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Blackmail Cock Sucker Phone Sex

You love the way dick feels sliding between your lips. Getting that cock nice and slippery. Your ass tingles while you are sucking because all you can think about is how that huge shaft is going to feel stretching your tight man pussy. I love hearing all about your cock escapades and endless cum stories. […]

Sissy Fag Missy Earns Another Phonesex Blog!

Everyone remember Sissy Fag Missy who was (obviously) in need of a MAJOR sissy makeover?! Hahaha! WELLLL… he’s been following my blogs on my Sissy Bb and just knew what he had to do! So a couple nights ago our very special Sissy Fag Missy came in and had a hot fun fashion lesson!! Oh yeah! […]

Oh No You Don’t Phone Sex Sissy Slut!!

My Sissy Vanessa and I were right in the middle of a feminization session. It was going so perfectly. Such an eager sissy she is, wearing those special order reinforced panel panties to hide her cunt stick. We were in the middle of makeup lessons when she asked me to please hold on! I listened to […]

Phone Sex with your Pimptress

That’s right little sissy slut. It’s time you stopped talking about all that big delicious cock you want between your silky lips and start putting out. I’ll transform you into the whore you already are and just sit back and laugh as I rake in the green while you get used by any cock I […]

Dick Goes Here And Here Phone Sex Sissy Boy!

Hello there sweet sissy boys!! I want you to come here and let me watch you rub your little boy clitties. Just like this. See how I do it? Do it just like that. I know you wish you had a tiny little clitty like mine. But you just work with what you have sissy […]

Magic Potion Phone Sex

I have been searching online for a long time, for a potion, or pill that would do magical things to my little sissy fuck toys! Guess what!! I finally found one!! So you take this bottle of lotion, and you rub it all over your body, then watch the transformation slowly take place before your […]

Big Black Cock Sucking Sissy Slut Phonesex

Horny fucking sissy slut! All day you fantasize about sucking that superior big black cock. Little sissy whore!! If only your coworkers, your boss, your girlfriend, your WIFE knew what you were dreaming of every day! You dream of getting all dressed up like the fucking slut you are, painting your lips with cocksucking red […]

Cock Gobbler Phone Sex

I bought a new collar for you slut. Leash included, I like my pets obedient and squeaky clean. Better flush out that ass with a good enema before a session. You know you will need it. A surprise for my good sluts, a tug at the collar to open your mouth. Close your eyes sweet […]

My Classy Glamour Phone Sex Sissy

My sweet red-headed sissy is so very sweet and polite! We have the best time together. I always dress her up in shades of green–she loves the way green looks with her red hair and her pale, freckled skin. Getting her all dressed is almost enough fun! But we can’t just get all dressed up […]

Because I Said So… Phone Sex

Do you really think you can resist me!!?? I don’t think you have what it takes to resist my charms, I just love toying with pathetic little sissy’s just like you.. Controlling them and making them submit to my every whim. So what are you waiting for? I will help you fulfill all of your […]