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Pretty Little Phone Sex Sissy

I was chatting with my little sissy Suzie the other day just like every day, she was wearing a pretty little plaid pink and white dress, petticoat, pink heels, a pretty wig, but one thing was missing…

A pretty pair of lace ruffle top socks. I went onto Ebay and purchased a pair for her, since she is always a good little girl and gets me whatever I want whenever I want. The funny thing is I had these socks sent directly to her house. Haha I hope she got them and not her wifey. Although the wifey has already caught my little sissy all dressed in lingerie and things before…thanks to yours truly. *giggles*

Wouldn’t you love to be my little sissy girl? I am sure we would have tons of fun together, dress up, cock training, girl talk, shopping and all sorts of other fun things. Talk to you soon sissy.

*Divine Laylene*


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Blackmailed into Being my Sissy Phone Sex

I was out to dinner one evening all comfy in a quiet table near the back when I noticed my best friends husband walk in with a pretty young lady on his arm.  I was willing to believe a first it was innocent but it wasn’t very long before I saw just the opposite.  I knew my girlfriend was home tonight with her youngest who was sick with the flu and here was her jerk of a husband out feeling up some young slut in restaurant across town!

I thought about calling her or just texting her the picture I had of them locked in a passionate kiss but I knew that would just break her heart.  I had a much better idea.  I decided to text HIM instead.  “Stand up and turn around you cheating bastard.  Do not say ONE word to that whore you are with or this photo I took of you with your tongue down her throat will be sent immediately to your Father in Law.”

His phone gave off a beep and he turned pale as he quickly stood up and looked to the back of the room.  I met his eyes and gave him a cruel smile as he hurried over to my table.  You see he worked for his Father in Law’s company, he had so much more at stake here than just losing his wife.  His high paying job would be long gone also.  I stood up as he came to me and ran my finger down his chest.  “Do you want me to send another text message or are you ready to take your punishment?” I asked him.  He quickly stammered that he will do anything for me if I would please never tell.

He followed me home, just abandoning his little whore at the restaurant.  I wonder what he was imagining he had in store for him?  My plans included dressing him up in this pretty new maids outfit and putting him to work so he could atone for his sins.

Stay tuned next week for the next part of the story.

Sissy Mistress Taryn Quinn


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Phone Sex Lesson on Gender Confusion

I’ve been running into a lot of confused callers so let me explain some differences to you.  Here are the general accepted terms to explain about those blurring gender roles.

Drag Queen: Entertainers!

Shemale, Chick with a Dick, Ladyboy:  That’s hot bitches like me who love being a girl but also love having a nice hard dick.  The best of both worlds!

Sissies:  Men who enjoy being dominated and often forced to wear women’s clothing.  There are all kinds of sissies from slutty to prudes who just want to dress up and do tasks for you and so many more!

Transgender:  That is simple, it’s anyone who crosses the line between what is normally considered male or female activities.  I’m transgender, sissies are transgendered, cross dressers are also transgendered.

Transexual or TS:  That is when you feel and oftentimes live as someone of the opposite sex, you can be pre-op or post-op or you can even decide to never have gender reassignment surgery or do partial reassignment.  I am transexual also.

Transvestite, tranny, tv and cross dressers:  These are often mixed together and the details get too technical for me to care!  Mostly it’s guys dressing up as women some for sexual pleasure  or some just enjoy the fashion and make up and showing off.

There are many other categories but does it really matter?  Forget the labels and lets fuck!

Your Sexy Shemale Phone Sex Diva Angel Love



Phone Sex Shemale Sissy Mistress

Don’t you want to know how to be a pretty girl just like me? Lets start with removing all that nasty body hair then dressing you up in some satin and lace. You will need some nice fuck me pumps, do you need lessons in walking in them? I know exactly how to apply that sexy make up.

Most important are those cock pleasing lessons. I’ll teach you how to take it long and deep. Come pull my panties down and taste my lusty thick dick.

Take lessons from someone who’s transformed herself!

Shemale Phone Sex Diva Angel



Sissy Slut Sucks for Her Phone Sex Mistress

I’d like to tell you all about my little pet sissy slut.  Last night I had her take out an advertisement for a willing man to use her while I watched on cam.  She got all dressed up in her pink fishnet dress, panties, wig and full make up.  Her instructions were to suck this strangers cock until he shot hot cum all over my little whore’s face.

I loved hearing her moan while on her knees, this whore was made to suck cock.  I could even see the way her pink lipstick smeared onto the cock as he fucked her mouth as I humiliated and encouraged her.  My sissy slut must be good at what she did because it didn’t take long and soon that hot load was dripping down her face.

Are you ready for me to pimp you out next?

Pimptress Taryn


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Sex Slave Phonesex

How would you like to be my sex slave? Being my slave is hard work. You must be devoted to pleasing me. My pleasure will be your pleasure. You can never cum before me. In fact I may not let you cum at all. I am very good to my slaves when they satisfy me and cater to me.

When one of my slaves gets rebellious I have lots of nasty little ways to remind him of his status in life. The first offense earns you extra humiliation. The second offense I like to get more creative. The third offense is the one that will give you nightmares for months to cum. It is never a good idea to cross your Mistress.

If you are a good little slave boy then I will show u favoritism and give you special treats and privileges. If you annoy me I might lock you in my torture chamber and leave you there for days, weeks, years. You never really know it just depends on my mood.

Grab your phone and apply to be my sex slave! Let’s see if you have what it takes.

Mind Twisting





Forces To Suck Cock Phone Sex

My new little sissy called me tonight. She looked so pretty all dressed up in her red corset, matching panties, fishnet stockings and red high heels. She had red lip stick on and her eyes a sexy shade of pink with blue mascara. She pranced around the room proudly showing off how sexy she looked.
I reached over and grabbed her head and shoved my big 10 inch cock down her throat. She gagged and choked as I taught her how to deep throat. Her pretty red lipstick was now smeared all over her face. My strap on had red smears where her lips had been. Want to suck for me?

Candy Kisses
Mistress Jailyn

Phone sex sissy goes on and on and on

You should have heard her, omg!    On and on and on about how cute he was, what a sexy smile he has, what a tight ass.  Kinda sounded like me when I see a new man I wanna fuck.  It’s like that but more intense.  Seems to me sissies are more excitable.

And aren’t they more involved with how they dress and the way they talk?  I love’m.

I love to hear about the tryst they just had.  If you need someone to talk to about your latest fling or the love of your life……

Phone’s ringing, is it YOU?




Surprise From A Fantastic Little Phone Sex Sissy

I logged into chat tonight and who comes strutting through the door not long after me…My little Joni! That’s right my favorite little slut, Joni came in tonight. She was looking to see if I had any company coming over tonight. Of course I did! I always have company over when my little slut is around.

Tonight, Joni had on a sexy pair of black ruffled panties, a black camisole, black stockings and a pretty brown wig. I had her act as my personal fluffer for a bit, making my friend James’ cock rock hard. Once that task had been completed my friend Brittany wanted to be fucked by a little sissy clit. Who am I to deny a request. *giggles*

I had Joni put her sissy clit inside Brittany and sit there, until James came up and put his massive hunk of man meat inside Joni. As James thrusted Joni was thrusted into Brittany. It was what you would call a “chain reaction”. Haha I loved watching it, but I felt like Joni needed something to keep her mouth busy. I climbed on the couch and put my strap on right in her face, those red lips smeared from her run in with James, they wrapped around my strap on shaft and began sucking obediently.

Come find out what happened to little sissy Joni!

*Divine Laylene*


Enter Sissy Girls

Visit From A Good Little Sissy Phone Sex

I had a visit from a regular little sissy of mine today. He came to me all dressed up in pretty yellow panties and a fishnet top with black fishnet stockings, he makes the best little cock sucker.

Lucky for my little panty’s on I had a big black friend, Jerome coming over for a visit as well. Now the one thing you have to realize about my little sissy slut is he just loves to take a big juicy black cock in his mouth and make it nice and wet before being fucked like a little bitch by it!

I loved listening to him moan in pleasure as that thick chocolate dick filled and stretched his little boy pussy. He begged for more each and every thrust. I made sure my friend, Jerome left my little panty’s on a nice surprise in his little pussy too!

*Divine Laylene*


Cum Play With Princess