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❤❤ Playing With Sissy BB Phone Sex!! ❤❤



Sissy BB and I have been having some fun lately, I just love knowing that she likes getting all dressed up for me.. and the extent of her bbc obsession drives me nuts!

I’m sure you all are aching to know about my new little cock whore… well, Her name is BB.. Blow Job Buttqueen 🙂 She love BBC, and cant get her clitty hard without it!! She has had so many cocks up her little pussy that her cunt is all stretched and worn out.. Over 75 cocks is a lot for a little sissy girl…

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You Stole My Bikini Phonesex

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I knew I had left my bikini out on the deck rail to dry, but when I went to bring it inside it was nowhere to be found. I thought maybe it had blown away and walked out around deck looking for any sign of it in the bushes. Then I thought maybe it had fallen underneath the deck.  I was becoming completely mystified as to how my swimsuit could just disappear when I looked up and happened to see our friend’s son through the upstairs window. He was wearing my bikini!

I could see him posing in the mirror and touching my bikini while watching himself. His hands moved over the cups of my bikini top and then one hand moved down to rub the front of the bathing suit bottoms. He gripped his young erection and began masturbating in earnest.  Continue reading You Stole My Bikini Phonesex

Sissies can be daddies too phone sex!



Hey all of you naughty Daddies! It’s phone sex GAME DAY!!! Come play for the chance to win free phone sex!!!!

I can’t wait to see all of you naughty Daddies the day before fathers day!

Play for the chance to win a free 15 min call with the girl of your choice from the game!

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You Must Increase Your Phone Sex Bust

sissy slut

If you are going to be MY sissy slut, I want you to wear pretty clothes and I want you to have curves in all the right places. Think you can’t grow your tits just from hypnosis?
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Dream on LOSER Phone Sex



You will NEVER be good enough for something as perfect as my tight little cunt 🙂 Dream On Loser.

That is the only place, you will EVER be able to have me.. In your dreams.

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Phone Sex Sissy Gets Pimped By Mommy Anna


It’s time to put on your little panties and come with Mommy Anna. Are you scared? You should be. First, let’s tape back that worthless little dick of yours because you are mommy’s little girly tonight. You will dress like the slutty whore you are. Now I’ve arranged for some men to meet us in the woods. Continue reading Phone Sex Sissy Gets Pimped By Mommy Anna

Sissy Nephew Needs A Phone Sex Snack

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Things got a bit out of control with my nephew that I had been feminizing. Normally we only work on feminizing him when we are alone. He spends all his time with his Aunt Sadie dressed in beautiful dresses and fabulous lingerie, with lessons on sucking and fucking my strap on. But my husband had come home unexpectedly before we could finish our session and it left my nephew a bit frustrated. He whined that he wanted to be fucked but I couldn’t, not with my husband at home he wouldn’t understand why his brother’s son was prancing around in pink lingerie.

I placated my nephew with promises that tomorrow we would find time to stretch his boy pussy and he unnerved me with the smile on his face as he said that would be fine. I know that smile and it meant that he had some idea but he wasn’t sharing. I found out what it meant a little later. Continue reading Sissy Nephew Needs A Phone Sex Snack

Cunt Hole Violation Phone Sex


My little sissy slut has been so good that he deserved some special attention from his sexy but mean mistress.  I got him a pink, baby doll night gown with matching pink lace panties so he could dress up nice for me. He went all out for me too.  He got his nails done and his hair done and  all he wanted to do was be my little sissy slut and I could have my way with him.

He whimpered a little when he saw the size of my strap on. Continue reading Cunt Hole Violation Phone Sex

Are You a Jealous Phone Sex Sissy?

Mistress Marilyn 866-513-0615

Look at those tits. Aren’t they beautiful.So perfect. I know a little sissy like you is jealous. You should be. They are what you can never have, what you can never be. Real Tits. A pathetic thing like you, a sissy locked inside the body of a pathetically weak man, doesn’t even deserve to look at something so incredible. You are unworthy. Disgusting. A vile fake creature, neither man nor woman. A thing.

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Time For Lessons Phonesex

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We need to have a bit of a conversation about how you’re going to be impressing me. I want you to make sure that you have everything that you’re going to need.

So the two of us are going to sit down and have a conversation about what you’re going to need for all of your lessons. Don’t be nervous.

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