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A Thoughtful Phone Sex Gift

I was having lunch with Janice and it came out that my birthday was this week and she offered her best wishes and said she wanted to do something special for the week for me. She asked me if I would like to have a week of free maid service. Of course who would turn down a free maid for a week? She smiled and said it was done that her maid would be there first thing in the morning.

When I answered the door there was my Janice’s husband ironically named Butch wearing a classic French maid’s uniform carrying a small container with a handle full of cleaning supplies. I laughed immediately, I knew Butch as a very serious if not gruff plumber. Yet there he stood with this very girly smile on his face curtseying and walking towards my kitchen in 3” heels his petticoats flouncing around his ruffle layered ass.

Butch handed me a note and a small box with my glass of orange juice and it said how he had a butt plug in his ass and all I had to do to let him know I needed his attention was to push the button on the remote. She told me that he was mine for the week to do with as I liked.  I smiled at Butch and pressed the button just to watch him jump. It was a very thoughtful and amusing gift. I think tonight we will start with seeing how good a strap on sucker he is.





You’ll Wear Those Panties and Like it! Phone Sex

You know who you are.  You cluck around like an important man, fancy suits, and shiny shoes, barking commands like you have a pair.  But we both know you don’t.  In fact, you don’t even have a dick, do you? Underneath that facade is what none of those scared little peons would never expect.  Underneath is the real you.  Pink taffeta panties and a matching bra.   And that dicklette of yours in locked down in a cock cage so small it barely passes for a clit.  You dress like this, not because you asked for it, but because I commanded it.  You cried so hard those first few days I made you leave the house like that. Little bitch that you are, you ticked me off.  Not good to tick me off, is it?

Still think you can handle disappointing me, luv?  We’ll find out tonight.  You know what’s going to happen.  I’ve told you ever day for a week while you wore that cage and changed panties for pantyhose and a maid’s outfit when home.  Tonight I’m going to bend you over and shove a dick up your arse.  I’m going to finally make you into me dirty desperate clit dripping cunt of a sissy, just as I’ve been threatening all along.

British Mistress Libby




Begging Little Panty Boys Phone Sex

You naughty little dirty panty boys….begging to slide my soaked, wet panties onto your tight asses, so you can feel my wetness up against you….Yearning to have my smell linger all around your little prissy clitty….and hoping you’ll be allowed to cum in my dirty panties, letting our juices mingle for a late night panty feast…

Well if you want the privilege of my hot wet panties sliding onto your girly little bottom, then you better tell me how you plan on earning it panty whore! Hit me up @ Molly@phonesexcandy.com and tell me what you’re willing to do..to please me!

Goddess Molly



Keeping Phonesex secrets with sexy Sophia

I know that most of you guys can’t tell anyone in your life what turns you on. I know how important it us for you to be able to share your special fantasies and secrets with someone who cares, who will listen and help you live out your fantasies.

I know how hard it is for men who  have dreams  of being a girl, or  just wearing female clothes to share with people close to them. You don’t want to be shunned from your life. You just want to experience the kinky things that turn you on.

I don’t judge you no matter what your fantasy. I would love to be the keeper of your secrets. Call me and whisper in my ear what turns you on.

Dont  forget Sunday is sissy sunday  so enjoy  free time  added to your call!!

Buy 15  mins get 20 mins





Gardener surprises this phone sex girl.

I never had a green thumb and was always so envious when I saw a beautiful landscaped yard.  I kept admiring this one yard that was near a shopping mall I go to.  I finally stopped one afternoon when I saw someone working with the flowers.  He introduced himself as Joe and gave me his business card.  I hired him on the spot.  He came to work for me the following Thursday.

After being here for about a week I walked out with some iced tea and told him to come sit with me.  I noticed how he held his tea glass and how he would swing his foot back and to on his crossed leg.  He giggled rather than laugh out loud as men often do.  I had to know.  I invited him into the house.  He admired the drapes and the colors of the rooms.  I asked him if he could look at my bedroom and grow a flower especially for it.  As soon as he entered he went straight over to my open walk in closet.  Oh yeah; I have a new sista to play with.

Phone’s ringing; is it YOU?







A Special Phonesex Date

I spent the morning shopping for just the right accoutrements for our special evening together.  I had picked up on his subtle hints he had been dropping for the last few months, even though I wouldn’t let him know I had. By the time of our date I had everything ready. We had dinner and drinks at a local bar. I might have encouraged him to drink a little more than usual, but I wasn’t taking any chances that he might chicken out. I drove him back to my place and then lit all the candles I had set out while he sprawled on the couch watching me. I picked up the demitasse bra and matching garter skirt of sheer black with purple embroidery and held them up.  “Do you like them?” I asked him

He nodded and said I would look great in anything. “No darling, these aren’t for me to wear they are for you to wear.” I answered. He asked me if I was sure.  I nodded and proceeded to dress him in the trashy lingerie, complete with stockings and heels. I told him I had one more surprise for him but he had to wait on his knees for me.  When I returned his cock was so hard it was tenting his skirt and he couldn’t pull his eyes away from my bobbing strap on. He spent the night worshiping my heavy rubber dick as all good sissy gurls should.





Maid for Hire Phone Sex

Keeping up on all the house work is a constant battle and that is why I am looking for a sissy maid to give me a hand. There are so many things that need to be done; scrubbing the bathrooms, dusting the house, cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming, doing the laundry.

The dirty laundry on it own seems like it’s never ending. Washing all those clothes and of course my very intimate delicate things take extra care especially my lingerie, pantyhose, panties and bras. Some of those delicates even need to be washed by hand and all the laundry needs to be folded and put away correctly. Everything must be done to my high standards or else. I need a sissy maid that is willing to learn how to be the perfect servant. I am willing to train you if you haven’t  had formal maid training but please be aware that if you make even the smallest mistake I will have to punish you accordingly.

Temptress Melissa




National Sissy Day Phonesex

I have a question… Do sissies love Halloween better than any other holiday? I mean really it’s the one day of the year (or month if you have tons of parties to go to *giggles) that you can dress to impress in your favorite girlie clothes and no one asks WTF.  You will get kudos for being creative and impressive as a girlie. I think we should petition that Halloween be a national Sissy Holiday. Don’t you? Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a national sissy day? I hereby deem Halloween National Sissy Day… Just between you and me my sissy dressing friends. So enjoy your holiday all my favorite little sissies and bring it on! Send me pictures of your efforts and make my blog next week.






Sissy Brandi Is A Phonesex Slut

Sissy Slut Brandi called me and need to confess what a slut she is, how she loves to frequent adult bookstores and theater gloryholes wearing her silky lingerie hiding under male disguise until she gets in the booth or the theater then she strips down to the cock sucking sissy she is. It was very enlightening hearing her many naughty confessions. She is well aware of what a slut she is and like a good whore keeps a stash of her sissy supplies hidden from her family. I am sure they would be very surprised to hear just what a dirty fuckhole she is.

Brandi, shall I tell them about how you came to be your pussy all plugged dressed in a black chemise and couldn’t wait to stuff your mouth with that big dildo? Yes the cock hungry cunt wanna be has 3 different sizes of toys that she made use of and she worked them all like a cheap corner hooker. As soon as one was done being used it went right back into her purring mouth as she moved up to the next size. You should have heard the slut moaning as her sissy cunt was fucked harder and harder it was a beautiful thing. Seems like her step daddy taught her well, and oh yes her halfbrother too, they started her cock craving that still rages inside her slutty belly. It was a pleasure to use you Brandi you are a real dirty slut.






Sissy Son Treated like a Little Girl Phone Sex

I always wanted a little girl! Yet, I was stuck with a boy…..until one day I caught my boy in my panty drawer. That’s when it hit me, if he liked panties, why not go all out and teach him how to be the girl I always wanted.

He’s turned into such a sweet little sissy, always wanting to please and be mommy’s perfect little girl.

Mommy has been teaching Robbie so many different things, naughty things. Mommy makes him dress up like a little slut and uses him hard, showing him what little girls were born to do. I love making him my bad girl, doing nasty slutty things. Of course, once I get him all dressed up, we no longer call him a him. Right then, once he’s transformed, she becomes my sweet and spicy little Rhonda. I love whispering in her ear all the depraved things I’m going to do to her….It’s so much fun having a girl! Are you ready for me to whisper in your ear too?