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Dress You Up Pretty Fuck You Hard Phonesex

Little fucking sissy slut. Picturing yourself in my sexy lingerie. I think it’s time you got a real lesson in how to be that true cum whore you want so desperately to be. We’re going to get you dressed up like you do every night in front of your mirror. That’s right. I know all about it! Put on that slutty red lipstick you love so much. Run your hands up and down, feeling the lace, silk, nylon, elastic. Focus on the feeling through the material, the feeling when you move from material to skin, back to material. Oh yeah, we’ll get to your little clitty through those panties… get you so ready… and then? Fuck time. Get your toys ready you little slut. We’re going to use every single one of them!! xxx

Bad Little Bitch

♥ Sissy Phone Sex Mind Control ♥

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Relax for me and let your mind float as you stare deeply and let your mind free.  You are vulnerable and ripe and it’s time to trance.  You are mine now.  Mine to control.  Mine to use.  Mine to transform.  I will bring those feminine feelings to the surface and you will never be the same.  When you are deep in forced feminization hypnosis I will plant my triggers to keep you sissified and mine.

Crawl to me and beg my little sissy girl, you know you already want to give in.

HypnoMistress Taryn


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Teaching you how to play with your Girlie Pussy Phone Sex

Wouldn’t you like to learn from one of the BEST??

I just love playing with my sweet little pussy.. and we both know that you wish you had a sexy little pussy like mine.. Well, here’s your chance, i can teach you exactly what to do with that pathetic thing you call a pussy.. during our AMAZING phone sex session!!

Come explore endless pleasures with me, i will take you places you never imagined you would be able to go, making that little slutty pussy feel things you never thought possible!!!





Phonesex Sissy Ashley Serves Me Well

One of the best parts of entertaining is being able to show off my darling little sissy maid Ashley.  Dressing her up in different themed costumes for each occasion, watching her flirt and dazzle with her practiced skills. Since it was Easter she was wrapped in a white velvet one piece strapless suit with a convenient slit where her butt plug held her cottony little tail in place.  Her pretty pink collar around her neck with her bedazzled name sparkling up on it and her pink stiletto pumps she carried trays, refreshed drinks and teased as many cocks as she could.

I had watched her proudly until I couldn’t resist anymore and called her over to my feet. My lover sat beside me and I wanted to see Sissy Ashley pleasuring him. I could see the hungry cock slut smile when Ted took his hard cock out. “Yes Mistress” she simpered sweetly transforming into the fuck doll bimbo cock loving sissy slut she is. I grabbed her cottontail butt plug and used it to fuck her sissy cunt until she was sucking and swallowing Ted’s cock with loud wet strokes of her mouth. I fucked her harder whispering encouragement against her ear, listening to her beg for cum in her mouth. Making her scream to the entire room what a cum slut sissy fuck doll she is. Only then did she get her creamy cum treat and a nice big vibrating egg in her basket for the rest of the evening.





Phone Sex Sissy Gang Bang In The Locker Room

I helped my pretty little sissy boy get all dressed up in silky stockings and panties, lace bra, sexy high heels, and a front zip leather skirt with a button up vest top. We glued his eyelashes on, dark blue eyeliner with a white frost to brighten his eyes, foundation, blush, and a matte red lipstick with just the perfect amount of gloss. Perfect. Such a pretty little sissy. I told her I had a surprise for her and I could feel her apprehension! Heehee! It just added to the excitement. We drove to the local gym where every Friday all the biggest hottest black men get together for basketball pick up games. Of course, we arrived right at the end–right when all those beautiful sweaty men were heading for the showers. As I led her in the same direction she pulled back on my hand. “What are we doing?!” she asked. “Well, we’re going where those gorgeous studs are going, of course!” I answered. I practically had to drag her. But once we got there and she saw all those humongous, incredible cocks, I had to put my hand against the bottom of her chin to close her mouth! The four cocks–I mean guys–closest to us noticed us standing there. Their eyes went back and forth between us as little smirks crossed all their faces…

[To be continued]

Sissy’s BFF <3,
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Petite Pecker Phone Sex

Awe you dirty little cock fuck. I know that you love dick just as much as I do. Hiding your fetish and concealing your desire to be tortured. I can’t even see your teeny peeny. It is a good thing you desire to be a bottom, because your dick is not big enough to even insert in an elastic man pussy. Maybe if you shaved your giant bush, then your mini clitty would seem enticing enough to get a new faggy friend. Not to worry, my little pig in a blanket, I can sissyfy you to encourage a nice big cock to come along and stretch out that tight pucker of yours. It won’t be easy but I am confident in your feminization, especially considering you barely have a dick.



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Phone Sex Barbies

*Giggles*  That could be the new Barbie….a blond doll with a headset on in some sexy lingerie…..wouldn’t that be hilarious.  *Giggles*

In all seriousness though, I’m developing quite a following of little sissy bitches that I like to think of as my barbie doll collection.  I have Lipstick Barbie  that just loves to give sloppy blowjobs and get as much lipstick on cock as she possibly can.  There is Sissy Sabrina Barbie that likes to please me and do anything I tell her to do.  She is the submissive little slut that will gag and choke along side me when we are both sucking cock.   Bombshell Belinda Barbie is a bubble gum blonde that has the most amazing ass and she loves to put it up in the air and let all the boys fuck her tight little pussy.  And last but not least I have Bukkake Berry Barbie that begs to suck and fuck like a good little bitch.  She begs all of the guys to blow their loads all over her prettily made up face.

I have quite a collection of Barbies to play with and amuse myself with.  Do you wanna be one?  Call me and we will figure out where you fit in.




Feminine Lingerie For Sissy Phonesex

In honour of the return of my favourite tv show tonight, here are some 1960′s themed blogs!


Underwear back in the day was just so much sexier, wasn’t it? I think that style is just so much more appropriate for a true sissy like you.

Let’s get you into a nice pair of silky black panties first. I know you love the way the fabric carresses your useless clitty. You’ll be hard and dripping by the time I get them passed your knees.

Then comes the garter belt. Lacy and black to match the panties, with little silky bows at the end of each strap. We’ll put a nice restrictive black corset on you next, I’ll cinch it tight around the waist to give you some feminine curves. I know it’s tight, isn’t it, slut? But beauty is pain, every real woman knows that.

Next comes the black stockings with a seam running up the back. They’ll slide over your sissy shaved legs easily. I’ll strap them to your garter belt, and we’re just about done.

But I’ve got one final touch for you. Maribo slippers! Now you can admire your self in the mirror. You look just like a pin-up girl! With one teeny tiny barely-there difference!

xoxo Miss Stacy


Sinfully Sexy Phonesex – Stacy

Phone Sex Candy – Stacy

Coveting Little Sissy Whore Phonesex

Wishful little sissy slut. Poring over my pictures day after day. Copying my poses. Touching yourself imagining my body. Feeling the silk of my stockings sliding up over your toes, up, up, up where the elasticized lace squeezes your thighs. You rub your hands across your chest picturing my bra hooked snug around your sissy titties. And my panties… your little sissy clitty in my panties… Well, let’s not get you too worked up just yet you little sissy whore. There is so much more, so many other ways I want to play with you first… xxx


Dress up Phone Sex

I don’t think you will EVER be as sexy as me!! But….. I could defiantly teach you a thing or two about being the perfect little girl that every guy wants..

Let me show you how to do your make up, and your hair.. Then we can go shopping for the sexiest little black dress (Every Girls Best Friend) and some sexy ass silver heels.. COME FUCK ME HEELS!!!

I will teach you everything that i know.. how to manipulate guys.. how to get in their heads and con them into doing exactly what you want..

Just like im doing with you now…