The newest help at the daycare phone sex

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We all know how I’m not a big fan of hanging out at the daycare so my sister has been looking for more help.  

This very well dressed, well groomed, well-mannered person came in while I was there to apply for the job.  I kept looking at her because something just kept catching my eye.  We finished the interview and I asked her to stand for a photo.

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New library assistant phone sex

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I had noticed this young high school boy in the library watching my every move.  I approached him and offered him a position in the library with me.  Of course, I explained to him he would have to make some changes.  Only girls work in the library.  

He wanted to work with me so badly he was willing to make the changes.

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It’s finals for the graduates phone sex

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I’ve some Darlings ready for their step to graduation.  I’m so proud of them.  

They have followed all the steps in the Darling School of Sissies.  I was looking at Craig’s List and found some interesting prospects. 

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Shopping with the sissy phone sex


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Aren’t these darling?  And if you need those locks to make sure you stay in those heels; they are perfect.  Sometimes locks are needed to make sure the sissy is wearing what they are supposed to.  Just take the key with you or make sure the key is frozen in a bottle of water.  

A cute additive is to have sissy engrave your initials on the lock.  Can you just imagine taking into the store for engraving?  No fair using your own personal engraving tool.  

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My Sissy Cindy’s out there Phone Sex

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My Cindy has been with me the longest and she has learned a lot from me.  Oh, she wanted to suck cock but was always so scared.  She wanted to go out in public dressed in her girlie outfits but was always so scared.  She wanted to go down to the glory hole and be the pick of the boys but was always so scared.  

All that has changed.

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Feminization hypnosis phone sex

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Last time we had a hypnosis call we covered the basics of Feminization.  This time we will go into more detail.  I note that your pink panties are on.

Pick out one of the little pink dildos on the wallpaper and concentrate.  Letting your eyes get tired and your eyelids get heavy.  It’s quicker this time.  Totally relax.  

Now that you are totally relaxed… 

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Almost caught phone sex

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Lol, got an excited call from sissy cindy this morning.  Seems she was lounging around in her Hello Kitty onesies almost got caught by daughter’s boyfriend!

She was enjoying a smoke out on the patio and heard footsteps coming from upstairs.  She wasn’t aware anyone was home.  She hurried up and lay down on the couch and covered as if she was napping. So funny!  I told her what may have happened………..

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Sexy legs sissy phone sex

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Not a bad set of legs huh?  Big Hello Kitty fan.  So submissive and cute. And barefoot.  

I’ve introduced her to Nair to get her legs the smoothest.  She was shaving them earlier.  Complaining about the stubble.  I’ve had her apply liquid tanning products til she gets the tan she wants.  She’s been laying out on the deck but has really pale skin.  

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Sissy Training phone sex

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So you think just cause you think you are a “sissy” you are?  That’s funny.

Now if you’re happy being an old hag fag, maybe so.  And even if there are some boys out there that will fuck anything; you may not find them.  You need some training and some advice on how to attract some quality cock

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Caught with my pantyhose phone sex

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My sister lives about 20 miles away and I sometimes spend the night when I visit.  This happened about a couple of weeks ago.  I had a meeting in that area and just stayed over and visited.  

The next morning when I started collecting my things I couldn’t find my pantyhose.  I looked for a bit and then just decided I get them another time.  

I was there again last night.  This morning as I was looking for my things, I found my pantyhose from my last visit.

Guess where I “found” them!

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