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Bimbo Kourtnii is A Phonesex Woman Now


I am just so proud of my beautiful bimbo Kourtnii! The work she has done and is continuing to do on her journey to becoming one of the sexiest, naughtiest sissy bimbo girls ever is really beginning to pay off. We have gone shopping to make sure that she has the most darling clothes. We ordered he very first dildo together and finally after far too long we finally got to bring my sensational sissy slut into the world of ass fucked sissies. Continue reading Bimbo Kourtnii is A Phonesex Woman Now

Pretty Pink Butt Plug Phone Sex

I picked out a pretty butt plug for my TOTAL sissy faggot Bb. Yes, I had to go with pink. I had a very very brief moment where I thought the clear “diamond jewel” would be good. But, fuck, (get it? ha!), he is such a pink-loving sissy (aren’t they all!) I HAD to go with the pink. So he purchased it as instructed. Then waited. He had to go out of town and was absolutely crazy wondering if his butt plug would be delivered by the time he returned. He slept holding his big black dildo that I made him get a few months ago, but he dreamt of that pretty pink-bejeweled butt plug.

AND YES! It was there. He was frantic because I told him NOT to use it until he checked in with me!! Hahahaha! Can you imagine? I know you sissies can imagine sitting there looking at your brand new pretty butt plug and being forbidden from using it!!

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The Dreams of a Sissy Bitch Phonesex

You go through life dressed in men’s clothing, yet is chafes you. You look into the mirror every morning and shave off the facial hair, and it disgusts you. You look at your flat chest and it frustrates you. Then you look lower and see that limp cock dangling between your legs and it depresses you.

This isn’t who you are supposed to be.

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Pretty Phone Sex Sissy Copies Sherry

My pretty little sissy-in-training for his fiancee has taken to wearing his bejeweled buttplug on a daily basis. At night we play a little training game of mine where he copies everything I do.   Continue reading Pretty Phone Sex Sissy Copies Sherry

Ball Stomping Phone Sex


Look at my perfect little feet. The perfect size, width and shape to smash those pathetic little cum sacks of yours!

I would love nothing more than to crush those nasty things beneath my heel. Making you cry and whine as they turn colors beneath my pump.

Squishy Squishy Time Sissy Fag! You don’t need those balls!

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Pretty Sissy Phone Sex

My favorite calls are always accompanied by a Web Cam Session. I love to watch! Nothing pleases me more than seeing all the new silky lingerie and frilly dresses my sissies have collected during the week.

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We Must Increase That Bust Sissy Slut Phone Sex

sissy slut

If you are going to be MY sissy slut, I want you to wear pretty clothes and I want you to have curves in all the right places. Think you can’t grow your tits just from hypnosis? You are right to be skeptical, but results don’t lie and I would never waste my precious time transforming you into my perfect girly whore unless I was extremely confident in my abilities.

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