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Phonesex Panty Fag Loves Big Fat Dicks

I know your dirty little secret, panty faggot, I know you can’t resist putting on those pilfered panties and dreaming about having a big luscious precum dripping cock in your mouth. I know you thought you would escape you thought you would just walk away from them but really? No, you are now and will […]

Phone Sex Sissy Slut Contest

I love it when you call me, all dressed up in lingerie like a nasty cum whore so eager to please me. You will do anything your Mistress requests of you because you’re aching to be my #1 Sissy. Well guess what, you’re in luck. For 1 week only I’m holding a contest to see […]

Well Hello My Pretty Phone Sex Sissy :)

Well hello my pretty pretty sissy boy! Come closer so I can get a good look at you! Oh, look at what potential you have sweet sissy boy. All we need to do is find you the perfect outfit (complete with sexy lingerie, of course) and make that face up a bit. Get out of […]

Phone Sex Sissy Gang Bang In The Locker Room

I helped my pretty little sissy boy get all dressed up in silky stockings and panties, lace bra, sexy high heels, and a front zip leather skirt with a button up vest top. We glued his eyelashes on, dark blue eyeliner with a white frost to brighten his eyes, foundation, blush, and a matte red […]

Owned Phone Sex

You dirty little cum sluts know the drill. If you want to be owned then you need to prove it, you need to show me you’re worthy of my attention. How does one achieve that you may ask yourself? Look up, do you see that pretty bitch up there? He’s mine, he knows he needs […]

Phonesex Sissy Slut Cums Without Touching

He had heard about me he said. Heard I was relentless with a strap-on. That I was a mean little bitch.  He wanted me to force it into him. “HARD ENTRY” he said. “Careful what you wish for!” I warned. So he turned on his camera… And there SHE was! All dressed up for me in a tight little black pushup bra three sizes too small so it pushed those little titties up nice and perky, pretty little black panties! We had two big dildos to choose from. Of course […]

Cinderella Sissy And Her Glass Dildo Phone Sex

Cinderella Sissy was waiting very patiently for another girl, but it was just one of those timing things… So we set up the session and set up the webcam and… THERE SHE WAS!! The prettiest sissy I’ve ever seen!! She had obviously taken the time to really get herself fixed up, from her pretty red […]

Sissy’s Ultimate Surprise Phonesex Fantasy Orgy

Naughty, nasty, horny sissy boi shared his group-sex fantasy with me. It took us two sessions to set it up and get it done, but I gave that sissy the craziest sex party of his entire life!! He expected three or four “guests” to join us. Oh no. We had 18 sexy fucking sluts for […]

Phonesex Sissy Sister Wishes Come True

Years and years I wished for a sister, but all I got was brothers. Then one night staring out the window I saw a falling star and made a wish one more time for a little sister. Daddy at that same time came up behind me and asking me what I was doing. I told […]

Such A Fun Night With Phone Sex Sissy

You’re such a fun sissy! I got you dressed up so pretty last night in all your sexiest lingerie. You pointed your toes so perfectly when I slid your silk stockings up your legs. You’ve definitely practiced in front of the mirror a million times, haven’t you my frilly little sissy? Heehee! The way you […]