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Ms Janet is waiting phonesex sissy cum slut and pantie boy

Well, hello my pantie boys and cum slut sissy’s.

It’s time to get that boy pussy stuffed.  Let’s get that nasty thing between your legs all nice and tucked away and Ms. Janet has the perfect way to get it out of the way, you see, I have a secret way of getting it out of the way.

I know you want me to force you to be my little cum sucking niblet slurpie.  It’s our little secret that you love it.

I am going to dress your slutty ass up and your going to work it just for me.  I want to hear you gag on that nice big fat cock.  Then your going to bend over and feel my nice big strap on go real deep into that tight pink boy pussy hole.  It is time to serve, and then you will get just what you deserve.  So my sissy slave bitch boy slut make sure when you call this mistress you are on your knees and so ready to please.

Now, do not keep Mistress Janet waiting too long sissy cum sluts.

Mistress Janet




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