Hello My sissy girls;

The day you have been waiting for. I am going to give you My secrets of successfully sucking a big, thick, gorgeous cock! Pay close attention to detail, the detail is very important.

Down on My knees, in front of a gorgeous cock, is where I would love to spend most of My time! Of course, I always love to feel that same cock, (or even a different one at the same time) penetrate My lovely tight, wet pussy. But then what girl doesn’t!

My special way for worshipping a cock, (and W/we do know they need to be worshipped).

I like to slowly, unbutton His pants, teasing Him with My eyes looking up at Him, while I slowly slide My long fingernails gently into His pants and pull out My prize!

Tugging His pants down, I like to start with that huge set of balls. Licking, kissing and caressing I love to take His balls in My mouth and roll them around with My tongue. When I have totally savored His wonderous balls, I look at Him with My sexy eyes, and lick My tongue all the way up His shaft, this will usually cause Him to inhale sharply.

Running My wet, warm tongue around the head of His big mushroom headed cock, I make sure to make Him nice and wet. Opening My lips, I suck only the head of that manhood, using the tip of My tongue to play with that tiny little *** hole. (This will usually drive Him nuts).

Moistening My lips again, I take His big cock deep inside My mouth, and gently but firmly, start to suck on His throbbing dick ! Stroking the base of His cock with My hand, I suck as far down as I can get, but I never stop until I have worked His cock into My throat and can feel His large, tight balls on My chin and brushing up against My face. Sucking and teasing that cock, stroking with My hand and never leaving out those big balls, I am sure to get the treat that I am after. And W/we all know what that is, a big load of creamy, delicious cum to savor like a delectable treat.

Of course, a lot of the fun, comes from sucking that cock back to an intense erection, so that I can fuck it !

Well girls, grab those dildos and start practising ! you will have cocks to serve, worship and please if you belong to Me.

Now, send Me an email, and tell Me how you suck a thick, throbbing cock. I will post the best emails, right here.

Be good at being bad!

Mistress Randi