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My Sissy Has A Giantess Fetish Phone Sex

You’ve certainly outdone yourself this time, my sissy slut. By submitting to me, you’ve given me super human power to grow into the gigantic goddess that you’ve been fantasizing about. I don’t know how you did it, but I can now dominate you as a huge mistress and carry you around in my designer purse. Ooooh maybe you can hold onto the heels of my spiked stilettos!

I’m so tall that I can see the tops of the tallest buildings and I can put you up there to look too. Your clitty cock is getting so stiff because you know that I’m going to have so much fun with you. Perhaps I will hide you in my hot wet pussy for a while. Mmmmm that feels nice. I can’t wait to have more adventures with you my kinky little sissy slut. Behave, now! *giggle*


Bobbie drops in for some phone sex dress up


I love for Bobbie to drop by.  She’s a girl like me.  We like the finer things; sexy undergarment, form fitting dresses, nonstrategic hair dos and like to be treated like a lady in public and a whore in the bedroom.

I like to fashion myself after Mae West and Bobbie’s more like Veronica Lake.

Today we added matching red bra; panties and garter belt.  All in a silky material.  Silk feels so good rubbing up on exposed skin.  Stockings have seams of course; shoes a nice 4 inches to pop those calves out.

After getting all dressed up we went downstairs to a party in the hotel.

It wasn’t long until Bobbie had attracted a partner and gone with him up to his room.  She later told me how he was so easy and gentle with her while he fucked her face.  He couldn’t get enough of her.  He then took her to the bedroom; placed a pillow under her sexy tummy and fucked her lil fuck hole til she begged him to fill her up with his cum!

I’m already looking forward to our next time.


“If you can’t walk the walk; don’t talk the talk”





Sissy Risks Phone Sex

Sitting in his home office with his wife and sister-in-law right in the other room I have my sissy Michell get on camera and put on a pretty red nightgown. Heehee! Before he had a chance to do it, his wife barged right into the room with our session open in full view on his computer! Close call! Then, surprise! When he had his shirt off his stepdaughter walked in! Lol. Finally he got the nightgown on and quickly put his clothes on over it. But that’s not what I wanted to see! So I made him model it for me as you can see in the picture of him pulling his pants off. I let him pull his pants back over the long gown… and had him pull out his side-drawer dildo! Kissing it, sucking it made his sissy clitty ache so badly he had to grab it. He could hear his family talking right outside the door but I made him keep sucking that dildo until he had it balls deep making his eyes water and triggering his gag reflex. His face was red. I could see his breathing grow shallow. I could practically hear his heart beating and the butterflies fluttering in his tummy. Sissy risks are so fun!

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Many Uses for Marilyn’s Panties Phonesex

Oh you naughty little sissygirl. I’ve seen you staring at my panties. Think of the wetness, my scent, but it that all you have been thinking about? Are you jealous? Want to try them on? Well, little bitch, I think it’s time you learned that sliding my dirty wet panties up your thighs to wrap around your little clit is the least of your worries.

Perhaps I’ll pull them over your head and make you sit in the corner, the wet pussy scented crotch over your nose and mouth. Maybe I’ll wrap them around your pathetic clit so tight and hand weights on them, see how much you can take before your are crying like the sissygirl we both know you are. Some days you’ll wear them for me, underneath your man costume, wear them all day at work and feel the crusty cum that I made you deposit in them before you even left. All day long you’ll feel that itchy scratchy feeling, wondering if anyone else can smell them, but you can sure as hell smell the deposit.

These are just some of the thoughts going through my head. So when you start staring at my panties, slut, be prepared for the consequences.

Mistress Marilyn


Phone Sex Sissy Chastity Training

sissy fantasy, forced feminization, strapon, mind control, sissy roleplay


Bad little sissy gurl, you have been failing to follow my instructions on your feminization transformation and now it’s time to pay the price.  Pull down your panties and I’ll lock away your favorite tug toy and place the key on a chain hung tantalizingly around my neck.  If you ever expect to be released for a milking you will follow my every wicked demand.  First you will be dressing up in your frilly pink sissy dress so I can show off  your newly caged member to all of my friends.

Everyone knows that the best way to control misbehavior is deny your orgasm and be kept on on a sexual edge for days, weeks or as long as my cruel heart desires.  In time your clitty will shrink down to nearly nothing, all the better to fit in your panties my pet.  Honestly it’s better this way, the truth is even if you had obeyed my every command you would have been forced into chastity training.

Mistress Taryn


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Phonesex Sissy Bb Fucked And Exposed

Phonesex Sissy Faggot Bb leaves the door open so Mr. Oldman can come fuck him, use him, and tell him what a good sissy he is. My sissy. Such a good sissy. So obedient. Eager. Eager, obedient sissy faggot. He has to share the pictures with me. He can’t stop himself. He knows what I’m going to do. But he’s compelled. He doesn’t have a choice, he has to do it. Yeah. I did that to him. Hahaha. And I can do it to you.



Phone Sex Sissy Wishes!

I have a pretty PRETTY little sissy slut! She LOVES everything girly, everything sweet and pink and feminine. She loves for me to watch her get dressed because she thinks she is so pretty and girly that she doesn’t need my help picking her outfits! And I admit, she does look VERY good in her pink stockings, dark pink pumps, pale pink lace panties, and her tight pink padded push-up bra. Her favorite dress is a hot pink silk spaghetti strapped mini. And she loves parading around driving all the boys crazy. She says, “Look how hot I am! Don’t I look pretty? I’m GORGEOUS!” And I giggle because she does look pretty and her walk in those high heels is so practiced! But then I take my clothes off, bend over and show her what I have and she doesn’t!! Heehee! She gets so jealous and pouty. She tucks her clitty between her legs and follows me out the door knowing I’m going to get her little boy pussy fucked as hard as she wants it!

Your BFF <3,
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One sinful phone sex caller (love it)


Lucky me! I’ve another Sissy Slut wanting to be published. I may become their on-line relief source. I have rules though and this Sissy Slut hasn’t complied with all of them yet. I will be hearing from him before caring through with all.

This is a small insert from the story she has started telling me.

I lay in my bed stroking my cock thinking about the cum I would be swallowing before the night was out. My brother was asleep downstairs and my Dad was sleeping in the next room. For once it was Mom who was away, so I wouldn’t be doing my usual thing of sneaking naked into Mom’s room while Dad was away, dressing up in mom’s lingerie and standing by my mother’s bed with my cock as close to mom’s mouth as I could get it. On those nights I always hoped (and feared) that mom would wake up and catch me, but she never did and I usually ended up putting her lingerie away, sneaking back out and downstairs and sucking my brother’s cock.

Now does that sound like something more you want to hear?


“If you can’t walk the walk; don’t talk the talk”



Black Satin Panties Phone Sex


Walking into your bedroom after a long day of work, to find me laying in your bed.. nothing but your favorite pair of black satin panties on.. You know the ones… you keep trying to hide from your wife..

You weren’t expecting to find me here were you? Endangering your home life. You know im more important than she is. You need me. You need your fantasy to become a reality.

We both know that the only thing standing in the way of you and your dreams of being a Sissy, is her. So, I have decided that its time to get her out of the picture :) If you would like to save your relationship, your really going to have to do some convincing.

Who’s more important to you? Your sexy young teen Domme goddess? Or your old wrinkly wifey??

I think we both know that answer.





Secret Desires: Feminize Me Phone Sex

You have hidden it your entire life. You know what they will all think of you if they find out what it is you truly crave deep down inside. You realize every single one of them will finally have confirmation for what they always thought about you….You were never a real man. And guess what?! They’ll be RIGHT!

What you are isn’t a man, and it isn’t a girl either is it? You’re an in-between. A feminine oddity that loves to be forced to do dirty, filthy, perverted things to please the Princess in your life. You adore when I force your mouth down on a big thick real cock, gagging you and choking you between the cock and the slimy pre-cum, while whispering in your ear that this is what you were born to be doing.

I know you want to keep it a secret. Those secret desires can ruin pathetic faggots like you….but it’s not your fucking choice is it. It’s mine. Tick tock, tick tock…..you better cum get what you deserve.


Princess Amber

Girls RULE, boys drool!?