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Phonesex Faggot Boi Takes Cum In EVERY Hole

All faggots love cum, that is a fact. But sometimes a faggot boi comes along who just takes that love of the smooth creamy dick juice to another level. This faggot boi was one of those. He began by telling me that he had a big black dildo suction cupped on his mirror and that […]

Taste Your Cum Phonesex

I know you’ve been curious about it. You seen it ooze out of your cock. The clear glossy pre-cum that drips like a faucet, and the creamy thick jizz that shoots out of you announcing your hard orgasm. You want to try it. You want to taste your own cum. But you just can’t get […]

Stuff your nose in my spunk filled pussy phone sex

-Laughs- Yes- you sorry excuse for a man, stuff your nose in my pussy. Come soak your nostrils with what a real FUCKED pussy smells like. I bet you were the NERDY type in high school who pre- ejaculated in your pants when a Smokin Hottie like myself even smiled at you. Didn’t you? Then […]

A New Lingerie Phone Sex Experience

I have really begun to embrace this new bad girl that my husband unleashed and have been buying  new clothes that reflect that new slut who is ready to prowl. My favorite place to spend hours is Victoria’s Secret, mixing and matching seeing what new combinations I can come up with. I had been curious […]

Deception Phone Sex

I look so nice and sweet don’t I? Yes, I am but you must beware because I am not always what I appear to be. I take very good care of my sissies until they misbehave. Just recently, my good gurl decided to push my boundaries and found out just how bad my punishments can […]

Phonesex Toys

I went out and bought a new strap-on today and lots of hot kinky little toys to play with. I can’t wait to show all of my little sluts my new dildo’s and fuck toys. One of my sluts called me while I was taking all of my new toys out of the packages. We […]

Phonesex Cum Slut

  This weekend we are kicking off cum slut month with sisters Rhonda and Cory. We want to see which one of our sluts can take the most cum in both of their holes for us. We have lots of fun in store for our little sluts. We will be holding our little challenge in […]

Sexy phonesex Sissy Mistress

I KNOW you crave to be sexy and feminine. You wish, in fact, that you could be me; the perfect woman. You want my soft, creamy skin and long, blond hair. You hope that one day you’ll wake up with a soft and curvaceous body like mine.  So stop pretending to be that wanna be […]

Breast Fetish Phonesex

Do you love to look at perfect breasts with a nice aureoles and perky nipples? My Nipples get very perky when I get all excited. I want to know how you want to excite me? Do you like to lick, gently bite or pinch? I want to know what turns you and what games you […]

Small dick Phonesex Crisis

Dear Mrs Voss, I am really stressed out right now, I have just found out that my girlfriend is leaving me because my 3 inch cock isn’t enough for her and I love her very much and she said that I suck at oral what Can I do. In a Crisis help. Crisis Don’t panic. Remember […]