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Dr. Sadie’s Sissy Training Therapy Phonesex Session

Sissy Training Therapy


1-844-332-2639 ext 222

The intercom buzzed, “Dr. Cartwright, you’re 3 o’clock is here, Ms. Kate, her lover Steve, and her sissy husband Trina.” My receptionist Kathy informed me. I looked at my schedule and saw it was time for this trio to have their cuck sucking session. Walking to the door I felt the stirrings of excitement as I thought of how much I loved my job being a Sissy Relationship Therapist. Opening the door I invited the triad into my office.

Kate entered first, followed by Steve and I was pleased to see Trina wait to follow behind with a blush on her cheeks dressed in a pink dress and heels, with her make up on. She smiled nervously at me as I patted her bottom when she walked past me. I greeted everyone, the pleasantries were exchanged. I asked Kate to tell me that Trina had been doing in her chastity. She told me that Steve had begun to use Trina when she wasn’t around, as well as when they were together.

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My Babydoll Sissy Girl Loves Cock Phone Sex

She is a cute little Sissy Baby Girl. Loves to dress like a babydoll, all in frills and pretty things. Just looking at her you would never know she is a Good Little Cock Sucking Sissy Baby. Her favorite paci and pussy plugs are shaped like cocks, these are the only things that makes her calm and happy when she doesn’t have a real big juicy cock in her mouth and pussy…..

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Sharing Dirty Panties Phonesex

I might share my panties with you if you are very very good.

But I know you’ll be good for me. Won’t you?

You sink to your knees and crawl up between my thighs just to sniff at my pussy.

I know you can smell the real man who just fucked me.

I know, because I didn’t wash after. I saved that for you.

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Teaching Bois to be Gurls Phone Sex

1-844-332-2639 Ext. 245

Have you ever wanted to go to a girls party, honey? I know that’s the dream of many a young little boy. Of course, you weren’t ever a young little boy. Boi, maybe. But I think gurl is the more appropriate term for what you were, don’t you agree sweetie?

But don’t you fret. I’d love to take you to the girliest, sissiest, froofiest little sleepover you’ve ever had. All the best makeup. All the undies. All the talking about boys. All the pampering. And of course in your case gurly, all the hazing. Of course there’s hazing silly gurl. the youngest always gets hazed, and we’ve been women a lot longer then you have, haven’t we?

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My Double Stuffed Cupcake Bimbo Cheerleader Phone Sex Dolly

She loves to be Mommy’s Cupcake Bimbo Dolly. So obedient and pretty. I love to feminize her from head to toe. Always in pink, so frilly and girly. She makes Mommy so proud, I can’t wait until I show her off to all my friends. Big blonde hair with sparkles and ribbons, and her tight sexy body…..

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No More Bullying for My Sissy Son Phonesex

Mommy's sissy boy

1-844-332-2639 ext. 222

Mommy the boys at school are picking on me again and they took lunch money again” my pretty boy said as he looked up at me with tears streaming down his cheeks. As I held him and dried his tears I felt so much anger and frustration. How dare they do that to my beautiful little boy. Then that is when it hit me. That was the answer! He is beautiful, and what is the best weapon against any boy? A beautiful little girl. I told my sweet boy that mommy was going to fix everything. I decided we needed a day at the salon and the mall.

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Cross Dressing Phone Sex Training Classes With Mistress Alexus

Look at you, you obviously need my help.  You call yourself a cross dresser but you are nowhere near passable. I totally understand that everyone starts out somewhere in their transformation. I mean, look at me! Do you think I morphed into this Hot Transexual Phone Sex Mistress overnight? Of course not. It’s taken years of hormones, mastering the art of mimicry with my voice and a couple surgeries to make all of this happen. Lucky for you, I’ve been there, done that and I make an exceptional trainer for those who are interested in becoming the best sissy they can be! We will get you all dressed up and one thing’s for sure, you’ll need hair and makeup help. One very important sissy rule to live by, never, ever leave the house without your lipgloss!

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My Sexy Sissy Slut Put On A Great Show Phone Sex

She looked and felt so sexy all dressed up in her silk and lace bra and panties. She had huge round water balloon filled breasts so pink and full. She was ready for some fun. Such a sexy slutty Sissy she was. I was more than happy to get her what she craved.

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