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BBC For My Phone Sex Sissy Slut

I lined it all up, two well hung men showed up at the motel with my pretty little sissy on her knees. They knew to treat her like a little whore. Teasing her, calling her names and pulling out those big black cocks to slap across her perfectly made up face. They made her beg for those huge dicks while I listened.

Then enjoyed using both of her hot little holes and I loved hearing her moan with pleasure as they filled her up over and over again. They even slapped down a few bucks to pay my new little whore on the way out!

Call your Phone Sex Pimptress Taryn and lets see how much cock you can take!


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Phone sex sissy training

It was so funny, seeing that small little penis.  Right then I decided you would be my sissy boy.  You would be taking classes regularly.  I will teach you to be what you really are a usleless excuse of a man.

You’ve already got the sway.  Once we get some heels on you, the sway may even be sexy.  Next thing we have got to get is your mouth stretched.  We’ll do that by practicing with a dildo.  I  don’t think anyone is going to be shocked when you hit the street as the boy girl you really are.

Phone’s ringing, is it YOU?





Thank You Little Slut Phone Sex Gift Giver

As most of you know I was traveling a lot this week, hence the reason I have not been around. My sweet little whore sent me some Christmas gifts and I thought it would be great to say thank you through a publicly read blog. My sweet little cock slut got me a pretty new apron, so when I am cooking int he kitchen I am not completely naked or messing up my pretty clothes. *hehe* This perfect little whore also bought me a nice little hanging pot rack for above my stove.

It’s so nice to be spoiled like a little Princess. *hehe* Next time I talk to my little slut I will have to make sure my little whore knows just how happy he made me the next time we talk, maybe I will fuck his little pussy extra hard and make him scream for more. *Hehe* I suppose you will have to wait and see what happens to my little fuck toy.

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*Divine Laylene*


Experience More Of Me

Cock Sucking Phone Sex

I LOVE forcing men to suck cock and get fucked like a girlie. All I need is the slightest little hint that the thought has entered your mind. I love to turn you into a cocksucking little faggy. Making you my bitch is so much fun. There is nothing I like more than listening to you gag as a cock slams all the way down your throat, listening to you swallow all that hot sticky cum. I love to laugh when I hear your screams as a huge cock penatrates your pussy. When you begin to grind against that cock and beg for more, I laugh at your faggy ass, knowing that I own you now. Turning you into a little faggot girlie is so much fun.
Mind Twisting


Fagot phone sex

I love to be around fagots.  They are more girly than a girl.  Hips sway more than any girl who is walking down the street.  Did you see The Birdcage with Robin Williams…….or Eddie Murphy in a scene in Beverly Hills Cop as a fagot?  The voice is higher, and do they ever so love to say hunny allot.  I’ve seen them openly flirt with a man right in public.  They want to suck cock so badly that they will do it anywhere.  Dressing up as a girl is not what they want to do.

My sissy fagot is like that.  All girl!

Phone’s ringing; is it YOU?





Phone Sex Sissy Humiliation

I have this guy friend that is more like my girl friend. He likes to go shopping with me and help me pick out new out fits and lingerie. Once a week we go to the spa and get a massage, manicure and pedicure. I even talked him into having his legs waxed once.

He regretted that one, he whined the rest of the day. I still bust out laughing when I remember that horrid scream he let out when the lady started removing the wax . She had half of one leg waxed and refused to let her finish.

We met the other girls after our spa visit and I jumped at the chance to tease and laugh at him by telling the other girls about our mourning spa visit then to make it worse I lifted both pant legs to show them how silly he looked. One of the Girls suggested he get some hair removal lotion and finish, another one suggest he do his whole body that way. The laughs and giggles continued the rest of the afternoon. Later that night he called me on the phone to discuss using hair remover cream to finish. A big grin spread across my face as I asked him if he was going to finish this time or be a little sissy and back out..

He promised me he would finish no matter how painful it was. He told me he knew if he didn’t finish I would keep telling the story and showing his legs. I told him to turn on his web cam so I could watch to make sure he did it right. He told me he would as long as I was the only one watching; so I crossed my fingers and agreed to his terms.

As soon as we hung up the phone I called the girls up and invited them for popcorn and a movie. We laughed so hard we cried and when he finally finished. It took him more than two hours to finish. I called him up and each girl took turns telling him what they thought of the movie.

Candy Kisses





Molding you into my Perfect Sissy Slut Phonesex

Sinfully Delightful Torrence 866-230-8732

I dress you so pretty, tucking you, plugging you, dressing you for the night, bringing out that inner slut you’ve been aching to let out to play but have been soo afraid to let happen. But I’ve pushed those limits, just enough to drive you to the point of insanity thinking about it. You know you can’t stop now, and you don’t want to. I’m taking you out for the night, to take your first real cock on those slutty knees.

I will bring out the sissy slut within you and mold you into the sexy sissy you crave and ache to become

Sissy Maker Torrence




Passed Out and Transformed Phone Sex

It was a wild party, the drinks were flowing and we are all having a great time when my girlfriends and I noticed one of the guys had snuck off into the back bedroom and passed out cold. We closed the door with a giggle and hatched our plan. Someone dug out her makeup bag and started to work applying blush, lipstick and eyeshadow on our poor sleeping subject. Two of the other girls started stripping off his clothes while I rummaged through the dresser and picked out something more fitting for him to wear.

He almost woke up as we eased him into his new lingerie.  He was starting to look pretty cute in his pink satin and lace so we just had to bring in our dates to sample our creation!  Good thing he was tied to the bed before the men started lining up to use him…

Sissy Mistress Taryn


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Sassy Shemale Phone Sex

Sissy sluts should have class and sass and learn how to take care of rock hard dicks just like mine!  Shake that booty and show me you have what it takes to get a rise in my panties.  Still working on your style? I can teach you how to find the provocative lingerie and clothes that will make the inner cum slurping whore inside you come out and get nasty.

I bet I can get you servicing all those hard cocks at the glory hole faster than you ever dreamed possible! Cum be my nasty girl!




Tell your phone sex Mistress your secrets

Like this?  Is this how you spread those ass cheeks for him?  I’m sure you bend way over for  him.  Did you give him a nice blowjob earlier?  

I know you have told me many times you love his hangy down balls; and how he loves you to play with them as you suck his cock.  I also know you reference is to any man.  That’s the only way you can get a man is many one night fucks.  Thing is you don’t really care because it is less likely you will bet caught.  I want to hear it all.  How you feel as he pushes his big cock into your soft pussy ass.

Don’t forget to report to me as soon as you get home from your date as such.

Phone’s ringing; is it YOU?