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Phonesex Feminizing An Old Friend

It just so happened that a conference was being held in the city of a former friend of mine who had deep sissy fantasies. We had been IM’ing about them and when I saw the opportunity to visit I sent him a very special package. It was a pink silicone male chastity device with a […]

HOLDING Back On Phonesex Sissy Slut

It’s no secret that sissies are attention whores. Hahaha! Okay that just made me laugh for real. Your “sissiness” is all secret–omg if your family, boss, coworkers, friends knew? Oh yeah! So THAT is all hush-hush/don’t tell/confidentiality claused to the hilt. But the attention whoring! It’s like, in total contradiction to that “oath of silence” […]

Tom’s Transformation Into Party Phonesex Slut Begins

I had cut class and was ready to go have a little fun but I needed to change clothes. I climbed in the window of my bedroom and what do I see? Tom, one of the construction guys that works for my dad in my room. Not only is he in my room but he […]

Phone Sex Sissy Gives Birth

Well we got you successfully impregnated, didn’t we my anxious little sissy. And what fun we had! We don’t even know which of those huge-black-cocked studs had the winning load!! But you’ve felt that baby growing inside you. You even had bouts of morning sickness! And boy have you been bitchy too! Your due date […]

Phonesex Sissy Valentine’s Day Surprise

I left a bag with a note in your car for you after work. “Hello Sweetheart, Happy Valentine’s Day! I have a very special evening planned for us this evening. Be a darling and put these on and meet me at the restaurant. “ I sat at a candlelit table with a very distinguished looking […]

Nervous Sissies Want The “Push” But But But… Phonesex!

I am very understanding with newbie sissies just beginning to explore their feminine desires and sissy fantasies. They come to me nervous, shy, hesitant, anxious, eager. It does not take me long to decide if they are ready for me or if they need to start with one of our other very talented sissy trainers. […]

Sissy Brother Graduates To Phonesex Frat Party

I am impressed by how well my little sissy brother Jay handled my tests that showed he was so much a sissy faggot. So tonight I decided I was going to reward him. The perfect chance to test how girly and sissified he could be. I spent all day getting him ready. Waxing and plucking, […]

Finding The Phonesex Balance

Since my son had joined the hockey team his attitude had gone from the sweet helpful boy I had always known to one of a mean bully. The more time he spent in that testosterone drenched locker room the more arrogant and belligerent he became. The last straw was when he told me to “fuck […]

ForceTox Humiliated Phonesex Baby Sissy Bitch

She knows how much fun I have with her!! Haha! She reminds me on every call! And it’s fucking true. Dirty little baby girl with her shot glasses all lined up and full waiting on my orders! She’s always prepared. I can’t punish her for being a bad girl… not at first! But she IS […]

Phonesex Sissy Acceptance Therapy

You are all familiar with Sissy Bb. Sissy phonesex faggot Bb, the most exposed sissy of all! Well, Sissy Bb sometimes has doubts… bwahahahaha!! Oh, excuse me. It’s hard not to laugh. Sissy Bb sometimes questions whether he MAYBE is STRAIGHT. Oh, Sissy Bb. So we have been having conference sessions. Conference Acceptance Therapy sessions. […]