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Blogging Phone Sex Sissy Pictures

This pantyboy sissy loves to share his pictures! He shares so many pictures with me and asks me if I’m going to blog them! Hee hee hee! Yes I’m going to blog them and show everyone I know! These pictures are too special not to share aren’t they? I just love them. His panties say […]

Phonesex Sissy Revenge

Nelson was surrounded by guys twice his size, they were pushing him around and telling him what a pussy he was. I don’t know why but I felt bad for him so I went over rescued him from what I’m sure was going to be a pounding. He was embarrassed saying I didn’t have to […]

Ass Sluts R Us Phone Sex

Do you want to join the ASS SLUTS R US club? I sponsor it and let me tell you the membership numbers are growing every day!!! I never realized how many dirty, filthy ass sluts were out there! Are you one of them? Think you could handle being a total dirty fucking ass ho lover […]

Mommy’s Dirty Bedtime Stories For Sissy Baby Phone Sex

Mommy Anna has a story for my baby sissy today. My naughty boi likes it when I take regular bedtime stories and make them nasty and raunchyjust for him.  He loves sitting on mommy’s lap for dirty mommy phone sex stories and if he’s good, I let him rub his clitty cock throughhis diaper while he listens to me read the dirty bedtime stories.  It’s fun when he joins […]

You’ll Be My Sweet Sissy Baby Phone Sex

Come here sissy boy. I know what you need. You need to get out of those big boy clothes. Let me take them off of you so you can relax and just be exactly what you are and have exactly what you’ve been needing all day long. Look at the pretty outfit I bought for […]

Phonesex Seduction of Sissy Ashley

The board members sat lounging with their cigars while we discussed plans for the company. I drew their attention to the small stage under the lights where Ashley stood in her tight soft downy corset and Veronica Lake hair over one eye lip syncing to a torchlight song, her long boa coiled about her body […]

Cinderella Sissy And Her Glass Dildo Phone Sex

Cinderella Sissy was waiting very patiently for another girl, but it was just one of those timing things… So we set up the session and set up the webcam and… THERE SHE WAS!! The prettiest sissy I’ve ever seen!! She had obviously taken the time to really get herself fixed up, from her pretty red […]

Face Down Ass Up That’s The Way I Want My Sissy Slut Phonesex

Heyyyy you little fucking sissy WHORE! Naughty little slut. THIS is how I want you! Face down, ass up like the nasty cockwhore you are!! You should have your panties on and your toys with you when you call me. And be in front of a mirror so you can watch yourself or in a […]

Petite Pecker Phone Sex

Awe you dirty little cock fuck. I know that you love dick just as much as I do. Hiding your fetish and concealing your desire to be tortured. I can’t even see your teeny peeny. It is a good thing you desire to be a bottom, because your dick is not big enough to even […]

I Bet My Phonesex Panties On It

A friendly bet was made. If my team won he would wear a bra and panties, a skirt with stockings and heels for the whole weekend if his team won then I would wear nothing but the heels and stockings all weekend. The last quarter of the game it became apparent that he was going […]