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Phone Sex Firsts

Hi everyone, I can’t believe I’m a nawty phone sex girl now.  I’m brand spankin new so I hope to learn lots of naughty things from all of you.  It’s true, I did play with barbies when I was younger so I know dressing up little sissy’s can’t be all that hard…I’m sure you all have pretty panties, sexy skirts and slutty dresses to prance around in front of the mirror….or me….or……..MEN!!!

I’ve always wanted to see a guy on all fours with his ass up in the air, waiting for a nice big fat dick come up behind him.  I’ll get to see it here I’m sure.  I’m super excited to see and hear my first sissy squeal like a dirty little bitch. 

Wanna be the first one to shock me?  *giggles*

Love Junie


I’m over here too


Not Quite the Phone Sex Date He Had Planned

He was persistent, like a buzzing fly in my ear every time I would see him. “Please Sadie, just go out with me one time, please Sadie, I will treat you like a queen, please Sadie I will do ANYthing  please just one time let me take you out.”  I refused him a thousand times but I finally realized that it was going to take a more direct approach. I told him I would go out with him but he had to do everything I said. He would dress, speak, act and do everything as I said when I said or it was off. I told him at the first sign of rebellion I would never speak to him again. He more than eagerly agreed.

I sent him a beautiful red satin and lace cami and panties and told him to wear it beneath his suit. When he picked me up I told him to drive me to my real date’s home where I introduced him as my clean up cuck boy and he started to object but when I raised my eyebrow he just bowed his head and mumbled his agreement. While Cliff and I had dinner the cuck changed out of his suit and ate on his knees off the floor. Then while Cliff shared his lovely 8” cock with me the cuck boy sat in the corner listening until it was time for him to suck Cliff’s cum from my pussy.  On the way home cuckboy was already asking me for a 2nd date.





Coercing the Sissy Bitch Bank Manager Phone Sex

I see what many don’t. Saw you acting all manly, all bossy, but just looking I knew ya had panties under those trousers.  Shame you didn’t want me to know. Shame you thought you could hold power over me, Mr. Bank Manager.  Should have just arranged me mortgage at a lower rate.

Not hard to gather me evidence.  Follow you to your club after work; wait till you’ve had a few before I approach.  Seducing a middle aged man has always been remarkable easy for me. Let you think I’ll fill your every desire if you just contemplate helping me out, something I have no doubt you would never do freely.  Well, luv, I will be filling your desires, just those secret dark ones you have always prayed would never see the light of day.

You wake with a hangover and new pictures in your inbox.  You looked so lovely all decked up, your pink panties now with a bra, a pantyhose and heels, a blond wide and cocksucking red lipstick smearing all over the neon pink dildo you are sucking on.  Don’t remember luv? No worries, I have tons of other pictures to help jog your memory. And I’ll give one back for each favour, gift, or evening with you at my disposal.  Always do enjoy a sissy slut who has no options but mine.

British Mistress Libby




Goddess Molly Guides a Sissy Boy Phone Sex

Sweet sissy Erica had such a dilemma this past weekend. She’s recently finished a relationship with a woman that turned her on to everything sissy and girly! She had experienced cross dressing before the relationship but never did realize what a true girl she was! Once she tried a few cocks and saw how her body reacted, she realized what a cocksucking sissy fairy she was.

We talked about so many things, she asked me for tons of advice on how to proceed. After seeing her gorgeous sissy pictures, I expressed the next step for her was getting a lifelike breast form so she can transform each and every day for a week to see if she truly enjoyed the feeling and weight of breasts on her slender feminine form. No more stuffing the bra, no more lumpy ill fitting boobies for my sweet sissy….oh no, it’s time to move forward and get the ball rolling towards a true transformation!

Goddess Molly




Pantyboys who can’t even buy holiday panties


I mean seriously… I give you a full week during which holiday shopping for GIRLFRIENDS is even going on so some customers expect to see guys in the lingerie department shopping for panties, nighties, etc. and you come crying back to me saying all you could do was walk right and i’m sure QUICKLY past the panty section? It wasn’t even a lingerie store! I’d say grow some balls but we all know you don’t have any of those, and that clitty is slowly going to grow smaller and smaller into an inverted little nubbin at this rate.

This Princess has no problem guiding, and even pushing you in the right direction, but I do not hold hands, and I expect tasks to be followed to the letter! Especially if  you agree to the terms! I mean come on, in less than a day I found this adorable pair of panties that are actually like your wrapped in a present, and I did tell you if you earned enough sissy and panty points you would get a holiday gift from me. Guess what… its looking like someone else is going to be unwrapping this gift under the tree lil panty pervert. Not such a fun lil toy for me to play with now are you?





Sissy, Me and Dancing with the stars phone sex

We look at the show every week.  It’s almost over and all she does is comment on the pretty outfits the girls wear.  Of course the brighter and more flamboyant is what catches her eye.  And  don’t Val take his shirt off!

Tonight is the final round with winner announced tomorrow night.

Right in the middle of watching she sent me an e-mail.  OMG!!   She sent me a picture of her in her new dancing with the stars outfit.  Neon green and pink with feathers.  She is really a hot sissy.  As Cher would say “follow that bitches”!

Phone’s ringing, is it YOU?





My Son’s Sissy Transformation Continued Phonesex

Previous Entry Here

Admittedly it came as quite a shock to my son at first when I gave away all his boy clothes. I did keep a few for school, just enough for him to wear those five days a week because I knew he wouldn’t be ready to go to school as his sissy girl self until his training was much farther along. But all his boy underwear was completely disposed of because I wanted him wearing panties and even a training bra at all times. He whined that other boys in the locker room would notice and tease him.

You see I did this on purpose, I feel that the other, bigger, older boys should see him in the panties so they know that he isn’t boy like them, he is a sissy for their use. This increases the likelihood that my sissy daughter in training will be forced to suck cock. This brings me to one of the other parts of his training. Along with learning how to dress, behave, speak and walk, he must also learn how to be a good little cocksucker. He complains that he doesn’t like boys and that he isn’t gay but what doesn’t understand is that is place and purpose for sissies. They are meant to serve women and real men while being used for their pleasure .

Not to worry he will learn this lesson soon enough, there is so much more to tell about my sissy son’s transformation story.

Temptress Melissa




Do you like to play dress up? Phonesex dress up with Sophia

Come on over to my place with all your pretty things and lets play dress up today. I love watching you try on your clothes and putting on your makeup for you. I will let you wear my special perfume my Daddy got me for my birthday if you’re a good girl.

I have lots of pretty things I will share with you to. I have panties made of lace and satin,I have frilly girlie  dresses, stockings and hoes. I have tons of great makeup and some very sweet smelling perfume. Let’s play dress up and have some fun today.





A Better Woman Than A Man Phonesex

He came to me a pitiful waste of a man, he knew it by the way he was always looking at the ground that he would never measure up to the men around him and he was feeling defeated, weak and useless. The more we talked the more I realized that he would make a much better woman than he would a man. Nature had given him a tiny little dick much more suited to the title clit than cock, a soft round face that with the proper make up could be made into an attractive girl’s face but never a strong man’s face. His demeanor was one of defeat and intimidation. I tried an experiment.

We ordered him a power slut dress, bright red, short tight and low in all the right places. Of course there were the purchases of lingerie, one set for everyday sort of wear then a sexy set for entertaining.  I sent him out to purchase make up and stockings and a pair of bright red fuck me heels. I had him purchase perfume, nail polish and lip gloss even a big bottle of bubble bath. By the time a few weeks had passed this useless male had begun to understand the power of being a beautiful girl. I did skip a few steps in there but if you know you would make a better woman than you do a man then call me we will set you up on the diva development program too.





Picking the Perfect Cock for Me Sissy Girl Phone Sex

Been thinking of you.  Pretty little sissy girl all dressed up, petticoat and pantyhose, pink frills and pretty pink bows in their wigs.  Watching you strut around, the flared skirt twirling around your shaved legs,  your arms fluttering around you, showing off the pink nail polish.  I’ll have you dance for me, show me all those pretty curves and shaking that arse of yours.  Good girl like you likes to advertise, dontcha? Want the Real Men to be watching you wriggle and writhe on the dance floor.  It’ll be me that picks your date though.  Your Mistress, the one who owns you, will pick out the right cock to fuck your sweet pussy hole for the first time.  Someone large, with big hands to hold you in place. Someone who won’t pull back when you get scared, but won’t hurt what truly belongs to me.  Someone whose dick with stretch your throat as wide as your little hole, and with huge balls filled with that delicious man seed you can gobble down to your heart’s content. Someone whose cock you will feel for days, even when you take off your pretty sissy clothes and go back to pretending to be a man.

British Mistress Libby