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Itsy Bitsy Bikini Phone Sex

It’s summertime sissy sluts and that means it’s time to hit the beach! I want to see my sissy whores dressed in itsy bitsy bikinis at the beach. I want to see that slutty boy pussy wriggling around in the sand and splashing in the waves for me. So here’s your sissy task this week. […]


Click Here To Enter Chat For Game Night! Do you have what it takes to win?? Join us For one of the funnest games ever!!! Will you be the lucky guy who wins the free 15 min phone sex call? Or will you give up to easy n lose? Can you outwit all the other […]

Phonesex Sissy Desperate Confessions

How desperately this sissifag needs a big strong man to teach him a lesson. This is how pathetic denying your own desires can make you. Years and years he has tried to be a man and now realizes how stupid that was. From the beginning he was a sissy gurl and now he wants to […]

Dress You Up Pretty Fuck You Hard Phonesex

Hey sissy bitch! Ready to play? Don’t come to me with your wishy washy unsure bs. Get ready and BE ready. I’m gonna get you dressed up all pretty like the nasty little whore you are. Lacy bra and panties, silk stockings, matching fuck-me pumps. Haha! Don’t fret, pet. You’ll get the hang of walking […]

I Love My Risk-Taking Phone Sex Sissy!

Oh sissy girl! You come to me with BOY clothes on?? Oh your wife is home? Well I think that’s perfect! Take off that shirt! Where is she? Two rooms down? That’s plenty of space for you to hear her coming. (Hee hee except when I get you into Sissy Space, but would I do […]

Breast Enhancement Hypnosis For Sissy Sluts

If you are going to be MY sissy slut, I want you to wear pretty clothes and I want you to have curves in all the right places. Think you can’t grow your tits just from hypnosis? You are right to be skeptical, but results don’t lie and I would never waste my precious time […]

Whoring You Out Phone Sex

Taking you places you never thought possible.. Teaching you things… Then… Sending you out, to do the dirty work, While I sit back, watching… You will be mine, and you will do as you are told. No matter how many times you beg and plead for me to let you go, to stop… You will […]

No Choice, Just Suffer for Me Phonesex

Life is easier when you are on your knees, no choices, no responsibly, no thoughts except what I allow you. Your purpose is clear. Submit. Surrender. Suffer for me. Your flesh is my playground, my blank canvas to mark and decorate, your mind is mine to warp. Your shame is mine to torment. Whether it’s […]

Phone Sex real time financial domme!

I am cutting of my sissy today! you see I pay all her bills and receive all her income but she needs to pay her own allowance now. New part time job for her will give me more time with you. For the next 30 days I’ll have no contact with her while I start […]

Phonesex Watching The Young Sissy

My neighbor asked if I could watch her little boy for her. She was having a bit of an emergency. I was happy to have the sweet little guy to spend time with and assured her it was no trouble at all. We played games which included hide and go seek. He was a very […]