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Let’s Get You Pregnant Phone Sex Sissy Girl

Hi pretty sissy girl! I have been loving our weekly sessions so much. You have exceeded my expectations by far! I believe we have successfully turned you into a perfect little sissy. We took it slowly and steadily and I think that was very instrumental in your success. You stroke your little clitty so perfectly […]

Phonesex Sissy Ashley For Rent Not For Sale

I sat in the back of the club in the private gaming room. Powerful men ringed the table raking in their chips to end the night. I looked down at my darling Ashley kneeling sweetly at my feet and stroked her shocking pink wig, lifting her leash “come pet it’s time to go home”. The […]

Pretty Prancy Phone Sex Sissy

Pretty, prancy, dancy sissy in her pretty frilly pink dress… She loves dancing around in that favorite frilly pink dress of hers! Twirling, spinning, watching herself in the mirror. “I’m prettier than you, Sherry!” She laughs as she shakes her silicone-filled push-up bra. “Look at me!” She’s so silly. “I’m looking! Yes, you are a pretty […]

Phone Sex Sissy The Next Generation

My neighbor asked if I could watch her little boy for her. She was having a bit of an emergency. I was happy to have the sweet little guy to spend time with and assured her it was no trouble at all. We played games which included hide and go seek. He was a very […]

Sissy Fag Missy Earns Another Phonesex Blog!

Everyone remember Sissy Fag Missy who was (obviously) in need of a MAJOR sissy makeover?! Hahaha! WELLLL… he’s been following my blogs on my Sissy Bb and just knew what he had to do! So a couple nights ago our very special Sissy Fag Missy came in and had a hot fun fashion lesson!! Oh yeah! […]

Passed Out and Transformed Phone Sex

It was a wild party, the drinks were flowing and we are all having a great time when my girlfriends and I noticed one of the guys had snuck off into the back bedroom and passed out cold. We closed the door with a giggle and hatched our plan. Someone dug out her makeup bag […]

Taking Your Manhood Phone Sex

I will remove every ounce of manhood you have left.. every speck of masculinity that you think you have.. Its MINE! Do you feel the need to submit, the need to have a big fat cock in your sissy hole?  Come let me give you what you want.. let me transform you into that pathetic […]

Dick for Hire Phone Sex

Just take some up close pictures of that dick. Make sure you are well groomed, much easier to pimp out that way. Stoke your dick a few times, maybe even have a team mate give it a little lick and tickle. I want you nice and hard for some cock selfies. Just email those pictures […]

Phonesex Dress Up For Charity

It was a charity drag event that started the whole thing. Local businessmen were to dress up in drag and compete in a fashion show to raise money for a well-known cause. A friend of mine called to ask my help in preparing for the fashion show because as far as anything feminine he was […]

Sissy Phone Sex Training Underway

Sissy Training Week 2 is coming up. Its not to late to sign up, please contact me for more info!!! What : Classes that will specifically cater to you needs, focusing on issues that you may have with your sissy transformation, Giving you an opportunity to ask a Real Sissy questions, and to voice your […]