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Are You a Jealous Phone Sex Sissy?

Look at those tits. Aren’t they beautiful. So perfect. I know a little sissy like you is jealous. You should be. They are what you can never have, what you can never be. Real Tits. A pathetic thing like you, a sissy locked inside the body of a pathetically weak man, doesn’t even deserve to look at something so incredible. You are unworthy. Disgusting. A vile fake creature, neither man nor woman. A thing.

Good thing you have holes, tho. Holes for me to use. To fuck hard and fast with my large collections of vibes, plugs and strap on cocks of allcolours and sizes. To lend out, share, offer to others with strapons, or even, if you are very lucky, Real Men. Don’t care if you want it, don’t care if you like it, hell, I don’t even if you cry and beg me not to turn you into acocksucking, cumlapping, asshole rimming little faggot, it’s part of the price you’ll pay for looking at my most perfect breasts.

Mistress Marilyn




Homosexual Acceptance Therapy Phonesex

Accept your fate, admit it, beg me to expose you. Sissy Bb is so close. So close to full acceptance and complete exposure. These pictures are the result of a task I gave him; which he had no choice but to complete to my liking. Or LOSE something he LOVES. Do you feel the pull as well? That urge to be exposed? Those fucking butterflies turning into bats in your belly when you imagine people seeing your picture? I’ve made Sissy Bb the most exposed sissy on the internet. But I still have so many plans and different ways to expose him, MAKE him accept his fate. How far are you willing to go?

I’ll push you further than that.

The Bad Little Bitch
Click It Sissy

Phone Sex Sissy Gang Bang In The Locker Room

I helped my pretty little sissy boy get all dressed up in silky stockings and panties, lace bra, sexy high heels, and a front zip leather skirt with a button up vest top. We glued his eyelashes on, dark blue eyeliner with a white frost to brighten his eyes, foundation, blush, and a matte red lipstick with just the perfect amount of gloss. Perfect. Such a pretty little sissy. I told her I had a surprise for her and I could feel her apprehension! Heehee! It just added to the excitement. We drove to the local gym where every Friday all the biggest hottest black men get together for basketball pick up games. Of course, we arrived right at the end–right when all those beautiful sweaty men were heading for the showers. As I led her in the same direction she pulled back on my hand. “What are we doing?!” she asked. “Well, we’re going where those gorgeous studs are going, of course!” I answered. I practically had to drag her. But once we got there and she saw all those humongous, incredible cocks, I had to put my hand against the bottom of her chin to close her mouth! The four cocks–I mean guys–closest to us noticed us standing there. Their eyes went back and forth between us as little smirks crossed all their faces…

[To be continued]

Sissy’s BFF <3,
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Owned Phone Sex

You dirty little cum sluts know the drill. If you want to be owned then you need to prove it, you need to show me you’re worthy of my attention. How does one achieve that you may ask yourself?

Look up, do you see that pretty bitch up there? He’s mine, he knows he needs to show the world he belongs to me in order to make me happy.

Do you want to make me happy?

Grab your marker, set up a call and have your webcam ready. Then maybe just maybe you’ll prove to be worthy enough to star in my next blog.

Mistress Francie

1-844-332-2639 Ext 208


You Will Love The New You Phonesex

You just can’t resist the allure of a sexy woman like me. Look into my eyes, look at my body, you would do anything for a taste of me. You would do anything to ease the swelling of your cock, anything to have sex tonight. Well I promise you’ll get laid tonight. Your eyes follow the stroke of my tongue over my lips. You lose yourself in the perfection of my makeup, the perfect color of my lipstick, my dexterous swipe of tongue, your imagination runs wild.

We are going to have such fun together. But see I am the kind of woman your mother warned you about, I will toy with you, just because I can, and you will love me for it Sissy. Oops did I just call you sissy? Oh I bet that hurts…. but don’t worry I will take wonderful care of you. Remember honey, I am perfectly organized, and I have the perfect little black book of secrets on you. Now I promised that you would get laid tonight, but no one is going to fuck you in those black sneakers, so hand them over, NOW Sissy! Let’s go get you that perfect pair of fuck me pumps, shall we? Remember my black book, I own you Sissy…





FULL DISCLOSURE Phonesex Sissy Bb Exposure

Sissy phonesex faggot Bb is nearing the point of no return! Already the most exposed sissy on the internet, he’s on the brink of going ALL IN–FULL DISCLOSURE EXPOSURE!! I made him put on this outfit and go outside to think about it. So he did. Cars driving by, he stood out there dressed up and holding his big black dildo. When he came back in we discussed how far he was willing to go, how much information he was willing to put out there. And then we decided it was up to me! Hahahaha.

Full Disclosure Exposure for Sissy Phonesex Faggot Bb.

It’s coming soon.

The Bad Little Bitch
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Sissy Hole Violation For Bitches Phone Sex

My little sissy slut has been so good that he deserved some special attention from his sexy but mean mistress.  I got him a pink, baby doll night gown with matching pink lace panties so he could dress up nice for me. He went all out for me too.  He got his nails done and his hair done and  all he wanted to do was be my little sissy slut and I could have my way with him.

He whimpered a little when he saw the size of my strap on.

Suck my cock.” I commanded. He sucked it and took it all in as his eyes got wide. He was so turned on, but scared at the same time. He knew what I was going to want next.

I had him get on all fours.

Spread those pretty little ass cheeks apart, Bitch.” I said.  He took his manicured hand and pulled his panties to the side, shaking in anticipation. “Time for you to really become my little bitch.”

Phonesex Sissy Slut Cums Without Touching

He had heard about me he said. Heard I was relentless with a strap-on. That I was a mean little bitch.  He wanted me to force it into him. “HARD ENTRY” he said. “Careful what you wish for!” I warned.

So he turned on his camera… And there SHE was! All dressed up for me in a tight little black pushup bra three sizes too small so it pushed those little titties up nice and perkypretty little black panties! We had two big dildos to choose from. Of course I chose the biggestI bent that fucking slut over and shoved in as hard as I could. Her ass resisted at first, but then that cockwhore took that entire strap-on all the way. “You fucking slut” I gritted out between my teeth. “That’s right, take it all!”

I owned that assFucked it so hard. Watched him wince and writhe. And then I heard that sound I know so well. His back was to me, but I knew!  ”You fucking SLUT! You bad, bad little whore!”

He didn’t even turn around. “Oh god!! I came!!” he cried. “I’m so sorry, Miss Nicole! I wasn’t even touching. I… that’s never happened before!… I swear, I wasn’t even touching it and it just started… oh my god! I’ve never felt ANYTHING like it…”

“Oh my naughty little slut. You know I’m going to have to punish you severely for this, don’t you?” I laughed.

“I do Miss Nicole. I do!… Thank you Miss Nicole. Thank you thank you thank you thank you…”


Game Time Phone Sex


Tonight’s game starts at 9pm est. Join us for a fun filled night of laughs, jokes, and totally free phone sex! (only if you win!)
Come take advantage of the chance of a life time! Thats right boys, tonight we are giving away  a free 15 min phone sex call! Don’t sit on your couch bored tonight! Come Play!
Its GAME TIME! Lets get ready to have one heck of a wild time!

He/She Phone Sex

My boyfriend told me he wanted to have a threesome a few weeks ago with me and another girl.  I thought it would be awesome so I found the perfect girlie to play with us.

She was hot, super sexy with nice big tits, and the most perfect ass I had ever seen.  It looked so yummy, even I wanted to taste it.  She came over on the agreed night. We had some nice relaxing beverages and then got into it.  It was very hot and sexy.  The 2 of us started to kiss and touch each other and took our tops off as we started to play with each others titties..  My boyfriend loved it cuz he had the best of both worlds…my nice little ones and her huge melons…..giggles.

I told him I wanted him to go down on me while she gave him a rim job.  He was all over that and quickly got down on his hands and knees, licking and sucking on my tight little pussy as my new friend rimmed his ass with her nice warm tongue……

He really didn’t see it cumming….didn’t have a clue as “she” slid her thick long cock up my boyfriends ass.  The look of shock on his face as I pulled his head off my pussy….Surprise baby, you wanna fuck another bitch in front of me…..this is what happens…you become my fucking bitch…..funny thing is…..he got harder then he ever got with me…..came harder and “pretended” he didn’t like it…..

Giggles….he fucking loved it..we’ve been with “her” a few times since then…