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Playing Dress Up With My Phone Sex Barbie

When I was little I always loved to play dress up with my Barbie dolls. I had all sorts of pretty pink clothes with ruffles and lace. Now as an adult I have been able to dedicate a whole room to playing dress up, although my tastes have changed and I prefer a living, breathing barbie doll to transform. I also enjoy business suits, pencil skirts, silk blouses and still my pinks and ruffles of course. *giggles*

Why don’t you come over and play with me. I am sure you will love standing in front of the 360 degree mirror as I strip you down to nothing, shave you smooth and begin my dress up transformation. I will make you the prettiest little doll ever!

*Divine Laylene*


Enter My Closet

Mesmerized Sissy Phone Sex

Her heart was beating fast under all that satin and lace, excited and frightened by the possibilities.  My liquid silk voice flowed over her body as I helped guide her into a deeply relaxed and suggestive state.  I love that point where they drop all resistance and just fall under my spell, it’s like taking a big bite of sweet delicious power.

Now that my little sissy is fully in my control I’ll be able to push back those fears and help her give into her desire.  I paint a sensual picture inside her mind and the bulge of her panties show me that she is experiencing every detail as I create it.  Nothing else will allow her to break past that last bit of fear and give into the pleasures she craves.

Phone Sex Hypnosis, where fantasy feels exactly like reality.

Mistress Taryn


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Sissy tu tu phone sex

You’ll need to sit still while I braid your hair, it needs to be up.  All the rest of the girls will have their hair up.  I’ll add your make up.  You’ll stand up now and I can give you a once over, checking if we have everything in order.  Let’s see…..Pink leotard, frilly pink tu tu, white tights and teh finishing touch, pink ballet slippers .

I’ll have you turn around and dance on your toes.  I noticed your cock was bulging because you were so fucking hot.  I’ll take photos and then you can get changed.  You are one ugly ballerina.  But in the dark and private room you’ll pass.

Phone’s ringing; is it YOU?






Gasing Up & Transforming Phone Sex

You all remember when you where younger how when you had a surgery or dental work done and they gave you the laughing gas, which made you a little loopy? Well, thanks to a lovely little sissy I had a great idea. We are going to lay you down on this massage table and put this nasal mask over your face.

I lean over you as I whisper for you to breath slow deep breaths for me and count backwards from 10…slowly your numbers become a bit more slurred and your eyes heavier. Once I have you completely under I am going to transform you from a pathetic looking male figure into a beautiful little sissy.

This transformation will take some time though, as we have lots to do and I am sure I could use some help from a girlfriend or two to roll you side to side so we can dress you. If you like the thought of having no control, waking up and being transformed then you need a session with the Doctor. *giggles*

*Divine Laylene*


Transformation Central

Cuckold Pleasure Training a new Slutty Sissy Slave Phonesex

Torrence 866-230-8732

You fantasize about your Mistress showing you exactly how to bring out your true self. You dream of being on your knees, in stockings and heels, in a silky soft baby-doll nightie in front of a man. His huge cock against your lips. Don’t be afraid my lil cuckold sissy slut. I will treat you to the delights of being with me while you learn the art of fellatio and to have a man ready and longing for a tight sissy pussy. Let your inner sissy out to me and you won’t regret it!

Mistress Torrence




BBC For My Phone Sex Sissy Slut

I lined it all up, two well hung men showed up at the motel with my pretty little sissy on her knees. They knew to treat her like a little whore. Teasing her, calling her names and pulling out those big black cocks to slap across her perfectly made up face. They made her beg for those huge dicks while I listened.

Then enjoyed using both of her hot little holes and I loved hearing her moan with pleasure as they filled her up over and over again. They even slapped down a few bucks to pay my new little whore on the way out!

Call your Phone Sex Pimptress Taryn and lets see how much cock you can take!


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Phone sex sissy training

It was so funny, seeing that small little penis.  Right then I decided you would be my sissy boy.  You would be taking classes regularly.  I will teach you to be what you really are a usleless excuse of a man.

You’ve already got the sway.  Once we get some heels on you, the sway may even be sexy.  Next thing we have got to get is your mouth stretched.  We’ll do that by practicing with a dildo.  I  don’t think anyone is going to be shocked when you hit the street as the boy girl you really are.

Phone’s ringing, is it YOU?





Thank You Little Slut Phone Sex Gift Giver

As most of you know I was traveling a lot this week, hence the reason I have not been around. My sweet little whore sent me some Christmas gifts and I thought it would be great to say thank you through a publicly read blog. My sweet little cock slut got me a pretty new apron, so when I am cooking int he kitchen I am not completely naked or messing up my pretty clothes. *hehe* This perfect little whore also bought me a nice little hanging pot rack for above my stove.

It’s so nice to be spoiled like a little Princess. *hehe* Next time I talk to my little slut I will have to make sure my little whore knows just how happy he made me the next time we talk, maybe I will fuck his little pussy extra hard and make him scream for more. *Hehe* I suppose you will have to wait and see what happens to my little fuck toy.

Want to surprise me and pamper me? Just click the little “Wishlist” button below.

*Divine Laylene*


Experience More Of Me

Cock Sucking Phone Sex

I LOVE forcing men to suck cock and get fucked like a girlie. All I need is the slightest little hint that the thought has entered your mind. I love to turn you into a cocksucking little faggy. Making you my bitch is so much fun. There is nothing I like more than listening to you gag as a cock slams all the way down your throat, listening to you swallow all that hot sticky cum. I love to laugh when I hear your screams as a huge cock penatrates your pussy. When you begin to grind against that cock and beg for more, I laugh at your faggy ass, knowing that I own you now. Turning you into a little faggot girlie is so much fun.
Mind Twisting


Fagot phone sex

I love to be around fagots.  They are more girly than a girl.  Hips sway more than any girl who is walking down the street.  Did you see The Birdcage with Robin Williams…….or Eddie Murphy in a scene in Beverly Hills Cop as a fagot?  The voice is higher, and do they ever so love to say hunny allot.  I’ve seen them openly flirt with a man right in public.  They want to suck cock so badly that they will do it anywhere.  Dressing up as a girl is not what they want to do.

My sissy fagot is like that.  All girl!

Phone’s ringing; is it YOU?