Locked In Skirts Phonesex

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You came to be to be humiliated then utterly emasculated, right sweetie? To be fully forced to be made a mere mockery of any manhood you ever possessed and left whining, sniffling, and helplessly girlish. To be a feminized submissive slut so perfectly aware of your lowly stature as less then even a woman.

Think of all the pretty clothing you’ll be locked into wearing. Of how lipstick tastes on your lips. Of how panties feel in public. Getting you even hotter then before, sissy? Don’t worry, there’s so many things we’ll be doing everything is going to be a lovely little delight for your feminine little ass.

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Feminization Fantasy Phonesex

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We all have our preferred little fantasies. I’ll share a pleasant dream that’s always tickled the back of my head with you sweetie. I’ve always wanted to g to a business situation, and get some power over my boss.

A little leverage… A little bit of sissification. A little more, Soon enough I’m calling the shots, he’s just the fake boss. Of course his years of experience would be best served in charge of a project…but..Maybe I’d move his desk outside of my office. You know, to make things easier.

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Sissy Bottom Training Phone Sex

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Wait a moment sweetie, let me get this straight. You want to be my anal slut? I love it! However, I’m tired of you little bottom boi’s complaining that it’s just too big, or it’s too hard, or too fast. You’re going to take it! I want your sissy asshole to gape. I want you to push it in deeper than you ever have. And no crying about it, darling, Take it like a man, not like some sissy bitch.. Figuratively speaking, of course. So if you start whining, I’m just going to make you take it harder!

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Teaching Bois to be Gurls Phone Sex

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Have you ever wanted to go to a girls party, honey? I know that’s the dream of many a young little boy. Of course, you weren’t ever a young little boy. Boi, maybe. But I think gurl is the more appropriate term for what you were, don’t you agree sweetie?

But don’t you fret. I’d love to take you to the girliest, sissiest, froofiest little sleepover you’ve ever had. All the best makeup. All the undies. All the talking about boys. All the pampering. And of course in your case gurly, all the hazing. Of course there’s hazing silly gurl. the youngest always gets hazed, and we’ve been women a lot longer then you have, haven’t we?

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Phone Sissy Aversion Therapy Phonesex

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Your status as a male is clearly a case of denial honey. You can argue up and down all you like, I don’t see anything ‘boy‘ about you. I see plenty of girl, but there just doesn’t seem to be the faintest trace of anything man about you.

But don’t worry my sweet little feminine creature, I’m sure with a bit of intensive therapy and attention to every detail there won’t be a hint of masculinity left to you when I’m done fixing all those silly little crossed wires that declare you as anything else but a pliant, ultra feminine, subservient girl.

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Sissy Faggot Phonesex

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Oh you pathetic little sissy. So weak, so frail, so much of a faggot. If you where a real man you’d be able to fight for what you wanted, but, if you where a real man you wouldn’t have gotten yourself into this situation, would you? No I shouldn’t think so.

But don’t worry my little sissy. We’ll make sure everyone knows what a limp wristed lisping little cocked fuckboi you are darling. I’m going to make sure of it, in fact, if I have to expose you, cage your little clit, stuff your little pussy, and make you a presentable little sissy.

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Girly Therapy Phone Sex

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No no girl, you have to look like you want the cock. Kiss it. Hold it gently but familiarly. Look hungry in your eyes. That’s right girl. A few tears really add to it too, boys love that. I know you’re just wanting to learn to be a woman darling, but women love cock. You wanted to be a woman and you’re not going to just be a lesbian trapped in a mans body.

This is all part of your therapy. There we go. Let it slide past your lips, good girls swallow. You’re going to love doing this when your chest is bouncing, when your slowly building slappable ass is all spread out and pretty when you’re kneeling before a real man, just like a normal woman.

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Sissy Faggot Lusting for Phonesex Dick

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Well look at you, my little sissy fuck, however could you have fallen so very low? I’m sure when you first got into this little game it was just experimentation, right darling? All just a game, you’d never really think about cock, but then you had to push it, and look at you now…. Just a dirty little faggot.

You aren’t the first little boy I’ve made into a sissy slut, you won’t be the last cock lusting fag to go prancing and mincing out of my parlor either. I caught you, twisted you, pushed you, and now look at your pansy ass all plugged up and fantasizing for its first real cock. Admit it. I made you gay darling, and you’re not going to become ‘less’ gay anytime soon.

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Hooking up a Faggot With Phonesex

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Oh how silly queers are. Darlings I’m going to tell a brief little story about a limp wristed little cuck that I’m sure you’ll all get a big, happy smile out of. Or at least a sinister little laugh, though half the ones reading this I imagine it will be closer to a stiffy.

I had a boy who wanted to be a girl so bad, and was always eager to be humiliated and mocked at just how much of a little lady he desired deep down to be. Kept saying he wanted someone to force him, or coerce, him or trick him.

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You’re a Phone Sex Bimbo

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Hello there, you little sissy. Get comfortable. Relax. Listen to me, and only to me. Focus your thoughts on my words, relax, let the world melt away sweetie. I know your biggest fantasy, to be the sissy slut you where always meant to be. To be the perfect limp wristed bimbo. Its all you’ve ever wanted. Its all I want

You want to just throw away or burn all those ugly disgusting boy clothes, you want nothing more then to quit your job and devote your entire life to being a pathetic bottom bitch bimbo slut, sucking huge cocks and wiggling your ass hoping for big strong men to fuck you. Its all you want. You need it. Think of the cocks, you want them in your mouth. I know this. You want this. You want to put those panties on for me.

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