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No Choice, Just Suffer for Me Phonesex

Life is easier when you are on your knees, no choices, no responsibly, no thoughts except what I allow you. Your purpose is clear. Submit. Surrender. Suffer for me. Your flesh is my playground, my blank canvas to mark and decorate, your mind is mine to warp. Your shame is mine to torment. Whether it’s […]

Blow your mind phone sex…

I am going to blow your mind, and melt your heart.. making you fall completely In Love with me!! I love being that gorgeous girl who controls your mind, and everything you do.. making you obey my every command.. teaching you how to be the best little slut you can be. You will be MINE […]

Blogging Phone Sex Sissy Pictures

This pantyboy sissy loves to share his pictures! He shares so many pictures with me and asks me if I’m going to blog them! Hee hee hee! Yes I’m going to blog them and show everyone I know! These pictures are too special not to share aren’t they? I just love them. His panties say […]

Lets Have Phone Sex..

We can get as naughty as you want.. Anything your little heart desires we can accomplish in just a simple phone call!!  Just think you are a few moments away from having your world rocked by a sexy girl with a nice hard cock… Thats right guys.. I’m a GIRL.. with a little extra to […]

Phonesex Sissy Revenge

Nelson was surrounded by guys twice his size, they were pushing him around and telling him what a pussy he was. I don’t know why but I felt bad for him so I went over rescued him from what I’m sure was going to be a pounding. He was embarrassed saying I didn’t have to […]

Ass Sluts R Us Phone Sex

Do you want to join the ASS SLUTS R US club? I sponsor it and let me tell you the membership numbers are growing every day!!! I never realized how many dirty, filthy ass sluts were out there! Are you one of them? Think you could handle being a total dirty fucking ass ho lover […]

Phone Sex Ménage à Trois

You, Me, and the Man of Your Dreams… Can you even imagine how amazing It would be to have that man.. The one who haunts your dreams, and all of your thoughts. Let me give you what you want. Let me show you how amazing it feels to finally have him. I will manipulate your […]

You’ll Be My Sweet Sissy Baby Phone Sex

Come here sissy boy. I know what you need. You need to get out of those big boy clothes. Let me take them off of you so you can relax and just be exactly what you are and have exactly what you’ve been needing all day long. Look at the pretty outfit I bought for […]

Are You a Jealous Phone Sex Sissy?

Look at those tits. Aren’t they beautiful. So perfect. I know a little sissy like you is jealous. You should be. They are what you can never have, what you can never be. Real Tits. A pathetic thing like you, a sissy locked inside the body of a pathetically weak man, doesn’t even deserve to […]

Morphing You Phone Sex

Giving you everything you ever wanted, making you exactly like me. My spitting image. Teaching you what you need to know. Showing you how to act. Being your Role Model. Take a seat, and soak up everything there is to offer. All the things I am going to teach you. I will teach you how […]