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Phone Sex real time financial domme!


I am cutting of my sissy today! you see I pay all her bills and receive all her income but she needs to pay her own allowance now.

New part time job for her will give me more time with you.

For the next 30 days I’ll have no contact with her while I start three new sissys on their path to freedom to be who they are.

Lil girls needing a mommy to take care of them, give me a call cause now I have the time.

I have a few financial accounts I take care of.  I take care of all and you just go about your life being the Queen you are.


If you can’t walk the walk; don’t talk the talk!

888 259 7486 FREE

844 332 2639 ext: 225






Mistress Anna Makes You Gay Phone Sex


Of course you aren’t gay. You get aroused by women and you enjoy wearing pretty panties for me, but it stops there, right? Well, I have a new little toy that all my little panty bois get to try. Under strict supervision from your Mistress Anna, I’ll conduct a series of tests using my Faginator (patent pending). The faginator is the lie detector of sex toys. I’ll have you sit on it while asking a series of questions. If you get excited and it starts to move then I know that I’ve made you gay…..which let’s face it. That always happens. *laughs*

Want to try it with me, Bitch?


Phonesex Panty Fag Loves Big Fat Dicks

I know your dirty little secret, panty faggot, I know you can’t resist putting on those pilfered panties and dreaming about having a big luscious precum dripping cock in your mouth. I know you thought you would escape you thought you would just walk away from them but really? No, you are now and will always be a dick craving panty wearing cunt and well always be my bitch. I really don’t care how many girlfriends you have or how much of a player you are, I will always know what buttons to push to put you right back on your lingerie loving knees hungry for cock!

Just look down see how your panty poker is getting hard just hearing me talk about it. Yeah that is permanent, you can tell yourself you are a perfectly straight stud all you want but I and I will always know the truth that underneath that image you project to everyone else is a sissy faggot waiting to be forced to her knees and fed a hot creamy cumload. But please do keep trying to escape it just makes it that much more fun when I drag lol you back.





Phone Sex Sissy Slut Contest

I love it when you call me, all dressed up in lingerie like a nasty cum whore so eager to please me. You will do anything your Mistress requests of you because you’re aching to be my #1 Sissy.

Well guess what, you’re in luck. For 1 week only I’m holding a contest to see who can be the dirtiest nastiest Sissy Cum Slut. This of course will require an on camera session for me to take screen shots of you.

These sessions will be entirely up to you to pre-plan what you will do to impress me. Next Thursday the most creative Sissy Slut will be posted on my blog and get a permanent post on my tumblr page.

If you want to be remembered in my Sissy Hall of Fame you’d better dress to impress. Make sure there are lot’s of big beefy dildo’s involved as I want to see that boy pussy stretched to it’s limits!

Mistress Francie

1-844-332-2639 Ext. 208



Phonesex Watching The Young Sissy

My neighbor asked if I could watch her little boy for her. She was having a bit of an emergency. I was happy to have the sweet little guy to spend time with and assured her it was no trouble at all. We played games which included hide and go seek. He was a very good hider. I looked for him and couldn’t find him when I heard a giggle come from the back of my closet. I opened the door and found the most adorable face smiling up at me as he rubbed his face against the silk of one of my gowns. When I reached in to pick him up I found that he had taken off his shirt and had slipped a gown over his head as well. The sheer chunky square straps and stretched mesh of the satin gown gaped open as he squirmed to be set down.

“My, but don’t you look pretty” I told him and he giggled and turned in a circle. He told me he liked the way it felt so I indulged him pulling more of my soft satin and silk lingerie out for him to try on. Then He got bold digging in my drawer and pulled out one of my dildos and asked me what it was. Stunned I had no answer but “It’s a toy”. Then he asked if he could play with it, if I would show him how. How was I to say no to that sweet little darling face?





Black Satin Panties Phone Sex


Walking into your bedroom after a long day of work, to find me laying in your bed.. nothing but your favorite pair of black satin panties on.. You know the ones… you keep trying to hide from your wife..

You weren’t expecting to find me here were you? Endangering your home life. You know im more important than she is. You need me. You need your fantasy to become a reality.

We both know that the only thing standing in the way of you and your dreams of being a Sissy, is her. So, I have decided that its time to get her out of the picture :) If you would like to save your relationship, your really going to have to do some convincing.

Who’s more important to you? Your sexy young teen Domme goddess? Or your old wrinkly wifey??

I think we both know that answer.




Strap On Phone Sex Training

My little sissy slut has been so good that he deserved some special attention from his sexy but mean mistress.  I got him a pink, baby doll night gown with matching pink lace panties so he could dress up nice for me. He went all out for me too.  He got his nails done and his hair done and  all he wanted to do was be my little sissy slut and I could have my way with him. The time to violate his cunt hole was way over due.

He whimpered a little when he saw the size of my strap on.

Suck my cock.” I commanded. He sucked it and took it all in as his eyes got wide. He was so turned on, but scared at the same time. He knew what I was going to want next.

I had him get on all fours.

Spread those pretty little ass cheeks apart, Bitch.” I said.  He took his manicured hand and pulled his panties to the side, shaking in anticipation. “Time for you to really become my little bitch.”



Well Hello My Pretty Phone Sex Sissy :)

Well hello my pretty pretty sissy boy! Come closer so I can get a good look at you! Oh, look at what potential you have sweet sissy boy. All we need to do is find you the perfect outfit (complete with sexy lingerie, of course) and make that face up a bit. Get out of those clothes. All the way. Don’t be shy! We’re just a couple of girlfriends having a makeover day! There. Look at that eager little clitty. Hee hee! I love to see your excitement! Now turn around and bend over for me so I can see your little boy pussy. I just want to see exactly what we’re working with. 😉 Perfect! I’m going to get you all dressed up, made up and ready to go in no time! Call me, sweetie! Let’s get started right away! We’re going to have so much fun!!

Your new BFF <3,

VoteHere :)

A Life Changing Phonesex Surprise

I told you I had a surprise for you bimbette! You got in the car when I picked you up from your “respectable job” and you were giggling like a brainless schoolgirl when I wrapped the blindfold around your eyes you were so excited. I told you it was going to be a BIG surprise. Oh I guess you probably were thinking that it was going to be a big cock for you to suck, didn’t you? That’s why you were squirming in your seat all eager to be the slut you are, but no, that wasn’t it.

When I took off the blindfold and you realized you were in a Doctor’s office, you should have seen your face!! First you wondered if I was going to make you do something humiliating in front of everyone, then you looked for a cock to be sucked, then you saw the plastic surgery certificates on the wall and weren’t sure whether to be excited or scared. But the one thing you do know is not to fuck with me and not to argue so when I told you to sit you did.

Back in the exam room you discovered you were right, you were there to suck cock well partially anyway, See I promised Dr. Goodbody that if he gave you the big oversized tits that you need that you would take care of all of his needs. Now open your mouth and get to work on that down payment sissy girl.





Phonesex Sissy Fantasies And Confessions

He called for our first session wearing pretty pink panties. Knowing he was hesitant, maybe a little shy and/or nervous I let him start slowly.  We discussed his personal and professional life. We had a quick rapport and found many things to talk about before we got around to confession time. And what he had to confess–how vivid and sincere he was–actually turned me on as well as interested and intrigued me. His first time sucking cock was at University, and although he was sort of “scammed” into doing it, he was hooked.  So he did it again and again. And again. I can’t go into detail about our session as all my sessions are confidential without express consent to share. But I wanted to share this much. I look forward to our next sessions and pushing him back to where we both know he wants to be.

Do you have something(s) to confess? Fantasies  you need that push to fulfill? If you’re in denial, repressing, or otherwise holding on too tightly, maybe Hypnotrance is what you need. And maybe you are completely ready to spill right now. Come to me. Let’s see if we click. xxx

The Bad Little Bitch Nicole
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