look very handsome in them his young swimmers build with those lean lines funneling into a pair of very feminine panties was mouthwatering.

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Cheap Date Loves Ladies Night Phonesex

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I had no idea just how cheap this guy was. It started when he pulled out the two for one coupon for our dinner and then asked that we share the dinner so he could take the second meal home for his lunch the next day. I was about to graciously make my way home as cheap men are not really my type, when he asked if I wanted to go have drinks at one of my favorite bars. I could really use a cocktail at this point. I decided to give him one more chance, and agreed.

He pulled into a gas station and grabbed a bag out of the backseat and said he would be right back. I was beginning to fear that he was going to bring me a vodka laced slushie when a tall brunette opened the door and got in the car. I was startled and asked her what she thought she was doing and was stunned to hear my date’s voice come out of her mouth.

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Spy Cam Caught My Husband Taking My Panties Phonesex

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I had noticed that my lingerie kept coming up missing. I suspected the girl who came in twice a week to clean of stealing my things. I ordered one of those sneaky nanny cams that look like ordinary household objects. This one looked like a jewelry box with a camera right in the front of it. I knew I would have all the proof I needed to fire the sticky fingered thief soon. I went and bought some new panties and some sleek little nighties to replenish what had been stolen. Then I just waited.

It didn’t take long before the panty raider took the bait. I noticed that strangely it wasn’t the new things that were stolen but some of my older things. I couldn’t wait to look at the footage from the spy cam. I downloaded it on to my computer and began to play it back. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There right on my screen was my husband. At first I thought he was just going to maybe smell my panties and jerk off. A little strange but OK. Then I watched as he pulled my panties on.

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