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Are You Prettier then Sweet and Sexy Phone Sex Me?

*Giggles* A new little sissy called me today.  Told me he has been dressing up for years, full dress, nails, toes, wigs, make up….everything.  And he loves cock….just like me….Her name is Jackie and I truly think she thinks she is prettier then I am.  She bragged to me about how much cock she’s had and if I’m going to be totally honest with myself and all of you I think she’s had more then me but then again, I’m only 18….*giggles*.…lot’s of time for me yet.

She told me she loves to have her tight little cunny fucked all night long and I could hear her as she played with her little clitty just how excited she was telling me all her tales of fucking and sucking and being a dirty little faggot slut for tons of guys.

Are you brave enough to do what Jackie does all the time.  Dress in full drag and go out to play with strangers?  I bet some of you are….you just don’t know it yet…..




Punishing My Sissy Phone Sex

Mistress Taryn Quinn

My little sissy forgot her assignment and I was very displeased with her. I had been cutting her a little slack and let her keep some of her male clothes for occasions when lace and frills just wouldn’t work. Not anymore. It was time for that little sissy slut to learn that my orders are NOT to be forgotten.

She whimpered and cried as I made her bring out the last few pair of her men’s underwear. Setting them in a pile on her bed she begged me to please leave her one pair as she had to visit her parents very soon. But she had to be punished for disobeying her Mistress. Soon they were in shreds and now my little sissy will be forced to wear her pretty panties every day!

Do you need a strict Phone Sex Mistress to make you behave?

Mistress Taryn


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Admit It Phone Sex

You want to be just like me don’t you.. Sexy, Pretty, Fabulous.. the list could go on forever..

Don’t you want to be as amazing as I am? Feel pretty and Girly?

What are you waiting for? Pick up that phone, dial the number below and lets get started on your transformation!! It’s really that easy, I will make your dreams a reality, and your fantasies come true!!

Don’t wait any longer, don’t deny yourself what you know in your heart you want.

Call Me :)



Pathetic Black Mail Sissy


Dear Princess please don’t destroy or humiliate me, I submit to you, I will obey your commands from now on. I am Princess Danielle’s bitch toy, your ‘s truly.


Well… I have some news for you my little black mail slut.. I do what I want When I want to do it. Begging and pleading won’t protect you.. If you really honestly want to protect your sissy pictures… then you need to be the best little sissy slut in the world.. N keep me entertained..

When I get bored.. I get dangerous..

You cant afford me 2 get dangerous can you?




Fanasty Exploration Phone Sex

Call me up and tell me your fantasy. I want you to be completely honest and open, no judgment or fear. To hear every intimate detail of how much you enjoy cocks or sucking. How the thought of panties sliding up your shaft makes you hard. I desire to listen to your voice describe how licking your wife’s used up pussy would be the ultimate turn on. I need this from you, I want this from you. Every word from your lips feeds into my masturbation, make me cum from your most sensual fantasy.




Phonesex Sissy Faggot BB Loves His Dildo… But…

Of course my sissy faggot Bb loves the real thing–BIG FAT BLACK COCK–best of all. He loves it in his mouth and in his ass (don’t you sissy Bb–you love big black cock in your mouth and in your ass)!! But I had him get this big black dildo to keep him ready. And believe me he doesn’t require prompting. His big black dildo makes him so happy (it makes you so happy sissy Bb). But my funny funny and, I must say, innovative and imaginative sissy also …um… plays? experiments? DOES STUFF with veggies!! Hahaha. Yes, I did put a little trigger in his mind that makes him get all tingly every time he sees any vegetable remotely phallic looking… but what he does with them… hahaha okay all I can say is Fuck Yeah!! Do it sissy Bb!! Such a good fucking sissy. Oh! I have so many pictures of his veggie LOVE!!! Check back… I think it’s time to share them with the world!! Hahaha xxx


Exposing a Phone Sex Sissy

Sissy Mistress Taryn Quinn

Every sissy needs tasks to complete to show her devotion to her Mistress.  Now sometimes those tasks can be rather frightening but every good little girl needs to learn to obey.  It’s all part of your training to learn to be an obedient sissy gurl.  Perhaps you’ll be required to take some special pictures for me, perhaps I’ll be having you buy toys or clothes or are you a more hardcore sissy and ready for your Pimptress to whore out your holes so you can make money for me?

My list of sissy tasks and assignments are endless and customized exactly for you, arrange a session today to get started on your journey to being a full fledged sissy!

Mistress Taryn


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Let’s Get You Pregnant Phone Sex Sissy Girl

Hi pretty sissy girl! I have been loving our weekly sessions so much. You have exceeded my expectations by far! I believe we have successfully turned you into a perfect little sissy. We took it slowly and steadily and I think that was very instrumental in your success. You stroke your little clitty so perfectly responding exactly like a horny girl slut does. And your little boypussy has even started making lubrication when you are aroused. And without any medical assistance your breasts have grown to fit those little bras we bought for you. I think you’re ready my sweet sissy girl. It’s time we get you pregnant. I know it’s what you really want most. So our first step is to find the perfect BBC to shoot that virile seed deep inside you…

It’s the next step sissy-love! It’s what we’ve been working toward. And you are ready!

Your BFF <3,

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Meeting An Amazon Woman Phone Sex Part 4

Part 1  

Part 2

Part 3

Geez I was so worried!! What was she gonna say? What was she going to do? Was she going to leave me here all alone?

I slowly approached her, I was so nervous! She instantly accepted my advance, allowing me to breach her safety level, Allowing me close.. Man did she smell amazing.. Now if only I could touch her, feel her luscious body, I could smell the faint musk smell of her pussy, that amazing, inviting smell..

Making my cock instantly grow..




Part 5

Phone Sex Sissy Used All Night Long

I met a little femme bot the other day at the spa.  She was sitting next to me while I was getting a candy cane pedicure.  She ended up copying me and I invited her to a party I was going to that night.  She showed up in a little candy cane skirt with a white little fuzzy halter top.

My friends were all over her, giving her things to make her feel good.  Wasn’t long before she was on her knees sucking cock and lifting her sissy ass up in the air for all the boys to play with.  I loved watchin her squeal with pleasure each time another guy put his dick in “her”, stretchin her and turning ‘her’ into a little  slut craving cock sissy cum dumpster!!! Giggles….did I just say all that.