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Phonesex Sissy Sister Wishes Come True

Years and years I wished for a sister, but all I got was brothers. Then one night staring out the window I saw a falling star and made a wish one more time for a little sister. Daddy at that same time came up behind me and asking me what I was doing. I told […]

What Goes On in a CuckBitch’s Mind Phonesex

What do you think of when you see me stretched out on my plush bed, my nipples hard, my pussy wet and needy for a big, hard, thick cock? You know you could never satisfy me, you are too pathetic, your weak, and we both know that pathetic inchworm between your legs would never satisfy […]


Just a couple hours ago, I told Sissy Phonesex Faggot Bb Brendan Gayhill to go to the store and buy some giant white cotton fucking granny panties. He had to get a cart, put ONLY the fucking panties in the cart, and go through the check out line. He just told me the little cashier […]

Tracy Becomes a Better Phonesex Woman Every Day

Sometimes you just know when things are not right. Tracy is a wonderful person but so obviously in the wrong box. Tracy should have been a beautiful delicate woman full of grace and poise being admired for her beauty. Unfortunately Tracy has also been under the impression that she was fine how she was. It […]

Gobble Up That Cum Phone Sex

My little dicked loser seeks the pleasure that comes from obeying and following my instructions.  He knows that he needs permission from me for not only cumming, but for stroking that tiny cock as well.  The only way he’s allowed to cum is if he is wearing girly panties and if he eats his own cum in some degrading way.  Sometimes he laps it off the floor.  Other times […]

Curing Your Addiction Phone Sex

You have a problem, An Addiction… You need help don’t you? Well. You came to the right place. You know the key to curing an addiction, is getting to the source of the problem, and identifying the cause. I can help you with this, giving you the tools and training you need to overcome your […]

Dress Up with Me Phone Sex

I love playing with sissies.  They are just soooo much fun.  Some of them want to be just like me.  They want to dress up in the same panties I’m wearing.  Some of them even want to wear my panties.  I like to make them wear exactly what I’m wearing.  One Sissy, her name was […]

Spread ‘Em Bitch, Phone Sex

My little sissy slut has been so good that he deserved some special attention from his sexy but mean mistress.  I got him a pink, baby doll night gown with matching pink lace panties so he could dress up nice for me. He went all out for me too.  He got his nails done and his hair done and  all he wanted […]

Magical Sissy Transformation phonesex

You never knew I had a magic touch, but you will.  As you stand naked in front of me, my hands brushing over your skin, sending shivers of electricity through you, you’re going to realize my magic is real.  It’ll tingle as the skin softens, your body will twitch and shudder as it alters.  You’ll […]

Sissys Love Me Phone Sex!

Hey Sexy Princess Dani, Here’s a list of public things I have done: I asked a guy in Victorias Secret if I could give him a blow job. He declined. Got my make up done in public in Macy’s a few times. Very hot doing that. Then went to Hooters all dolled up with a bra under my tank top. I […]