A Good Sissy Knows Her Place – Sissy Phonesex with Ilene

Sissy Phonesex with Ilene

I truly love a good sissy. They are fun to play with, willing to please, and I never get a true sissy trying to top from the bottom. Which is exactly why I can always tell a true sissy from a wannabe panty sniffer.

A good sissy knows her place. Basically, her place is wherever I decide, and she never complains. I’m rarely mean to my sissies either, mainly because my sissies know their place. For example

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Let’s Play Dress Up Phone Sex

I loved playing with dolls when I was little, which is why I love sissies today. I love how cute they are and they are so great to play dress up with. I send them shopping, making them pick out cute dresses. I don’t like to put grown-up things on my sissy, I like them cute and girly. So, I can be picky.

Then, I make them go get a manicure and pedicure, pink or basically any pastel color will do. They have to buy pretty panties, makeup, even a razor and some SILK shaving cream. Then it’s home for dress up time.

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