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ABDL Sissy Faggots

Sissy Phone Sex Vivian

Don’t worry sissy, mommy is here to take care of her little angel. I know you have been waiting on me but mommy has so much to do sometimes. But, I am never to busy to be your mommy that is really important to me all the time to make sure you are taken care of 100%. I love the fact you have spent all this time waiting for mommy I am here right now to make your sissy baby dreams to come true! I love the fact that you want me to be here all the time for you. Continue reading ABDL Sissy Faggots

Sissy Phone Sex Faggot Daddy Exposed!

Sissy Faggot Phone Sex

I fucking love Sissy Phone Sex callers. Who doesn’t like to laugh, and let me tell you these faggots are just priceless. Always looking to get fucked in the ass and wearing girlie clothes. If I get another fucking “curtsey” I’m gonna upchuck  all over the place! Oh boy do they love to be outed and shamed for being freaks and closet crossdressers! Continue reading Sissy Phone Sex Faggot Daddy Exposed!

Snowed In With 20 Bikers Phone Sex


I know you have Always wanted to be a girl!! Well here’s your chance… I cant handle all these Bikers by myself!! I’ve got a really good idea, I was at the store the other day, and some old lady was selling “magic potions” Well… I bought one that’s supposed to transform a man into a woman.. It just so happens that i brought it with me!!… and i think we are going to be stuck in here for quite a while… So lets put some of this lotion on you, and hopefully it will work, so i don’t have to please all those tough bikers by myself!!

Now the directions say that all we have to do is rub it on your hair, man boobies, and ass… So just come stand right over here… (Call me baby so we can see if it works!!)

Continue reading Snowed In With 20 Bikers Phone Sex

Sissy Fuck Slut Phone Sex

Sissy Phone Sex Mila

One of my callers last night made me laugh so hard, I was nearly crying and he was crying too, but from embarrassment, not cause he thought it was funny. His penis is so tiny it doesn’t stick out. It’s like a tiny button, smaller than some clits! Continue reading Sissy Fuck Slut Phone Sex

I love a good Sissy Phone Sex Faggot

Sissy Phone Sex Vivian

Hey there all you Sissy’s! I know your looking for that wild Sissy Phone Sex woman to talk to and dress you up. I am your sissy dream girl Mistress here to take you thru the ruffles and the lace and all the pretty little things to make you feel like a real woman. The touch of satin on you is more than you could ever dream of. I will match your eyes with that pretty little skirt and curl your hair for you. You will look like the best woman on the block all the guys will be flying to you wanting you and needing you. Then when they know the truth they will laugh at you. Continue reading I love a good Sissy Phone Sex Faggot

Pussy Boi Markie Phone Sex

Pussy boy Phone Sex Vivian

I do love when I gain this much control over a boy-pussy. So much control they will do whatever is asked by me, no forcing necessary! All this Goddess has to do is ask very sweetly. I love reading the stories my pets write for me! It is the true form of adoration I desire! Thank you Pussy-boi Markie for making me a happy Mommy! Here is his next story! Enjoy!

She was glancing in the store windows as She walked through the mall, and he couldn’t help but notice Her as he sipped on his coffee from a stool at the coffee kiosk. She was radiantly lovely, with dark tresses and a glowing, smooth complexion. To his relief, he realized it wasn’t just him who watched Her. Continue reading Pussy Boi Markie Phone Sex

Mila ❤ ‘s Mean Girl Phone Sex

Mean Girl Phone Sex Mila

Hey losers, Princess Mila here. So, if you are ready for some gold old fashion mean girl phone sex then you have stopped by the right place. Laughing at you faggots is one of my favorite things to do. After all, anyone who can’t think of anything but huge cock is bound to find their pansy ass begging for my giggles! Continue reading Mila ❤ ‘s Mean Girl Phone Sex

Gang Bang Day For Sissy Slut


I surprised my sissy slut by coming home early. I saw her setting out some clothes and she was very embarrassed to see that I had come home. Little did she know that I had quite the surprise party planned. I poured a drink and waited for it to kick in. Then I helped pick out the sexiest, sluttiest outfit and I even did her make up. I then held her hand and took her downstairs where I had invited a whole bunch of men… (some neighbors, some co-workers, but they all knew my sissy slut in some way) Continue reading Gang Bang Day For Sissy Slut

Gaining Her Identity With Forced Femme Phone Sex

Forced Femme Phone Sex Vivian

Mommy Vivian loves Forced Femme Phone Sex, but sometimes they just know I am perfect, and all it takes is a smile. Here is yet another story written by my sweet baby girl Pussy-boi Markie

Mommy Vivian You Are Perfect!!!

She saw him sitting on a park bench gazing at all the pretty flowers, and so She picked some especially for him. She took the pink pansies and sat next to him. Her radiance warmed him and he smiled and blushed for Her. “Hello angel,” She said to him so warmly. “This is just for you,” She said, handing him the bouquet. “Oh thank you!” he said with an obvious tone of appreciation and embarrassment. She could see he was not accustomed to getting flowers, and he blushed even more for Her. “I picked pink pansies because I thought they would look good with your pretty face,” She said.  Continue reading Gaining Her Identity With Forced Femme Phone Sex

❤❤ Playing With Sissy BB Phone Sex!! ❤❤



Sissy BB and I have been having some fun lately, I just love knowing that she likes getting all dressed up for me.. and the extent of her bbc obsession drives me nuts!

I’m sure you all are aching to know about my new little cock whore… well, Her name is BB.. Blow Job Buttqueen 🙂 She love BBC, and cant get her clitty hard without it!! She has had so many cocks up her little pussy that her cunt is all stretched and worn out.. Over 75 cocks is a lot for a little sissy girl…

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