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Panty thief Phonesex

You stole my panties. I have caught you several times. You are a naughty panty thief. I asked you why you want my panties and you tell me so you can feel closer to me. I know you can’t wear my panties they are too small. You tell me you secretly have my panties with you always. You fold them in a tiny square and tuck them in your underwear under your cock and balls. You love feeling the soft cotton on the most sensitive place on your cock and you have me near you all day long… your a panty boy.






Dress up phone sex

I love dressing up my sissies. Sometimes I look at books from past designs.

I love when women wear long dresses and tight corsets. I pulled one of my sissies out to do his make over. I added one of those dresses. You know the party one in seven brides for seen brothers. He did not speak; just watched his image change before him. As the minutes wor on you could see his excitement.

I started dressing him up by choosing a really pretty bra with black eyelet and with matching panties. I strapped his cock down. I put his make up on and pushed him out of the door. I told him he could come back after he found my lover for the evening.

Phone’s ringing; is it YOU?





Catching My Husband’s Friend with My Panties Phonesex

I was having a small dinner party for my husband’s friends and their wives nothing terribly fancy but small and elegant. I noticed I had a run in my stocking and before anyone else noticed I slipped off to my bedroom to change. I opened the door and was shocked when I saw one of my husband’s friend with a pair of my panties in his hand and his other hand around his cock. He had my panties to his face and was moaning and murmuring something I couldn’t understand as he rubbed them back and forth over his nose and mouth.  I was a little upset I admit, when I saw my panty drawer open and a mess.

I cleared my throat to get his attention and he turned to look at me. His face was immediately red but I swear his cock got even harder.  I asked him what he thought he was doing and he began to beg me not to tell Paul. I told him that if he didn’t want me to tell EVERYONE at the party then he would take those panties of mine and put them on and he would wear them for the rest of the dinner party. Then he would stay afterwards to see what my husband had to say about it.

As the last guest left except for “Stewart” I looked at him and he bowed his head. Paul asked me if there was a problem and I told him, what I had caught his friend doing. Much to my surprise Paul took the situation into Stewart’s mouth before the end of the night.  Now we have a new sissy maid to come and clean up after all our parties and anything else that might need cleaning or fluffing.





Maid to Amuse his Phone Sex Mistress

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I’ve got your new uniform all laid out and waiting for you sissy.  It’s the most darling little french maid‘s outfit with a short ruffled skirt and a starched white apron.  Some silky black lace top thigh highs with a sexy back seam and adorable stiletto Mary Jane’s for your feet.  I know you will blush when you see the matching crotchless ruffle back panties but it will provide easy access for the cock leash I’m going to put on your little clitty to lead you downstairs.

It’s time to show all my girlfriends what an obedient maid you can be for your Mistress.  Never mind the gales of laughter that greet you as I lead you down the stairs and parade you in front of all the ladies.  It’s your job to provide amusement as well as serving the cocktails and h’orderves.   I’ve provided everyone with switches and riding crops in case you are tottering along too slowly in your heels or in case you dare spill a drop!

Can you make your Mistress proud sissy maid?

Mistress Taryn


Silk n’ Lace and Everything Naughty Phonesex

Silk and Lace

and a naughty painted face

that is what sissy sluts are made of

Crinoline and Rainbows

and ribbons for hair bows

that is what sissy girlies are made of

Tea parties and feather dusters

and six inch stilettoes

that is what sissy maids are made of

♥ Temptress Melissa ♥






Busted my panty wearing brother Again: 2 girl panty boi Sex

Fiona and I walk in and catch you in my room… You’re wearing my pretty pink ruffled panties. I burst into a fit of giggles. What are you doing you look like a silly Billy. Those panties are mine and you’re getting your sissy boy goo all over them standing there rubbing you’r Willie.

Fiona is standing there with her jaw on the floor  before she bust out laughting and calling you a fucking panty waste.” We are going to tell everyone and they are going to laugh at you and call you names you sissy freak.”

I can’t stop giggling seeing you standing there. How long have you been doing this in my panties? You’re hard and throbbing and you just keep standing there like a deer in the headlights but you’re still stroking it. What am I ever going to do with you? *giggles* Fiona and I have a few ideas thats for sure.





Sissy Phonesex w/Princess Jordynn – Once a Sissy girl Always a Sissy girl

Jordynn Jade 866-486-7224

I had a long time sissy call me just the other day that I haven’t heard from since I first started here. He had tried to give up on his sissified ways and go back to being “a real man” HA! Like that could ever happen. Throwing away your panties, and girly clotheslingerie and heels will not throw away thatgirlie nature you have storming throughout your entire being!

I’ll bet some of you reading this right now think this sounds so familiar to you. Have you tried to give up on your sissy ways? Take a break from being asissy slut fag and work hard to become a man again only to fail miserably. You know you’ll find that one last pair of sissy panties you’ve hidden, you’ll have to put them on, just one last time, and then your mine! Back to calling me for that sissy clit release. Being my good little bitch, showing me on cam just how sweet and girly you can be. Begging me to cream in thosepanties with that lil sissy dicklett !

You know you’ll be calling me again soon begging to be sissified completely again…

Princess Jordynn





Stumbling onto a Starving Closet Sissy Phonesex

I was in DC to meet my husband for a lunch date after his morning meetings. Waiting in his outer office is always a trip, watching the gophers scurry about after their bosses. It reminds me of having my lovely pets, slaves, and sissies in mass all clamoring to earn attention and favor. I bent over from where I was leaning against his secretary’s desk to fix my strap on my stiletto’s when out of the corner of my eye I noticed red fishnet nylons peeking out under a mans suit and shiny dress shoes. My sinful wolfish grin spread across my face as my eyes followed his oh so pressed and polished suit to find him staring at my legs when he seemed to shake himself out of a trance and met my eyes. He lit up like those red fishnets all the way to his ears and I couldn’t resist, my wolf caught the scent of a baby sissy and had to hunt.

Stalking over I introduced myself  as he turned an even darker shade of red and shook my hand. Realizing whose wife I was, this extremely high powered man was looking more like prey by the second. I leaned into him pressing my body against him just enough to whisper against his ear, what lovely fishnets you have on Mr. X where did you find such a sexy shade of red? Leaning back but keeping his hand in mine, I watched him gulp hard, his bottom lip quivering so unsure of himself. Smiling even more, I cupped my fingers into his palm, letting my nails dig with just a pinch of pain into his palm. You know you need to let that sissy cross dressing slut out don’t you Mr. X? Now I’ll help make sure we do just that. I knew my prey was on the hook by the scared but longing look in his eyes, he was going to be a delightfully submissive sissy slut to train.  I was getting extremely aroused being bold in the middle of the office floor. His personal assistant started to dart towards us, thinking I might be pestering him for some event or contribution. As the short young brown nose loser full of his own self importance reached us, I didn’t bother to acknowledge him directly. Instead I kept eye contact with Mr. X and told his windbag assistant to set aside 2 hour lunch  meetings once a week for the foreseeable future. Tuesdays are best for me and preferred, I know you’ll make it fit into Mr. X’s schedule. The poor boy fell over himself knowing just how much of his bosses time that would encompass during working hours, but as he started to argue that Mr. X was so very busy it would never be possible I watched that powerhouse man emerge from behind those longing eyes, he turned just his head slowly to his gopher and with a low snarl told him to make it happen.  My husband joined us just as I finished having gopher take my information and Mr. X handed me his business card with personal information included. Feeling just how wet my panties had become, I licked my crimson red lips as my husband and I left for lunch, knowing my wolf would be snacking and slating her hunger soon as well.






Phone Sex Brother Wants to be My Sister

We had a big family reunion planned for the 2nd week in August. My brother who’s always been very successful with the ladies was going to be there as well with his new girlfriend. We were all pretty excited to finally get to meet her, because he’s definitely been a bit more distant since their relationship began. My brother and I were pretty close, so him and his new girlfriend were supposed to be staying at my house. I was pretty shocked when he arrived alone. I tried to ask him what was up but he blew it off and said she had to work and couldn’t get out of it. I showed him to the guest room and told him to come down when he was finished settling in. A few hours passed so I went upstairs to check on him and noticed he was in the shower, but he had left the guest room door open. His luggage was open on the bed, so I thought why not be a nice sister and hang his clothes and things up for him. As soon as I removed the first layer of clothes, I was in utter shock!

Everything under that first layer of clothes was girly. He had frilly lacy panties, silky nightgowns; bras and even a corset. I sat down on the bed and started looking through everything more thoroughly and even found breast forms, pantyhose and a makeup kit!  The sex toys were pretty plentiful too! I was feeling pretty confused about finding all this stuff but decided the best way to handle it was straight on. I laid everything girly related out on the bed and waited for him to finish up his shower. When he walked into the room, the smile quickly faded from his face! His face was so red as I started to pick up the various items I laid out and laughed as I questioned him who these things were for…..Stay tuned for part 2!







Wanna Be a True Sissy Slut? Phone Sex

In your heart of hearts you know you aren’t a Real Man.  In your heart of hearts you know you are a spineless little sissy. You’re a bitch. A hole to be used. Two, in fact. You pretend but you know that you deserve all the abuse I could wield over you. You want it. You need it. You crave it like the cockhungry little slut you always are in your fantasies.  But to be your true self, ya need to be broken.  You need the man stripped and ripped. Ya want me to destroy that part of you. You need that useless clit of yours locked away. And the best is that you’re gonna pay me to do it.

You know you won’t ever be happy until the cumslut sissy bitch is free.  So call Ms Libby and let’s get to it

British Mistress Libby