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Phonesex Feminizing An Old Friend

It just so happened that a conference was being held in the city of a former friend of mine who had deep sissy fantasies. We had been IM’ing about them and when I saw the opportunity to visit I sent him a very special package. It was a pink silicone male chastity device with a note to put it on immediately and keep it on until I arrived. I received a message from him scared and excited asking if he had to wear it the entire month. I told him he did and that I wanted a picture of the numbered lock to compare with when I arrived.

When he came to pick me up from the airport I could feel the hard cage against my thigh when he hugged me. He went on about how happy he was that I was there and blushed when I told him in the car to show me the numbered lock. It matched and as a reward I pulled the pink butt plug from my purse and inserted it in his ass for the drive to his home.

For the entire week of the conference he was a wonderful wife for me. My supper was hot, my sissy wife was dressed beautifully and the evening was spent training her to orgasm anally. Our final night I had a special surprise for her. My husband was joining us to see how much she had learned.





Black Mail Loser Phone Sex


Dear Princess please don’t destroy or humiliate me, I submit to you, I will obey your commands from now on. I am Princess Danielle’s bitch toy, your ‘s truly.


Well… I have some news for you my little black mail slut. I do what I want When I want to do it. Begging and pleading won’t protect you…

If you really honestly want to protect your sissy pictures, then you need to be the best little sissy slut in the world.

Keep me entertained…

When I get bored,  I get dangerous…

You cant afford me 2 get dangerous can you?




HOLDING Back On Phonesex Sissy Slut

It’s no secret that sissies are attention whores. Hahaha! Okay that just made me laugh for real. Your “sissiness” is all secret–omg if your family, boss, coworkers, friends knew? Oh yeah! So THAT is all hush-hush/don’t tell/confidentiality claused to the hilt. But the attention whoring! It’s like, in total contradiction to that “oath of silence” we’re supposed to tiptoe around regarding your panties and dildos and all the things you let me do to you, BEG me to do to you in fact.

Fuck. I went off on a mini-tangent there. Here’s what’s I meant to get into. I will give my new sissies a bit of leeway. Ask your questions to make sure you can handle what I’m going to do to your sissy ass! (And boy pussy, and life in general!) Take your time researching all your options. And when you realize I’m the one you keep coming back to, then it’s time to make that first call. Understand? There is no way you’re REALLY going to know until you just fucking dive in.

So do it slut! Sissy up! Hahaha!! xxx


Taking Away a Sissy’s Choices Phone Sex

Slut calls me up whining that he wants to be seen as a man, but how the fuck can he?? A man has a cock! And this whining little bitch is sporting a 3 and a half in wiggling worm between his legs.  It’s disgusting, is what it is.  So I make the cunt go shopping.  Make him buy the smallest cockcage he could find so I would never have to see that gross thing when he was on cam, and I made him buy panties and bras, slinky nighties, stockings and garter belts   And I made him buy three dildos.  Small medium and large. He cried like the pathetic creature he is when I made him strip and put on the proper clothing all sissy sluts love to wear.  He kept begging me to stop. But he knew better than to disobey me.  Then, when  he was fully dressed in his slut clothes and prancing around his room while sucking on the dildo that I started snapping pics of him  Not wanting to ruin his first jaunt around as my good little slut, I waited until after the call to send him copies of the pictures.

Little bitch paid for another call just to beg me not to show it to anyone.  I had so much fun asking him what he would think if his wife found out he liked wearing pink panties, or what his hockey buddies, or  his boss would think of him begging to suck the plastic cock.  Needless to say, his training is coming along fine.





Home for Wayward Phone Sex Sissy Cocksuckers!

Mistress Taryn Quinn and Princess Amber

Come one, come all!  Our new home for training sissy cocksuckers is now open for new recruits!  Your training will start with lessons on how to look your girlish best with panties, lingerie and make up.  Then it’s time to get on your knees and open that mouth and spread your cheeks, first for Amber and my strap on to acclimate your virgin holes to proper use.  Then next you will learn to service our stable of well hung studs.

Are you ready to learn to swallow load after load of creamy cum?

Mistress Taryn

Princess Amber

Fuck You like the Bitch You Are Phone Sex

Eat your heart out  2015-02-21

I don’t really give a fuck what you want. Nor how you want it. Your pitiful whining and moaning about what you need is simply B-O-R-I-N-G! Okay, so I said it. Want to stop feeling bored, scared and afraid to experience what you need, what you crave? Then crawl to me. Give in to it.

I will do what I want to you. I listen to no one. It’s my fucking way. I’ll bend you over, restrain you and show you what it is you’ve been longing for. The tears that escape your eyes will start out from pain, but by the time I’m through with you they’ll be tears of pleasure. A pleasure you’ve wanted for as long as you can remember.

I will push you. I will fuck you. I will use you. And guess what? You’ll fucking beg me for it. Know what else? You’ll also love me for it.

Girls RULE, boys drool. (And sissies beg like bitches)!!!


Princess Amber




Sissy Baby Wears Mommy’s Dirty Panties Phone Sex

My ABDL has been in mommy’s hamper again! Soooooo naughty!! You like mommy’s pretty red thong? It’s dirty with caked on cum. Why don’t you put it on for mommy. We can both get off while I finger my wet hot pussy watching you strut around in my pretty red thong. Let’s take turns wearing it and let me see you push it to the side while you stroke that cock for me. It gets me so wet and horny to see you wearing my red thong. That baby cock of yours is so hard and I know you are aching to cum, but just when you get to the edge…….Stop.
So frustrating, baby, I know. Go ahead and stroke again. Let’s see how far we can go with this pretty panty wearing edgeplay. If you make it twenty more strokes, you can cum in mommy’s dirty panties.


1-844-33-CANDY (1-844-332-2639) Ext.203

Tom’s Transformation Into Party Phonesex Slut Begins

I had cut class and was ready to go have a little fun but I needed to change clothes. I climbed in the window of my bedroom and what do I see? Tom, one of the construction guys that works for my dad in my room. Not only is he in my room but he has a pair of my panties on and a pair of my thigh socks and he is stretching out one of my bras and he is looking through my closet. I was super PO’d. I yelled at him and told him that I was going to tell my dad what a fucking freak pervert he was, going through his boss’s daughter’s closet. Wearing my panties!

He started begging me. And I do really love it when guys beg so I figured I might as well have some fun with it. I told him I would make a deal with him. If He let me finish dressing him, and if he went with me to the party and he could collect 8 condoms full of cum before we had to come home I wouldn’t tell.

He said he had never done anything like that before and begged me to just forget it but I wasn’t budging. He finally agreed and off we went to the party. Keep watching for the rest of the story it was really good.


1-866-829-8515 or 1-844-332-2639 ext. 230



Cross dressing neighbor phone sex

I forgot to bring a gift out of my car last night and when I went to get it, I got a very big surprise!   My neighbor was standing on his back porch smoking.  I know you are asking yourself what’s surprising about that.

It wasn’t the fact he was on his porch nor that he was smoking, it was what he had on!  He had on a house robe, leggins,clogs and a wig!  At first I thought it was a woman friend then when he took a puff of his cigarette I could tell it was him.  I have to say I have thought he had some sugar in his tank on more than one occasion.

I  could tell you he needs my help.  If he were  in my care he would never be seen looking so unkept.

Are you struggling with your fantasy of dressing like the sexy girl you are?  You should give me a call and let me train you in the ways of the world you want to be a part of.


if you can’t walk the walk; don’t talk the talk!

888 259 7486 FREE

844 332 2639 ext: 225





On Your Mark, Get Set Ruined Orgasm Phone Sex


You beg. You plead. You tell me you’ll do anything, ANYTHING!! Just please Princess, please let me cum you cry. Hearing you beg and whimper like that does amuse the fuck out of me, and building you up, letting you have a false sense of ‘yes’ she’s going to let it happen amuses the fuck out of me even more.

CONTROL – That’s right I’ve got it and you’re just beginning to learn that no matter how much you beg, plead and cry, I will ONLY give in when I WANT to give in. When I WANT you to experience that rush of orgasm through your pathetic sobbing body. You gave up your choices when you gave yourself to me. I make the decisions. I decide whether or not you’re worthy to experience a treat, or if those balls need to stay bluer than they’ve ever been before.

Cum see if you’ve won the jackpot today, never know maybe I’m feeling generous.

Girls RULE, boys drool and sissies never need to cum!


Princess Amber


Orgasm Denial Palace

Gravel and Beg Bitch