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Sissy Maid Cuckold Phone Sex

Pathetic little thing, not man enough to satisfy a perfect Goddess like me. You keep trying to pretend you are a real man but I know better. Its time to teach you your place in life. I’ll strip away every scrap of your masculinity and dress you in satin, lace and ribbon covered maid’s uniform. […]

Nasty Little Phone Sex Bitch

I went to a sex shop yesterday and bought a strap on.  *Giggles*  I was so excited, it was nice and big and looked outrageous on me but I loved it.  I went to a fetish party last night with some new friends and had it with me because my friend Jasmine told me there […]

Petite Pecker Phone Sex

Awe you dirty little cock fuck. I know that you love dick just as much as I do. Hiding your fetish and concealing your desire to be tortured. I can’t even see your teeny peeny. It is a good thing you desire to be a bottom, because your dick is not big enough to even […]


Do u like it?? I wasn’t going to tell u, I was just going to let u be surprised.. You r SO pathetic, do u really think you have what it takes to resist me? A pretty girl with a permanently attached strap-on, don’t even try to act like you don’t like it, I know […]

Panties Phone Sex

Panty sissies I know how you all love the feeling of silky ladies panties being pulled up your thighs. Nothing compares to the naughty feeling of stealing a pair of sweet scented g-strings or thongs. Rubbing that delicate fabric around your stiff shaft. Don’t make yourself too hard or it won’t fit inside that tight […]

I Bet My Phonesex Panties On It

A friendly bet was made. If my team won he would wear a bra and panties, a skirt with stockings and heels for the whole weekend if his team won then I would wear nothing but the heels and stockings all weekend. The last quarter of the game it became apparent that he was going […]

Pass The Loser Phone Sex

Im sure all you sissy sluts have noticed that CeCe and I are so close, we are like twins!!! Well, why don’t you join us for some naughty fun, we just love passing sissy’s like you between each other, giving you a one of a kind experience that will drive you crazy, and make u […]

Are You Prettier then Sweet and Sexy Phone Sex Me?

*Giggles* A new little sissy called me today.  Told me he has been dressing up for years, full dress, nails, toes, wigs, make up….everything.  And he loves cock….just like me….Her name is Jackie and I truly think she thinks she is prettier then I am.  She bragged to me about how much cock she’s had […]

Admit It Phone Sex

You want to be just like me don’t you.. Sexy, Pretty, Fabulous.. the list could go on forever.. Don’t you want to be as amazing as I am? Feel pretty and Girly? What are you waiting for? Pick up that phone, dial the number below and lets get started on your transformation!! It’s really that […]

Pathetic Black Mail Sissy

Dear Princess please don’t destroy or humiliate me, I submit to you, I will obey your commands from now on. I am Princess Danielle’s bitch toy, your ‘s truly. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Well… I have some news for you my little black mail slut.. I do what I want When I want to do it. Begging and […]