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Passed Out and Transformed Phone Sex

It was a wild party, the drinks were flowing and we are all having a great time when my girlfriends and I noticed one of the guys had snuck off into the back bedroom and passed out cold. We closed the door with a giggle and hatched our plan. Someone dug out her makeup bag […]

Dressing up Phone Sex Bois for Fun

I bought a pretty pink polish at the store the other day.  Brought it home and my sister and I painted our toes together.  We were having a little get together that night and wanted to look pretty in pink.  *Giggles* My friend Vince brought a few friends with him and between me and my […]

Cornered By 30 Bikers… Phone Sex With Dani ~XOXO~

I know you have Always wanted to be a girl!! Well here’s your chance… I cant handle all these Bikers by myself!! Ive got a really good idea, I was at the store the other day, and some old lady was selling “magic potions” Well… I bought one thats supposed to transform a man into […]

Nicole’s Sissy Faggot Bb Exposure Slut Phonesex

Ooh! My Sissy Bb has been pleasing me so much! Of course, his obedience and compliance does have much to do with our hypno reinforcement sessions AND that threat of complete exposure! But whatever the reason we have been on a shopping SPREE! And this is just a taste of the many new purchases and […]

Sissilicious Phone Sex

Perfection, Smooth Body. Nice Tits. Gorgeous hair.. What more could you ask for? Come play with me,  feel my soft sensual body, feel what you aspire to look like… touch, taste.. lick.. Join the many who have taken the plunge into the taboo world of phone sex with a Tranny  I will blow your mind, […]

Phonesex Dress Up For Charity

It was a charity drag event that started the whole thing. Local businessmen were to dress up in drag and compete in a fashion show to raise money for a well-known cause. A friend of mine called to ask my help in preparing for the fashion show because as far as anything feminine he was […]

Bubble Gum Barbie Beach Bum Phone Sex

*Giggles* I took my sissy friend to the beach today.  My sister is out of town so I let him borrow one of her bikini’s.  And I must say, he fills it out almost better then my sis does.  We went down to the beach..was so hot here today.  There were tons of people there, […]

Big Black Cock Sucking Sissy Slut Phonesex

Horny fucking sissy slut! All day you fantasize about sucking that superior big black cock. Little sissy whore!! If only your coworkers, your boss, your girlfriend, your WIFE knew what you were dreaming of every day! You dream of getting all dressed up like the fucking slut you are, painting your lips with cocksucking red […]

Phone Sex Sissy Training Week One

Week 1 Sissy Training Subject – Panty Training Objective- This week we will be focusing on panties.. Now I’m sure you think that you already know everything there is to know right.. you just put them on.. well there are some secrets that you have never heard before. Like what kind of panties are best […]

My Classy Glamour Phone Sex Sissy

My sweet red-headed sissy is so very sweet and polite! We have the best time together. I always dress her up in shades of green–she loves the way green looks with her red hair and her pale, freckled skin. Getting her all dressed is almost enough fun! But we can’t just get all dressed up […]