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Silly Sissy Lily Wants the BBC Phonesex


My sissy girl lily thought that she could handle a nice, big, black cock. She begged me and begged me to let her play with one. Finally, when I decided that she was ready for it, I invited my friend Jerome over. Jerome has a huge, 11 inch cock that is thicker than my wrist. I called sissy lily, telling her to come to my house, and said that she had to clean today – wearing her pretty little maid outfit. (If only she knew what she’d be cleaning, and how…) “Now don’t forget the feather duster, sweetheart” I cooed. “Yes Miss Zia…” she whispered shyly.

When she finally arrived, she came into the living-room wearing her cute, black thigh highs and short little maidy dress. She went to the shelf to pick up the duster when she noticed it wasn’t there. “Miss Zia the…” she started, then saw Jerome standing in the bedroom door-way, the feather duster in one hand, handle facing her, and his massive, hard bbc in the other.

“Which do you want, my sweet sissy? The duster, or the big, black cock?” I grinned.

XxX Zia


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