BBC Sissy Phone Sex

His sissy name was Becky.  God they always picked such cheesy girl names.  Becky, Courtney, Freja (what ever the hell that is).  I had him on all fours on the coffee table.  His clean pink hole was shave smooth just like I had instructed.

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Sissy Panty Hose PhoneSex

I could hear the delight in his voice as he/she pulled the panty hose up their leg for the first time.  It was a week ago I gave him/her a shopping challenge.  I helped him/her find the right sizes and I made him do it all on his own.

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My Niece Alice Phonesex Part 1

844-332-2639 x 224

My little niece was so adorable today. In her Sunday best, she wore a modest white dress. The no sleeves over the arms and a semi circle over her chest, a cute ribbon belt around her waist, and stockings over her legs into modest mary jane shoes. She sat so patiently, her makeup already done. A light foundation, lip gloss, and eye shadow. All that was left was her hair, I made sure the long sandy blonde wig was pinned securely into place before I brushed the shiny soft locks and curled them.

“We’re going out to lunch today my sweet.” I smiled, meeting her eyes in the mirror. “Your first time in public all dressed up. Exciting isn’t it.”

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Hot Wife Is A Waste For Phonesex Sissy Boys

sissy cuckold domination phone sex

Tom                     1-844-332-2639 ext. 342

I don’t know how it happens but the sissiest bitches get the hottest pussy. When she opened the door I about broke my zipper my cock got hard so fast. This chick was everything and then some. I’m talking tits and ass and the looks she was just gorgeous. She invited me in and offered me a drink. Her husband fixed it for me and I thought the faggot was going to spill it all over me trying to get a good look at my dick. She starts to ask him ain’t I good looking, and ain’t my body better than the sissy boy will ever have. He gets a soft voice and lowers his head looking at his feet admitting he will never measure up to me.

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Girls Don’t Suck Dick Like That Phonesex

Tom                1-844-332-2639 ext.342

She said she had a girl she wanted me to meet. She brings her over to my hotel room and with one look I knew that this wasn’t no girl it was a sissy bitch. But I played along with it. The chick I met in the bar was doing all the talking and the sissy boy was being all quiet and shy while the other girl was telling me what a slut she was. Come on how stupid did she think I was? But I wanted to see how this played out so I listened.

This girl she sits beside me and grabs my dick telling me how hot it will be to watch her girlfriend suck me off. She takes my dick out and is stroking me telling her friend how good my dick looks and ain’t it making her horny. The sissy nods and hasn’t looked away from my rod since it came out of my pants. The girl kisses me and is distracting me I guess while the sissy boy moves between my knees and takes over working my cock.

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What The Fuck Are You Wearing Phonesex

fucking sissy mouth phone sex

Tom          1-844-332-2639 ext. 342

What the fuck are you doing? I caught my sister’s boyfriend wearing her lingerie. My sister asks me to go by her house to take a look at the bathroom faucet. There wasn’t supposed to be anyone at home but when I open the door there laying on the couch with a fucking dildo in his mouth is Christopher. He jumps up and tries to hide the dildo but it’s too fucking late now. So he knows that he is busted big time.

He tells me it’s not what it looks like. Come on dude, what else could it be? He’s not a faggot he says he just likes to wear my sister’s underwear and suck on her sex toys. I don’t give a fuck what anyone does in their own lives but damn he’s living with my sister. I think she needs to know about this.

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Bitch Please, Phone Sex

You called me wearing panties and you want me to fuck you?

I bet you wanted me to slide my thick and juicy cock inside you when I snatched your panties to the side.

Bitch Please!

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The long Transformation phonesex

Mistress Darla 844-332-2639 x 224

How long have you been my maid now? I’ve known you’ve had feminine tendencies since high school and all you’ve ever wanted was to be a woman. Not have to worry about thinking, doing the hard things, just be pretty and take care of another.

So I gave you exactly what you wanted. I began to procure hormones for you years ago. Before it was a trend. Before it was easy.

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Calling The Handy Man Phone Sex

1-844-332-2639 ext 342

I get a call to come look at a staircase that needs some work. I ring the doorbell and when the door opens there is a man standing there wearing some kind of fancy lingerie and a robe. I think to myself here we go. He is showing me to the staircase and is getting all touchy feely with me. He’s giggling about how big and strong I am and saying how much he likes my tools. It ain’t the first time I been called out on a job for more than my carpentry skills.

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Sissy Slut Extreme Phone Sex Training

I have been giving extreme sissy lessons for a couple weeks now, and I have one particular guy who is completely infatuated with me and being a slutty little sissy boy.

Well, I have something in store for my little Protege tonight. I have determined that it’s finally time for him to get some real cock… So I have invited some of my shemale friends over to teach him a thing or two about what it really takes to please a cock!!

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