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Dress You Up Pretty Fuck You Hard Phonesex

Hey sissy bitch! Ready to play? Don’t come to me with your wishy washy unsure bs. Get ready and BE ready. I’m gonna get you dressed up all pretty like the nasty little whore you are. Lacy bra and panties, silk stockings, matching fuck-me pumps. Haha! Don’t fret, pet. You’ll get the hang of walking […]

Phone Sex Sissy Slut Contest

I love it when you call me, all dressed up in lingerie like a nasty cum whore so eager to please me. You will do anything your Mistress requests of you because you’re aching to be my #1 Sissy. Well guess what, you’re in luck. For 1 week only I’m holding a contest to see […]

Phonesex Watching The Young Sissy

My neighbor asked if I could watch her little boy for her. She was having a bit of an emergency. I was happy to have the sweet little guy to spend time with and assured her it was no trouble at all. We played games which included hide and go seek. He was a very […]

Well Hello My Pretty Phone Sex Sissy :)

Well hello my pretty pretty sissy boy! Come closer so I can get a good look at you! Oh, look at what potential you have sweet sissy boy. All we need to do is find you the perfect outfit (complete with sexy lingerie, of course) and make that face up a bit. Get out of […]

Phonesex Sissy Fantasies And Confessions

He called for our first session wearing pretty pink panties. Knowing he was hesitant, maybe a little shy and/or nervous I let him start slowly.  We discussed his personal and professional life. We had a quick rapport and found many things to talk about before we got around to confession time. And what he had to […]

Phone Sex Sissy Gang Bang In The Locker Room

I helped my pretty little sissy boy get all dressed up in silky stockings and panties, lace bra, sexy high heels, and a front zip leather skirt with a button up vest top. We glued his eyelashes on, dark blue eyeliner with a white frost to brighten his eyes, foundation, blush, and a matte red […]

You Will Love The New You Phonesex

You just can’t resist the allure of a sexy woman like me. Look into my eyes, look at my body, you would do anything for a taste of me. You would do anything to ease the swelling of your cock, anything to have sex tonight. Well I promise you’ll get laid tonight. Your eyes follow […]

Phonesex Sissy Slut Cums Without Touching

He had heard about me he said. Heard I was relentless with a strap-on. That I was a mean little bitch.  He wanted me to force it into him. “HARD ENTRY” he said. “Careful what you wish for!” I warned. So he turned on his camera… And there SHE was! All dressed up for me in a tight little black pushup bra three sizes too small so it pushed those little titties up nice and perky, pretty little black panties! We had two big dildos to choose from. Of course […]

Phonesex Luv For My Babygirl

I have missed my little cherry so much. Pretty little puffy pants babygirl cherry. I love to show her off in pageants and at parties. She is the best sissy little girl ever! I love watching her standing in her shiny pastel pink latex dolly dress with the layers and layers of stiff white skirts […]

Cinderella Sissy And Her Glass Dildo Phone Sex

Cinderella Sissy was waiting very patiently for another girl, but it was just one of those timing things… So we set up the session and set up the webcam and… THERE SHE WAS!! The prettiest sissy I’ve ever seen!! She had obviously taken the time to really get herself fixed up, from her pretty red […]