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Finding The Phonesex Balance

Since my son had joined the hockey team his attitude had gone from the sweet helpful boy I had always known to one of a mean bully. The more time he spent in that testosterone drenched locker room the more arrogant and belligerent he became. The last straw was when he told me to “fuck […]

ForceTox Humiliated Phonesex Baby Sissy Bitch

She knows how much fun I have with her!! Haha! She reminds me on every call! And it’s fucking true. Dirty little baby girl with her shot glasses all lined up and full waiting on my orders! She’s always prepared. I can’t punish her for being a bad girl… not at first! But she IS […]

Phonesex Sissy Acceptance Therapy

You are all familiar with Sissy Bb. Sissy phonesex faggot Bb, the most exposed sissy of all! Well, Sissy Bb sometimes has doubts… bwahahahaha!! Oh, excuse me. It’s hard not to laugh. Sissy Bb sometimes questions whether he MAYBE is STRAIGHT. Oh, Sissy Bb. So we have been having conference sessions. Conference Acceptance Therapy sessions. […]

Phonesex Sissy School Fundraising Test

The School for The Training of Submissive Men in Sissy Service was having its Annual Dinner and Auction. The school was abuzz with excited sissies in their freshly pressed maid uniforms ready to serve the elegant dinner and then the advanced class had been practicing their make-up and flirting. As headmistress I was set to […]

New Toys For My Fun New Phone Sex Sissy Boys

Hello pretty little sissy boy. So very nice to see you! I have surprises for you! Since you only have those two pairs of panties you stole from your wife, I have put together a panty package for you. Heehee! So fun! All kinds of different cuts and colors and fabrics. Calm down silly sissy! […]

Sissiest Faggoty Phonesex Babysitting Ever

I showed up for my babysitting job and found the wimpiest, pussiest, girly looking boy I had ever seen. I mean like seriously I had to ask his mom if he was a boy because I knew she had said she had a son but WTF this was so not ever going to be anything […]

Cum Lovin’ Phonesex Sissy Faggot

Look at my body. I have a little cum-loving sissy faggot with a body nearly identical to mine!! That little fucking whore! And holy fuck can he deep-throat cock. Hot little sissy faggot used to be content just sucking off the biggest blackest cock of the day. But now he’s getting greedy!! He got his first […]

Phone sex sissy loves Hello Kitty

Check out sissy’s new wall decor.  She loves sleeping in her Hello Kitty bedroom.  Reference the light switch in the lower right corner to realize how big the wall decor is. She’s mommy’s little sissy slut girl.  She loves telling me about meeting “Daddy” and being his little girl.  Sometimes Daddy comes over and plays […]

An Extraordinary Woman Phonesex

It was a quiet evening in the bar not a lot of people there, but there was one woman who caught my eye. She was dressed so elegantly, her mannerisms so feminine and seductive that my eyes couldn’t move away from her. She must have felt me staring because she turned to look at me […]

Fun Phone Sex Sissy Play Time

Come over sweet sissy! It’s been too long since we had a fun long play time! I am going to dress you up so pretty and sexy in silk, satin and lace. Bra, panties, garter belt, thigh highs, and a poufy little skirt. And stilettos higher than you can manage gracefully! Heehee. I am going […]