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Hunting Sissy Sluts Phonesex

It was late Halloween night and a couple of my girlfriends and I were out to do some tricking and getting us some treats while we were at it. We dressed up in our naughty reform schoolgirls costumes, super short plaid skirts, white button up shirts anything but buttoned up, ripped fishnets, messy ponytails oh and big fat strappys under our skirts. We went prowling for some girly sissy pussy. Hunting for boys living the dream dressed as girls. The great thing about Halloween you sissy bitches can’t resist the chance to legit dress up and go out and show off.

A little sissy slut was walking to the parking lot from a bar and stupidly walked into the dark alley. We pulled in startling him. His eyes were huge blinded by our car lights as we got out and surrounded the sissy slut. He was so pitiful, “who’s there?” “What’s going on?” he whined. We each grabbed an arm and shoved him over the hood of the car. “I looked in his face as my girlfriend lifted his skirt to find (big surprise) little pink panties. “Don’t you know it’s dangerous for girls to walk in dark alleys alone?” I taunted him loving the fear on his face when he first felt my girl’s strapon touch his ass. “Please don’t” he whined again. LOL We did.





Suprise Costume Phone Sex


The smell of burning leaves lingered in the air, the first sing that fall was finally here. Just a few day till Halloween, and I was still trying to decide what I was going to be.. Then it hit me. I’d go as a diva.. Because after all, I wouldn’t have to search that hard for a costume.

I invited my toy over to help me pick out something to wear..

As he was sitting there, explaining to me that he couldn’t decide what he was going to be.. he had narrowed it down to 2 options, The Hulk, or Spider man… well.. I had other plans for him, I had been shopping earlier that day, and bout him his very own special costume..

He was going to go as a Sissy Girl.. no more hiding..





Are you a Phone Sex Sissy Trick or a Treat?

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Yay!! It’s the one night of the year that you can let it all hang out.  You can pull out your favorite sissy frills and dress your best and call it a “costume“.  Pretend it’s simply a holiday lark and strut  your stuff girls!  Nobody needs to know how it’s something you crave, but you better be careful or one of those hot men might decide you look good enough to get on your knees in the men’s room for them.  When your lipstick is smeared all over a hard cock it’s no longer just a game is it?  How many will you service before the night is through?

Hurry up there is only a little bit of time to plan it all out, give me a call and I’ll help you look your very best!

Mistress Taryn


Enter my world

Boy Pussy Phone Sex

Sleek tight hole, just begging to be stretched. Little dirty sub wanting to used so badly. I almost don’t want to use you, it would be so much pleasure for you to have me slide something inside of you. Perhaps I should make you do it for me, put on a little show. While I relax on my pedestal, it only seems fair that you do my bidding. Bending and contorting to show me how wide the pussy will stretch. Come on boy, make that huge plug fit in your tight hole. I want to see that taut skin stretch to accommodate and have you beg to cum as it slips inside you.




Forced and Twisted Feminization Phone Sex


If I was to check the browsing history on your computers, most of you pervs would be shaking and scared, afraid for me to see the twisted things you’ve been watching, and googling! Do you think you can hide anything from me? Think you can hide that secret panty fetish or your desire to get all dolled up, and girly, ready to be forced to your knee’s or bent over the couch to take some cock like a real girl…..?

You can’t shut me out of your dirty perverted twisted minds. I know what you crave, what you seek, what you ultimately want…and I’m just the type of girl to force you to do more than just fantasize about it. One moment you’re just stroking off thinking about being forcefully transformed into a hot girly slut and the next you’re calling me from the glory hole, begging me to let you take load after load of gooey, oozy jizz cream!

Fact is whether you cum right out and tell me what you want, or I force you to bend to my will, one thing is certain, I’ll transform you into whatever it is I desire.


♥Princess Amber♥


Forced Fuck Holes Apply Here



Dr. Anna’s Phone Sex Therapy For Sissy Sluts

I often get calls from confused panty boys who have no idea what it means to have their strong fantasies and desires. Are they destined to suppress their desires to wear the panties in the bedroom instead of the pants? Absolutely not. As a sissy trainer skilled in the art of transformation, I will work with you to explore your cross dressing fantasy or sissy slut fetish until you feel good about it and free to enjoy it rather than suppress these desires. I understand that a lot of times, wearing panties and stockings makes you feel embarrassed and humiliated. I may watch you on cam or at the very least walk you through the routine of setting out your pretty panties and putting them on. I understand you may feel unwilling, but your girly boner keeps betraying you, am I right? No matter how much I humiliate you, your little clitty cock is always hard and dripping wet, isn’t it? It’s leaking all over that frilly thong!

Whether you need behavioral modification or even forced feminization sessions, Dr. Anna knows just what you need. You need Sissy Phone Sex Therapy.
Dr. Anna


My Very Own Pin-up Phonesex

He had refused to tell me what his Halloween costume was going to be this year. He said he would meet me at the party that he wanted it to be a surprise. The wait was driving me crazy, possibilities ran through my mind, a gladiator, a fireman, superman what was he coming as? I was dressed as Marilyn Monroe in the iconic white dress, when a very tall Bettie Page asked me if I needed a drink. I did a double take as the voice was his but the body was not. I was shocked by just how good he looked in the black old fashioned silk corset with high-waisted panties and cream and black garter belt with stockings.

He gave me a coy coquettish smile striking the classic pin-up girl pose. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to wait out the night that I was going to take my pinup babe to the bedroom and fuck her. I spanked her satin clad bottom and in Marilyn’s breathy voice told her how beautiful she was and kissed her eliciting whoops and catcalls from the other guests. After watching the men at the party hitting on my babe I couldn’t wait to get home to my toys so I could show her just how much I loved her costume.





Phonesex Sissy Faggot BB Punished And Exposed

My sissy faggot bb is usually very obedient. I tell him which panties to wear, what butt plug to buy, what dildo to order, when, where, how… He has always performed every task I have given him. Until last week when I told him to purchase a certain pair of panties to add to his growing collection. He confessed during our session last night that he has NOT purchased the panties. Whaaaa? Ummm… okaaaayyy… well then. Sissy faggot punishment is in order, isn’t it. He was freshly showered and in his favorite bra and panties with his butt plug in place. So after his reinforcement session, I threatened to make him cum in those panties… I heard the cry in his voice and told him the only other option was eating his own cum. Hahahaha!!! So he did!! Fucking cum eating sissy faggot. The most searchable sissy faggot on the internet!!… xxx


No Choice, Just Suffer for Me Phonesex

Life is easier when you are on your knees, no choices, no responsibly, no thoughts except what I allow you. Your purpose is clear. Submit. Surrender. Suffer for me. Your flesh is my playground, my blank canvas to mark and decorate, your mind is mine to warp. Your shame is mine to torment. Whether it’s dressing you up in the perfect little frills and lace or decorating your flesh with strips and welts, you are mine to play with. That lump between your legs that has defined your manhood will be mine to torment and tease, you will learn not only what a good little pussyboy you are but how much that pussy can take, and you will learn to beg with every fibre of your being before you even know the smallest little pleasures.


Lil’boy phone sex

I have this neighbor who has grown up around me and has grown into a very nice looking young man. He is going to be the one all the girls are going to want to fuck. Want to know how I know? * giggle

When he was young I baby sat him allot. We all know how sexual I am right?

When I would bathe him I would draw his attention to his little wee wee and would take extra care in cleaning it. As he got older I taught him how to stroke it. I would cover his hand with mine and do the strokes with him. I would guide him later when he was older to jack himself off. And when it came time to teach him how to please a girl!!! I fucked him on a daily basis. You know just to make sure he had it right. I taught him to lick ass and suck tits. I also showed him what he should expect from a woman too. That way when he goes out there, he’ll always be coming back. NO ONE does it like me.


If you can’t walk the walk; don’t talk the talk!