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Many Uses for Marilyn’s Panties Phonesex

Oh you naughty little sissygirl. I’ve seen you staring at my panties. Think of the wetness, my scent, but it that all you have been thinking about? Are you jealous? Want to try them on? Well, little bitch, I think it’s time you learned that sliding my dirty wet panties up your thighs to wrap […]

Phonesex Sissy Bb Fucked And Exposed

Phonesex Sissy Faggot Bb leaves the door open so Mr. Oldman can come fuck him, use him, and tell him what a good sissy he is. My sissy. Such a good sissy. So obedient. Eager. Eager, obedient sissy faggot. He has to share the pictures with me. He can’t stop himself. He knows what I’m […]

One sinful phone sex caller (love it)

Lucky me! I’ve another Sissy Slut wanting to be published. I may become their on-line relief source. I have rules though and this Sissy Slut hasn’t complied with all of them yet. I will be hearing from him before caring through with all. This is a small insert from the story she has started telling […]

Black Satin Panties Phone Sex

Walking into your bedroom after a long day of work, to find me laying in your bed.. nothing but your favorite pair of black satin panties on.. You know the ones… you keep trying to hide from your wife.. You weren’t expecting to find me here were you? Endangering your home life. You know im […]

Secret Desires: Feminize Me Phone Sex

You have hidden it your entire life. You know what they will all think of you if they find out what it is you truly crave deep down inside. You realize every single one of them will finally have confirmation for what they always thought about you….You were never a real man. And guess what?! […]

Forced Faggot Sissy Phone Sex

Do you really think a simpering little sissy like you has what it takes to please a Goddess like me?  Look at me, you know you aren’t man enough to handle what I’ve got, your tiny little sissy clitty is proof of that.  In fact it’s so pathetic you will never be able to please […]

Anti-Bullying Phone Sex

You remember that boy you were picking on a few days ago in the school yard? The one you were calling gay, and all kinds of other mean things.. Well, I thought you should know that, the little boy is my cousin. I thought you told me that you would never be mean to anyone […]

Phone Sex Sissy Bitch Obedience Training

It’s not as if you have a choice, but once you belong to me, there are certain things I will come to expect from you. Now, depending on which stage you are at in your sissy training, I will provide you with basic instructions that should be followed no matter what. The important thing is […]

An Evening of Phonesex Feminization Begins

He promised me a wonderful afternoon, kissing my cheek while he helped me on with my coat. I had already taken steps to ensure that it was going to be far more wonderful than he expected. My new sissy boyfriend thought that his secret was going to stay sealed behind our bedroom doors but I […]

Live the sissy Dream PhoneSex

I know you have thought about it, fantasized about it, and even had it creep into your dreams in the middle of the night. How many times while slowly undressing a woman, running your hands over the soft silkiness of her panties, caressed the sheer delight of her stockings, watching her legs stretch and mold […]