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Dress Up with Me Phone Sex

I love playing with sissies.  They are just soooo much fun.  Some of them want to be just like me.  They want to dress up in the same panties I’m wearing.  Some of them even want to wear my panties.  I like to make them wear exactly what I’m wearing.  One Sissy, her name was Joanne wanted it all.  So I made her put pink panties and a pink lacey bra on.  I then made her put on white silky stockings.  She loved that.  She had a pair of fuck me pumps that she put on and I made her strut her stuff around the room.  It was so awesome….Loved watching the look on “her” face and her little clitty get so hard when I giggled at her.

Wanna know what I did next.  I made her get on her hands and knees, crawl towards me and bury her head………

Guess Where?

Miss Junie


Teen Dream Girl Lives Here

Phonesex Sissy Games At The Sorority

It was Sissy Competition Night at the sorority house. A dozen pussy bois lined up at the start in everything from lingerie to latex sissy maid costumes. First round was the banana relay race. Each sissy had a platter of bananas that they had to take to the other end of the course without using their hands. They could cram as many in their mouth or sissy hole as they could and then run them to the end of the course and drop them off, loser got to eat and sit in the mashed mess for the rest of the competition.

The next round was cum bucket challenge. Our Brother frat was nice enough to help with this one. Each sissy had to run to a cock take it out get it hard and make it cum in the sissy’s mouth then keep the load in her mouth as she crawled back to the small glass and spit the cum into it. Once the glass was full to the line then the sissy had to drink it and first 3 made it to the last round.

Last one the 3 sissies were put in humbler’s, with their pussy sacs stretched behind their ass they had to serve 3 drinks, and ride the line of strap-ons taking each one 250 strokes, then suck one more dick then crawl back to the finish with a randomly buzzing butt plug in her pussy. There may be only one winner but everyone went home happy.





Spread ‘Em Bitch, Phone Sex

My little sissy slut has been so good that he deserved some special attention from his sexy but mean mistress.  I got him a pink, baby doll night gown with matching pink lace panties so he could dress up nice for me. He went all out for me too.  He got his nails done and his hair done and  all he wanted to do was be my little sissy slut and I could have my way with him. The time to violate his cunt hole was way over due.

He whimpered a little when he saw the size of my strap on.

Suck my cock.” I commanded. He sucked it and took it all in as his eyes got wide. He was so turned on, but scared at the same time. He knew what I was going to want next.

I had him get on all fours.

Spread those pretty little ass cheeks apart, Bitch.” I said.  He took his manicured hand and pulled his panties to the side, shaking in anticipation. “Time for you to really become my little bitch.”

1-844-33-CANDY (1-844-332-2639) Ext.203


Magical Sissy Transformation phonesex

You never knew I had a magic touch, but you will.  As you stand naked in front of me, my hands brushing over your skin, sending shivers of electricity through you, you’re going to realize my magic is real.  It’ll tingle as the skin softens, your body will twitch and shudder as it alters.  You’ll watch breasts grow, your waist slim, your hips flair.

Through Magic I will take everything masculine about you and alter it.  I will steal away strength and height and power until you are a delicate, sensual, young lady.  I’ll make you look.  I’ll make you see.

And then, sweetheart, I will take you like the woman you now are.





My Sissy Girl Friday Phonesex

Her husband was just being impossible. Margo and I were attempting to plan their anniversary party but at every turn Butch would complain about the cost. I came to this appointment prepared for him this time. I brought with me my sissy girl Friday, an assistant of sorts. Her job this time was to be a distraction for Butch. She was dressed beautifully in a smart yet sexy dress and heels and she looked good enough to eat I knew that the misogynist Butch wouldn’t be able to resist her.

It was a joy to watch my girl work. She flattered and fawned over Butch asking him for a tour of their home leaving Margo and I to plan the party in peace. As they moved through the sliding doors I saw Butch grab her sissy boy ass and knew that he wouldn’t be returning soon. As the bill for the party mounted I peeked over Margo’s shoulder to see my sissy assistant with her mouth around Margo’s husband’s cock, giving one of her much practiced blowjobs. While we picked out ice sculptures my sissy boi was bent over the chaise being fucked vigorously.

I was never so proud of my gurly boi as when he returned looking composed with a much more relaxed husband who was willing if not eager to spend much more on this party that would need several more dates of planning.





Phonesex Sissy Brother Meets Daddy

It was a snow day. So I and my little brother Stephen were both at home and he always wanted to hang out with me. I let him come in my room. Stephen is pretty he always has been he looks so femme everyone used to think he was my sister when he was little. So I told him if he wanted to stay in my room he had to let me give him a makeover.

I put him in my bra and panties first and then a pair of thigh high socks and a skirt and top. I put make up on him everything foundation to mascara, painted his nails and fixed his hair. OMG when I was done he looked like my sister. Then I had this great idea! I sent daddy a message and told him I had a friend over and we were horny. He said he would be right home.

When he got home he came to my room and we took turns stroking and sucking his cock. I totally thought I had fooled him until he looked at me and said “Whit did you want me to fuck your little brother?” I laughed and asked him how he knew. “Did you think I wouldn’t know my own son?” he looked at Stephen who was all red now. “Yeah Daddy I want you to” we both said together and Daddy just smiled.





Sissys Love Me Phone Sex!

Hey Sexy Princess Dani,

Here’s a list of public things I have done:

I asked a guy in Victorias Secret if I could give him a blow job. He declined.

Got my make up done in public in Macy’s a few times. Very hot doing that. Then went to Hooters all dolled up with a bra under my tank top. I think my first girl that came to the table must have told co-workers. Because I swear every girl in the joint came over to my table. Hot!

Tried panties/bras on at Victoria’s Secret. Then I ring the bell and say like the bra seems a little tight. They say: “if you open the door I can check.” Well, I always open the door so they can look and check. One time had thong pulled up so tight that my balls were hanging out the side when the girl came in to look. That was hot!!! But the people working there have always been very helpful and they never laugh at you. Although I want them to.

Maybe I should go outdoors for you with the thong on and loose fitting shorts and, maybe go topless. Then they can see the thong for sure and my girlie boobies!






Phonesex Feminizing An Old Friend

It just so happened that a conference was being held in the city of a former friend of mine who had deep sissy fantasies. We had been IM’ing about them and when I saw the opportunity to visit I sent him a very special package. It was a pink silicone male chastity device with a note to put it on immediately and keep it on until I arrived. I received a message from him scared and excited asking if he had to wear it the entire month. I told him he did and that I wanted a picture of the numbered lock to compare with when I arrived.

When he came to pick me up from the airport I could feel the hard cage against my thigh when he hugged me. He went on about how happy he was that I was there and blushed when I told him in the car to show me the numbered lock. It matched and as a reward I pulled the pink butt plug from my purse and inserted it in his ass for the drive to his home.

For the entire week of the conference he was a wonderful wife for me. My supper was hot, my sissy wife was dressed beautifully and the evening was spent training her to orgasm anally. Our final night I had a special surprise for her. My husband was joining us to see how much she had learned.





Black Mail Loser Phone Sex


Dear Princess please don’t destroy or humiliate me, I submit to you, I will obey your commands from now on. I am Princess Danielle’s bitch toy, your ‘s truly.


Well… I have some news for you my little black mail slut. I do what I want When I want to do it. Begging and pleading won’t protect you…

If you really honestly want to protect your sissy pictures, then you need to be the best little sissy slut in the world.

Keep me entertained…

When I get bored,  I get dangerous…

You cant afford me 2 get dangerous can you?




HOLDING Back On Phonesex Sissy Slut

It’s no secret that sissies are attention whores. Hahaha! Okay that just made me laugh for real. Your “sissiness” is all secret–omg if your family, boss, coworkers, friends knew? Oh yeah! So THAT is all hush-hush/don’t tell/confidentiality claused to the hilt. But the attention whoring! It’s like, in total contradiction to that “oath of silence” we’re supposed to tiptoe around regarding your panties and dildos and all the things you let me do to you, BEG me to do to you in fact.

Fuck. I went off on a mini-tangent there. Here’s what’s I meant to get into. I will give my new sissies a bit of leeway. Ask your questions to make sure you can handle what I’m going to do to your sissy ass! (And boy pussy, and life in general!) Take your time researching all your options. And when you realize I’m the one you keep coming back to, then it’s time to make that first call. Understand? There is no way you’re REALLY going to know until you just fucking dive in.

So do it slut! Sissy up! Hahaha!! xxx