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Caught my big brother in my panties.. Panty Phone sex

I came home from school to catch my brother wearing my panties. What made it worse was that my girlfriends where with me. We all burst out laughing when we saw him standing there in my silky too tight bikini panties. I couldn’t believe how pathetic he looked standing there caught in the act.

What was I to do? Call daddy and tell him what I found? Or handle his punishment and humiliation myself? He votes for the later. So each of us gave him 3 licks with daddy’s belt. All 6 of us lined up to give him his licks. He started crying by number ten. We giggled like mad watching his ass and face turn beet red. Then we made it worse putting him in the middle of a circle of us and sitting on his heels he had to jack off for us while we burst into fits of giggles. Wonder if he will do that again??






Sissy Teri’s Phone Sex Training

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This is a story from my sissy slave teri, just a short sample of the start with more to be published soon!

My phone buzzed slightly, a text message.  It was an address and a time 7pm and one line “don’t be late pet“. I knew what it meant, and looking at the time I knew I had to hurry. Mistress didn’t allow for much time. She knew I would waste it daydreaming anyway. Mistress knows me so very well. Better than I have ever known myself.  I hurried through my shower, ensuring my skin was soft and smooth. I had a passing thought, a memory of my body before. Covered in hair, trying to pass as a man. Today it is smooth, soft, and hairless as Mistress prefers. Knowing what the night may bring, I slipped into lacy panties, sexy panties, slutty panties I hoped. A bit too much perfume to add to the effect.

The corset fitted snugly and became even more restrictive as I pulled the laces tight. I pulled them extra tight because I knew Mistress would be pleased by the curves it gave me. Slipping my stockings over my legs felt wonderful, reminding me of all the effort, shaving and waxing to get them this way. The memory of my first pedicure brought a smile to my face. The thrill, the nervousness, all of the feelings could still be felt even now.

Mistress Taryn


More pics of teri here and keep watching more being added soon!

Sissy boy phone sex

Like this? Is this how you spread those ass cheeks for him? I’m sure you bend way over for him. Did you give him a nice blowjob earlier?

I know you have told me many times you love his hangy down balls; and how he loves you to play with them as you suck his cock. I also know you reference is to any man. That’s the only way you can get a man is many one night fucks. Thing is you don’t really care because it is less likely you will bet caught. I want to hear it all. How you feel as he pushes his big cock into your soft pussy ass.

Don’t forget to report to me as soon as you get home from your date as such.

Phone’s ringing; is it YOU?




When My boyfriend became my best girlfriend : Sissy Phone Sex


I Had a great Day with my girlfriend  yesterday . I had lunch with Stephanie my favorite girlfriend. Steph is a special girlfriend. Steph use to be my high school boyfriend Steve. It all started one  night when we were messing around  and I had him let me put eyeliner on him. He has  the most gorgeous  eyes. He looked so good with that make up on.

In secret he started doing it himself and I showed up one day and he hadn’t taken it off. I teased him a bit about wearing makeup and  he blushed. We had sex that day with his eye liner on. We never talked about it again then at the next Halloween he wanted to be a girl for Halloween and me be a boy. He looked freaking amazing. We had so much fun that night. Again we made out and he didn’t wash the makeup off. Soon after that his parents moved him away and we became long  distance friends. He never once talked about it again……

 ( to  read the whole story click here)







Such A Beautiful Phone Sex Sissy

Looking at his face as he stepped out of the bedroom in his body hugging teddy, the garter belt stretched tightly around his hips and fastened to his stocking, I knew that I had made the right choice. I could tell by the way his hips began to sway as he became more confident in wearing the heels I had given him that this was going to be a fun evening. His hands were restless as they moved over the satin and lace clinging to his otherwise very masculine body. There is something so erotic about that contrast don’t you think?

I stood up and he not so gracefully went to his knees and kissed my stomach, telling me how beautiful I am and how he had never felt so sexy. I stroked his hair and knelt down with him kissing him deeply and telling him how sexy he looked and that I wanted to make all his fantasies come true. He blushed and asked if I would do his make up and get him a wig so that he could look as girly as possible. Of course I would. He thanked me by using his tongue and fingers to bring me to a thigh trembling orgasm just before he exploded in his own panties. It was a beautiful thing.





Worked up Sissy Gangbang Phonesex

I’ve helped my sissy slut with her first sissy gangbang. Knowing we had a business trip coming up we made sure we had all our ads in place, all her outfitswigs, and toys ready. A 2nd hotel with a bed all ready and atleast 6-7 guys spread out enough that she could take them all and be the slut she was craving to let out, taken and having cocks all around her.

Think you could handle it? Let me set one up for you. Put you in the right situation and in touch with just the right guys who really want you as their sissy slut gangbang bitch. While I watch on webcam of course.





Sissy Son Gets what he Deserves Phone Sex

My sweet little boy Geoffrey has tried so hard to be like all the other little boys but to no avail. When all the other kids are outside playing baseball and football, my little Geoffrey is outside playing with the girls, wearing aprons and dressing up. He’s such a sweet little sissy, always wanting to please and be mommy’s perfect little girl.

Mommy has been teaching Geoffrey so many different things, naughty things. Mommy makes him dress up like a little slut and then she uses him and makes him be a bad girl, doing nasty slutty things. Once I get her all dressed up, I make her go by the name of jenny, and I whisper in her ear all the depraved things I’m going to do to her….Are you ready for me to whisper in your ear too?









My brother gets a makeover.. Dress up Phonesex

My brother  confessed to me he really wants  to be a girl. At first I giggle  wildly at him. The I see in his eyes  that he really wants to do this; so I am going to help him. Yesterday  we wehnt  shopping, it was fun he has a small thin frame like me. His  hair is cut in that Justin Bieber bob  so it can be made girlied up with a few  tweaks. We found  him  some  cute things  at my favorite shops. My brother Bob is  now  going to be my sister Bobbie Sue.

My favorite part was the mini fashion show  we put on when we got back to “hyr” apartment. My  brother is bisexual. My new sister just likes girls. I giggle at the though of  my “sister” being a lesbian. I will tell you more about  my “sisters” makeover  when you call right now  my “sister” Bobbie Sue is taking me to lunch and after we are going to get our eyebrows and bikini areas waxed.

Laters all my sissy crossdressers and MtoF wannabe’s…






Mistress Libby Sissy Enrollment Phone Sex

All the good little bitches are scrambling for Mistress Libby’s attention since I have returned.  They are begging for stories of the Real Man I lived with while away and how we turned his brother into our sissybitch.   Obedient sissysluts begging for my time and paying to enroll in Mistress Libby’s Sissy Academy, to be turned into the slutty little gurls they really are.  They learn to dress properly in silk and lace, all pretty and pink, even if they have to hide their true selves under the image of being a man on the day to day. They are learning to open up their holes and learning to crave cock like the desperate whores they have always been.  they are learning to think with their pussy and not with their dicklets.

When you call Mistress Libby, you will do the same and finally be the gurl you were always meant to be. Whether you like it or not.

British Mistress Libby




Clone phone sex sissy

My newest sissy is a bit of a tom boy as I use to be.  I decided for our last call to dress her as me.  Hehehehehehe.  I instructed her to cut off a pair of jeans like mine and then to search for a little see through tee. (we used some invisible body tape to shape her some cute little titties.)  I had shared with her already about the hair remover that works in the shower so her legs were nice and smooth.   The hair was a bit to manage but in the end, looked pretty good.  We had put on make up before so that was next.

After putting on the thick heeled shoes and spraying on a bit of Beautiful,  I sent her to McDonalds for a drive through order.  She took me with her on the cell.   I heard her place the order and heard the boy at the window telling her to” have a great night ma’m.”  She was so excited!  Longer and more detailed trips will be coming up.