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Hypnosis For Phone Sex Sissy Sluts

As many of you already know, I am highly skilled in mind control and hypnosis.  I use hypnosis as a tool for many things, including confidence building, weight loss, breaking down inhibitions to more fully experience your taboo sexual fantasies, and I even use it as a tool to force you into becoming my little cum slut.  Now remember- I can’t force you into doing anything that your subconscious doesn’t want to do on some level so first, you have to admit that there is part of you that really is my little cum guzzling whore. Then pick up the phone and call your Mistress Anna for an amazing and toe curling trance session that will get you started on your slutty whore journey.



Sissy Cocksucker Phonesex

Cock sucking sissy. Stop trying to deny what you are. You think about it all fucking day and night. Big fat veiny throbbing cock thrusting through your lips, down your throat, gagging you. You may be able to hide it from your family, your friends, your coworkers. But you can’t hide it from me. I see right through you you fucking cock-lusting sissy fuck. Feel that mushroom head against your lips, spreading them open, sliding in. Feel the shaft sliding against your tongue as the head hits the back of your throat.

And once you get that first taste of cum? Forget about it. You’ll never get enough.

Cock loving sissy. You want it. And I’ll make you have it.

Click This Because I Want You To

Sissy Maid Cuckold Phone Sex

Sissy Mistress Taryn Quinn

Pathetic little thing, not man enough to satisfy a perfect Goddess like me. You keep trying to pretend you are a real man but I know better. Its time to teach you your place in life.

I’ll strip away every scrap of your masculinity and dress you in satin, lace and ribbon covered maid’s uniform. Painting your lips with a slick red lipstick and start you on your daily chores.  My cruel words mocking you as you wiggle your little ruffle covered ass for me. You had better finished quickly because I have some guests coming over. I couple of real men who know how to satisfy me, how to stretch my tight little sugar walls with their long thick cocks.

Perhaps you will learn how good that feels.

Phone Sex Sissy Mistress Taryn


Click to see your cruel Mistress’s Personal Site

Sylvia’s Phone Sex Sissy Slut


Who would have thought to pair those sexy leggings with that pretty pink dress?

My Sissy Slut in training is so getting her grove on.  Meeting locals at the airport motel.  lol  He/she is testing the waters for sucking some cocks.   I’ve been behind him getting her ready for getting on her knees.

He’s gonna be out there this weekend looking for you.





Virgin Hole Phone sex

 Guess what!! I know you have never had a cock of any size in your tight little asshole! Aren’t you kinda nervous to have one penetrate your tight little bum! Would you be interested in having a big strong black man be the first guy to have a taste of your never before fucked asshole? Its never even seen a toy! Although I have lots of them for u to try out, I know you have just never worked up the nerve to use them! You have just been waiting for some nice gentle… man to come take advantage of your tight little hole!

I won’t be too mean… unless you feel its really necessary!





Breaking in a New Slave Boy Part 2/7 Phonesex

Part 1 Click Here -> http://www.sinfullysexyphonesex.com/?p=28687

The boy I am playing with is a relative newbie. He’s dabbled, but not as much as he craves. He’s read, researched, and tried learning alone, but where’s the fun in that? Without having his boundaries pushed, how can he possibly know where they are? So, based on what I already know, I considered pushing a few of those boundaries before we even really got into the play.

Standing him up I pulled out what I have intended for him. The way his eyes bulged and he took an instinctive, frightened step back; I knew I was hitting on something. I smirked at him, almost daring him to safeword out, but, to the boy’s credit, he didn’t. The laughter around us only added to his shame as I dressed him in the frilliest pink lacy panties and matching bra. A touch of hooker red lipstick and some dark blue eye shadow made him look like a cheap dirty sissy slut. I could only laugh. He was sweating, eyes kept dipping down as his face only burned redder, but I would not let him hide.

Slaps to his ass and thigh had him snapping his eyes back up to face our little audience, and we all watched the humiliation burn brighter as I grabbed his very hard cock trying to poke its way out of the panties and gave it a knowing grin. Whether it was my words or that act alone that brought out his first needy moan of the night, I never did ask.

Part 3 Click here -> http://www.phonesexcandy.com/?p=24743

Mistress Marilyn


Slutty Phonesex Sissy Candy

whits candy

Candy is a hot super sexy cross dressing cock loving cum slut and I love playing with her so much! There is literally nothing she won’t do for me. It has been so awesome to watch her go from super shy whispering sweetie to the hot nasty fuck slut she is today! She as even had her first real dick! I am so proud! There is always more coming but sometimes it is nice to sit back and look back at just how far you have cum, and my sissy candy you have cum a long way baby!

Maybe you are super shy and afraid to try something you have always wanted to do. If you are on this website you have to admit you have had some fantasies about being feminized and turned into a sissy slut right? Tell me all about them I’m not saying you will do as well as Candy has but there is also no reason why you couldn’t! You got reach for what you want sometimes sissy!





Let’s Get You Pregnant Phone Sex Sissy Girl

Hi pretty sissy girl! I have been loving our weekly sessions so much. You have exceeded my expectations by far! I believe we have successfully turned you into a perfect little sissy. We took it slowly and steadily and I think that was very instrumental in your success. You stroke your little clitty so perfectly responding exactly like a horny girl slut does. And your little boypussy has even started making lubrication when you are aroused. And without any medical assistance your breasts have grown to fit those little bras we bought for you. I think you’re ready my sweet sissy girl. It’s time we get you pregnant. I know it’s what you really want most. So our first step is to find the perfect BBC to shoot that virile seed deep inside you…

It’s the next step sissy-love! It’s what we’ve been working toward. And you are ready!

Your BFF <3,

VoteHere :)

Feminine Products Phone Sex Sissy Class


Have you ever stood in a super market, staring at the never ending wall of feminine products, and simply wondered to yourself where to start, Or what brand to choose.

Let me be your personal guide on everything feminine. I have used these products for many years, and know exactly which ones help sissy girls, and girly boys, just like me.

Stop wondering and standing there lost in your own thoughts. I will take you through a step by step guide, lets get started.





Bow Bitch and Serve the One you Adore Phone Sex


You may approach me on your feet, but I guarantee you won’t stay there. You won’t want to. You’ll beg to serve. Plead to be on your knees ready to worship every single ounce of me. My body. My mind. My very fucking essence.

As it should be.

Perfection doesn’t cum around often. Many think they’re perfect, that is until they meet me. Game on bitches. Stop feeling unfulfilled, and without purpose. Time to turn up the heat. Let’s see if you can fucking handle it.

Girls RULE, boys drool!


Princess Amber