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Coveting Little Sissy Whore Phonesex

Wishful little sissy slut. Poring over my pictures day after day. Copying my poses. Touching yourself imagining my body. Feeling the silk of my stockings sliding up over your toes, up, up, up where the elasticized lace squeezes your thighs. You rub your hands across your chest picturing my bra hooked snug around your sissy […]

New Toys For New Phone Sex Sissy Boys

Hello pretty little sissy boy. So very nice to see you! I have surprises for you! Since you only have those two pairs of panties you stole from your wife, I have put together a panty package for you. Heehee! So fun! All kinds of different cuts and colors and fabrics. Calm down silly sissy! […]

Phone Sex with your Pimptress

That’s right little sissy slut. It’s time you stopped talking about all that big delicious cock you want between your silky lips and start putting out. I’ll transform you into the whore you already are and just sit back and laugh as I rake in the green while you get used by any cock I […]

HOLDING Back On Phonesex Sissy Slut

It’s no secret that sissies are attention whores. Hahaha! Okay that just made me laugh for real. Your “sissiness” is all secret–omg if your family, boss, coworkers, friends knew? Oh yeah! So THAT is all hush-hush/don’t tell/confidentiality claused to the hilt. But the attention whoring! It’s like, in total contradiction to that “oath of silence” […]

Fun Phone Sex Sissy Play Time

Come over sweet sissy! It’s been too long since we had a fun long play time! I am going to dress you up so pretty and sexy in silk, satin and lace. Bra, panties, garter belt, thigh highs, and a poufy little skirt. And stilettos higher than you can manage gracefully! Heehee. I am going […]

Vanity Phone Sex

I know you love to have me watch you on cam. Direct your sexual experience as you suck on dildos and shove a multitude of toys up your man pussy. I love playing with your clitties and making you cum. Really I know you enjoy to take pictures of yourself. Showing me, yourself all dressed […]

Thank you SO MUCH Phonesex

You dirty little slut. Prancing around behind your office door in your little bra and panties. Did you steal those from your wife? From your girlfriend? Hahaha!! They don’t know what a little sissy faggot you are! But I do. You still try to deny your true tendencies. Your deepest desires. Sometimes still I have […]

Panties Phone Sex

Panty sissies I know how you all love the feeling of silky ladies panties being pulled up your thighs. Nothing compares to the naughty feeling of stealing a pair of sweet scented g-strings or thongs. Rubbing that delicate fabric around your stiff shaft. Don’t make yourself too hard or it won’t fit inside that tight […]

Showoff Phonesex Sissy Slut

Oh these fucking conceited sissy sluts! Always bragging about how sexy they are in their pretty lingerie… I would LOVE to show you this one in his sexy red g-string, but I just couldn’t get the right angle before he dropped them to his ankles to take that 9″ dildo all the way in to […]

Phone Sex Sissy Wishes!

I have a pretty PRETTY little sissy slut! She LOVES everything girly, everything sweet and pink and feminine. She loves for me to watch her get dressed because she thinks she is so pretty and girly that she doesn’t need my help picking her outfits! And I admit, she does look VERY good in her […]