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Phone sex girl’s classmate is a sissy

I should have picked up on it way back in class.  I mean when he came to the “pond parties” I had at the pond, he sometimes wore daisy dukes like me.  Now when I think back; he is like the maid in The Birdcage.  Did you see that?  The male maid could not walk in real shoes.

He confided to me the last time we had lunch together that he wanted my help to be sexier.  I was so excited.  I love taking sissy boys on shopping sprees.  And my classes are so much fun.  I have different classes and one is right for you.  Some of them are:

Sissy Slut Classes

Spoiled girlie boys

Sissy manners

Shopping classes

Cock Sucking classes

Phone’s ringing, is it YOU?





Every Phonesex Sissy Needs Her Fairy Bells

Imagine walking down the sidewalk wearing your most precious foo-foo frock. Your mary jane’s are spotless, with little socks that have the lace trim on them. Your hair is bouncy-curly, with a ribbon placed just so. People are looking at you, but why?

Is it all the things I mentioned above? No :) It’s because, from under your dress, pinned to your frilly frock’s crinolin, is a tinkling sound :) Are they cute little jingling Fairy Bells that make you feel the glee of being girlie? Or are they The Fairy Bells of Shame?

Recently, I sent these to one of My sissy gurls and she loved them! This sissy bitch in particular is a little Fairy Faggot Freak, and loves the humiliation of walking around town so all attention can be summoned by her Fairy Bells of Shame.

Then again, if humiliation is not your forte’, and just love the feeling of being girlie, fluffing your skirt back and forth while you walk just to hear yourself tinkle like Tinkerbell, these little adorable things will do the trick.

How do you get them? Well, contact Me for more information :) Set up a call with Me, and we’ll see about transforming you into one of My little Fairy Gurls :)

sissy Mistress Diane





Let Fairy Godmother Torrence wave her lingerie wand phonesex

You know your craving to have something silky and sheer not to mention pink like this against your skin. Hugging those curves you have been dreaming about forever. The ability to be able to wear panties every day, silky, lacy, peekaboo, thongs, bikini. Don’t forget the sexy stockings you can add to the outfit to make it just right.

Whether your looking for just stockings, panties, nighties, dresses, costumes, or the entire wardrobe, I can weave you through the best fantasy and help you find exactly what works for you. I can be your Fairy Godmother. The best to find you exactly what it is you need, whether its under your clothes, in the privacy of your home, or going out to be that sissy slut you long to be.

Find out just how soft these clothes can feel…

Fairy Godmother Torrence




Tormenting a Phone Sex Sissy

I was out with my girlfriends , every single one of us dressed to turn heads and ready to have some fun .  We all sat at a table and ordered a round of drinks.  You know how girls are, we started checking out all the guys when one caught my attention .  Not because he was hot , but because I think I spotted the outline of a bra on the back of his shirt !

I pointed it out to my girlfriends and and they all agreed with me, what a riot !  I just couldn’t help myself and I told the ladies to follow me.  I grabbed my drink and headed over to where this loser was sitting.  We surrounded him and I started turning on the charm .  Oh how he blushed .  I convinced him to join us for a while in a quiet booth in the back.

Once we got there I had him squeeze in the side by the wall and we filled out the other seats around him.  “Look girls, he’s not only wearing a bra, he has tits to fill them out!” I giggled .  My friends all laughed while poor Billy turned beet red and tried to hide in the corner.  “Just give us a peek at that lacey bra , then we’ll let you get up!”

He let me unbutton his shirt and we all broke out laughing even harder when we saw his boobs sitting plump in the sheer bra.  He even had big hard nipples !  OMG the tears were practically rolling down our faces with glee and the look on his face was priceless .

“Oh you can’t get up now Billy, I bet you are wearing matching panties over that little clitty of yours too, aren’t you?  Why don’t you rub your magic button for us and give us a real show !”

Goddess Taryn


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Time for phone sex sissy to shop

We’re going shopping today online.  We are getting new undies and looking for a dress for the St Paddy’s dance.

If you have some favorite links for cloths you would like to share with us you may.

This sissy likes to shop vintage.  When those broad shoulders were in style is a perfect look for her.

Shoes seem to be an issue sometimes though.  We could really use some help there.

Drop me a line and send some links.

Phone’s ringing, is it YOU?




I Just Love Sissy Training Phone Sex

I love training a new sissy. Watching them grovel in asking me to train them. Knowing that tremble of excitment and humiliation as they put on their sissy outfit for me; bra, panties, stocking and heels. Then they have to parade around and show me what they have, to entice me take them on to become my sissy. Oh yes there is so much to be learned.




Enena fun time

In the past a good ole enema cleansed you out to prevent any virus from lingering in the bowls.(a home remedy from grandma’s era)  Now enema’s can be very different.

I had a caller this morning that was way into enma’s for a different reason.  I put him on the bed with his naked  ass exposed to me and  fixed him up~~~

Lol, you should have heard him begging me to let him release the liquid that I filled him with.  I had things he need to do for me before that was going to happen.  I had him to give my big  tits a good licking. He had to go so badly that he would do anything, so I had him lay on his back and I straddled his face so I could ride it.  After all the patient shouldn’t be the only one having fun.  I rode his mouth with my pussy until I squirted cum all over him.

Now I have some recipes for some enema’s that you may want.  Give me a call and we can go over them.

Phone’s ringing, is it YOU?








Sissy Going Shopping Phone Sex

I love going shopping with my sissy. We try on all sorts of clothes and shoes. I make him parade around in front of the sales associates, asking them for their advice and making him tell them how good it feels to be in girlie clothes. It gets even better in the lingerie department. I have such a dirty mind, mmmmmm, ask me what I made him do next.





Phone Sex Mistress Taryn Knows Best

I knew that as soon as I lowered myself down on to the thick, long dildo that I would be changed. I trembled gently at first with excitement knowing that my Mistress knew ….. My Mistress knew what this moment would signify and what it would do to me.

There would be no return, once the pace picked up, my Mistress was in full control of my lustful desires and taken to a place I had only previously dreamed about. The transformation had begun, with each deep self impaling thrust , the inner woman was being released.

Mistress was gently explaining what this meant, soothing words for a girl waiting to be developed into Mistress’s special girl. The whimpering quickly followed, with it becoming more and more innocent as the riding intensified.  Things would never be the same.

Mistress knows best, and still does ……

This is a story written for me by my lovely sissy lexie, come and be transformed forever.

Mistress Taryn


What some of my callers say about me!

Humiliation, Cross Dressing and Sensual Wrestling Phonesex Part 1

Torrence 866-230-8732

Think you could handle a little wager? 5 of my friends and I are having a girls night when you interrupt us. To make it up to us I propose a little wager. Wrestling! Wrestle each one of us one at a time.. if you pin all 5 of us,  we will be yours to punish as you see fit, but if just one of us pins you, you are ours and you must submit to our punishment.
You find yourself thinking of all the ways you could punish all six of us girls, not to mention all the physical contact youâ d get to enjoy just from the wrestling contest so you agree.

You have no problem with the first 3 girls pinning them quickly and easily, even getting to get a few feels in here and there for good measure. But with the 4th girl things get tricky, she is very tall and gets a quick move in that finds you on your back, her ample breasts right in your face. You struggle to concentrate, to get off your back and it takes a lot out of you and 10 mins to finally pin her mainly because your were so worried she had another trick up her sleeve. The 5th girl took advantage of you getting worn out and quickly tries to flip you onto your back, you struggle and strain against her trying as hard as you can not to let her pin you on your back.

Finally out of desperation you stop fighting and give up letting her think she has the upper hand you quickly wrap your legs around hers and flip her over winning that. Then all that is left is you and I.

I smile, knowing just how tired you’ve gotten and knowing that I can win this without too much work on my part. The other girls are cheering me on and I cant wait to take full advantage of winning this contest. After maneuvering awhile for a good position, I duck behind you and twist one of your arms behind your back, you struggle to escape but your just too exhausted to put up much resistance.  As all the girls applaud me I reach around your waist, unbuckle your belt and get your pants to your knees in seconds. You are totally humiliated having developed an erection from all the up-close and personal contact, now that hard rod is sticking straight out of your underwear.

Shall we see what I make happen next?