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He Wants to Be A Hooker Phonesex

It was the cutest thing, Richard, my husband’s buddy came home with him after a day on the golf course and then caught me alone in the kitchen. I am used to being flirted with by his friends and Richard has been in that number before.  Not this time though, this time he asked if I would do him a favor, could I help dress him up as a hooker for Halloween?  Wouldn’t it be hilarious, no would expect him to dress up as a slutty woman.  A few months ago I probably would have innocently have helped him but now I recognize some signs I wouldn’t have before. His eyes a little too excited the smile a little too happy.

I told him I would need a practice run, he said he wanted me to go shopping with him to help him pick out the perfect slutty whore clothes. So we went to the local sex shop to see what we could get for him. We also found a short tight hooker red dress and some fishnets to rip up and of course the bra and panties and a cheap blonde wig to complete the illusion. He had to order some heels off the internet but we were able to practice his make-up with the full outfit on. The funniest thing though once he was all dressed he suddenly had to use the bathroom.  He has the look next time we work on the skills.





Spooky Phonesex

I love to scare people. I always wear something sexy for Halloween but I also have a scary creepy outfit to scare the hell outta people. I know me as a zombie wanting to eat your flesh would make  you little sissy bois  tinkle you panties… and I just love  that .

So my question to you sissy girls out there if you had to pick 2 costumes for  Halloween one  sexy and one scary what would they be? Email me and put Halloween fun in the subject line. I would love pics too so be creative for a little special trick or treat from your TMSN Cutie!





Auntie Molly Takes Her Sissy Nephew Shopping Part 1

My sister called me up blubbering that she found a secret stash of panties in her son’s room this morning. She was so upset because of course all of the panties she found were hers. She begged me to pick him up from school and have a chat with the little panty freak.

I stopped at my sister’s house first and picked up the stolen panty stash, then headed over to the school. Since I was early, I took a few moments to wrap up the stolen panties in a pretty pink sparkly wrapped package for my little girly nephew! I waited outside for him to appear, and just as I thought his friends were all with him. Josh looked a little surprised to see me, but I told him his mom was busy and I had a special afternoon planned. He asked if his friend Nathan could join and I smiled like a sweet Auntie, and told him of course!

They hopped in the car and Nathan noticed the present first and kind of laughed hard when he saw it was for Josh. Even though he was being teased about the present I could see the look of curiosity as it flashed through his eyes. It was clear he was much girlier than just the panties. His eyes danced over the sparkly pink gift just like a little girl would gush over a new Barbie doll. I learned so much on the short drive to the adult toy store……..

Read part 2 here: http://www.sweetmommyphonesex.com

Auntie Molly





Sweet phone sex girlie boy

I love getting a call from a real sweet girlie boy.  One that will tell me about her night out with “the boys“.  I have a caller that has a steady but is such a cock hungry slut that she goes out when he is gone on a business trip.

My little girlie boy can’t help it.  I’m sure she would be devastated should her lover find out.  She loves to get all dressed up and go to a nearby city and visit a glory hole she frequents.  It’s about the cock; all about the cock.  She can’t get enough.  And girls just love to share their sex lives with a special girlfriend.

I’d love to be your special girlfriend who you could share your stories with.  mmmummm’s the word.

Phone’s ringing; is it YOU?




Pegging a secret between a Brother and a sister Phonesex

Growing up my big brother was always so mean to me. He knew early on that I was a submissive girl so he used it to his advantage. I was pretty much his personal slave. The older I got and the more I blossomed the stranger my brother got with his cruel games of dominance and submission. There was always a sexual undertone with my brothers BDSM games but he never really crossed that line.

Then one night he came in from a keg party he had drank more than usual and he was getting very brave in his game of dominance and submission. Then he confessed to me that he wasn’t the stud we all though he was and he really craved being fucked in his ass. He said when a guy gets fucked in the ass it’s called pegging and I was going to be his bitch and peg him. I was fixing to be his anal fucking machine.

He assured me it wasn’t anything sexual between me and him but the big man about town couldn’t get his pegging fix the way most guys would so my job as his submissive pet would be to fuck his ass.

So like the good girl I am I done as I was told and weekly we had our anal fuckfest.I really enjoyed it because it made my brother so much nicer to me for the rest of the week.

Licks and Giggles @{ Sophia

<3 866-510-7470 <3



A Good Choice Phone Sex

Sliding the strap on up my legs I couldn’t help but notice the heaviness of it. Tightening the straps over my hips I felt the big rubber balls press against my pussy. Tucking my hair behind my ears I look at you to see the glow of your anticipation in your eyes. You know that this big dangling dick is for you don’t you sissy?  Sitting on your knees in your panties and bra your hard little dick stretching the dainty panties until the tip of your cock just peeps up at my through the waist band.  I saw you lick your lips and lean forward so eager to have your mouth filled. But what you didn’t see was my husband moving up behind you. At least not until you felt his hand on your ass pushing you up so he could rub his big manly cock against your little girly boy pussy. It was a lovely evening and when you woke us up with breakfast in bed this morning I knew I had made the right choice in making you my sissy slave.





Sissy fantasy phone sex cat fight

You know I flamboyant sissies.  I like’m when they go out to the club dressed to the t and make up just right.

Two flashy sissies got into a cat fight over a guy at the club who they both wanted. It was a sight to see.  Wigs were pulled off, faces were scratched, and the squealing was the funniest part.   One lost the padding out of their bra.  Finally someone pulled them apart.  They were a mess.  Make up and hair a mess.  Suddenly the man was unimportant,  styling and profiling was there thing.

Phone’s ringing, is it YOU?





Be the Girlybitch for Your Goddess Phone Sex

Are you ready to worship? Are you ready to serve your Goddess?  Are you ready to sink to your knees, lick me toes and beg me to teach you to be the little sissybitch you have always ached to be?  Because that’s what I will do to you, whether you like it or not. I’ll strip you of everything, your clothes, your hair, your very manhood. Panties and bras, slips and petticoats, pretty lipstick and false titties for you.  Dress you up and teach you to be the girl you always have been.

And if you think to fight me on this, luv.  No worries.  I’ll bring you down, break you hard, chain up your little clitty, bend you over and ride you like a bitch, MY bitch. Then I’ll dress ya all pretty and lend out your used up pussy to any cock that pleases me, just like ya deserve.

British Mistress Libby




Let Fairy Panty Goddess Torrence wave her lingerie wand phonesex

You know your craving to have something silky and sheer not to mention pink like this against your skin. Hugging those curves you have been dreaming about forever. The ability to be able to wear girly panties every day, silky, lacy, peekaboo, thongs, bikini. Don’t forget the sexy stockings you can add to the outfit to make it just right.

Whether your looking for just stockings, panties, nighties, dresses, costumes, or the entire wardrobe, I can weave you through the best fantasy and help you find exactly what works for you. I can be your Fairy Panty Godmother. The best to find you exactly what it is you need, whether its under your clothes, in the privacy of your home, or going out to be that sissy slut you long to be.

Find out just how soft these clothes can feel…

Fairy Godmother Torrence




From Cuckold to Sissy Phonesex

My husband never really satisfied me sexually the way I deserve to be so him becoming a cuckold was only a matter of time. I am not the type of woman to cheat behind his back when I much rather relish the look on his face as he watches. For my cuckold husband that was the part he easily stomached. Watching me get fucked and fulfilled by a real, especially a real black man’s cock, is something he enjoys even if I don’t let him touch himself while he witnesses my adultery.

However, when I suggested he fluff my lovers for me that is when he got a shock. He didn’t exactly embrace the idea so I decided that perhaps being a little more girlie would help. Thus his sissy transformation began with him wearing some of my lingerie. Then I bought him shoes and a wig too. Soon he was in full outfits, prancing around like a sissy slut. In my opinion if he was going to look and sound like a sissy slut then he had to start acting like one as well. Finally, I had him on his knees ready to suck a cock for the first time in his life and wouldn’t you know after all the sissy training I put him through he devoured that big black cock without any protest. My little plan had worked perfectly.

Temptress Melissa