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Sometimes A Sissy Sometimes A Fag Phone Sex

My sissy is such a good girl and loves cock so much. As the saying goes, “When the albatross is away, the sissy will play!” Lol. Something like that! Wifey is out of town so my sneaky sissy set up a cocksucking session with a nice big 9-inched stud. Yum yum! And the rumor is this stud also likes ass-fucking AND spanking! Oh today is going to be such an exciting day for my sissy. Except this stud wants a fag, not a sissy. Oh well, cock in the mouth, cum in the belly, cock in the ass. Just no pretty frilly dress up. It’s still a win for my Michell! I’m giddy with anticipation for the update!! And of course I’ll fill you all in too!!

Sissy’s Mommy Mistress & BFF <3,
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Phonesex Sissy Boss Get It Right

The Boss came in and set the tray of coffees down on the desk in the middle of all of us, his secretaries, and said good morning. We passed smiles between us as we all teased him, “Hi Honey” and he blushed. He hadn’t realized that we had figured out what a turn on it was for him to wait on us, the total flip of him being the one to get ordered around by us and I had picked up another cue that I’m not sure the other secretaries had. His panty lines. That’s right boss, I am on to you.

So he goes into his office to start his day and the other secretaries take their free coffee back to their desks but I take mine into the boss’s office. “You fucked up my coffee order” I slammed the cup down on the desk. He looked up startled. “You are going to go get me a new one. But before you go you are going to change. I pulled off my sweater and skirt and tossed them at him. “Put those on sissy, so everyone will know how you fucked up.” He stood up and I could see the little bulge in his pants and the gleam in his eye, I could hear his heart racing in his chest. “Now!” I yelled. “Yes Miss” he jumped and swapped his suit for the sweater and skirt. Things were about to get fun around the office.





Cock Cage: The Dilemma of Being a Loser Phone Sex


You know you are a loser. You’ve no doubt you fill the shoes of the biggest loser that could have ever been born. You know you cannot please a woman to save your life. You’re the type of man that thinks he’s going to get lucky and then right at the moment of truth, all you wind up with is a girl laughing so hard she can’t control herself.

All you had to do was pull your teeny peeny out of your pants.

Her reaction hurts. It drives home just how much of a loser you are. It forces you to face that no matter how hard you try you will always be that loser that can’t get laid. This is when you come to me. This is when you finally get what you need is a strong, strict, demanding bitch to humiliate and use you for everything but your penis. This is when you beg for a cock cage and to be taught how to live without the penis you so wish was more than a little stubby.

Cum closer loser. I’ve got the cage and the keys to your freedom.

This is when you BEG to be a FORCED, FEMINIZED, SISSY CUNT!


Princess Amber



Phone Sex Sissy Gets A Treat

There is no such thing as a “typical” sissy. Some just love dress up and pretty panties and some are sissy sluts who are ready to have their little cunt hole violated in any way that I see fit. *smiles* I adore them all. More often than not, fetishes kind of overlap into something else. Such is the case with one of my sissy slaves who I cuckold in real life. Most of sissy’s duties involve house work and errands, but since an old boyfriend, Joe (I so lovingly refer to him as my ten inch long old flame) was visiting me from out of town last week, sissy was going to be working a little over time.

First, sissy must wear her maids uniform to do all of the cooking and cleaning. I provided her with a list of things to pick up at the grocery store, including Joe’s favorite beer. The next cuckold errand is one of my favorites- A trip to the mall to go lingerie shopping. (for ME this time!)
“Pick up something you know Joe would love seeing me in.” I instructed. The more humiliated sissy got, the more horny she got as well. An old lover, sissy’s desire to serve and be exploited- it was all the perfect cuckolding storm!
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Insert from Phone Sex Sissy Slut’s Diary

My birthday was coming up soon. This day each year, became less and less significant. Mistress told me she had a present for me. Wow, I thought how cool is this and when will she ship it to me. The only item she had sent before was a dildo for me to learn to suck on while dressed like her sissy cum whore.

Tommy, she said, your present this year is glamor shots of you dressed like a sissy and sissy slut for you and me! As my birthday was on a Saturday I would only be working half a day. Well, the day came, I worked my half day as quickly as I could, and went home to shower and shave. Mistress had told me to shave my body hair so the glamour shots would not have nasty leg chest or arm hair .

Also that the pics had been paid for but that I would be responsible for a tip, and I thought that was very cool.

More from the diary which I insist she keep soon.


“If you can’t walk the walk; don’t talk the talk”




Phonesex Sissy Acceptance Therapy

You are all familiar with Sissy Bb. Sissy phonesex faggot Bb, the most exposed sissy of all! Well, Sissy Bb sometimes has doubts… bwahahahaha!! Oh, excuse me. It’s hard not to laugh. Sissy Bb sometimes questions whether he MAYBE is STRAIGHT. Oh, Sissy Bb. So we have been having conference sessions. Conference Acceptance Therapy sessions. It’s not an overnight fix. It’s a process. But we are taking our time and easing him into it. And testing him… Silly sissy thinking hot sexy girls are hitting on him. Hahaha!! NO! You are NOT being hit on by hot chicks, sissy faggot!! Aww. He will come around and embrace his fate.

And I LOVE working with him and will continue to do so. As long as it takes!

What about you? Do you need the reinforcement, humiliation, consequences, exposure that I specialize in?

Stop trying to fight it. It’s futile. Accept your fate…


Phonesex Sissy School Fundraising Test

The School for The Training of Submissive Men in Sissy Service was having its Annual Dinner and Auction. The school was abuzz with excited sissies in their freshly pressed maid uniforms ready to serve the elegant dinner and then the advanced class had been practicing their make-up and flirting. As headmistress I was set to greet our distinguished and powerful guests to our very discreet affair.

Businessmen, Doctors, Lawyers, politicians loved to indulge their perversions at our school. The girls know that it is their job to loosen the pockets of the donors and it shows in the attention they each lavish on our guests. The guests took their seats the sissy maids began to shine taking orders delivering drinks, giggling when their asses were pinched and prepping the donors for the auction by sitting in laps and discretely fondling and kissing where they could.

Then the time for bidding came and I beamed proudly as I watched the sissy students preen and pose, teasing the bidders driving the prices up. Then finally walking around the room watching the progress they had made as they pleasured their dates. The artful cock sucking, the giggling that wasn’t too garish but pleasing and alluring, the moans that vibrated the air as they were fucked, every moment reassuring that our mission to train bad husbands, and submissive men to become the best sissy sluts ever was successful.





New Toys For My Fun New Phone Sex Sissy Boys

Hello pretty little sissy boy. So very nice to see you! I have surprises for you! Since you only have those two pairs of panties you stole from your wife, I have put together a panty package for you. Heehee! So fun! All kinds of different cuts and colors and fabrics. Calm down silly sissy! You can try them all on for me and prance in front of the mirror while your little sissy clitty gets hard inside them. But I want to show you the other surprise I have for you! Look, sissy! Do you see this? Pink, rubberized, and when I push this button it vibrates! Do you know what this is? It’s a vibrating buttplug and I’m going to use it to get you nice and ready for the dildo I’m not going to show you yet! Because you’re just not yet ready! Now come here and let’s get started! Heehee.

Your BFF <3,
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Mind Melting Phone Sex

erotic hypnosis, hypnoerotica, hypnotic phone sex, sissy hypnosis, domination hypnosis


Silly boys, thinking you can pull one over on me.  Can’t you see I already know you’ve come to me because you want a woman who takes control.  I’m no little submissive, I can sink deep into your subconscious and find your desires.  You won’t be able to hide behind that facade of being a tough man around me.  My strength makes you weak.

You might as well just give in now to that hidden side, the one you are scared to let out to your family and friends.  It’s so easy to share your secrets with a Goddess.  I understand the need to give into a dominate woman like me.  Slaves, panty boys, sissies, cuckolds, diaper boys and all come try a taste of Taryn.

Goddess Taryn


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In your dreams LOSER phone sex


You will NEVER be good enough for something as perfect as my tight little cunt :) Dream On Loser.

That is the only place, you will EVER be able to have me.. In your dreams.

Honestly, do you think a girl as perfect, and amazing as I am would be caught with a pathetic sissy loser like yourself? Maybe if your all dressed up, and attending a sissy party. But thats it.

You don’t deserve perfection like me.

All you deserve is a nice hard cock, and a pretty sissy dress.




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