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Surprise Cum Facial For Sissy Phone Sex


I surprised my sissy slut by coming home early. I saw her setting out some clothes and she was very embarrassed to see that I had come home. Little did she know that I had quite the surprise party planned. I poured a drink and waited for it to kick in. Then I helped pick out the sexiest, sluttiest outfit and I even did her make up. I then held her hand and took her downstairs where I had invited a whole bunch of men… (some neighbors, some co-workers, but they all knew my sissy slut in some way)

Right away I instructed her to please ALL the men. She was going to suck cocks, let them fuck her in the ass and jerk them all off. They were all told to blow their loads all over sissy slut’s face for her first bukkake facial. Her clitty cock was twitching at the idea of being used and degraded by all of these men. They called her names and passed her around and came all over her face. Finally, one man picked up sissy slut by the legs and let her stroke her clitty cock until she came all over her own face. The bukkake party was a hit!

Sissy Transformation Phone Sex

Has that wormy little rod been giving you problems? Maybe its just a tiny bit too small to be considered a penis? I would like to tell you I could help you with that, but we both know that I can’t help you with that little pathetic excuse for a cock.

You need to come let me help you become a full time Sissy!
I will finish robbing you of any remaining shred of manhood and masculinity you might have left and turn you into the beautiful Sissy Slut you’ve secretly always wanted to be.

We’ll start your transformation by placing you in a nice tall pair of heels, silky pantyhose and a mini skirt. Keep in mind this is an ongoing process and will require dedication, devotion and assignments in order to complete your transformation.

What are you waiting for slut? Pick up the phone and let’s begin!

Mistress Francie

1-844-332-2639 ext 208


Phonesex Sissy Sister Wishes Come True

Years and years I wished for a sister, but all I got was brothers. Then one night staring out the window I saw a falling star and made a wish one more time for a little sister. Daddy at that same time came up behind me and asking me what I was doing. I told him I was making a wish then he kissed me and said he wanted to make all my wishes come true. We fell asleep in my bed and the next morning I woke up to find daddy had been transformed into the one thing I really wanted, a little sister.

I named her Brandi and took her to school with me, she was so shy still adjusting to her new curves, and cute face. I introduced her to my boyfriend’s best friend and made a double date for us. Daddy/Brandi said she couldn’t go out with a boy she didn’t know what to do but I assured her that was what big sisters were for!

The way Brandi blushed when she admitted she loved sucking cock was totally cute. Only she and I knew that my daddy was in there. Mommy was a little upset when daddy never came home but not me! I knew that teaching Brandi to be a cock loving girly whore was going to be the greatest. I can’t wait until she gets to meet the football team, watching her forced to take cock after cock after cock is going to be so hot!





What Goes On in a CuckBitch’s Mind Phonesex

What do you think of when you see me stretched out on my plush bed, my nipples hard, my pussy wet and needy for a big, hard, thick cock? You know you could never satisfy me, you are too pathetic, your weak, and we both know that pathetic inchworm between your legs would never satisfy me. You are good for a laugh though, aren’t you? Perhaps that’s why I keep you around. That, and someone to take care of all my other needs.
I know it was hard for you when I first put that cage on you, but, as I explained, I wouldn’t want my real lovers to think you ever got anywhere near my hungry cunt. It’s why I always make you dress so pretty in panties and silk negligees when they are over. Showing then what a weak sissy bitch you are puts them at ease so quickly. I know you get so embarrassed when you have to serve us dinner or drinks, and that curtsy I make you do is just too adorable. You turn so red when my lovers laugh at you. But best of all, you keep my lovers’ cocks hard for me, and you clean both them and me off when we are done fucking while you watch.

Is that what you think of when you see me stretched out on the bed, ready, eager and wanting a real man to fuck me?

Marilyn 1-866-513-0615





Just a couple hours ago, I told Sissy Phonesex Faggot Bb Brendan Gayhill to go to the store and buy some giant white cotton fucking granny panties. He had to get a cart, put ONLY the fucking panties in the cart, and go through the check out line. He just told me the little cashier girl looked weird. “She looked weird? Or she looked at you like you were weird?” I asked my funny obedient fucking sissy. “Um, she looked at me like I was weird.”

Bwahhahahahahahaha!! Oh fuck. I HAVE to post this now while I’m in session with Sissy Bb, but will definitely be expanding on this. We’re going to be writing all over these giant white panties… right now. But I need to get this sissy exposed IMMEDIATELY.


Google (and everywhere) search terms: Sissy Faggot Bb, Sissy Phonesex Faggot Bb, Sissy Faggot Brendan, Sissy Faggot Brendan Gayhill, Sissy Faggot Bb Brendan Gayhill, and oh so many more… and it’s gonna get so much more personal!!

The Baddest Little Bitch Nicole
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Such A Fun Night With Phone Sex Sissy

You’re such a fun sissy! I got you dressed up so pretty last night in all your sexiest lingerie. You pointed your toes so perfectly when I slid your silk stockings up your legs. You’ve definitely practiced in front of the mirror a million times, haven’t you my frilly little sissy? Heehee! The way you shimmied into that tiny dressSexy sissy bitch!! And then the way you slipped right into your cum-fuck-me pumps. Yes you definitely practiced for our night out! Watching you walk into the club in those shoes was nothing short of hilarious and I thank you for that! But didn’t you turn in to such a shy little sissy when we scoped out those big black hotties. Oh but girlfriend! Didn’t you surprise us all when we all got back to your place!! Nasty nasty sissy slut! Can’t wait for our next night out!

Your BFF <3,
Hot Wife
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Tracy Becomes a Better Phonesex Woman Every Day


Sometimes you just know when things are not right. Tracy is a wonderful person but so obviously in the wrong box. Tracy should have been a beautiful delicate woman full of grace and poise being admired for her beauty. Unfortunately Tracy has also been under the impression that she was fine how she was. It has been my pleasure to show her how very mistaken she has been. Just look at those legs and tell me that they weren’t made for pantyhose. They are beautiful legs and should be shown off by tights and pantyhose rather than the unimaginative wearing of Tracy’s male socks.

She has begun to embrace parts of her womanhood by disposing of her male underwear and now is only wearing panties everyday even to work which has been a struggle for her but she is adapting nicely. I am so proud of my girlfriend. There are many more steps to be taken but as you can see by the pictures we are making progress. If you feel as if you are in the wrong box sometimes perhaps we should discuss it and you too might need the firm, guiding hand of a woman to recreate you in her image.





Gobble Up That Cum Phone Sex

My little dicked loser seeks the pleasure that comes from obeying and following my instructions.  He knows that he needs permission from me for not only cumming, but for stroking that tiny cock as well.  The only way he’s allowed to cum is if he is wearing girly panties and if he eats his own cum in some degrading way.  Sometimes he laps it off the floor.  Other times he cums while standing on his head and giving himself a facial.  I’ve had him cum on a cracker and gobble it down and the more humiliating my instructions, the harder he seems to cum.

This last time, I played bartender and as he got close to blowing his load, I handed him a shot glass.  ”Shoot it in there and open wide”, I laughed.  And of course, he drank every single drop of that cum.




Pussy Ass Phonesex Sissy Bitch

Okay you little bitch. I have had enough of your fucking high maintenance bs. Seriously. You came to me after your “days” of research and clip-listening!! You told me about all the “real-life dommes” and phone sex dommes you have serviced… blahhhh… I explained I’m not a fucking “domme” and told you in detail how things work with me. You asked for a quick getting-to-know-you session, then extended it… then professed your immediate addiction.

And yet you can not complete one fucking task!! And then you whine about your punishment!!! Hahaha! Listen up you cock-loving cum-eating pussy ass sissy bitch! You came to me. Not the other way around. So get on board or get the fuck out. Right?



Curing Your Addiction Phone Sex

You have a problem, An Addiction… You need help don’t you? Well. You came to the right place. You know the key to curing an addiction, is getting to the source of the problem, and identifying the cause.

I can help you with this, giving you the tools and training you need to overcome your addiction. You have a problem giving in to sexy young girls don’t you! Maybe you even get a little to ****, and open your wallet just a little too far.

You are in desperate need of help… Aren’t you?

Well… Sit down, Shut up, and let me take you on a journey through your subconscious, asking questions, manipulating your mind… And making you mine. You will be cured by the end of our time together.

What you’re cured of… Well, that’s your choice.