Sissy Phone sex Lesson#3 Manners

It is now time for lesson # 3 girls. That is right your lesson today is on manners for girls. When I was growing up these were some of the manners that were taught to me and as a very good rule of thumb I follow is never make someone do something you have never done yourself, so girls, guess what these manners are still something I always follow.

1. Stand up for all introduction

2. Remember never take “No” as an answer. If you want something in life and it is not available the first time, continue to work for it, research, study and persevere. Don’t give up and don’t settle for less.

3. Be a good friend by not gossiping.

4. Avoid using bad language, even if others are doing so.
5. Be attentive in class, church and at special events.
6. Respect the views of others, even if they are different from your own.

7. Holding open the door for others if you get there first, even if it is a boy or man.

8.Pay attention to how you speak. Replace “hafta” with “have to,” “doncha” with “don’t you,” “gonna” with “going to,” etc. Avoid saying “like” every other word.

So remember if you wish to be respected as being girlie then act like it, SO call me and we can finish our lesson in mannerism.

Teaching one sissy at a time