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Itsy Bitsy Bikini Phone Sex

It’s summertime sissy sluts and that means it’s time to hit the beach! I want to see my sissy whores dressed in itsy bitsy bikinis at the beach. I want to see that slutty boy pussy wriggling around in the sand and splashing in the waves for me.

So here’s your sissy task this week. I want to see pictures of you dressed to impress in bikinis. You can email them to francie@phonesexcandy.com. If I find one that piques my interest you will get a permanent placement on my tumblr page.

The more public your exposure in a bikini is, the better chance you have of me picking you as my Summer Time Sissy!

Mistress Francie

1-844-332-2639 ext 208



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Do you have what it takes to win?? Join us For one of the funnest games ever!!! Will you be the lucky guy who wins the free 15 min phone sex call? Or will you give up to easy n lose? Can you outwit all the other men playing?

Come try!!

lets see if you have what it takes!!

Don’t forget to ask your favorite girl to be there!! Cuz you only get to use ur 15 mins with girls who attend the game!!!

Lets have some fun!

Join us for tonight’s game night!

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1-844-33-Candy EX. 206


1-844-33-Candy EX. 204



Phonesex Sissy Desperate Confessions

How desperately this sissifag needs a big strong man to teach him a lesson. This is how pathetic denying your own desires can make you. Years and years he has tried to be a man and now realizes how stupid that was. From the beginning he was a sissy gurl and now he wants to make up for it in her words.

Sixty one year old man- not a man really- a desperate sissy craving to serve a dominate younger man. I understand that I am worthless, and you are everything. You are my superior in every way. All I want is to please you in whatever way you wish. Your cock will be my god. You will be by god. I need constant punishment. I would be honored if you would punish me for disappointing you in the slightest at any time. I should be spanked hard, especially in front of your girlfriend or friends. If you want to dress me up, take me out to a bar or a mall, on a leash, if you want me to dance with another man in public or go down on my knees and serve him, I would be honored to do so like a good girl. I would reach up on my tippy toes to kiss him or have him put his strong arms around me. Thank you in advance for even listening to my feeble request, Master. Sissifag Tyler

If this sissifag sounds like something you can use please let me know.





Shy Sissy Boy Phone Sex


Awww; he was so sweet.  Just like I like them.  Took him awhile to revile what he was looking for; but we soon got down to fun.  I like sweet sissy boys.  The ones you have to whisper to; to get them into their pretty panties.  Asking him to turn around for you; tell you how they feel…if they are too tight or just right.  Telling him how to tuck the boy parts away so everything fits smoothly. Having him look down his belly and see smooth all the way to his thighs.  The silky feel of the panties.  Oh the different kinds of fun we can have.


If you can’t walk the walk; don’t talk the talk!

888 259 7486

844 332 2639 ext: 225




Phonesex Daddy Is My Mom For My Extra Credit

Hee hee, ok I admit it I am a little evil but in the best kind of way! I walked into daddy’s office and collapsed in the chair across from his desk sobbing. I know how much he hates to see me cry and it was going to take all my juice to get him to agree to this one. He went straight into daddy protector/fixer mode like I knew he would. He promised to do whatever I needed if I would just stop crying.

I told him that it was Mom and Daughter Night at school and Mom was being a bitch and wouldn’t go and I was going to be the only one there without a Mom. He said he would talk to her but nope, I wasn’t having that and started crying again. “What do you want me to do Whit?” he pleaded. “Daddy I want you to dress up like mom and pretend to be her for me. Please!” Another couple hours of crying and dire dramatic threats and Daddy was putting on mom’s dress and letting me do his make-up.

Watching dad walk in his dress and heels was awesome! But the best part was when my math teacher escorted “him” to the teacher’s lounge to work off that extra credit I had promised. Dad came out lipstick smeared wiping something off his lips and looking at me like I was in trouble. Whateves! I got my A for it! Boom!





Dress You Up Pretty Fuck You Hard Phonesex


Hey sissy bitch! Ready to play? Don’t come to me with your wishy washy unsure bs. Get ready and BE ready. I’m gonna get you dressed up all pretty like the nasty little whore you are. Lacy bra and panties, silk stockings, matching fuck-me pumps. Haha! Don’t fret, pet. You’ll get the hang of walking in them. Put on your favorite wig and we’ll paint your face like a perfect slut. I know how you love that cocklover-red lipstick and the mess you leave all over your huge dildo. And while you’re gagging on that, I’m going to fasten my biggest strap on around my waist and fuck you senseless. Hard and deep. I want to hear you scream like the sissy bitch you are… xxx


I Love My Risk-Taking Phone Sex Sissy!

Oh sissy girl! You come to me with BOY clothes on?? Oh your wife is home? Well I think that’s perfect! Take off that shirt! Where is she? Two rooms down? That’s plenty of space for you to hear her coming. (Hee hee except when I get you into Sissy Space, but would I do that? Hee hee.) Uh oh! There she is! Tell her it was warm so you took off your shirt! See? No harm done! Good. She’s gone. So take of those stupid BOY pants! That’s Mommy’s good girl! Doesn’t that feel so much better? Yes it does. I can see your clitty throbbing! It needs some attention. No need to worry! Mommy’s here! Rub that clitty! Omg! She’s back again!! How are you going to explain THIS?!

Hee hee! Oh sweet sissy girl, you make Mommy so proud! Taking so many risks for your Mommy Mistress!

And Mommy knows you love it just as much as she does! (Wifey, not so much!! Hee hee!)

How far are you willing to go? Let’s find out!

Sissy Mommy Mistress,
Sherry <3
Vote For Mistress Mommy Sherry :)

Breast Enhancement Hypnosis For Sissy Sluts

sissy slut

If you are going to be MY sissy slut, I want you to wear pretty clothes and I want you to have curves in all the right places. Think you can’t grow your tits just from hypnosis? You are right to be skeptical, but results don’t lie and I would never waste my precious time transforming you into my perfect girly whore unless I was extremely confident in my abilities.

What are you doing thinking with that little empty bimbo head of yours anyway? You leave the decision making to your Mistress Anna. It’s time you had the body that I want you to have.

Arrange your breast enhancement trance session with me today. Email me at anna@phonesexcandy.com.

Mistress Anna

Full Blown Sissy Phone Sex

I know you long to be beautiful like me. You want your hair to be perfect, fingers and toes to be perfectly manicured, your make up to look just right and to wear beautiful lingerie like me every single day.

I can help you with that sissy. I can transform you from a wanna be sissy to a full blown Sexy Sissy Slut. Are you ready to dive into this challenge head first? No holding back, let’s strip away any tiny fragment of manhood you were clinging to and transform you into the sexy and beautiful cum guzzling whore you truly long to be.

Mistress Francie

1-844-332-2639 Ext 208


Whoring You Out Phone Sex

Taking you places you never thought possible.. Teaching you things… Then… Sending you out, to do the dirty work, While I sit back, watching…

You will be mine, and you will do as you are told. No matter how many times you beg and plead for me to let you go, to stop…

You will do what I say.

Can you imagine being at my beck and call, having to do whatever I tell you too? Being Whored out by a hot little barely legal teen like me..

You’re in for one helluva ride mister..

Fasten your seat belt, and hold on tight… You never know where I’m going to take you.