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Phone Sex Sissy Breeding – Delivery!

We did it! I had a breeding party for my sweet sissy girl. Just her! Ten of the most beautiful black men with the most gigantic cocks I have ever seen. All for her. She was so full of cum by the seventh enormous black cock, and two of the guys couldn’t stop stroking watching […]

Slutty Phonesex Sissy Candy

Candy is a hot super sexy cross dressing cock loving cum slut and I love playing with her so much! There is literally nothing she won’t do for me. It has been so awesome to watch her go from super shy whispering sweetie to the hot nasty fuck slut she is today! She as even […]

Let’s Get You Pregnant Phone Sex Sissy Girl

Hi pretty sissy girl! I have been loving our weekly sessions so much. You have exceeded my expectations by far! I believe we have successfully turned you into a perfect little sissy. We took it slowly and steadily and I think that was very instrumental in your success. You stroke your little clitty so perfectly […]

Get To Work Sissy Bitch Phonesex

It’s out. Your wife began suspecting years ago, maybe even while you were dating. You tried to keep it secret but your urges to wear her panties was too strong. Then the stockings, the bras, the garter belts. That hidden wig, the make-up, and then the suspicious plain packages being delivered that you tried to […]

Such A Fun Night With Phone Sex Sissy

You’re such a fun sissy! I got you dressed up so pretty last night in all your sexiest lingerie. You pointed your toes so perfectly when I slid your silk stockings up your legs. You’ve definitely practiced in front of the mirror a million times, haven’t you my frilly little sissy? Heehee! The way you […]

Blogging Phone Sex Sissy Pictures

This pantyboy sissy loves to share his pictures! He shares so many pictures with me and asks me if I’m going to blog them! Hee hee hee! Yes I’m going to blog them and show everyone I know! These pictures are too special not to share aren’t they? I just love them. His panties say […]

Phonesex Sissy Revenge

Nelson was surrounded by guys twice his size, they were pushing him around and telling him what a pussy he was. I don’t know why but I felt bad for him so I went over rescued him from what I’m sure was going to be a pounding. He was embarrassed saying I didn’t have to […]

Ass Sluts R Us Phone Sex

Do you want to join the ASS SLUTS R US club? I sponsor it and let me tell you the membership numbers are growing every day!!! I never realized how many dirty, filthy ass sluts were out there! Are you one of them? Think you could handle being a total dirty fucking ass ho lover […]

Mommy’s Dirty Bedtime Stories For Sissy Baby Phone Sex

Mommy Anna has a story for my baby sissy today. My naughty boi likes it when I take regular bedtime stories and make them nasty and raunchyjust for him.  He loves sitting on mommy’s lap for dirty mommy phone sex stories and if he’s good, I let him rub his clitty cock throughhis diaper while he listens to me read the dirty bedtime stories.  It’s fun when he joins […]

You’ll Be My Sweet Sissy Baby Phone Sex

Come here sissy boy. I know what you need. You need to get out of those big boy clothes. Let me take them off of you so you can relax and just be exactly what you are and have exactly what you’ve been needing all day long. Look at the pretty outfit I bought for […]