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Undressing to Dress you Phone Sex


Standing before you, hands on my hips you watch my displeased face as I look down upon you. I have come home early to find you laying in our bed with my favorite dildo nestled between your cheeks.

This is not what a real man does.

So… I have something in store for you. Click below to find out more.

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Pretty Sissy, Walking Down The Street Phone Sex


After sending you shopping, I had you prance around in your new attire. The laced-trimmed satin panties and bra set that you wore under your slutty red and black mini skirt. Your blouse that covered your potbelly was smothered by the fur coat you sported. Your torned fishnet stockings peeked from the cheap leather boots you worned. HaHa.

♫ Pretty woman, walking down the street ♫  Now it is time for you to call me and get stretched out with my delicious and outstanding cock. Let’s see what you are made of! Let’s see if you will drool for dick!

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Sharing Dirty Panties Phonesex

I might share my panties with you if you are very very good.

But I know you’ll be good for me. Won’t you?

You sink to your knees and crawl up between my thighs just to sniff at my pussy.

I know you can smell the real man who just fucked me.

I know, because I didn’t wash after. I saved that for you.

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Sissies Can Win Free Phone Sex To!




Game Night Tuesday Night!!!!
Join me in the chat room at 9pm est for the chance to win a free 15 min phone call! I would love to let you compete with other secret holders for the chance to win some sexy phone time with me! Wondering what the game is going to be about?! Thanksgiving trivia!! So study up and lets have some fun!

Don’t be late, we will start the game promptly at 9pm est!

Just think you win and we can have any kind of naughty fun you want! Continue reading Sissies Can Win Free Phone Sex To!

A Peek At Phonesex Sissy Bb’s Collection

more clear

This isn’t all of it, of course. Definitely not Sissy Bb’s entire collection. And just a partial presentation of items I personally had him buy, personally picked out for him…  Continue reading A Peek At Phonesex Sissy Bb’s Collection

Homewrecking Princess Phone Sex Mind Fuck


Do you look at that pretty wife of yours sitting there on the couch being lazy, or maybe she’s running around crazy cleaning your house? Is there something missing?
What If I told you I know what’s missing? What will put the pep back in your step?

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Phonesex Pay Your Debts Or Pay the Price

Finally I got him! I had him good too! He had no idea I was sitting in the booth behind him when he was talking to someone on the phone about a gambling debt to a guy I knew really really didn’t play nice with people who owed him money. Lucky for me he really really loves wicked little teen teases. The guy that owed him was a teacher I had had a while back who liked to lecture me on how my ass wouldn’t always get me out of trouble. Hee hee well now he was going to find out sometimes it’s ONLY your ass that can get you out of trouble.

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Sissy Faggot BB More Exposed More Deeply Changed


Sissy faggot bb is progressing well on his journey to full and permanent homosexuality. At one time he may have had dreams of being a man and having women have sex with him but he has begun to accept that he will only be for the rest of his life a cock sucking homosexual. Continue reading Sissy Faggot BB More Exposed More Deeply Changed

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