girls, girls, girls;

I have repeated Myself too many times, some nasty punishments will be performed here very quickly.

A sissies training is ongoing, you know that you need to work on being pretty, sexy, and most of all a loyal sissy to your Mistress.

I realize that sometimes there is a time issue, but really, does your appearance mean so little to you? Do you not want to be the best cocksucking slut you can be?

Buck up girls, face the music and call Me, I have things to teach you.

Now, on a brighter note. I received some new pictures from sissy francine. The slut maybe very tardy, and goodness knows her fashion sense needs to be straightened out. However, thank you sissy francine for the pictures.

sissy girls, please remember how disgusting pink looks on a sissy with red/auburn hair! Not sexy at all!

Well, girls call Me soon, and watch in My blog for new updates coming soon.

Would you like to be on My mailing list for sissy lessons? Send Me an email or call to find out more.

Be good girls.

Mistress Randi