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Stories shared by phone sex sissy


She is soooo sweet. After one of her nights out she calls and tells me all about it.

Last night she went to a really nice little club she just learned about. She bought herself a skirt and top like mine, couldn’t find the shoes but some similar.

She said it was very dark and at first felt a bit uncomfortable. As her eyes adjusted she saw couples in cozy little simi circle booths. Not being there with anyone she headed to the bar. She told me she sat on the stool and looked around. It wasn’t long before someone approached her.

She said she and he chatted a bit and then she felt his hands on her leg. (she is such a slut) She said she leaned over and placed her hand on his package. This girl was ready for action.

He took her over to his booth and ordered them a drink. She said it wasn’t but a few minutes until they were all over each other. He gestured for her to get between his legs on the floor and she did. Her voice was full of excitement as she told of his big balls and how much cum he squired down her throat. She’s a good girl, took it all.

I love hearing her stories. Do you have some to share?

Phone’s ringing, is it YOU?




Pink Ribbons and Gloss Phone Sex

You adore when I allow you to get out the little girl outfit…the one with the pretty soft pink dress and double petticoats, the sweet ankle strap patent leather pumps and schoolgirl knee hi’s! If you’ve been extra good, I might just let you use the long, thick full blonde wig, so I can string beautiful pink glittery ribbons in your hair…

Once I’ve bathed you, and softened your skin, I’ll dress you up as Mommy’s perfect little school girl, paying extra special attention to call you by your “girly” name as the transformation happens..And as a final step, Mommy will even slide your favorite pink bubble gum gloss across your lips…Now be a good girl for Mommy and go fetch my toy bag!




How deep are your secrets hidden? Sercet desire Phonesex

Its  not uncommon for  sissys, submissives, and sluts to hide their desires from everyone in their life.Expecially if their desire is to be bisexual and suck cock or get fucked. The  reason for a girl like me and a site like this is to help sluts, sissies,and subbies like you. I know  you don’t think your the only one.  The world is  full of men like you panty wearing, cock sucking, humiliation craving men who need to give up their will and let us the dirty Phonesex girls take the blame for their perverted desires.

So  give  me TPE and lets  help you get off!! Your secret is safe with me!!!!





Helping A Shy New Sissy Phone Sex

At the mall I saw him casually walking circles around the lingerie store. He would gather his courage and start toward the entrance and then see the racks of lingerie and turn around to begin his laps again.  I finished my shopping when I came back he was still making circles. I felt so bad for him I couldn’t take it any longer. I walked over to him and told him I noticed he was having a bit of trouble and wanted to know if I could help. He blushed and said it was alright he didn’t need help. I took his hand and walked him into the store and his face went pale and he squeezed my hand and I squeezed his back.

I took him over to the chemises and pulled out a lovely dark blue satin chemise with black lace around its edges and told him that it would look perfect with his dark blond hair and it was an easy fit. He smiled as if I had handed him the greatest gift in the world. Then he relaxed and we went to look at the panties. He gave me the money and I took his choices to the counter and paid for them for him. I carried the bag out for him and then handed them to him outside and invited him to come over and model for me. It was beautiful to watch that shy young man come to life as a sexy young sissy.





First Forced Bisexual Experience Phonesex

My newest pet boy is always telling me how he would do anything for me. It was only a matter of time before I made him prove it to me. He wants to worship my body, he wants to taste my sweet honey pot and he wants me to allow him to pleasure me. Hahaha that is a privilege that must be earned. He has to prove he is willing to do anything to please me and I think the perfect test is to make him prepare my lover for me. Force him to fluff my big black cock lover so that his monster dick is throbbing ready for my wet cunt. Almost nothing is a greater turn on than taking a straight pet and forcing him to turn bi for me. This first forced bisexual experience will be a very interesting one to say the least. Perhaps if he impresses me I may give him a taste of my creampie after I have had my fill of big black cock.

Temptress Melissa




I love my phone sex sissies

You’ll need to sit still while I braid your hair, it needs to be up. All the rest of the girls will have their hair up. I’ll add your make up. You’ll stand up now and I can give you a once over, checking if we have everything in order. Let’s see…..Pink leotard, frilly pink tu tu, white tights and teh finishing touch, pink ballet slippers .

I’ll have you turn around and dance on your toes. I noticed your cock was bulging because you were so fucking hot. I’ll take photos and then you can get changed. You are one ugly ballerina. But in the dark and private room you’ll pass.

Phone’s ringing; is it YOU?





Just how connected to your submission do you need to be Phonesex

Do submissive men have special little things they carry with them to remind them how much they love being a submissive? Or is it just when you’re with your Mistress that you want to feel your submissive side come out? Or do you wear or carry something with you every day as I do.

I know as a submissive myself I have certain things that make me feel close to my master. I have my collar, I have my slave bracelet, and I have a little polished rock that says “mine” that I carry in my pocket. When my day is feeling hectic or I miss my Master  I rub my rock in my pocket to remind  me I am a submissive and I am taken. Do you have something to remind you all day every day?






A Thoughtful Phone Sex Gift

I was having lunch with Janice and it came out that my birthday was this week and she offered her best wishes and said she wanted to do something special for the week for me. She asked me if I would like to have a week of free maid service. Of course who would turn down a free maid for a week? She smiled and said it was done that her maid would be there first thing in the morning.

When I answered the door there was my Janice’s husband ironically named Butch wearing a classic French maid’s uniform carrying a small container with a handle full of cleaning supplies. I laughed immediately, I knew Butch as a very serious if not gruff plumber. Yet there he stood with this very girly smile on his face curtseying and walking towards my kitchen in 3” heels his petticoats flouncing around his ruffle layered ass.

Butch handed me a note and a small box with my glass of orange juice and it said how he had a butt plug in his ass and all I had to do to let him know I needed his attention was to push the button on the remote. She told me that he was mine for the week to do with as I liked.  I smiled at Butch and pressed the button just to watch him jump. It was a very thoughtful and amusing gift. I think tonight we will start with seeing how good a strap on sucker he is.





You’ll Wear Those Panties and Like it! Phone Sex

You know who you are.  You cluck around like an important man, fancy suits, and shiny shoes, barking commands like you have a pair.  But we both know you don’t.  In fact, you don’t even have a dick, do you? Underneath that facade is what none of those scared little peons would never expect.  Underneath is the real you.  Pink taffeta panties and a matching bra.   And that dicklette of yours in locked down in a cock cage so small it barely passes for a clit.  You dress like this, not because you asked for it, but because I commanded it.  You cried so hard those first few days I made you leave the house like that. Little bitch that you are, you ticked me off.  Not good to tick me off, is it?

Still think you can handle disappointing me, luv?  We’ll find out tonight.  You know what’s going to happen.  I’ve told you ever day for a week while you wore that cage and changed panties for pantyhose and a maid’s outfit when home.  Tonight I’m going to bend you over and shove a dick up your arse.  I’m going to finally make you into me dirty desperate clit dripping cunt of a sissy, just as I’ve been threatening all along.

British Mistress Libby




Begging Little Panty Boys Phone Sex

You naughty little dirty panty boys….begging to slide my soaked, wet panties onto your tight asses, so you can feel my wetness up against you….Yearning to have my smell linger all around your little prissy clitty….and hoping you’ll be allowed to cum in my dirty panties, letting our juices mingle for a late night panty feast…

Well if you want the privilege of my hot wet panties sliding onto your girly little bottom, then you better tell me how you plan on earning it panty whore! Hit me up @ Molly@phonesexcandy.com and tell me what you’re willing to do..to please me!

Goddess Molly