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In charge phone sex girl

I loved walking in on you while trying my panties on.  I had noticed before that the panty drawer seemed to be out of order.  AT first I couldn’t believe it.  There you stood with my panties on and a camisole in your hands.  At first I was so mad I wanted to make you leave.  Then suddenly it came clear.  If you want to be a girl then so be it.

I have started teaching you how to dress, how to put on your makeup, how to walk in your high heels and how to please a woman.  Soon you will be the sissy you want to be.




My Little World for a Sissy Phone Sex

You have no idea what I will do you my little sissy. Each day is something new. Maybe a task to prove your loyalty, or to show me how well you remember my rules. The rewards are  euphoria. My punishments will have you begging for more while wishing it to end.





Punishing My Sissy Phone Sex

My little sissy forgot her assignment and I was very displeased with her. I had been cutting her a little slack and let her keep some of her male clothes for occasions when lace and frills just wouldn’t work. Not anymore. It was time for that little sissy slut to learn that my orders are NOT to be forgotten.

She whimpered and cried as I made her bring out the last few pair of her men’s underwear . Setting them in a pile on her bed she begged me to please leave her one pair as she had to visit her parents very soon. But she had to be punished for disobeying her Mistress . Soon they were in shreds and now my little sissy will be forced to wear her pretty panties every day!

Do you need a strict Phone Sex Mistress to make you behave?

Mistress Taryn


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Be the sissy you want to be phone sex

I’ll help you be who you really are.  Everyone knew it in high  school way before you would admit it.  I’ll just help  you embrace it.  I’ll help you stop being scared.

I  have watched you looking at the guys in the club, even heard of you giving some of them a blow job in the bathroom.  They do talk you know.

You’ll be sucking cock and getting fucked like the sissy girl you are in no time.  Be who you are!  With my help you’ll be the best.

Phone’s ringing, is it YOU?





Forcing Sissy To Mouth My Strap On Phone Sex

My little sissy has been such a good girl lately. I decided it was time for her to have a treat. I called my sissy up and told her I wanted a visit and she should wear a long coat and under that coat wear a slutty piece of lingerie, complete with stockings and heels.

It was about 20 minutes later when my little sissy showed up, she looked so excited standing on the front porch waiting to be invited inside. I instructed sissy to wait in the living room until called upstairs to my bedroom.

When I had my little sissy come in I was sitting in the  lounger at the foot of my bed, slowly stroking the shaft of my strap on. You should have seen little sissy’s face, her jaw dropped and she began to studder.

“Come here and get on your knees, lovely little slut” I told my sissy, of course she obeyed. I guided that pretty little sissy face to the head of my strap on, I could feel the resistance, so I softly whispered in her ear, not to fight…give in to it…you want it…you will crave it after tonight.

Come and see what it’s like to suck a strap on for Princess.

*Divine Laylene*


Enter Sissy

Sissy Slut, Fairies, Panty Lovers Phonesex

Sissy sluts of all kinds are definitely in my top five favorite types of callers. I always get a smile on my face as soon as I hear which new at silky soft panties my sissy is dressing in just for me. Having them trained by this Goddess, and exactly how to be a good sissy slut whore and the way I wish to be pleased by their tasks just for me.

Pay attention now…… if you are looking to be trained to become a truly incredible sissy slut, one who is looking to please this sinful Goddess you should be properly dressed in sissy slut attire and have your toys ready to use to amuse me.  If you don’t know where to start, then hurry up and call me so we can get started!  I enjoy all types of sissy slut fantasies, panty boy humiliation, lingerie fetishes and role playing . The naughtier the better!!!

Talk to you soon Sissy!

Goddess Torrence




Outed sissy phone sex

Oh now I don’t mean outed like being exposed for the fairy he is.  I mean I have finally gotten her out of the house and at least to the car in full dress.  This sissy has been a closest fairy all these years.  I convinced  her it would be so much better to get out and be with her kind.

She is full-blown too, has the voice, the outfits, and the desire to please a man.  She just needed a little push.  We had been working up to this trip for a few calls.  I’ve heard her please herself more times than one.  I made her plug her hot pussy up and told her not to move it.  She needs some pussy action at least two times a week or more.

Last night I got her dressed and into the car and to the glory hole.  That was a big step for her.  I didn’t have her get out and go in this time, but soon.

I can help  you with your steps to being who you really are too.

Phone’s ringing, is it YOU?




Phone Sex with your Pimptress

That’s right little sissy slut. It’s time you stopped talking about all that big delicious cock you want between your silky lips and start putting out. I’ll transform you into the whore you already are and just sit back and laugh as I rake in the green while you get used by any cock I send to your house.

First we’ll get you all dolled up in your slutty best.  Tiny little lace thong showing under that micro skirt, legs in fishnets and fuck me heels and a special little shirt I’ve made up that says Cocksucker right across the titties.

Afraid of the wifey finding out? Then get a motel for the night and call me up.  Make sure it’s a nice trashy one befitting a dirty little whore like you.

Call your Phone Sex Pimptress today!



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Worked up Sissy Gangbang Phonesex

I’ve helped my sissy slut with her first sissy gangbang. Knowing we had a business trip coming up we made sure we had all our ads in place, all her outfits, wigs, and toys ready. A 2nd hotel with a bed all ready and atleast 6-7 guys spread out enough that she could take them all and be the slut she was craving to let out, taken and having cocks all around her.

Think you could handle it? Let me set one up for you. Put you in the right situation and in touch with just the right guys who really want you as their sissy slut gangbang bitch. While I watch on webcam of course.





Pizza Boy Phone Sex ~ Tease The Sissy

I went to visit one of my real time sissies the other day for the weekend, it was around lunch time and I was getting hungry so I ordered us a pizza. The delivery place said about 30 minutes because they were busy…well that would be perfect!

I set a chair up in the living room so that when the front door to the apartment is opened you could see it, I then had my little sissy put on a pair of frilly pink panties, pink silky bra, her blonde curly wig, white stockings and pink mary jane heels. I set my little sissy in the chair and began to tie her hands and feet to the legs of the chair.

I then sat in front of her and explained what would happen. It was now time to learn to suck a nice cock, the doorbell rang and I opened it. The delivery boy was a sexy looking black guy. College age maybe, clean cut, muscular, and more then likely hung like a …well yea!

I invited him and asked if he would do me a huge favor? I told him I forgot I didn’t have any cash but I still wanted to tip him, I told him that I would love it if he would let my little sissy here suck his chocolate cock off until he came all over sissy‘s face.

He was a little hesitant at first but soon gave in when he saw me sit down and put a leg up so I could reach my own pussy. I find it very erotic to watch my little slut suck a BBC.

Give me a call and let me tell you more about that day, it was fabulous!

*Divine Laylene*


Playtime For Sissy Bois