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Phonesex Dress Up For Charity

It was a charity drag event that started the whole thing. Local businessmen were to dress up in drag and compete in a fashion show to raise money for a well-known cause. A friend of mine called to ask my help in preparing for the fashion show because as far as anything feminine he was at a loss. I promised him we would transform him into a beautiful model and the sash would be his.

He came over to my house and I began to pull out some dresses I thought would work for him. He was so nervous and uncomfortable I quickly decided some drinks were in order. While he drank I began experimenting with his make-up and noticed that his bone structure was going to make for a very beautiful feminine face. I fed him more liquid courage as I took off his shirt and fitted one of my bras on him. Stuffing it with some socks to plump up his breasts he couldn’t keep his hands off of his new curves.

He was sufficiently lubricated by the time we got to the panties and pantyhose that he willingly allowed me to put them on him. As the snugness of the pantyhose pressed his dick in my panties I couldn’t help but notice how he began to get hard. My fingers couldn’t resist the lure of his hard cock in the silky smoothness of the nylon and I began to caress him. That’s how my friend became my sissy lover.





Sissy Phone Sex Training Underway

Sissy Training Week 2 is coming up.

Its not to late to sign up, please contact me for more info!!!

What : Classes that will specifically cater to you needs, focusing on issues that you may have with your sissy transformation, Giving you an opportunity to ask a Real Sissy questions, and to voice your concerns.

When: Whenever you can schedule a session into you busy schedule.. Very flexible hours :)

Where: In the chat room, or on the phone you pick :)

Why: Because every sissy needs a little help perfecting their Sissy Look :)

So let me help u!!





Phone Sex with your Pimptress

That’s right little sissy slut. It’s time you stopped talking about all that big delicious cock you want between your silky lips and start putting out. I’ll transform you into the whore you already are and just sit back and laugh as I rake in the green while you get used by any cock I send to your house.

First we’ll get you all dolled up in your slutty best.  Tiny little lace thong showing under that micro skirt, legs in fishnets and fuck me heels and a special little shirt I’ve made up that says Cocksucker right across the titties.

Afraid of the wifey finding out? Then get a motel for the night and call me up.  Make sure it’s a nice trashy one befitting a dirty little whore like you.

Call your Phone Sex Pimptress today!

Sissy Mistress Taryn


Click to enter my lair

Bubble Gum Barbie Beach Bum Phone Sex

*Giggles* I took my sissy friend to the beach today.  My sister is out of town so I let him borrow one of her bikini’s.  And I must say, he fills it out almost better then my sis does.  We went down to the beach..was so hot here today.  There were tons of people there, lots of hot guys to look at too.  I love eye candy*giggles*

We tanned for a few hours and then went into the water.  My friend had on a blond wig with a scarf tied around it.  I teased him and told him he looked like Beach Bum Barbie.  He laughed and went splashing into the water, catching the eye of a hot young guy. He followed my friend into the water and before I knew it they were splashing and carrying on.

I found my own fun and soon forgot about him but the next time I looked over I could tell he was getting very close to his hotness.  His muscular arms were around my friend and by the look on my friends face they were getting very close if you know what I mean.  Gave a whole new meaning to the term “water sports”  *Giggles*

My friend is a dirty little Bubble Gum Barbie Beach Bum.




Dick Goes Here And Here Phone Sex Sissy Boy!

Hello there sweet sissy boys!! I want you to come here and let me watch you rub your little boy clitties. Just like this. See how I do it? Do it just like that. I know you wish you had a tiny little clitty like mine. But you just work with what you have sissy fag boi!! Yours gets as hard as mine! Naughty little sissy slut! Now, I’m going to bring some huge hot studs in here and you are going to suck them off with everything you have while you keep stroking those aching clitties. That’s right. I’m going to be the judge! And whoever gets their stud to cum first will get the biggest stud dick in her little boypussy!! Heehee!!

Your new BFF <3,

VoteHere :)

Magic Potion Phone Sex


I have been searching online for a long time, for a potion, or pill that would do magical things to my little sissy fuck toys!

Guess what!! I finally found one!! So you take this bottle of lotion, and you rub it all over your body, then watch the transformation slowly take place before your eyes… Wanna try it? Come play with me, and maybe if your really good I will share some of my special lotion with you!!

Theres just one catch.. If a man cums inside you the transformation will be permanent..

Are you ready for this?





Big Black Cock Sucking Sissy Slut Phonesex

Horny fucking sissy slut! All day you fantasize about sucking that superior big black cock. Little sissy whore!! If only your coworkers, your boss, your girlfriend, your WIFE knew what you were dreaming of every day! You dream of getting all dressed up like the fucking slut you are, painting your lips with cocksucking red lipstick, strutting up to the biggest black stud in the club and getting on your knees… Oh yeah! I know what you fucking want, you big black cock sucking sissy slut. And I’ll give you ALLLL the dirty details… xxx


Phone Sex Sissy Training Week One

Week 1

Sissy Training

Subject – Panty Training


This week we will be focusing on panties.. Now I’m sure you think that you already know everything there is to know right.. you just put them on.. well there are some secrets that you have never heard before. Like what kind of panties are best for your figure, and which ones feel best rubbing against your cock.

During this week you will be given small assignments to complete. You will then have to email me feedback at the email address provided when you sign up.

If you would like to participate in sissy training, please contact me at  Suckonangel@yahoo.com

Thank You

I look forward to training you

Mistress Angel




Cock Gobbler Phone Sex

I bought a new collar for you slut. Leash included, I like my pets obedient and squeaky clean. Better flush out that ass with a good enema before a session. You know you will need it. A surprise for my good sluts, a tug at the collar to open your mouth. Close your eyes sweet sissy, and open even wider. This is a big one. A new strappy for you to test out and lube up. The better job you do of licking sucking and spit dripping, the easier it will be to force anal fuck you later. Don’t worry if you can’t get it deep enough, Ill grab you by the collar and teach you how to take it.




Phone Sex Sissy Bridal Surprise

The silver bag sat upon the bed with a note that read “for our honeymoon and the rest of our lives”. I had sent my newly wedded husband up to our honeymoon suite to prepare for the evening. I could only imagine the look on his face when he removed the tissue paper from the virginal white corset, garter belt and lace and satin lingerie. My own veil tucked in the bag with the silken stockings and sexy white pumps.

I changed clothes as well. Putting my black tuxedo on with the added weight of my strap on cock bumping against my thigh I walked up to our suite and entered. The empty bag with discarded tissue paper lay on the bed. I walked to the bar to fix myself a drink and sat on the sofa awaiting my blushing sissy-bride’s entrance.

She emerged radiant and seductively modeled her lingerie. I knew it would be perfect for her. “This will be you, for the rest of our lives together if you wish to remain married you will be my sissy wife, obedient and submissive” I told her as I sipped my drink. I saw the question form in her eyes. “Because that’s the way I want it to be, my friends, clients, or lovers, you will fuck or suck whoever whenever I tell you is that understood?” I asked. She swelled in her panties and sunk to her knees at my feet. I looked at the zipper of my tuxedo pants. “Let’s begin…”