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Phone Sex Sissy The Next Generation

My neighbor asked if I could watch her little boy for her. She was having a bit of an emergency. I was happy to have the sweet little guy to spend time with and assured her it was no trouble at all. We played games which included hide and go seek. He was a very good hider. I looked for him and couldn’t find him when I heard a giggle come from the back of my closet. I opened the door and found the most adorable face smiling up at me as he rubbed his face against the silk of one of my gowns. When I reached in to pick him up I found that he had taken off his shirt and had slipped a gown over his head as well. The sheer chunky square straps and stretched mesh of the satin gown gaped open as he squirmed to be set down.

“My, but don’t you look pretty” I told him and he giggled and turned in a circle. He told me he liked the way it felt so I indulged him pulling more of my soft satin and silk lingerie out for him to try on. Then He got bold digging in my drawer and pulled out one of my dildos and asked me what it was. Stunned I had no answer but “It’s a toy”. Then he asked if he could play with it, if I would show him how. How was I to say no to that sweet little darling face?





Blackmail Cock Sucker Phone Sex

You love the way dick feels sliding between your lips. Getting that cock nice and slippery. Your ass tingles while you are sucking because all you can think about is how that huge shaft is going to feel stretching your tight man pussy. I love hearing all about your cock escapades and endless cum stories. I know how comfortable you feel telling and divulging each and every one of your secrets. Talking about your life, your job, your family. Sharing all of your personal details. So that I can take those delicious Penis licking fantasies and use it against your for my own personal gain. I can be your best friend and locked vault….. for a price.





Sissy Fag Missy Earns Another Phonesex Blog!


Everyone remember Sissy Fag Missy who was (obviously) in need of a MAJOR sissy makeover?! Hahaha! WELLLL… he’s been following my blogs on my Sissy Bb and just knew what he had to do! So a couple nights ago our very special Sissy Fag Missy came in and had a hot fun fashion lesson!! Oh yeah! Mistress Taryn picked out a hot sexy little outfit and we instructed Missy to purchase immediately!! OMG. I can’t wait to show it off. And you just know Missy’s sissy clitty is just bursting watching every day for the mail to arrive !! Stay tuned! xxx



Feeding You Kitty Food Phone Sex

No silly, not that hard crunchy stuff you find at the store!! you can’t just go buy the kind of kitty food I’m talking about…
Come on you want to be a girl.. But your not even thinking like one!! Last Time I Checked Kitty = PUSSY!!!! And you N I both know what kind of food pussy’s like!! COCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So… Thats exactly what I have planned for you!! Its Cockfest time for all you sissy’s out there, I intend on filling you full of that yummy kitty food that you have been dreaming about!! Come on girly-boys… you know u want it!!

Deviant Danielle





Hiding your clitty Phone Sex

Thats what all good little sissy sluts do.. Hide those tiny little clittys they have!! Want me to teach you how to make it disappear?

Let me show you how its done, I can give you a step by step guide on how to make yourself girlier!!! I’m writing a manual for all of you pathetic sissy on making yourself into a better little sissy slut! Message me for more information! I would love to help you achieve what I have!

Let me teach you my secrets.





Oh No You Don’t Phone Sex Sissy Slut!!

My Sissy Vanessa and I were right in the middle of a feminization session. It was going so perfectly. Such an eager sissy she is, wearing those special order reinforced panel panties to hide her cunt stick. We were in the middle of makeup lessons when she asked me to please hold on! I listened to her yelling back and forth with someone. When she came back I asked what that was all about. “My roommate is always taking my PS3,” she answered! EXCUSE ME? No! No no no no no! Oh Sissy Vanessa. Good girls don’t yell at their roommates during makeup lessons! And especially over a PS3!! Goodness gracious!! And so I had to make her wash up and start all over. And forget about that PS3!

Sissy’s BFF <3,
A Vote :)

Passed Out and Transformed Phone Sex

Sissy Mistress Taryn Quinn

It was a wild party, the drinks were flowing and we are all having a great time when my girlfriends and I noticed one of the guys had snuck off into the back bedroom and passed out cold. We closed the door with a giggle and hatched our plan. Someone dug out her makeup bag and started to work applying blush, lipstick and eyeshadow on our poor sleeping subject. Two of the other girls started stripping off his clothes while I rummaged through the dresser and picked out something more fitting for him to wear.

He almost woke up as we eased him into his new lingerie.  He was starting to look pretty cute in his pink satin and lace so we just had to bring in our dates to sample our creation!  Good thing he was tied to the bed before the men started lining up to use him…

Sissy Mistress Taryn


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Dressing up Phone Sex Bois for Fun

I bought a pretty pink polish at the store the other day.  Brought it home and my sister and I painted our toes together.  We were having a little get together that night and wanted to look pretty in pink.  *Giggles*

My friend Vince brought a few friends with him and between me and my sister and a few of the friends we invited we were all having a little too much fun when my sister, girlfriends and I dared the boys to dress up with whatever we had in our closets.  Boys can’t turn down dares as you know and shortly came out of our bedrooms dressed in hot little skirts, pink, white, red and black skirts and low cut blouses.  What pretty little bois they made.  Of course their ensemble wasn’t complete without the pretty pink polish I bought earlier.  I wanted them to match all of us.  I love dressing up my Boi Friends……Giggles….

When you dress them out you get to take them out *wink*




Cornered By 30 Bikers… Phone Sex With Dani ~XOXO~

I know you have Always wanted to be a girl!! Well here’s your chance… I cant handle all these Bikers by myself!! Ive got a really good idea, I was at the store the other day, and some old lady was selling “magic potions” Well… I bought one thats supposed to transform a man into a woman.. It just so happens that i brought it with me!!… and i think we are going to be stuck  here for quite a while… So lets put some of this lotion on you, and hopefully it will work, so i don’t have to please all those tough bikers by myself!!

Now the directions say that all we have to do is rub it on your hair, man boobies, and ass… So just come stand right over here… (Call me baby so we can see if it works!!)

Do you feel the tingle?





Nicole’s Sissy Faggot Bb Exposure Slut Phonesex

image3 Ooh! My Sissy Bb has been pleasing me so much! Of course, his obedience and compliance does have much to do with our hypno reinforcement sessions AND that threat of complete exposure! But whatever the reason we have been on a shopping SPREE! And this is just a taste of the many new purchases and additions to Sissy Bb’s pretty frilly panty and bra collection! I LOVE these new panties! Now that yellow lacy halter bra has something to really pull it together. My devoted, loyal, and obedient sissy has done everything I’ve told him he must do… so for now, I will not link the Craigslist Ad I posted last weekend! Check back often… Sissy Bb’s page will be up on my personal page asap and oh, you don’t want to miss that!

Sissy Bb’s Mistress Nicole
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